So many enthusiastic comments on the translation of a speech between one song and another from IL Volo, during the concert in Taormina, that I looked for another video where there was a speech to be translated and I found it.

Enjoy yourselves!

GIAN = (Ignazio speaks to Piero) Anyway, opening the parenthesis, Gianluca told me the “cassate” (silly, meaningless phrases) that you say ….
But do you realize? (many laughs)

GIAN = But I would never allow myself to say these things into the microphone.

IGNA = Saint Gianluca, who are you (referring to Gianluca), the fourteenth apostle?

PIERO = Could I please introduce the next piece?

GIAN = Maybe I’ll do it, also because you two will sing. I’ll be brief, I promise you.

IGNA = But why? Are you leaving?

GIAN = Yes.

IGNA = Ah, the Ave Maria is good for something! (applause and laughter)

GIAN = There are five thousand of you against me tonight, I’m the only one from Abruzzo, is there any Abruzzo here who gives me a hand? ….. Oh thank goodness!

IGNA = But we (meant the Sicilians) do not discriminate against anyone. It is I who discriminate against you.

GIAN = Indeed ….. but it’s not true, we love each other (and they shake their hands)

IGNA = Absolutely !! ❤

PIERO = (to Ignazio) But have you completely forgotten Italian tonight? (Ignazio speaks in Sicilian).

IGNA = I’m in Sicily (lots of laughter and applause) it takes a passport to come here. (Piero laughs a lot).
It is since I moved to Bologna that this thing hasn’t turned out (the dialect of Bologna is very different from Sicilian).

You live here, you go to the baker and say “Will you give me half a kilo of bread?” (Ignazio says the sentence in Sicilian and then repeats the same sentence in Bolognese, the sentence is the same, but the sound result is very different), it’s not the same thing !!!

GIAN = No, it’s not the same …

IGNA = But it’s still beautiful!

GIAN = Come on, am I the presenter?

IGNA = Go!

GIAN = Ladies and Gentlemen, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, will sing only for you: “O Paese d’o sole” (applause)

These guys are really funny, and I like Ignazio a lot when he speaks the Sicilian dialect.

Gianluca does well the part of being rejected by Ignazio, but it is really clear that they love each other.

And what about this spectacular duet between Ignazio and Piero, this is one of my favorite Neapolitan songs, every time I get goosebumps.

Fantastic trio. ❤️❤️❤️


Credit to Alicja L. for the photos, to the owners of the video and music “O paese d’o sole”.

39 thoughts on “IL VOLO WHAT FUN by Daniela”

  1. I wondered what they were saying. Thanks so much for taking care of we who do not speak Italian. It is so funny to actually know what they are saying. They are so spontaneous and delightful!

  2. I often wonder if it’s all spontaneous or staged because I’ve seen some of their rehearsals and they
    practice some scenes. Either way I love it, thank you for the translation.

    1. Some of it is definitely staged. I have heard the same jokes at multiple concerts. Every tour they have some jokes they repeat. The one about calling his siblings the guys names was repeated that year. The one about Piero’s ears being blown back by his motorcycle was repeated that whole year (2016? I don’t remember exactly but it was an early joke). But they do make up the jokes themselves.

      1. Yes, Penina, that’s what I just said, the lines are repeated, but external events create different situations and different little speeches.
        Yes, their speeches, their jokes, are created by them.

    2. Riva, certainly the plot of the jokes is decided together, but each time there is something that makes their speech different, ideas that are different from the different type of audience and from the events, which in each concert are different.

  3. Wonderful and so delightful to know what our guys are saying in jest to each other!!! They are absolute the best and I miss them…thank you sooo much for the translation, it makes a big difference for we who don’t speak Italian. Big hugs, Daniela! 👏👏👏💕

  4. They really do make the concerts fun with their teasing and funny banter. I am sure some it is pre planned, but there are always those spontaneous ad libs that even crack themselves up. Igna is a master at the ad libs and being able to react in the moment. He was born to be on stage and be an entertainer. I do enjoy hearing all these little conversations translated. Thanks Daniela and Pat.

    1. Janet, Ignazio, often takes external cues and the other two follow his speech. Some lines are decided first, but there is also a lot of improvisation.

  5. Thank you for sharing such joy.
    Ignazio could sing the “telephone book” with the
    same intensity and passion and sound great!

    Would love to hear their HARMONY more, even accapella, as
    I always find that the most exhilerating!!!

    Grazie! 🙏

  6. Daniela, always, always it is a joy to know what the boys are saying in Italian… and of course the regional dialects!!! 😂 Yes, when we attention several concerts or carefully watch several videos .. we do see variations of the same sketches.. but the boys always make it seem to the audience that they are being spontaneous and it’s the first time! True artists! Thank you for helping us to feel included!!! 💋

  7. Your posts about “our boys” makes me happy! My monikers for them…

    The Romantic One, The Playful One, and The Mysterious One

  8. I had heard some time before that Ignacio had an apartment in Bologna but not that he had actually moved there. Somewhere I read that there were some great voice coaches in Bologna – not so much that these guys need “coaching” – but teachers who work with professional singers to give them good techniques to preserve those golden voices – for a long time. I hope that is true. And thanks for the translations! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

    1. Yes Dena, Ignazio has been living in Bologna for some time, initially with Piero, now everyone has an apartment. Their singing teacher is from Bologna and so they moved there. Torpedine also lives in Bologna. Now, Ignazio’s whole family also lives in Bologna, although they have also kept the house in Marsala, where I believe they go in the summer.

  9. These guys are so quick to adapt to their audiences and yet make their patter fresh and appear to be spontaneous. I stand in constant amazement to their talent and intellect. I, too, have been concerned about Nina. If all the family is in Bologna, has Nina given up her pizzeria? I hope that her moving means she has a new business in Bologna and it is thriving. Thanks you again, Daniela for your wonderful translations. Have a terrific day!

    1. Sandy, in fact I’m not sure if she has moved to Bologna too, but Ignazio in an interview, said that the whole family is now with him. In fact, when Ignazio re-entered from America, was Nina who took care of him. I think Nina may have left the pizzeria in Marsala in management and she may have opened a nearby one in Bologna.

  10. Unless one has unlimited time, one cannot follow one’s idols around while they do tours. That would be great. So even if they tell similar jokes all the time, it would be fresh for their present audience. I had read some time back that Ignacio had property in Bologna. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

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