Ok, folks, sorry for the last minute post, for those of you that are able, I tried to find a few links that might get you into the RAI3 channel – some direct, one might be through FaceBook.  🙂

Many have probably already seen it in their Instagram or Twitter accounts from the guys and IlVoloMusic, etc.

Time will be about 3:20p EST – North America.

(let us know in the comments, if anyone was able to connect to this!)

Thank you, Ineke, for pointing this out to us today!  🙂

RaiPlay – GuidaTV / Replay

(20+) Rai3 | Facebook

Lui è peggio di me – UK TV Listings Guide (ontvtonight.com)


P.S.   Let’s all pray Texas thaws out – heard from Gina in Texas that her house is literally frozen over in ice!!


  1. So far I looked and looked. STREAMING is available in Italy only. Thanks anyway. We can probably get a replay of it though, later. Donna

  2. Cannot access from U.S., unfortunately.
    Please email replay if possible. Grazie.

    Sending get well 🤗 hug to Texas, from Chicago, Illinois.

  3. Ciao Chicago!

    Yes, I did not know it was an italy only stream…. I’m sure someone will be able to download it so we can see them!

    Thanks for the warm wishes to Gina!!

  4. No, I couldn’t find it. I, too, am hoping someone will be able to download it to YouTube. I will check tomorrow. Sure would love to see them again in something new.

  5. Me too Pat, it reads ‘The streaming of this content is available in Italy only’. Not fair!!!
    Thank you for your quick response. Big hug to you, stay save.

  6. Ignazio says “Flight Crew” at 12:16 of the video. I don’t know what they were talking about. Daniela help please. It was interesting, Piero talked about Guns and Roses and how he got Axl Roses microphone when they were in Las Vegas.

  7. I was able to watch it. Thank you for trying everything possible to make sure we were able to watch it. Unfortunately, I did not understand most of it. This is one of those times when only speaking English is such a handicap. I also enjoy it more when they do the interviews all together. I was surprised that they came out separately. They were disconnected and are usually one Il Volo. They present this song with such energy. I watch it a lot on YouTube. Again, thank all who put in so much time and effort to keep us Ilvolovers knowing what “our boys” are doing.

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