Header photo with background - Left to right: Piero, Giannini, Gianluca, Panariello and Ignazio in the TV studio


The news was published a few days ago by Panariello (comedian and presenter), on Instagram, Il Volo was the guest of the broadcast on RAI3,  LUI È PEGGIO DI ME  (HE IS WORSE THAN ME), conducted by Panariello and Giannini, Thursday 18 February at 9:20 pm (Italian time).
The next day it was confirmed by the official Il Volo facebook page:
Hello “ilvolovers”, we have  news for you: Thursday 18 February we will be guests of “He is worse than me” from 21.20 on Rai 3.
We are waiting for you!

Needless to say, this news made us very happy, seeing Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio on TV makes us happy, also because it is a rather sad period for many people:
in short – a really hard time.
Who knows what they will sing ? Who knows what they will do !!!
I saw the show and I have to make a small premise.
This show is hosted by Panariello, comedian and presenter and Giallini, actor and comedian. The screenplay imagines a television studio divided into two halves by a wall, a more serious part held by Panariello who does interviews with guests and a more rock part, held by Giallini.
The whole show is focused on humorous jokes, even if they are said in a serious tone. Translating, it is difficult to make people understand if a sentence is joking or not, so I thought of inserting smiley faces at the end if the sentence is ironic, and hearts if the sentence is said seriously.
And now enjoy the video and the translation.

PANARIELLO = It’s the moment of three guests that I particularly care about.
More than three guests, I would say three friends, they are the most famous musical group in the world. They duet with the biggest stars of the stage, of the international music scene.
They’ve filled the biggest theaters in the world, like NYC’s RCMH and more.
They even sang in front of Pope Francis.
Ladies and gentlemen: IL VOLO.  (start the video, only Ignazio enters)
IGNAZIO= Good evening
PANARIELLO = Good evening
IGNAZIO = How are you?
PANARIELLO = Good. And you, all right? Please (sit down).
IGNAZIO = Beautiful tie. 😁
PANARIELLO = Thanks. (he looks behind the scenes, to see if the other two arrive ….. but they don’t arrive) 😁

Il Volo … so, Ignazio Boschetto, here you are, I Ignazio, I always say it, I consider you a bit the leader of the group, 😁 let’s face it, you are the most fascinating one, but now I don’t want to be here to make you compliments.
IGNAZIO = I am the tallest! 😁
PANARIELLO =, Yes, the one a little higher.
I wanted to ask you, how are you doing with the others in the group? How is it going in this situation in which you cannot go around the world, for you three also a sort of forced coexistence, working together every day, how is the relationship now?
IGNAZIO= Fortunately, the lock-down made us stay a little distant 😁
But we missed so much, to stay away from each other ……. we are like a family, used to living 6/7 months a year, always together, and finding ourselves far away, without being able to share a stage, nor share an emotion, because in the end it is what we do during the year, that is to share many emotions together. It was difficult, but then, getting back to spending time together was even more beautiful. ❤
PANARIELLO = You have rediscovered the joy of being together again.
Look, so many historical groups have split, from Sting who left POLICE, Roger Water who left PINK FLOYD, Renzi who left PD 😁 (he’s an Italian politician who left his political group), have you ever thought to do, and you deserve it, a solo career, alone?, go on alone? … you could do it very well ..
IGNAZIO = Absolutely not, I never thought about it, I’m fine like this, I like what we sing, I like what we do, it would be stupid to think of making a career alone.❤
PANARIELLO = Well, this does you honor, it does you a lot of honor.
IGNAZIO = Thank you. A little, I also had to say it. 😁
However nice the tie.😁😁
PANARIELLO= Thank you, very kind, I chose it personally.😁
Listen, now the time has come to enter a little more into the character Ignazio, I would like to ask you a slightly embarrassing question … (very loud rock sounds start from the nearby studio) …… excuse a second. (approaches the partition wall)
“Giallini please do me a courtesy, you can make sounds a little softer with the band, come on please, a little calmer.”
GIALLINI = Forgive me.
PANARIELLO = (goes back to his seat and the interlocutor has changed, now Gianluca is here, Panariello is surprised but continues) 😁
GIANLUCA = Good evening.
PANARIELLO = Ah, Gianluca Ginoble.
In my opinion, look, I am not telling you this because you are here, but in my opinion you are the real leader, charismatic leader of the group ….😁
GIANLUCA = The others listen, look they get offended …😁
PANARIELLO = But let’s say these things !!😁
GIANLUCA = Nice tie, I like it.😁
PANARIELLO = Thank you, very kind.
GIANLUCA = Did you choose it?
PANARIELLO = I chose it myself, there were three or four and I chose this one, really decided. I’m glad you like it.
In short, I like talking to you, because talking to you is like talking to the whole group, I know, you are the one who has the decision-making power 😁
However the question I wanted to ask you … has there ever been a moment when Piero and Ignazio have embarrassed you, sometimes?
GIANLUCA = Every day,  it’s a sacrifice, I have to take them with me, you can’t understand ….😁
PANARIELLO = I know, what can you do?
GIANLUCA = Look, being in the middle of two Sicilians ….. Sicilians are strong, they have a unique personality and charisma.
PANARIELLO = They are of character.
GIANLUCA = They are strong, and I love them very much! ❤
PANARIELLO = They are a little crazy. Is there any of the two who, offstage, poses as a star? There are many stars who have strange claims, for example the M&M (colored chocolates) all the same …..
GIANLUCA = Ignazio lives in his world. Ignazio is an all-round artist. Piero makes me die, because every time, even if you are on the other side of the world, for example you are in Tokyo, and he orders pasta with tomato.
GIANLUCA = In Tokyo or in Russia. Once they brought him a bundle all together, which he could stick to the wall, but every time, three hours before singing, he wanted pasta with tomato.
PANARIELLO = Pasta is very difficult to find really good in the world.
GIANLUCA = But in Tokyo they eat “ramen” at least (Japanese food).
PANARIELLO = (loud sounds of electric guitars are heard) But who has invented the guitars that make a noise … (and he goes towards the partition wall), but you can’t use a flute?
GIALLINI = Bring me a flute …
PANARIELLO = Come on, play a piece of Jethro Tull.
(he returns to his seat, but as he sits down, he sees that Piero is now on the sofa).
PANARIELLO = Piero Barone. Piero Barone is the undisputed leader, in my opinion, you are ….. that is, the group would not exist if you weren’t there, are you aware of this? Do you feel this responsibility of having everything in your hand? 😁
PIERO = Now, let’s not exaggerate, you are calling me a leader, but I have to call you “brave”.
PIERO = The tie, one like this I think I’ve never seen it in my life😁
PANARIELLO = (a little embarrassed) Ok, but people at home don’t care about my tie.😁
PIERO = Ok, you like it !!
PANARIELLO = Yes I like it, I personally chose it, it’s just a tie.
PIERO = Right, we don’t make a case of it.
PANARIELLO = Listen, you have sung with great international stars, you have also won everything in your career, right?
There was a star who particularly moved you, there is one that you thought, “Look who I’m singing with …”
PIERO = I think the most exciting moment of our career was when we sang in front of Pope Francis in Panama.❤
It was also one of the most embarrassing moments, because they lost my luggage that day, with my suit.
I got the suit back, but I had to sing in sneakers, I was hoping that the director would concentrate somewhere else ….
PANARIELLO = He cut your feet …
PIERO = Fortunately there is Ignazio who is taller than me, therefore, they either framed my feet or cut Ignazio’s face, so they preferred Ignazio’s face.
PANARIELLO = Listen, when we Italians want to sing a foreign song, for example Ob-la-dì Ob-la-da by the Beatles (he sings the refrain in English distorted by the Italian and Piero sings another refrain), we Italians sing very badly in English. 😁
PIERO = Yes, we Italians use a particular language, all of our own (for to sing in English, if we don’t know English)
PANARIELLO = Instead, when you are abroad, and you sing Italian songs, you will have your fans, people who sing with you, these songs. How do they sing? Are they able to sing them?
PIERO = The problem is not only the songs, but also our name. In South America: IL BOLO. In America IL VOLVO !! 😁 So we already have to solve the name problem.
For the songs …. I’ll give you an example: IL MONDO ….(Piero sings the refrain)
“gira il mondo gira, nella GIOGIA….😁😁.” (exact is GIOIA  which means joy. Giogia, a nickname sometimes also used to name the female sex)
Explain to me, dear Giorgio, what GIOGIA is?.😁
PANARIELLO = I could have an idea … (Piero laughs) … there are so many ways to call it ….
Listen about GIOGIA (he means joy), I have a great desire to give you a gift.
PIERO = Thank you !!
PANARIELLO = When all this madness (virus) will end, everything that is happening around us, and we can go back to doing the show, I too, like you, all over the world ….
PIERO = We are pro-positive.
PANARIELLO = Me, at most arrival  in Fucecchio (a town in Florence), while you, in all the world. I thought of giving you a gift, this travel beauty that can be convenient for you? (He bends down to take the beauty and when he gets up, the interlocutor is Giallini)
GIALLINI = Thank you.😁
PANARIELLO = What are you doing here?
GIALLINI = What, what am I doing? I’m resting the bones! Two minutes, can’t you?
PANARIELLO = It is not the place to rest the bones, it is the place where my guests are. Back then, I had Il Volo.
GIALLINI = (he looks at his watch) You had the flight (Volo – Flight), by now you have lost it ….
PANARIELLO = But now you can’t travel. Not that flight there! I don’t have an airplane flight, I had Il Volo, the Italian group, Il Volo.😁
GIALLINI = Ah, those three guys ??
But they’ve been there for a long time (in the other studio, the rock one)
PANARIELLO = How are they staying with you?
GIALLINI = Yes, they’re over there.
(Somebody to Love by Queen begins)
PANARIELLO = What infamous 😁
GIALLINI = Damn what a figure 😁
PIERO = But where are you going?
GIALLINI = So guys, how are you doing?
GIANLUCA = But you have the baritone notes.
GIALLINI = Yes, I am a baritone (as a singing tone).
However great, great piece, great Queen. So you don’t just do Madam Butterfly and that kind of thing …. but there is something that didn’t convince me, to be rock you also need to have the spirit ….
GIANLUCA = We tried, it’s not our thing ….
GIALLINI = The song turned out very well, but I want to give you a test, do we want to do it?
GIALLINI = First, to be a rock band do you have Groupies? (for us groupies it means the hard core of the fans).
GIANLUCA = You don’t realize.
GIANNINI = Do you make any excesses? (rock bands always make excesses)
IGNAZIO = Our (fans) are called the FLIGHT CREW (YAY! they remember us  ❤!!!!) I don’t know if you know English but it means …..
GIANNINI = Of course I know.
GIANLUCA = There are excesses.
GIALLINI = Are there always excesses?
PIERO = Every evening.
GIALLINI = Really ??
GIANLUCA = We can talk about it, but it remains between us.
GIALLINI = Do you have after hours, parties?
IGNAZIO = Before and after …
GIALLINI = I see you on the right track (of rock). I thought you were less knowledgeable on the subject.
GIANLUCA = Because you usually see us in a suit and tie, but…….
IGNAZIO = I don’t sit down, because I feel rock and roll. 😁
PIERO = (he is looking at the cover of the KISS album) This looks like the cover of our first CD.
GIANLUCA = (Picking up another album) Do you know that they copied this one? Do you know the original was from Elvis Presley?
GIALLINI = You don’t know who you’re talking to, my boy. I know well. 😁
GIANLUCA = Sorry I underestimated you! 😁 But don’t get mad.
GIALLINI= No, I’m not angry.
One question, what’s the most rock thing you’ve done?
GIANLUCA = You will die of envy. 😁 We will tell you a story and you will die of envy. Sit comfortably.
GIALLINI= I’m talking about rock stuff.
GIANLUCA= (says to Piero) Tell him that thing.
PIERO = We were on tour in America. Concert in Las Vegas, Guns ‘N Roses sang on our day off. I go to see Guns’ N Roses, I love it. Sing Axl Rose and finally on the Paradise City song, Axl Rose, throws the microphone, the one with the red sponge cover. Who takes it? Me.
PIERO = What was I supposed to do? Everyone wanted it, all the people on me, but the microphone was mine, what do I do? I had baggy pants, I put the microphone inside in here. There was a tall person with me, luckily Alessio Guerrieri (tour technician) whom I greet, hello Alessio, he takes me on his shoulders and tells me … “let’s go, let’s run away”. We arrive at the hotel and I tell them (Ignazio and Gianluca). They are incredulous, but I have the microphone.
GIALLINI = You have Axl Rose’s microphone at your home.
PIERO = Yes, but I won’t let you touch it because I put it in my pants.
GIALLINI = You still have the microphone with a red sponge.
PIERO = I can’t give it away, of course. 😁
GIANLUCA = Maybe the Groupies would appreciate it. 😁
IGNAZIO = If you want to hear something rock, I can do Axl Tulipan. (he is making a play on words: Axl Rose and Axl Tulip, two flower names)

GIALLINI = Please everyone away !!
(Ignazio plays an excerpt from Back in Black by AC/DC on the electric guitar)
GIALLINI = Guys, applause.
You answered me a little like that about rock, but I thought worse.
GIANLUCA = Did we surprise you?
IGNAZIO = You must know that I train with AC-DC songs, I like them a lot.
GIALLINI = Really?
I wanted to tell you, for the moment I give you the “pink sheet” (qualification) for the “driving license”, we have to wait for the next edition of the program, which Giorgio and I will never do.😁
Guys I tell you, you are truly humble, and this does you honor, and you are great.❤
Ladies and gentlemen: IL VOLO.

Well, I hope you have understood everything about the translation.

What can I say, Ignazio remembered Flight Crew, he remembered us, and it’s not the first time, what a joy !!

Nice presentation of everyone on the sofa and I hope you understand the Italian humor.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca appeared very relaxed and at ease.

Ignazio’s rock soul is very pleasant and Queen’s songs are certainly among the most suitable for them.

Once again they have shown that they can do anything, their ability ranges from classic to pop to rock and always well performed.

We saw them in a slightly unusual guise, but always an excellent one.

You liked them?


A few more screen shots of the evening for which we thank Il Volo Sicilia!

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. I think our guys really enjoyed themselves doing this show. I know I enjoyed watching them, even more so now that I understand the dialog. I It demonstrated once again their true love and respect for each other and their amazing ability to adapt to whatever projects come their way.

    Daniela and Pat, thank you ever so much for this wonderful translation. 👏

    1. Surely they had fun, Mary Jane, just today they posted a comment where they thanked Panariello and Giallini for the fun. You’re right, they have the ability to adapt to any situation.

  2. Ciao, Daniela. I was able to watch this last night on YouTube and absolutely loved it! Of course I only got a few words here and there, but sure understood FLIGHT CREW!! Hooray!! And from Ignazio too!! So now I’m going to print up your translation (thank you so much!) and watch it again with that in front of me. The whole program was very clever and fun, and the guys did great with all the humor. It’s been a while since the first “Somebody To Love”–loved hearing them do it now, and Ignazio’s guitar work was pretty impressive! Grazie mille again for this. (And the emojis helped too!)

    1. Yes Judy, it’s been a while since they sang Somebody To Love, and it was nice to hear them sing again.
      I think all of us, when we heard FLIGHT CREW, took a leap of joy.

  3. Thanks again Daniela, there were parts I thought with Igna that were rough, but I don’t always et the Sicilian humor. I see they were all just joking. I see the emcee told all of them hat he saw each of them as a leader in the group. thought that was a bit silly on his part, but again I don’t know their type of humor. I appreciate all you’ve put into this Thank you

    1. Ariana, my intent was just to make it clear that they were joking, and if I succeeded in this, I’m happy.
      The presenter deliberately told everyone that he was the best.
      Thanks for appreciating.

  4. Thanks so much for the article! I love them in any language, but it’s great to know what they are saying! Love, Dot, in Texas!

  5. Thank you very much for the translation, I enjoyed the show very much but missed out a lot on the language, your translation makes it all the more enjoyable. The guys are such a treasure. Love them.

  6. Oh to see Il Volo doing what they do best, enjoying themselves… The music, we all understand and enjoy… For most of us the dialog, not so much… What little Italian I know has faded fast with age… So a big thank you Daniela for the translation and the hard work that goes into doing this for all of us…
    Thanks to all the administrators and contributors for keeping the Flight Crew alive for so many years… Il Volo gave you beautiful compliment by naming the Fight Crew and all the devoted fans that follow them here on this blog…
    It just does not get better than that!!!

    1. Dear Jeannette, I have to pull your ears, you shouldn’t have abandoned the Italian language, now you would understand everything, without waiting for my translations.
      Thanks for sending me the video right away, on which I was able to work right away !! 🙂

  7. WOW!! Now I understand the whole situation. Thank you for this translation. It was a cleverly done situation. I now understand why Il Volo came out separately. I was unhappy about them coming out separately. The humor setup was good. Our guys showed how versatile they are. They are so talented.

    1. Kay, it was a different situation than usual, for this reason, I had to explain well, otherwise you risked thinking that maybe the boys had argued and didn’t get along anymore and therefore entered individually. No it was all just a joke.

  8. Thank you so much for the translation!

    Always enjoy our Guys and so appreciate
    sweet, Ignazio, for acknowledging their
    Flight Crew. 🤗🤗🤗. Best fans, ever!

    1. Chicago Love, it’s not the first time they’ve named Flight Crew. The first time I went to an instore where they signed CDs, I brought them greetings from Flight Crew and I have to tell you that they immediately gave me their attention asking me “really?”

      1. Also Daniela, do you remember when Marie met with Gianluca’s papa in his home town, and told him she was with the Flight Crew, and he called Gian and told him to say hello to us when he did the interview in New York ( I believe at NBC) and Gian said hello to us?
        Thank you for translating. I was so excited that Ignazio mentioned our name.
        He is probably a big fan of yours😊

      2. Jill, I remember these things well, that’s why I say that the three of them have a clear mind when it comes to Flight Crew, they know who we are and they love us.
        It was Marie who gave the group this name, if I remember correctly, I will go into this topic further. 🙂

    2. I thought it was interesting that Ignazio, instead of saying their fans are called “Ilvolovers,” which is what they are called, instead expressly mentioned the “Flight Crew.” I was so excited when I heard him in Italian I emailed Pat and Jana. Daniela did a great job and explained it all very well.

      1. I was listen and trying to understand as much as I could but when I heard Ignazio mention the “FLIGHT CREW” I was quite surprised and happy! 😄

      2. Yes, Jo Ann, at first I was happy, and then listening well to the speech to translate, I really liked that they named Flight Crew. I think that for them, the Flight Crew fans are the “historical” fans, the ones who followed them, when they were still unknown in Italy.
        Thank you for your compliments.

      3. We certainly had the blog well before the official fan club site was up and running. I don’t remember exactly but it may have even been before the first PBS show in Detroit. At first it was just a bunch of fans emailing each other. Then the idea of the blog coalesced and we named it The Flight Crew. A long time ago!

  9. Thankyou so much for translating this for us Daniela. Their performance was great and alot of fun but understanding the interview added so much more to it. So nice of Ignazio to mention The Flight Crew. They really do appreciate their fans and show it with their kindness.. They are such special young men.

  10. Very nice and enjoyable article, thanks Daniela and Pat for bringing us as close as possible to the action, so to speak. Lots of nice photos too. After all this time they know how to handle these interviews and give us their best presentation. Who couldn’t find them entertaining, in addition to their voices?!

    1. Mark, believe me, the three of them could very well run an entire show by themselves. They sing great and from pop to rock to opera, they are good entertainers and presenters, they are also beautiful and nice and loving ….. what more can we want.

    2. You’re very welcome, Mark! They are fun to listen to and watch how they act outside of the concert setting. They can be so funny!

      1. yes indeed, Pat, they can be so funny! I didn’t know Flight Crew yet, and that came to me soon enough – that’s they’re so funny, much fun. brings a smile.
        Thanks Pat☺️

  11. Thank you so much. That was wonderful. They are truly talented, humble, fun to be around, fun to watch. Makes me wish I was Italian and living in Italy. Ah, well, everyone has a dream of one kind or another. The best thing I ever did was to join this blog. Again, thank you.

    1. Karen, a poet wrote of them “healthy bearers of Italianness” and it is true, who better than them sponsors their ITALY better, and how many fans, thanks to them, learn Italian, and how many, thanks to them, come to Italy for concerts?
      Thanks for being happy to be on this blog.

  12. Thank you, thank you and thank you again dear ladies. When I heard Ignazio say “Flight Crew” I got so excited but I didn’t understand why he said it 😃. I remember Piero’s plate of the bundle of pasta too. It was hilarious.😀They are the best in the world in talent, character, personality and just all around fun guys.❤️ When they come back to the USA and if anyone is lucky to go to a concert, please print out your Flight Crew badge and wear it. I have mine and I laminated it. I love being a groupie even at my age.

    1. Please, please, please, Rose Marie, I’m glad the translation made things clearer for you. Ignazio made our hearts tremble when he said Flight Crew.
      You’re right, we have to show our badge !!

  13. Thanks for the prompt translation. The comedy was funny. I liked the “tie” bit. Love to hear them speak Italian or English

  14. Thanks, Daniela, for the translation. I only got half of it!!. It never fails, though. They are always described as humble and it’s wonderful!! I especially loved Ignazio’s explanation of how much they have missed each other over the past year. A relationship like theirs is so very difficult to find and maintain.

    1. Roxanne, I too appreciated when Ignatius said how far they were, and it was nice to see each other again, he was serious, it was the truth. They love each other very much.

  15. Grazie Daniela!! As usual you are right on top of it! I knew this one especially! I think everyone picked up on and has made comments about how Ignazio clearly and precisely mentioned the “Flight Crew”! How wonderful! I absolutely loved this “interview and performance” even though I could understand only some of what was being said. …but I was smiling and laughing all the way to the end! You amica mia, brought it all together! 🤗😘 (I wish we get to hear and see them sing “Somebody to Love” at their concerts!)

  16. Deborah, I hope you stay warm!
    Thank you for your compliments. Hearing Ignazio say “Flight Crew” made us melt with happiness!
    I would be super happy to hear Somebody To Love at their concert, we have to convince them of this !!

  17. Muchas gracias por traducir para los que no hablamos italiano, lo esperaba con ansias y sabía que alguien lo haría Gracias otra vez lo disfruté mucho aunque me quedé esperando la pregunta para mi bombón Ignazio ❤️

  18. What a perfect way to help us understand the intent. The emojis were just right. Thank you so much. ✈️

  19. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation. It was funny seeing them each appear one after the other and now with your translation, I can appreciate it much more and did think it was quite funny telling each one that they were the leader or the best! They really are so good at everything they do and they had fun! It’s always nice hearing how much they miss being together and Ignazio mentioning the Flight Crew was a lovely surprise! I had never heard Piero’s story about catching Axl Rose’s microphone.

    1. I confirm what you wrote, Margaret, in reality the three of them are all three leaders of the group, no one prevails over the other and all three love each other, and it’s very important.
      I had never heard the story of Piero and Axl Rose’s microphone either, and I thank Jo Ann who provided us with the beautiful 2012 photo of Piero with the red microphone.

  20. When I watched this a few days ago and did not understand what they were saying, I said to myself ‘Daniela and Pat will help us out soon” and sure enough today we get your translation. It was a fun show with the guys looking great and seeming relaxed. They really do know how to do interviews with humor. I too loved hearing Ignazio mention Flight Crew. That was pretty exciting. Thanks again to Daniela and Pat for this translation and keeping us up to date.

    1. Janet, you know that when there is something you cannot understand, then we at Flight Crew will come to your rescue. Anyway thanks for your trust! We are here for this, and it is really nice to be among so many friends. Our guys are really good in any situation, serious or comic !!

  21. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for this wonderful interview. It’s a big pleasure to see our guys in good shape and having fun. So watching them we have fun too. Thanks and hugs.

  22. this is much FUN! and yes, I thought I heard them mention Flight Crew, and I see it here, confirmed, you mentioned it! also much joy and quite heartwarming to see our guys together again. a big smile on my face and heart. Thank you, dear Daniela, and your translations make it easier for me to follow and understand….Grazie🥰

  23. It was a different, but a very nice interview to WATCH. Then along came the very awesome Daniela ~ giving us the translation ~ and this long interview became UNDERSTANDABLE and very INTERESTING!
    Loved how each of our guys handled their interaction with Panariello, they are so adorable. Also I think that Ignazio is playing that guitar like a pro, very good!
    Thank you Daniela and Pat for giving us this post, You two are very much appreciated.

    1. Ineke, dear friend, you compliment me too many, but I understand that understanding what has been said makes everything more beautiful.
      Yes, Ignazio gave the opportunity to show that he can also use the electric guitar, good.

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    1. Thanks for the compliments Barbara.
      You gave them a nice compliment “they are sparkling diamonds”, but you said really well, because they sparkle.

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    1. And I’m glad I helped you understand what was said.
      For the rest, all of us, when we see them are really very happy, just seeing them together makes us feel good.

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