BOIN ~ It’s Delicious! by Susan

Thank you, Ignazio and Fabio. You unleashed the color in the most delicious way!
This has been an exciting week on BOIN!
We started our week with Valentine’s Day and the symbol of love, two turtle doves.
The guys really got into Valentine’s Day! They used the turtle doves to draw us in and then asked the question “How will you spend this day of love?”
The turtle doves symbolize love and faithfulness, they mate for life, work together to build nests and raise their young together. Nothing more romantic than that!
Maybe Fabio was thinking about Noah and the creation of his family!
They followed that with a heart with one face. And the saying “Happy Singles party. May your other half arrive soon.” I think the idea of the post was that singles can be comfortable with their status. And if love comes along, that’s good too!
I saw the post as a heart waiting to be loved. I quoted, “I await you with such desire that my heart melts with love for you!” So, I’m a romantic!
I think Ignazio and Fabio are romantics too!
Then there were the ice cream cones. My thought is the ice cream cone in black and white left something to be desired! Could that be Color?
Finally, after a month of wondering and waiting, the Color begins!
I can’t think of a better way to express color! Who doesn’t like an ice cream cone and with sprinkles too! WOW, that certainly was scrumptious!
The colors were rich! They shook up our senses! They brought back summers on the beach and, beautiful, delightful treats!
I think the idea for gelato came from Ignazio. I don’t know how much Fabio likes it but, I do know Ignazio loves gelato and ice cream.
Time to introduce some new characters!
Our first character is a little guy with one arm torn off. “When you help others and, they take all of you!”  And the question, “Let us know, in the comments, if this ever happened to you.”
I think they were trying to say that sometimes you help people and, they take advantage of you! They tear you apart!
Or maybe they were using it as a metaphor on love. Love can tear you apart!
I will say the character in black and white caused quite a stir. Many thought he was so sad. But, when the COLOR showed up, he was a happy little guy! Isn’t it amazing what color can do?

After the question “Black and White or Color,” we found out that it was almost an even split. So, Fabio and Ignazio informed us that BOIN will continue in Black and White but will definitely continue to bring us Color! It’s only right that they should continue in Black and White. It’s their signature! The minute Black and White comes up on Instagram, we know there’s a new post from BOIN!
Remarkable that Black and White can attract more attention than Color! Bravo guys!
And, then there was the little pig. In Black and White he reminded me of an old piggy bank!
Odd that, in color, he was dripping in ice cream!
Someone is obsessed with ice cream, Ignazio!!!

Well ladies, today the guys gave us a nod! They introduced us to a valuable BOIN Crew member. In her elegant Black and White business suit, Daisy, proudly represented all of us out there!
Daisy also proved that ladies know how to have fun! After work, she stepped out in her lovely yellow and green ensemble with a beautiful petal white necklace! ! “Isn’t She Lovely!” Maybe she’ll meet the love of her life! You go girl! And you go ladies to @boincollection to FOLLOW the achievements of all the BOIN Crew Ladies!
So, the guys spent the week telling us that we can find love or lose love in many different ways!
In the person who shares Love with us! In the family we create from Love! Or in the scrumptious Ice Cream that we Love! And they remind us that Love can be lost but it can always be found again! No matter how you say Love, It’s Delicious!


Credit to owners of all illustrations.

7 thoughts on “BOIN ~ It’s Delicious! by Susan”

  1. I love to read your explanations of the various characters. My comment on Instagram about being taken for granted, more than being taken advantage of, was a bit sad. There is so much to say to the boys about love. They are so special, that they need a special love for each of them. Someone kind, smart, giving, and knows that love is putting the other person ahead of yourself. If each person in a relationship could do that one thing, their love would be complete. Communication is also important. Never end the day in anger. Pay attention to the one you love, she must put him first; he must put her first. She must be willing to live the lifestyle of the famous, of musicians and their love for their craft. I pray every day that Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio find that kind of love in their lives.

  2. Wow, Susan, what an interesting article. I am not creative enough to put something like this together from just looking at these symbols. I have been engaged from the beginning and will continue to follow Ignazio and Fabio’s Boin Collection. Maybe in time I will begin to get it. Till then, I am enjoying it and the mystery. I’s special to be a part of the Flight Crew.

  3. Thank you Susan for the interesting interpretation of Boin. I have been following, but not introspective enough I guess to understand all the messages. I am always curious to see what comes next from these 2 creative guys. Love and support seem to be main themes running through their messages.

  4. What a sweet message from BOIN! The little guy with his arm torn off is someone with whom I can Identify, but life goes on and there are many things to be happy about like people who will love you back.
    I join Karen B. in her wishes for a special love for each of our guys.

  5. As Meg Ryan says in “You’ve Got Mail,” “ Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”🌼

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