Left to right: Closeup of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero standing on the arena stage with Gianluca looking to his right and smiling at the camera


Here I am, with the second part of the concert step by step, this is exactly what I saw and heard on that beautiful evening of June 5th.
I had already written all this part, reaching the end of the concert, but due to a wrong movement, everything was deleted, and so I had to rewrite everything and, in order not to waste too much time, I preferred to redo up to the song VOLARE, and then there will be a third part.
I hope this does not bore you, also because in the third part I will tell you some things that you cannot see from the video, but that have happened.
So we were left at the first advertising break after the song METTI UNA SERA A CENA …….
Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the arena stage(Francesca Brazzale ‘s photo)
The concert begins again.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have changed the men’s suit.
Now they wear a blue D & G suit  with a double-breasted jacket and under the jacket, a midnight blue silk polo shirt.
A less formal elegance than the first, but what can I say, a real treat for our eyes, always elegant and beautiful, our golden boys !!!❤❤❤
Start a beautiful song, which was the starting stone of IL VOLO. The boys sing O SOLE MIO.
During the song Piero and Ignazio run from one side of the stage to the other, to allow people on the steps to see them more closely. Really very kind and generous.

At this point there is a small exchange of words between the three boys who happily remember their physical appearance when they were little, Ignazio and Piero who were chubby and instead, with amazement they say that Gianluca is always the same, handsome as always and always with the same pose. 😁
Piero presents the next song and it is a “milestone” in the career of our boys.
Hearing the first tolls of the piano, we all think about Sanremo 2015 and the joy of victory.
We listen to the always beautiful GRANDE AMORE.
In these days, Francesco Boccia (author of Grande Amore), posted this comment and this video,
“Thanks to Il Volo for this wonderful concert, you are always my #grandeamore .️”
He has to be very proud, his song is known all over the world, and of course the audience gives another standing ovation.
From the left side of the stage, Marco Giallini is framed, reading the sad chronicle of the story of Sacco and Vanzetti.
I look at Giallini and I don’t realize that, to perform this song with beautiful lyrics by Joan Baez, the boys go down the corridors among the audience.
My husband tells me, “Did you see Piero who passed by you?” Damn, I was looking at Giallini and I didn’t see him !!
I turn and see Piero in the corridor next to me, he is turned from behind, just as Ignazio and Gianluca, in the other corridors, are ready for the RAI operator to frame them, as soon as Giallini has finished reading.
It is at this point that I see the scene of Piero helping the two elderly people to return to their places and which I have already described to you.
Immediately after, I start filming with my mobile phone, it is not well made but it gives you the feeling of how close Piero was to me.
Behind him you will notice “the hunchback”, where all the words scroll, even of the songs, but I know that the boys preferred not to read but to “go off the cuff” (improvise).
In the video you will also hear my voice “Bravo Piero”, but what a thrill, he was so close !!
The voices of the choir also lend solemnity to the moment: HERE’S TO YOU.

Small advertising moment.
The boys return to the stage accompanied by Giallini who talks about the beautiful film “Once upon a time in America,” by Sergio Leone. For this film Morricone made the soundtrack, and then Tony Renis composed the text for Il Volo which recorded it in 2010.
Beautiful song E PIÙ TI PENSO.
Left to right: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio singing on the arena stage(Francesca Brazzale’s photo)

It’s time for solos.

Mamma mia, I’m excited, I don’t know what to expect, but I want to be amazed!
Very jokingly, the boys introduce the moment. Gianluca begins, explaining that this time he wants to pay homage to a great artist: Elton John, with the beautiful song written 51 years ago (yes Jo Ann it’s really true, I checked) YOUR SONG, which he lovingly dedicates to his mother who is in first row. Sweet Gian ❤

Gianluca closeup pointing as he is singing

The arrangement of the song was done by maestro Melozzi, who wrote:
“Last night at the great concert of the reopening at the Arena di Verona there was also a piece of me. I am very happy with this arrangement of mine which has collected no less than 4 open stage applauses and a standing ovation. Bravo Gianluca! Long live Abruzzo.” (You will have understood that the master Melozzi is also from Abruzzo.)
The beautiful and velvety voice of Gianluca envelops us and we are on a very sweet cloud. What a beautiful interpretation, full of sentiment,  a beautiful standing ovation for him!❤
The boys joke about who has to do the second solo and the next to perform is Piero.
He presents his “workhorse” NO PUEDE SER, this time accompanied by the flutist Andrea Griminelli.
Maestro Giampiero Grani (who always accompanies the guys on tour) wrote this comment:
Piero singing his solo with Andrea Griminelli accompanying him on the flute
“This is a photo I really care about, even if I’m not in the frame. The reason is that I wrote the part for the intervention of Andrea Griminelli, an international level musician (Pavarotti, Sting etc etc). He appreciated it, and a great collaboration was born! The satisfaction of writing notes and a talented musician improves what you thought!”

Bravo Piero, an interpretation that is always perfect and what acute, what power. Your voice becomes more and more powerful and we all have the feeling, during your high notes, that you make no effort to get it, you make it all sound so easy, but it isn’t. Bravo!
For him, a standing ovation. ❤
And we are at the last solo, Ignazio,  immediately warns us that he will not be alone but accompanied by a talented little saxophonist: Julian Iorio.
Let’s dive into listening to the beautiful LISTEN.

What a great duo. Spectacular!
Julian you are a boy of only 8 and a half but how talented. Ignazio, fantastic, we all know about your soul soul, but you have pleasantly surprised us! Your interpretation wowed all us and your voice, oh what a voice!! Chills!
A standing ovation for both of them!
Ignazio is visibly satisfied and, at the end, he does Julian a funny little interview.
The moment of solos is over, but what a wonder of a moment of the highest level.
Multiple emotions have unleashed these three artists: amazement, admiration, wonder and so much love, because there is so much skill, so much talent, but also, and it shows, so much affection between them.
Congratulations to all!!!
Julian Iorio playing the saxophone with Ignazio smiling at him
Marco Giallini returns and explains that those who have seen the film Mission surely know the sad story of the Jesuits and the Guarany Indians.
Giallini explains that Morricone went to London to see the film that had already been edited. He told the director that his film was so beautiful, there was no need for his music, but the director insisted that he compose the backing track.
Morricone was inspired by the scenes of the film, where Father Gabriel, in the forest, to warn the Indians of his presence, played a rudimentary flute, moving his fingers at random over the holes. Morricone tried to interpret with the notes, the movements of those fingers and thus the beautiful music of GABRIEL’S OBOE was born.
Then the lyrics were composed and the song took the name of NELLA FANTASIA.
The scenarios completely change color, we are immersed in a lush forest, beautiful scenery, beautiful choreography, sweet music and the voices of our boys who imitate the way of singing of the Jesuits, all very beautiful and very mystical.

Here are the lyrics: NELLA FANTASIA 
Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto
Lì tutti vivano in pace e in onestà
Io sogno d’anime che sono sempre libere
Come le nuvole che volano
Pien d’umanità in fondo all’anima
Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo chiaro
Lì anche la notte è meno oscura
Io sogno d’anime che sono sempre libere
Come le nuvole che volano
Pien d’umanità
Nella fantasia esiste un vento caldo
Che soffia sulle città, come amico
Io sogno d’anime che sono sempre libere
Come le nuvole che volano
Pien d’umanità in fondo all’anima

IL VOLO singing accompanied by Andrea Griminelli on the flute

In fantasy I see a just world
Everyone there live in peace and honesty
I dream of souls that are always free
Like the clouds that fly
Full of humanity at the bottom of the soul
In fantasy I see a clear world
Even the night is less dark there
I dream of souls that are always free
Like the clouds that fly
Full of humanity
In fantasy there is a warm wind
Blowing over the cities, as a friend
I dream of souls that are always free
Like the clouds that fly
Full of humanity at the bottom of the soul
IL VOLO singing accompanied by Andrea Griminelli on the flute
The setting in the forest gives reason to Ignazio and Piero to talk and to thank Legambiente, a non-profit association that defends the green, and that has saved from degradation, one of the most beautiful beaches of Lampedusa (an island close to Sicily).
As Ignazio and Piero have mentioned Sicily, Gianluca takes the opportunity to greet all his friends from Abruzzo. Piero and Ignazio laugh because they expected this quality / defect of Gian !! 😁😁😁
Small commercial break.
The first notes of VOLARE begin, the beautiful song by Modugno.
I’m careful, because I know very well that the boys, during this song, go down in the audience, and the first one to go down is always Piero.
So my eyes follow him fixedly and in fact he goes down the corridor furthest from mine, but then at the first intersection, he doesn’t go straight on, he also forgets a couple of words of the song, but then he turns towards my position.

Damn, he’s coming towards me !!!

Ignazio urges people to sing with them, and people react immediately by singing.
Blue lights flood the Arena, it’s like being in a blue sky and we’re flying !!
Ignazio on stage pointing his microphone towards the audience(Francesca Brazzale’s photo)
Piero stops right next to me, to go high, people touch him and I say: “Bravo Piero”…. 
……Vooooolareeee,……. even Ignazio has reached him is very close to me…….oh oh.…… and with the microphone Ignazio turns towards me and all together ………….. cantare, oh oh oh oh.
Gian has arrived too and then all three quickly return to the stage, but what a thrill!!!
I filmed everything with my cell phone, it’s not great, but it gives you an idea of how close they were to me.
I’m still in awe of what happened right in front of me. Fantastic!

In this beautiful screen shot taken by RAI, you see exactly the moment when Piero and Ignazio are close to me. I am sitting behind Ignazio, completely covered by him.
Ignazio smiling closely at Piero while he sings in the audience
But finally, thanks to this short and beautiful video by Francesca Brazzale, I can see myself, while I watch the whole scene, thanks Francesca.
Yes, I’m the one with the electric blue cardigan, in a slightly tilted position because I was filming with my cell phone.
It was really exciting.🤗

Also, at the beginning of this video, you will have noticed that Ignazio goes to give a kiss on the forehead of his sister and not his mother, as I already told you. Of course we all know the strong bond of affection between Ignazio and Nina.❤
Left to right: Closeup of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero standing on the arena stage with Gianluca looking to his right and smiling at the camera(Francesca Brazzale’s photo)
That’s all for now.
At this point of the concert, I was already fully satisfied, everything had been magnificent, but by now I know, with Il Volo, there is always so much more to discover, because they don’t spare themselves, until the last moment of the concert they donate more than they can, without ever stopping.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work, especially having to re-write a lot of it. Greatly appreciated!

    1. Grazie Daniela! As in part 1 I feel I am there with you on this amazing, emotional night. I look forward to part 3 :). The smiles and awe of their talent lasts long after I finish reading. .. I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH! Grazie, Karen

  2. Viviane Le Strat
    19 Juin 2021 à 16h52

    thank you Daniela everything is so well written that it’s as if I was there what wonderful moments you lived this concert was magnificent and our three boys so happy to have their audience as I would have liked to be there but luckily I I was able to see it because I had taken my subscription just the day before because in France it is difficult to have Italian channels happy to have succeeded. thank you again Daniela I kiss you.

    1. Viviane, I have really lived wonderful moments and I think unrepeatable, but with our boys there is always something to be surprised

  3. Ditto what Renee’ said. I especially appreciated you telling us about
    Nella Fantasia. The story explains why they had that beautiful green backdrop.

    1. Gail, believe me, it was like being deep in the forest, great.
      The entire Mission movie takes place in the forest.
      The sets for the evening were absolutely pertinent to the songs.

  4. Wow, Daniela–I loved the Rai video with you in it! I think Ignazio was pointing the mic at you!! I’m jealous, but glad it was you. Grazie for the lyrics to Nella Fantasia–lovely, and the Morricone story about it. Looking forward to part three.

    1. Yes Judy, he turned the microphone to me, and I also sang … oh oh oh ….. it was nice, but it’s all so fast you don’t realize.
      The lyrics of NELLA FANTASIA are very delicate and make us reflect.

  5. Makes me even more anxious for the new CD to be published. Hope all the new songs presented in this concert are on the CD.

    1. I strongly hope so too, they are beautiful songs and their voices fantastic. I liked them all, but I already knew Morricone’s music well and therefore I knew that the result was obvious, but I like to hear your opinion, especially from those who did not know these music. Guys deserve all the success they can get.

  6. Daniela, your step-by-step part 2 post about the great concert in Verona continues to bring us closer and closer to feeling as though we were actually there with you that night. The more I listen to our guys, the more I love them–their golden voices, their charisma, the way they include the audience to sing along with them is so endearing. How we wish to be at every concert feeling the emotion and thrilling moments
    Il Volo gives to us. Memories to last a lifetime of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. BRAVI!

    Again, many thanks.

    Elisa Marie

    1. Il Volo gives us beautiful sensations Elisa Marie, and they unite us, we do not know each other personally, but it is as if it were so, and this is very appreciable, regardless of whether a music may like it or not.

  7. Thank you once again Daniela for all your hard work filming and translating the concert. What a terrific time you had and for bringing us along with you, I feel as if I was sitting beside you and as excited as you when the Guys came close. They certainly give their all in every concert and thrill everyone with their voices and also good looks !! Sooo looking forward to the coming CD. Thanks again Daniela .

    1. Marion, they give their best in a concert, I assure you. During the other concerts, while there were solos or duets, those who were not busy went backstage to refresh themselves, but this time none of the three left the stage. (there was also the live broadcast). But they were so happy in the end that it was a joy to watch them.

  8. My dear Daniela, Piero was looking at you and thinking, who is that beautiful lady in the electric Il Volo blue! He was walking right to you, then the bonus of Ignazio too. An unforgettable moment😊
    Grazie mille💙💙💙🐿

    1. Sure RoseMarie, he looked at me and thought “she’s the friend of the lady of the nail” 🙂 🙂
      When will I ever have Ignazio so close again. If there hadn’t been the problem of live television, I would have held him back, but I didn’t dare.

  9. Oh! NOOOOO!! I bet you were so upset when everything was deleted, but, as the trouper you are, you started in again and gave us this wonderful picture of what you saw!! Thank you, so much! Lucky you to have both Piero and Ignazio that close!! I think I would have fainted or made a spectacle of myself by screaming out loud! Thanks again, from Dolores.

  10. As an afterthought, Daniela, not only do your keep us up to date on the concert, but you reply to a great number of the comments, too! What a full time job you have for your Flight Crew! Thanks, again.

    1. Dolores, I was more than anything else angry, because it was my involuntary gesture that canceled everything, but since, here, we say “it is useless to cry over spilled milk”, I thought it was better to immediately start rewriting everything and do not waste precious time, you have been waiting!
      I like to reply to your comments, I seem to know all of you so well, of course I can do it at the right times, because I also have a family and a job.

      1. As you can see, Daniela, I am on the computer a lot of the time and read most of the Posts, from even before the Concert, over and over to see what has been added, if anything. Being a widow on my own, I have many hours to fill. Not looking for sympathy because I keep busy most days, doing crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and playing Scrabble against the computer. Win a lot of the time, too!!! Just a bit of personal trivia.

  11. Daniela, “Your Simply the Best !!,” an A+.
    Above and beyond the call of duty. You received
    the rewards of a job well done.

  12. Merci Daniela pour ce 2eme bel article ,comme j’aurai aimé y ëtre a ce concert surement une autre fois ! Je vais attendre avec impatience la suite ,le 3eme épisode vous nous gâtez a chaque fois ! A tres vite de vous lire

    1. Paule, si tu en as l’occasion, essaie d’être là au prochain concert. J’espère aussi que cette formation, à la fois celle que les gars vont emmener en tournée, tout était si bien.

  13. Daniela, I am so sorry you had to rewrite Part 2, but I am so glad you did! As I read your article with the detailed descriptions and watched the videos, I could feel your excitement. I was thrilled that you were fortunate to be so close to Piero and Ignazio and also to have such great seats.

    Through your articles along with Susan’s and JoAnn’s, I like so many other Flight Crew Members, feel as if I was sitting next to you that evening experiencing first-hand the wonders and magic of lL Volo.

    Grazie mille! Now I will be anxiously awaiting Part 3.

    1. Mary Jane, I have to say the rewrite was faster than I thought, and I was happy with it. I knew you were waiting and I didn’t want to make you wait too long.

      I am happy that by reading my articles together with those of Susan and Jo Ann, we were able to give you a global vision of the event, it was our intent.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, i can close my eyes an picture it so clearly.

  15. Wow, Daniela! Your descriptions and small details have brought so much additional pleasure to listening to and enjoying this concert! Thank you so very much.
    I must ask for some insight into the use of acrobats and dancers for some of the guys’ songs. I loved the Nella Fantasia presentation, but the dancer behind the guys seemed odd to me. The flutist was brilliant and wonderful with the guys’ voices. Can you explain why a dancer was another layer to the performance. Is the use of dancers (I even recall a baton twirler perform behind them once) a typical part of Italian concerts? I apologize for my ignorance. I would a very much like to know. Thank you for setting me straight.

    1. Thanks Sandy for the compliments.
      No, the use of dancers is not a constant in concerts, but sometimes it is used.
      In this case, the concert was the opening after a long difficult year for the entertainment sector and therefore there had to be all the arts, such as singing, acting and dancing, with all the concert players, choir and technicians involved. There was a great joint effort to show that everything started again. For this reason the choreography have been included, let’s say that in some cases they could be more relevant to the show.
      They are much more evident in the video than from my seat in the Arena.
      The flutist was absolutely perfect in the moment of NELLA FANTASIA.
      I like that you ask for explanations on the details.

  16. Fantastic article, Daniela! You made the concert come to life! Wish I was with you. Surprise! I have my ticket for June 3rd now all I need is a ticket for June 4th and I’ll be set. Finally we will be together at a concert! We’ll have to write our story together! My sweet dear friends so happy we will be together!

  17. Thank you, Daniela ! I love reading your descriptions of the concert, every little detail. After watching the concert again, and then reading your description again, I almost felt I had been there. From the new songs, I have fallen in love with “Conradiana” and “Here’s to You”. I even found a recording of “Here’s to You” by Joan Baez with choir and orchestra:


    Grazie mille ! Waiting for the third part – and maybe more?

    1. Maija, don’t tell me you didn’t know HERE’S TO YOU by Joan Baez, she’s been on radio and TV here for a long time, it’s a beautiful song and what about CONRADIANA fascinated me too, I find it suitable for our guys, beautiful music and lyrics, like all the songs of the evening !!

      The third part is already from Pat who will publish it in a few days but I must also write the reactions of the press. Also yesterday here in Italy there was a long television interview with Il Volo that I’m going to translate !!

      1. Penina, I too was intrigued by this beautiful song that I had never heard. As you know the music is by Morricone and the words are by Bocelli. It is not part of any film or opera. It’s a simple song. Bocelli, as a young man, was overwhelmed by a big wave in the sea that made him roll a lot and saved himself, thanks to his father. In his words he imagines a “muse” spinning in the waves. I don’t know if the music was written later or if Bocelli, hearing the music, wrote the words, remembering what happened to him.

      2. Penina, has no real meaning, CONRADIANA is said, because it comes from the poet CONRAD, who wrote Cuore di Tenebra (heart of darkness), in fact in the lyrics of Bocelli’s song there is Cuore di Tenebra, which he personifies with the muse.

  18. my gosh! I can imagine your thrill! my hairs are standing on end!
    again reading this bit by bit, savoring every morsel….


    1. Margareta, it is I who thank you very much, we are very pleased that our articles are shared with other pages that adore our great guys. The new week is coming and the third part is coming soon and more !!
      Ciao from Italy!!

    2. Thanks a lot Daniela, I have seen the second part and am eager to read the third part. 😊😊🤗

  20. Just wondering — Susan deBartoli mentioned she had tickets for June 3 and would try and get tickets for June 4th. Did she mean the preconcert show, or something else?

    1. Let me explain, Dolores, I had bought tickets for the concert in the Arena on August 28, 2019 and then, also on August 29 there was a concert. Due to Covid, the concerts have been postponed to 29 and 30 August 2021, now they have been moved to 3 and 4 June 2022. So my ticket is valid for 3 June 2022 and Susan bought a ticket for that night and, apparently, he also wants to take that for the next evening.

      I hope everything is clear.

  21. Thanks, Daniela, for explaining. It must be hard for you and others to keep track of when the cancelled shows will actually be presented. If it keeps on, I just might be able to swing a trip to Italy to see it, too. Have to renew my passport first, though.

  22. Seems like I’m just full of questions, Daniela, but here is another. When Piero and Ignazio came to you to sing Volare, did they recognize you and do they know you personally?? As such an integral part of their Fan Club, with the other wonderful ladies, do they know the work you all put in to bring their concerts to the Flight Crew? I certainly hope so, as without the exceptional work you all do, we would probably not be the avid fans we are!

    1. Dolores, the variants of the concert dates are on the Official Fan Club of IL Volo and also on Ticketone.
      I do not think that Ignazio and Piero recognized me, we have never introduced ourselves personally, but they know very well about Flight Crew, more than once they have mentioned Fligth Crew in their interviews, they also remember very well the Fan Faire, where I, unfortunately, do not I was present.

  23. Thanks a million for yet a brilliant story giving us lovely details from the show and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. It is – almost – if had I been there myself :-). Your time and efforts in doing these reports are definitely very much appreciated. Takie care – and greetings from Kirsten, Denmark

  24. Dear Daniela … Thank you very much for the great work you give yourself (and this time double due to the involuntary loss of information) to explain to us in great detail, each moment, each emotion experienced during the concert … It is true, for every line you write, I close my eyes and imagine myself present in the Arena.
    I can’t believe (and I was very moved) how close you have been to Piero, and especially to my love Ignazio; In your place I ran to hug him (little joke) … I keep repeating that it was a magical, hopeful, spectacular concert … I bite my nails waiting for the third part …..
    Congratulations, beautiful Daniela ….. Greetings to the whole team, and blessings a thousand in your homes

    1. Rossana, please finish biting your nails, because the third part is already published.
      So it was you who ran to hug Ignazio when he was next to me ??? (joke).
      The Arena is a magical place and I am happy to have taken you with me to listen to a fabulous concert.

  25. Hi Daniela. I thought your account of the first part of the concert was so personal and wonderful with so much detail. But then reading the second part, it was even better. With Piero and Igna right in front of you so close it must have been exciting. And I saw you in that second video in your blue cardigan filming. Thanks again so much for your attention to detail and for sharing this concert with all of us who were not able to be there.
    I appreciate all you do for us. Thanks too Pat for getting this posted so quickly.

    1. Janet, so I think you’ll love the third part too, which is the most sentimental.
      Our boys were special, I hope they bring the same songs on tour !!
      I repeat, too bad you weren’t here.

  26. thank you so much for this Daniela and Pat
    We would have loved to have been there but with your wonderful writing it brings the magic to us, sooo wonderful!
    It is so great to see Il Volo on stage again xxx

    1. Susan,nice to hear you. I must say that the Arena reopened in a fantastic way, our guys lived up to all expectations and even beyond.
      But are you the one who paints? Congratulations!!

  27. Vielen vielen Dank Daniela für deine Arbeit, um das ganze Konzert zu kommentieren. Ich verstehe nur wenig Italienisch, so dass ich die Moderationen zwischen den Songs und die Comedy unserer süßen Jungs nicht verstehe. Nun schaue ich das Konzert mit ganz anderem Verständnis. Manches versteht man über die Körpersprache der drei, aber eben nicht die Witze….
    Ich wäre so gern in Verona gewesen, aber es gab so schnell keine Tickets mehr. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Konzerte 2022 und werde extra aus Germany anreisen, egal wohin.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Germany, Martina

    1. Martina, jammer dat je niet naar Verona kon komen, maar dit was helaas een heel vreemd jaar.
      Nu hopen we dat alles goed gaat en dat de concerten hervat worden met de tour. Je zult veel plezier hebben!!

  28. Just curious, Daniela. How many languages do you speak??? i’ve seen Italian, French and now German (also English). WOW!!!!

    1. Actually, Dolores, I only speak Italian. I understand English but speak little. I answer in all languages ​​because I help myself with the translator !!! 🙂 🙂

  29. Wow! Daniela you take good care of us. You don’t have to respond to this as you always(politely) do. So many responses you received!

    Because I heard they were fans of Maroon 5 I looked for a video. The way they dress is so different from our guys. Of course all the young bands that I haven’t heard of probably dress like them.
    But IL Volo dress up to please us. And we love seeing them look so good.

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