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Not sure how many of you were able to watch this last week, but I wanted to give my two cents worth!  🙂

I have to say, that I think they actually did a pretty good job of it.  Of course, there wasn’t enough of our guys singing, in the whole 1.5 hour show, I think we maybe got about 45 min of them singing – maybe!

But overall, I think it was good.  They did a simulated interview session, back and forth and of course lots of pledge time.  Not sure how they do it, but it is in English.  Even though we translated it all and some of us have downloaded the entire concert, it is nice to hear it in English.  🙂

I think, perhaps, all of our bugging them helped them finally pronounce their names right.  They came really, really close to saying Ignazio’s name almost right!  🙂  It only took them 12 years!

I really thought it would air twice this month, but it was the only time it is scheduled for Aug or Sep.  I imagine it will be on again for the Nov/Dec season.

I did want to let you know that you can order the DPTV Passport for $5 a month and should be able to stream the concerts and other programs.  And give you the links to purchase the CD, DVDS, etc.  LINKS ARE BELOW:

DPTV Passport – Detroit Public TV

Detroit Public Television (pledgecart.org)

And, yes, I will probably order the whole “kit and kaboodle!”  🙂 


Hello folks – 

Just a really quick post on this – not sure if this will be going national quite yet, but if you are in the Detroit viewing area, PBS will be presenting the Ennio Morricone concert this Thursday at 9p EST (DST).  If it’s not on in your area, call your local PBS station to find out when it might be aired.

Likely most have already seen it on this site and have seen and read the translations from Jo Ann and Daniela.  I am hoping they did a nice interview in Italy with them and this show will give us some insight to possible future concerts and CD/DVDs.  I know they said they were working on the CD, so we may be able to order it for Christmas.  I literally recall about 6 years ago now, ordering the CD/DVD from them and having to go in circles trying to get it delivered to my correct address, because I was moving!  What a nightmare that was!

The guys obviously did not come to the USA this time to promote it from Detroit PBS and they did not ask for any volunteers, or Chris and I would have been there!  🙂

Here is the quickie short video from the Detroit PBS Facebook page:  https://fb.watch/7B54LTjdB6/

Hope all are taking care with the recent Covid uptick!  Stay safe and wear your masks!  🙂 





  1. Thank so much for the information, I ordered the dvd and 2 cds. I actually watched the whole concert on YouTube and was also able to watch the entire The Night Of The Taranta 2021. It would be great to get a dvd of the Notte Della Taranta, I’m anxious to see them in the US in 2022. Daniela I look forward to your writings. Thank You

  2. Thanks for this information, Jana. I live in Towson, MD and of coursec we aren”t in the Detroit viewing area. About three weeks ago I contacted PBS in Was hington, DC (WETA) and Maryland (MPT). neither station was even aware of the concert. The WETA representative said she would bring the topic to the next meeting. She also said if they decide to purchase the concert they may decide to add it to the December programming but she wasn’t making any promises. The person I spoke to MPT said she would pass on the request to their programming department.

  3. I just ordered the “whole kit and kaboodle”. Thank you for the information, Jana. I’ve contacted the Minneapolis/St. Paul PBS station about this concert several times and their answer has been
    ” it’s not on our programming schedule” but they “will pass on the
    Let’s keep trying … Let us know if you find out if a Notte Della Taranta
    DVD is ever available. I would love to buy that, too.
    Thanks again for keeping us informed.

    1. Great you ordered it! Too bad about your local pbs, shame on them!

      I don’t think the taranta is something they would put on dvd…

  4. Hi Jana
    You say that there is 45 minutes of the guys singing in a one and a half hour concert. I have two questions. The first is–who or what is on the other 45 minutes? And how long is the DVD? Is it the whole hour and a half? Normally the DVDs are not that long. So I am wondering if it it NOT an hour and a half, what exactly did they cut from it. I know you can’t know the answer to that! But it is interesting to know how long the DVD is.

    1. It was a special pledge event for pbs, so they usually do about half of blah blah send us your money and the other parts are teasers from the dvd so you buy it. 😉 they said there are 2 cds so seems the entire concert of songs.

      1. 2 CDs or DVDs? I would think the Nov 5 release would have all the songs. Maybe the Dvds have the ones sung by other people or with other people.

  5. I just want to say here that I personally think the CD that the guys put out in November will have all the Morricone songs on it that the guys sang in concert. And maybe a few surprises. I hope!

  6. I’m sure it will be available om Amazon at some point. All if their previous ones have been
    I’ve even ordered from Amazon italy…

  7. I did try to contact two of my local PBS stations to ask about showing the concert but was not able to speak to anyone. I held on waiting for a long time but finally gave up. We do have another one which I will try also

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