LET’S HAVE FUN by Daniela

A couple of funny and interesting videos of Il Volo have been published a few days ago.
I know you were expecting my translation, so here it is.
The first video was made during rehearsals for Seat Music Awards.
NEK = Ah, here, but I was looking for you! Hello!!
P + I + G = Hi, how are you?
NEK = Well, well.
Happy to find you here at this special called DISCO ESTATE, because we are remembering the summer through music. (Nek during the afternoon of the Seat Music Awards, presented an event called Disco Estate).
In the meantime, congratulations, because you have inaugurated this summer, with the great concert here at the Verona Arena, a tribute to the great Ennio Morricone.
But in addition to singing pieces of classical music, you have a song that you usually sing, perhaps a past summer catchphrase, which you still find yourself singing like this today, even casually.
IGNAZIO = When I’m in a good mood I sing SEPTEMBER of Earth, Wind & Fire.  (he briefly mentions the beautiful song)
NEK = Wow, and when are you in a bad mood ??
THE POTEMKIN ARMOR (it is a joke that is often heard in Italian films to say that it is a heavy thing).
GIANLUCA = You know we have a common passion that are THE POLICE (rock band), by the great STING (frontman of The Police), we were listening to I Am An Englishman in New York, a few hours ago.
(Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero begin singing I Am An Englishman in New York acappella).
NEK = Thank you (send kisses for everyone) Good luck for everything. (in Italian: in the mouth of the wolf)
IGNAZIO = Crepi (is the usual answer to those who say in the mouth of the wolf).
NEK = I recommend it to you. Never give up.

NEK talking with IL VOLO

NEK talking with IL VOLO

The second video, on the other hand, concerns the third clip of a short video-interview made at Il Volo before the concert.
I remind you that these are questions and answers made and assembled in a sincere, but also ironic way!!
In the lower part of the video, some words appear in Italian, which the children have to comment on.
WORD = The most touchy?
PIERO = (replies to Gian) NO!
(and he marks Ignazio with his finger, meaning that Ignazio is the most touchy).😉
IGNAZIO = Him (pointing to Gian and tries to motivate but falls silent)😊
GIAN = There is a big difference between the three of us and it is the reaction after the event that we handle differently.
WORD= The most serious?
GIAN = Piero.
PIERO = No, I am not the most serious.😉
GIAN = It depends on the situation. We know how to adapt, we have a spirit of adaptation.
WORD = The most accurate?
GIAN = It’s a good battle between me and Piero.😉
PIERO = Maybe at work …. me.  In life, I am the most accurate.
WORD = The most vain?
GIAN = Me 🤗
PIERO = Why are you asked this extra question?
GIAN = You must know that behind the camera there is a mirror …
IGNAZIO = (says in dialect) He has been looking at himself for half an hour. 😁
GIAN = …. and I, for half an hour, have been taking a look at you and a look in the mirror 😁😁😁
Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio
Directly from Radio Italia, this short video was recorded during the Seat Music Awards.
We also received this short but intense amateur video that portrays Ignatius singing the Hallelujah during a wedding, very good Ignazio.
And Arena Live Official, publishes this beautiful photo with this inscription:
Three enchanting voices for an eternal Diva.
At the Seat Music Awards 2021 Il Volo was awarded the Diva – Arena di Verona Official Award for its special relationship with the Arena
Congratulations to @ gianginoble11 @barone_piero and @ignazioboschetto !!!!!!!

Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignaziio with their DIVA award

And the official page of Il Volo reminds us that on Sunday 19th on RAI 1 there will be the new program DA GRANDE, presented by Cattelan.

19 September event advertissement

In short, many good things have happened, and many more to happen, so see you soon !!
Last nice thing, the new Il Volo card arrived today !!  Wonderful. ❤️❤️❤️
Daniela 🤗

IL VOLO membership card


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Judy, at the time of registration you could choose between registration with card and without card. But I’ve heard that the shipping costs for this card are very high, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

      1. But don’t we need the official card to get into the sound checks? Also, thank you so much for your articles. Makes loving Il Volo even more meaningful. 🙂💙✈️🇮🇹

  1. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtfulness!

    Would love ❤️ a formal version of Ignazio’s, Hallelujah!

  2. Thank you so very much for ALL the translations. We enjoy them so much. With my limited knowledge of Italian and dialect, I understand some.of what goes on. But, you complete the picture and make it more enjoyable!! 🥰

  3. Thank you, Daniela and Pat! Like the other IlVolovers, I would really like to have one of the Official Fan Club cards. Where and how do we get them??

  4. Grazie Daniela and Pat. Although I enjoy the interviews and can sometimes get the gist of them it is so much more pleasurable to rewatch them and actually understand what is being said.

    I too would like to know how to request a Fan Club Card. Thank you again.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Thank you Daniela for all your hard work. You are a gem. Will the guys be coming to America next year?

  6. Dear Daniela and Pat, thanks again for the translations, they are so appreciated by those of us who do not speak Italian.
    I hope the ladies who are asking about the fan club card understand that you must become a paying member of the official club to receive the card. There are two options 1) pay the postage and receive the card, or, 2) digital membership, no card, no postage. Either way you are a member.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! I always love to hear the whole meaning of what is said. I know many of the words but miss the nuances of the complete sentences.

    2. RoseMarie, I realized from the comments, that many do not know about the only official site and therefore do not know anything about cards and membership. Hope the site instructions are clear. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the fun, Daniela and Pat.

    The effort to join the fan club is the way you can participate in a pre-concert sound check (providing Covid doesn’t end that). The sound check was awesome and I highly recommend going to one.

  8. Hi Daniela. A question for you. Some friends and family members who are scattered around the country have given me the job (what else has she got to do ?) to inform them of Il Volo’s US tour dates so they can secure tickets. Can you tell me how and when this information is released and confirmed and if Flight Crew makes it available? We know about NY – looking for Chicago, San Fran and Boston, of course! Thanks for your help.

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