IL VOLO on stage singing

SEAT MUSIC AWARDS 2021 by Daniela

And here is another of the events of this hot September that has arrived: the SEAT Music Awards.
Il Volo participated and received a special award.
Do you remember, during the press conference that Il Volo had before the concert in Verona, the mayor had said that Il Volo would be rewarded with a specially made statue, which represents a woman with the Arena on her head as a crown.
This award was presented to them last evening.
Rehearsals for the show began in the afternoon at the Verona Arena.

IL VOLO on stage at rehearsal

Gianluca at rehearsal

Ignazio at rehearsal

Piero at rehearsal

Here is a short video of the singing rehearsals.
Even if very short, you have certainly recognized Your Love.
Too bad there will only be one song.
They were briefly interviewed by RAI Radio 2.
Click the photo below to view the video.

IL VOLO being interviewd on RAI Radio 2

NEK = Here we are guys.
PIERO = Good evening gentlemen, welcome. (Piero pretends to be the one running the program) 😁
GIANLUCA = But it’s not you …..
NEK = You can’t steal the show ….
IGNAZIO = He had also prepared the sheet !! 😁
NEK = What should you have said ???
PIERO = (pretends to read) And now we have Il Volo, Arena of Verona special award ….
WOMAN = Guys, you were really, really good, when you  were conducting (the concert), because you conducted in every sense, we have to say it, really in a very nice way, this is my opinion and I wanted to tell you ….
IGNAZIO + GIAN = Thank you
PIERO = Are you sure you have watched the whole program?
WOMAN = I watched it and I did all the live coverage on RAI2.
WOMAN = I was commenting on the live broadcast, so I followed it all.
PIERO = Thanks
WOMAN = Because you have kept the freshness of your years, if I may say my opinion.
IGNAZIO = Look, if you want I can tell you a little anecdote from that evening.
WOMAN = You’re welcome
IGNAZIO = We were preparing the show and, as is done in all TV shows, the spoken words were all written.
The day before, during the dress rehearsal, we eliminated everything and said “let’s go free” (he means without reading the hunchback) , because it’s not us, we are three guys who like it ….☺😉
NEK = Therefore you should have read the hunchback ….
IGNAZIO = Yes, instead we only read the institutional things, and I also got them wrong ….
WOMAN = No, that’s not true, you did well
IGNAZIO = Like the Legambiente ad with the turtle Carella, Casella …
WOMAN = Caretta Caretta, he didn’t even learn it later …
GIANLUCA = Yes, he didn’t even learn it later (laughter)
IGNAZIO = So I screwed up, but we had fun.
WOMAN = This is very nice and above all it was nice to do it in that context, when you had “a giant” to deal with. (I think she means live RAI)
NEK = Now, what do you do ?? A trip around the world, always ??
IGNAZIO = Now we start in March of next year, finally with the concerts, we start from America, then there is all of Europe, Japan, New Zealand …. we have fun.
NEK = Ohhh, good luck then.
WOMAN = Guys, then have a good trip. What can I tell you now, have a good trip and a good concert.
GIANLUCA = Good flight, because we will take so many planes.
WOMAN = It is usually better not to say it (for superstition)
IGNAZIO = No, you can say it, we go against everything.
NEK = Bring me a present.
WOMAN = Thanks guys, thanks to Il Volo.
IGNAZIO = November 5th !!!
IL VOLO being interviewed by Radio Italia
They were interviewed by Radio Italia (for now there is only the photo).
Before the evening!
GIANLUCA = Please, don’t miss the SEAT Music Awards tonight.
I’ll show you how beautiful the Arena is.
IL VOLO with an unidentified man
And here we are at the evening.
What thrills this song, what poignant memories it evokes. Always beautiful the execution by Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.
The three of them, good, beautiful, dressed with informal elegance.
The response of the audience was very nice, slowly turning on the Arena with thousands of lights, a gesture that surprised even the boys.
Only one song, unfortunately, but what a song.
Here is the interview after the song.
GIANLUCA = Good evening everyone.
CARLO CONTI = Il Volo, to start these SEAT Music Awards in the best way.
VANESSA INCONTRADA = And what an atmosphere they (the audience) created for you, with all the mobile phones on, great emotion I saw in your faces.
GIANLUCA = We are happy to see you again.
VANESSA = Us too
CARLO = Us too, us too.
GIANLUCA = Finally in the Arena.
VANESSA = Finally,  but it has now become your home.
CARLO = In short, I mean, you did an extraordinary event on RAI1 just dedicated as a tribute to Maestro Morricone.
PIERO = We had the honor of paying homage to Maestro Morricone here at the Arena di Verona, for us, the audience, for an artist, for a singer, it is oxygen.
It was an evening full of guests, but for us, the biggest guest was the audience.
After a year and a half, see them again, sing for them!
Closeup of Piero singing
VANESSA = We understand these words well, but will you take this event to the world? I guess so.
IGNAZIO = Yes, we start in March 2022, we finally start with the world tour and we finish in September – October, from America, we end up in Japan and then New Zealand, so beautiful.
VANESSA = You have few things to do, let’s say. 😉
IGNAZIO = Yes, but it is wonderful, after almost two years, to start singing again.
I remember that a year ago, in this same program, we said …. let’s hope it starts again, the music can’t stop …. and meet again after a year and see that the music has never stopped, it’s beautiful! 😘❤
Closeup of Ignazio singing
VANESSA = Seeing them (the audience), as you said, involved with you, is nice.
CONTI = A beautiful concert, a beautiful television event, but there is a tribute album to Ennio Morricone, when will this album be released?
GIANLUCA = Let’s say that it is a very ambitious project, that with great responsibility, right on tiptoe and a lot of humility, we decided to undertake this path which is a musical project that is a tribute to all the most beautiful soundtracks of the maestro Morricone.
PIERO = And tonight we announce the date.
GIANLUCA = Yes, because this record will be released on November 5th, from Cinema Paradiso, to Once Upon a Time in the West, to the Good, the Ugly, the Bad.
VANESSA = His greatest songs, let’s say. (of Morricone)
GIANLUCA = And we can’t wait to leave (to start the tour).
Closeup of Gianluca singing
CARLO = Well a great album and therefore it will be released on November 5th.
The ARENA DI VERONA award, depicting a diva, a wonderful diva who has a crown on her head that has the shape of the Verona Arena, and was made by the sculptor Rudy Capatta, is delivered by two champions:
Marco Giallini and Giorgio Panariello.
(after the greetings, Carlo Conti reads the inscription)
CARLO = I seriously read the inscription:
Arena di Verona Award at Il Volo, for the tribute project to Ennio Morricone, represented with great success right here at the Verona Arena, live on RAI1, and for the over 10 years of career, which led them to be known and appreciated representatives of Italian music in the world.
(final thanks)
IL VOLO on stage singing
Many beautiful photos:
Ignazio closeup on left with photo of the Morricone tribute concert on the right
IL VOLO singing on stage
Piero closeup on left with photo of the Morricone tribute concert on the right
IL VOLO on stage
Closeup of Gianluca singing
IL VOLO with their award
Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio with the Arena award. ❤❤❤


But certainly and undoubtedly, this is the most beautiful photo. ❤
IL VOLO on stage with Ignazio gesturing upward toward heaven
A gesture full of meaning, which we can all understand.
A direct line with those who are no longer there, a silent dedication.
The two friends who hold him close and a look up there.
Also this time a well deserved prize !!
Other beautiful images:
IL VOLO backstage walking down steps

IL VOLO with VANESSA INCONTRADA, CARLO CONTI, Marco Giallini and Giorgio Panariello

IL VOLO singing on stage

IL VOLO singing on stage

IL VOLO singing on stage

IL VOLO smiling on stage after their song is done

IL VOLO backstage with Antonella Clerici

IL VOLO with their award and with their manager Michele Torpedine

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you, Daniela, for giving us an up-close experience at the SEAT MUSIC AWARDS 2021, in the beautiful Verona Arena where our guys were presented with their special statue/award for their tribute to Maestro Morricone. Congratulations to IL VOLO. Bravo!

    I enjoyed the RAI interviews especially Piero’s and Ignazio’s humor! Thank you for the translations and the photos and videos. They looked so happy and sang “Our Love” so beautifully.

    I am so excited that their new album, dedicated to Ennio Morricone with all the beautiful soundtracks from the spectacular movies. (I recently watched “Cinema Paradiso” on Turner Classic Movies) and fell in love with the music and the story which was bittersweet. I teared-up throughout the movie and cried at the ending. And I did laugh as well because there were some very funny scenes and also some “naughty” ones but all in good taste.

    So, back to the new album–will you be able to give us information about where we can purchase it? November 5th can’t come soon enough for us IL VOLOLOVERS!!!!

    Getting excited with built-up anticipation for their tour beginning in America in March 2022. I will have to keep checking my ticket sources on-line to see when tickets are sold.

    Again, my sincere thanks, and I await your updates that are always so informative and enjoyable–glimpses into our guys’ lives.

    Ciao for now,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Thanks to you Elisa Marie, you are always so sweet and full of compliments.
      Of course I will let you know where to order your CD.
      Cinema Paradiso is a really good movie and the soundtrack is wonderful, poignant and very sweet.
      There will be a lot of updates during this month and a lot of things that I will translate for you.

  2. Yes, thank you once again, Daniela, for a great posting and all the photos. The one of the three of them, with Igna looking heavenwards, brought tears to my eyes. That song will forever be a classic of theirs no matter how long they are together. For a very, very, long time, I hope.

    1. I think that photo touched and moved many of us.
      That look and that hand in the act of approaching someone up there is really moving.
      I think that song will always be linked to a sad event for our Ignazio.

  3. Another great article as usual. June through September has just been fantastic for the guys and for us to see all these great accomplishments, they are so deserving. I hope they publish an itinerary soon as I would love to know where they are singing other than New York and Los Angeles and Toronto I hope somewhere close to Florida, I want so much to see them at least one more time. So excited about the new album coming out, can’t wait. Went to the library to get tapes to learn Italian but didn’t get to far, at 78 brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be Ciao

    1. It does you a lot of honor, the effort you put into learning a new language, really good and age doesn’t matter.
      As soon as there is news on the stages of the tour we will update you immediately and there will be a lot to talk about.

  4. Che dire Daniela? What to say Daniela?
    You always right on time and your interventions Just so easy to read and full of soul

    Thank you for your job your dedication and above all your humble sharing with all of us

    As for the 3 Musketeers no words can be spend anymore, of what all of us think feel and said already

    So far those gyus have been examplary they do what they say and say what the do! Nothing else to be said in my opinion….

    … with this speed and this allure I just hope to see them very soon In The Dolby Theather in Los Angeles holding another kind of
    “Little statue ”

    By than I’ll be waiting and reading all your articles and will look forward to hear the new album with the Maestro Morricone music

    To all our Amercian friends “a deep thought to a date no one would like to remember , my prayer cross the ocean and come to you and your Country !
    Hope you all have a sunny and bright day !

    1. Alessandra, thanks for the compliments.
      I particularly like the phrase “they do what they say and they say what they do”, very right.
      Between one engagement and another of our boys, I believe that time will fly and we will soon be at the start of the tour.

      Thanks for the memory of so many innocent victims, a series of setbacks meant that the article was published on a day of such sad memories.

  5. Hi Daniela, what a great translation of a lovely evening. Thank you for doing this. My Italian lessons are going slower than I had hoped, so I need all the help that I can get. It’s nice to see Il Volo as excited as I am about the tour. Do the tour dates get released with the album release or does that happen independently?

  6. Thank you Daniela for giving us this instant review and the all so welcome translations as well! Your and Pat’s dedication is so very much appreciated.
    Our guys are getting more and more into the limelight ~ so wonderful for them. It makes me so proud of them!!!

  7. What a treasure chest of terrific photos, plus the translations of interviews, and the performance itself–grazie mille, cara Daniela and cara Pat! I thought their award was going to be for the 10 Year cd going platinum. I somehow forgot they were getting a special award from the Arena for the magnificent Morricone concert–how wonderful for them and so well-deserved! Looking forward to the new album and the tour, but am still hoping that we’ll be able to see them performing at some venues before then.

    1. Judi, actually I think they also received the 10 year CD award, but surely, being the first to receive the DIVA award, they preferred to give more prominence to the new award !!
      We all look forward to the new CD.

  8. This is a post script (P.S.) to my recent comment above.
    I did not want to mention anything about 9/11 when I wrote my thank-you message to Daniela for her SEAT awards post, and I may add to Pat for her great photos and videos, which I forgot to mention.

    I actually tried to write that happy post with tears running down my face and a sad heart and a head full of memories of that tragic day in America, where the Twin Towers were located in New York City, 30 minutes from my hometown in Queens. My husband was driving to his office when he saw the first plane hit the first Tower. He saw the horror firsthand and he described it to me when he called. We watched it on TV everyday for a week and we cried for everyone and we rejoiced for the hero firemen, police, who gave their lives to save others.

    That day revealed the worst of humanity–the terrorists; but the best of humanity–the people who joined together in love and harmony to help us heal.

    We lost many friends who perished that day, and we hold them in our hearts.

    So, thank you everyone who posted that you remembered 9/11. We say loud and clear from that day and forward “NEVER FORGET.”


    Elisa Marie

    1. Elisa Marie, your comment made me cry in remembrance of all those who lost their lives on 9/11. My countrymen of Gander, Newfoundland, did their part in helping over 5,000 passengers on U.S. airplanes land safely in Canada. I am very proud of what they did for our neighbors and relatives of the United States. Dolores

    2. Elisa Marie, I think that horrible day has remained in the eyes and hearts of all of us.
      I remember every moment of that day, the horror I felt, the hunger for news, the agony of the people involved and the relatives asking for news.
      It is not possible to forget such a terrible thing.
      For our part, we can do nothing but honor the memory of those innocent victims and make sure that never again can something so horrible happen.
      We are all united in memory and pain.
      Our prayers fly up there!

    1. There is no doubt, their harmony is unique, Chicago Love.
      I don’t know if you managed to see other award-winning singers that night, but I assure you that there is a gulf between them and the others.

  9. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the lovely photos and the translations. The boys looked so happy and were having so much fun in the interviews, that I was really looking forward to understanding what they said. It makes it so much more enjoyable. Thank you for getting this out so quickly Daniela. I know the boys have been keeping you busy. It’s nice to see the boys enjoying themselves, especially Ignazio. That song will always have a special meaning to them and their fans. The photo of Ignazio is so touching. I can’t wait for the new cd and tour. Congratulations guys. Well done!

    1. Yes, Cathy, the guys are keeping me busy right now, but so are my family and work. It is a time of high pressure for me, but believe me, when I sit down to reply to your comments or translate for you, I relax !!

  10. Dear Daniela and Pat….You are wonderful to spoil us with your translations you give us so quickly. ♥ It means so much to be in the know of what our boys are being asked and their enjoyable answers. The song, Your Love, is a tearjerker and has such meaning whenever I hear our boys sing it so tenderly….watching them, too, touches me deeply. Looking forward to the release of the CD/DVD and concert dates to begin plans. Thank you so very much…I am grateful to both of you.

    1. You are most welcome, Harriett! It’s my pleasure to help Daniela get these stories and translations to you!

  11. A beautiful, long-awaited award and well crafted by
    artists. A tear of joy, and a good way to start the next
    year’s tour. Thanks to Daniela and Pat.

  12. Thank you Pat and Daniela for all the photos and translations. It’s lovely seeing so much more of Il Volo and we appreciate all that you do. It’s great to see them being recognized for both their 10 year CD and their Ennio Morricone concert. It’s interesting that Ignazio said they decided to to do away with the planned script and do it on their own. There is no end to their incredible talent! As much as we all miss seeing them, it’s obvious that they are eager to start touring again. Looking forward to Nov. 5th and hoping one of our local PBS stations will soon show their Ennio Morricone Tribute Concert.

    1. I agree with you Margaret, there is no end to their talent.
      They have wonderful voices, they are skilled presenters, nice guys, good looking, elegant at the right point and humble, what more do we want?

  13. Thanks again for a fine and interesting article Daniella. I do always enjoy reading your stories. I have read this article about the SEAT/DIVA reward as well as the reward given to the guys at Venice Film Festival. In spite of all the details given out I am, however, still a bit confused tas to what exactly it is they have been awarded at these two events. I wonder, if you could give me a clearer verification?

    As to the award at the Venice Film Festival – was it given for best score in a short film – or? I understand that they are likewise singing in this short film, so is the award given for their participation as artists and not just for singing the score? Or was it for something quite different?

    As to the award given at the SEAT Music Awards is it correctly understood, that the award has nothing to do with _SEAT but rather to their show at the Verona Arena on June 5th 2021? In that case, who gave this award? Verona city? – the Verona *Arena – or some other cultural institution? I am quite confused…

    Thank you for getting me on the right tract here. I wish to pass this info on hence it is important to me tof ully understqand the awards given.

    Kind regards – Kirsten, Denmark

  14. So happy to see my guys again. They have grown. Waiting for nov 5. Yes, yes, yes. Fill my ears, my soul, my beingxwith Il Volo magic!! ❣❣❣

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