Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in black pants and white jackets

DA GRANDE by Daniela

The time has also come for the new show on RAI1: DA GRANDE, hosted by Alessandro Cattelan.
I must tell you right away that you will see Il Volo in an unusual guise. Together with Alessandro, they will re-propose the hits of the most famous boy bands. There will also be disguises.
It will all be in a very fun way. You will see.
But let’s go in order.
Cattelan’s show aims to propose something different from what is generally expected, a new format of two episodes and Il Volo is one of the guests of the first episode.
Cattelan has been a presenter for 20 years, but it is his first show on RAI 1, the most important Italian national television.
Of course, no one thinks that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca can propose themselves in such a different way, so this is the news, so forget to hear their beautiful voices as you usually hear them, and try to understand the purpose of this participation.
The day after the show, Cattelan posted this comment:
Thanks to the guys from @ilvolomusic… because it takes guts to listen to me!
And here is the entire performance of the evening:
CATTELAN = I would like to start my evening, DA GRANDE, by retracing the history of boy bands.
To do this, I would like to ask for the help, as well as yours, of the greatest Italian boy band ever, give a big round of applause to Il Volo!
I come to meet you too !! (Hugs )
PIERO = A little foam.
CATTELAN = I still have a little foam on my head but isn’t it soap. (shortly before, he was sprinkled with fake foam snow).
IGNAZIO = Yes, we took it off.
P + I + G = Good.
PIERO = Hello everyone.
GIANLUCA = How are you?
CATTELAN = So, guys, how am I doing? Still do not know.
IGNAZIO =  Well then, good evening. (and he starts to leave, even Piero and Gian signal to follow him)
CATTELAN = I need your help, come here !!
GIANLUCA = We thought we were greeting “on the fly” (they joke about the pun with their name)
CATTELAN = No, no, I clearly need you now, to tell the story of boy bands to the whole world. You asked me how I am, how you want me to be, it’s my first time …..
Cattelan and IL VOLO speaking on stage
IGNAZIO = Ah, it’s your first time on RAI.
CATTELAN = Yes, yes, thanks for being here.
GIAN = Are you excited?
CATTELAN = Yes, you can see it !!
GIAN = But you are number one !!
CATTELAN = You guys too, thank you very much, grazie mille!
So obviously when you have the friendship of a group like Il Volo available, you have to sing, okay?
IGNAZIO = Absolutely.
CATTELAN = So we sing, we retrace the history of boy bands, together with you, we do them, as they come to us, as they come to us …
PIERO = Natural
CATTELAN. Naturally, as it comes to us …
GIAN = With humility
CATTELAN = With the humility that distinguishes us, ok? Let’s just make a path ….
PIERO = And with dignity!
CATTELAN = Hopefully.
Let’s take a path, let’s start with the first great boy band in history, which were, I think it’s not offensive to say, THE BEATLES.
Cattelan and IL VOLO speaking on stage
IGNAZIO = Absolutely.
CATTELAN = The Beatles were the first great boy band in history, we took this cover of HELP as a reference, we put 4 trunks on stage, inside these trunks there are some changes, it will be our task, to try to get into the shoes ….
IGNAZIO = To resemble us a little, that is to lower ourselves a little in the part.
CATTELAN = Yes, try to get into the role of The Beatles.
GIAN = Something amazing is happening, people here at home, they don’t realize yet …
CATTELAN = What are you about to see …
GIAN = I don’t know if you are ready.
CATTELAN = So, let’s start the gearbox, guys !!
IGNAZIO = Go! Let’s go let’s go. (and they go to the trunks for the first change of clothes)
CATTELAN = (from behind the trunk) Here we are, then guys, let’s all go out together.
GIAN = I am there.
IGNAZIO = Not me, wait.
PIERO = Hello, but sorry guys …..
CATTELAN = Don’t go out, don’t go out Piero, wait.
PIERO = But like that, they don’t let me go home anymore.
GIAN = Are you ready to see the four sexiest men on earth? We are almost there.
CATTELAN = The longest is me guys, wait, wait.
PIERO = Can we go straight out the back guys? (he wants to escape) I’m not going there.
CATTELAN = We have to go out guys, let’s count to three: One, two, three, good evening (and they come out disguised as the Beatles)
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in blue Beatles outfits
PIERO = Good evening! Hello, hello, thank you very much.
GIAN = It’s good to see you, good evening everyone.
CATTELAN = Sorry, I’m so in the part that I forgot the microphone behind. You are John? (to Gian)
GIAN = I am Paul.
CATTELAN = I’m Paul, because I speak English tight, tight.
So, guys, we are clearly the fab four, we are disarmingly beautiful, I think you are seeing it with your own eyes.
PIERO = Sorry mom! It won’t happen again.
IGNAZIO = You know that he looks a lot like his mother! (laughs)😁😁
PIERO = Sorry, I’m not going home anymore.
CATTELAN = What is the name of Piero’s mother?
IGNAZIO = Eleonora
CATTELAN = So guys, if you want you are ready, let’s start with the first piece that characterized the history of boy bands, okay?
Street (the band), are you ready? When you want, we are ready.
(they start singing HELP).
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in blue Beatles outfits
CATTELAN = This was beautiful.
IGNAZIO = Do you know who I look like?
CATTELAN = Willy Wonka
IGNAZIO = No, do you remember Jumanji (movie), that hunter always with a rifle who wanted to kill everyone?
CATTELAN = Actually, a little bit, yes, you remember him.
If that’s okay with you, I would quit the role of The Beatles, to go to the next step, to the next boy band that broke hearts ….
PIERO = It would be home, the next step.
CATTELAN = We should, but maybe we won’t have one anymore, as you said before, Piero.
The next step in the history of boy bands is Take That, they are already more of our era, of our generation … change
(from behind the trunks) if you don’t mind, if you don’t mind guys, I’d wear the fake rabbit hat.
IGNAZIO = Can I keep the wig ??
CATTELAN = That’s your choice, you can decide.
IGNAZIO = I take it off.
PIERO = (he is ready and comes out of the trunk) This is cool, I would also wear this to go out.
CATTELAN = So you can also go out, you are a fairy tale. Who are you?
PIERO = Mark, no Gary (two components from Take That)

GIAN = I am Gary.
CATTELAN = Now let’s not fight over who Gary is!
E from Russia:
IGNAZIO = Hi everyone, I’m Robbie Williams from Moscow. (laughs) 😁😁
Ignazio lauging in a brown fur coat
CATTELAN = The Russian version of Robbie Williams. I can’t tell you what’s sweating to me, right now. (he has a fur hat)
Let’s try Take That.
Guys (to the band), whenever you want! (music starts) This is intense, this one makes you fall in love. Wait, wait (stop the band). This music is difficult and you (at Il Volo) who are familiar with falsetto (singing with an altered high voice).
PIERO = Do as when you have a stomach ache. Perfect.
IGNAZIO = When you do that part do this movement, it helps you !! (he makes a movement with his leg)
CATTELAN = Ok, let’s get started.
GIAN = This is romantic, this one makes you fall in love. (Back for Good by Take That begins)
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in winter coats
CATTELAN = Mamma mia, exceptional!
IGNAZIO = Now who is there, how many other boy bands are there?
CATTELAN = Now everything is easier. Let’s see what the next boy band is. (to audience) How are these going, do you like them?
PIERO = I’m not worried about the song, I’m worried about looking like them.
CATTELAN = Who would you like to be?
PIERO = The second on the left, doesn’t it look like Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 driver?
CATTELAN = Yes, a little yes.
I would like by right in law, I have already ridiculed myself before showing my photo, (before Il Volo arrived, he showed his photo at 16 and he had a blonde bob hairstyle), I would like to be that blonde with the parting in the middle, also to have a moment of revival.
Okay, Nick Carter, (he is the blond singer) to feel young again.
Are we going to change? (and they go after the trunks)
IGNAZIO = But it’s hot !!
PIERO = I have a good assistant.
CATTELAN = Open or closed jacket?
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed all in white jackets with black pants
PIERO = The lady (he points in the audience) wants a pistachio and strawberry ice cream, then she wants chocolate (he jokes because they are dressed like ice cream makers).
CATTELAN = We bring it to him. Sooner or later we’ll bring it to you lady.
He waits for us to do something we tried during rehearsals (he and Gian flip up the microphone and catch it) Mouth-watering stuff. (Idiom, when one thing is okay).
So, Backstreet Boys, all easy, all right, we can try to do it. (Ignazio and Piero talk to each other)
GIAN = They’re jealous because we did the microphone one.
Closeup of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero dressed in the white jackets
CATTELAN = Come on, try it too, if you can ….
IGNAZIO = I do it to you with the triple  jump …
PIERO = Do you want to see? Can you prepare a spare microphone?
(Ignazio and Piero also successfully launch the microphone).
GIAN = Better to sing.
CATTELAN = (He pretends to throw the microphone very high). So, are we there? Go, Backstreet Boys, let’s do it. (Begins I WANT IT THAT WAY by Backstreet Boys, sung with the names of Il Volo)
IGNAZIO = No, I don’t like it
PIERO = Was I wrong?
IGNAZIO = No, it’s just that I wanted to make it a little more romantic (and so repeat the ending)
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in black pants and white jackets
CATTELAN = Incredibles. I’ve never felt so good as with Il Volo, guys.
IGNAZIO = And I’ve never seen a man uglier than you (referring to Cattelan who has a blonde wig, laughter).😁😁
CATTELAN =  Because we didn’t know us when I was 15, otherwise it would have been a dejavu. Do not worry.
Another change, but let’s go back to Italy. If I tell you Italian boy band who comes to your mind?
CATTELAN = Apart from Il Volo, you are the present.
GIAN = Modest aside, of course.
CATTELAN = Who comes to your mind, Italian boy band.
IGNAZIO = I CAMALEONTI (an Italian group from the 70s)
CATTELAN = The DIK DIK? (other Italian group) No.
GIAN = There are many
CATTELAN = Not even the I RAGAZZI ITALIANI (Italian group)
GIAN = I POOH (Italian group)
CATTELAN = They too could have ….
I NERI PER CASO!!! (Italian group that sang without instruments, imitating sounds with their mouths)  Another exchange, it won’t be difficult. (And they go to change clothes again.)
Left to right: Cattelan in long black wig, Gianluca, Ignazio in gold wig and Piero
GIAN = How we entered before. The same.
PIERO = Excuse me, take a close-up of the two of us, (he and Gian) kindly, don’t frame Alessandro, don’t frame him. Please, first floor: I must finally apologize to all the people who are watching this program right now, for what will happen in 10 seconds, can you please frame Alessandro Cattelan now?
GIAN = Only Alessandro Cattelan can do this !! Only Ale can do it.
PIERO = (to the audience) I humbly ask your forgiveness.
CATTELAN = (from behind the trunk), Guys, please can you say: “Gonzalo, where are you?”
GIAN = Gonzalo donde estas, hermano! (Cattelan comes out with a long black wig. One of the members of I Neri Per Caso had long black hair, his name is Gonzalo).
CATTELAN = Here I am, here I am. I think I’m Gonzalo, I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful but it seems to me that his name was Gonzalo, (he turns to look at Ignazio) well, you look great Igna, you are really very well.
Ignazio in a gold wig
PIERO = Do you know who it looks like? The hair is by Orietta Berti (good Italian singer today she is 78 and still sings with great success).
CATTELAN = Yes, the short cut maybe.
IGNAZIO = But do you know that it doesn’t hurt me? Can you show me? Give me a close up ………… that’s cool !!
CATTELAN = You mean you wouldn’t think about it, as a hypothetical new look?
So, NERI PER CASO, also their winners of Sanremo, in short, great success, let’s do their highlight!
IGNAZIO = Do you start?
CATTELAN = Yes, GO!  (the song begins: Le ragazze, by NERI PER CASO.)
Cattelan on left with long black wig with Gianluca, Ignazio with gold wig and Piero all singing
(at the end Ignazio holds a long note)
CATTELAN = Mamma mia, what lungs you guys have, you are putting me in trouble.
Ok, NERI PER CASO, facts, let’s see what the next boy band is, there are still a couple left: ONE DIRECTION.
Let’s go to the exchange.
Let’s go there, they (One Direction) are the youngest of all, they are the coolest.
IGNAZIO = (from the back of the trunk) I can leave the wig.
CATTELAN = The wig is always a choice. It depends on how you are. I just tell you that I am going here almost bare-chested.
Here we are? One Direction, they dare, they dare, they are young, they are not afraid of judgments, they are young.
PIERO = (referring to Cattelan) You do Harry, how nice. (Harry Styles, singer)
CATTELAN = Maybe I have a button fastened too many, I don’t know you tell me.
IGNAZIO = No, you are fine.
CATTELAN = I don’t know if Harry has chest hair, I don’t know, I’ve never checked.
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in casual clothes on stage
PIERO = I don’t know, but he is less sweaty than you. 😁😁
CATTELAN = I have ointments coming out of my pores.
GIAN = (lifts the right sleeve of Ignazio’s shirt and shows the last big tattoo) Look how wild he is, look!
Cattelan and IL VOLO on stage with Gianluca lifting Ignazio's sleeve to show his tatoo
CATTELAN = Mamma mia, guys, you are really bad boys. (Ignazio covers the tattoo).
So, do we propose with these ONE DIRECTION? But how many boy bands are there? Aren’t there a little too many?
IGNAZIO = I don’t insure anything here. (Live While We’re Young by ONE DIRECTION begins)
CATTELAN = I know what you are thinking, which is the ending.
No way!! We still have some, it was not the end even for a joke, we apologize to Harry Styles (throws his hat) ….. camera in full, 2000 euros of damage, okay !!
Cattelan lying on a luggage rack with IL VOLO standing on and near the rack
So, let’s see the next one, now we have arrived at the present day, now we are, let’s see the last boy band: BTS (a very famous Korean boy band), other space hotties.
PIERO = Forgive me, we are on RAI 1 ……
IGNAZIO = Your first time on RAI 1…….
CATTELAN = Yes, by the way, thanks again.
PIERO = Fantastic audience.
PIERO = Transversal, everyone looks at it, of all ages, but I was wondering …… my aunt, looking at BTS wonders: “BTS, what are they?” ☺
CATTELAN = So, you have to explain, that’s right.
IGNAZIO = I would explain it ….. you know when you see unicorns? Here are BTS.
CATTELAN = All a little adorable, all beautifully colored, they are unicorns. Right now they are the biggest boy band on the planet.
Thousands of views, they are very good, they are young, modern.
IGNAZIO = They are the most famous mash mallons in the world.
CATTELAN = Yes, they are the most famous in the world, do you feel like imitating them?
PIERO = Let’s get dressed first. (and they go after the trunks)
CATTELAN = (looks at Ignazio) Pippo, Pippo doesn’t know, but when he passes by, the whole city laughs (it’s a phrase from a well-known Italian song and is used to say that everyone laughs at you).
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in brightly colored jackets and sweatshirts.
GIAN = It is coordinated.
CATTELAN = Yes, right
IGNAZIO = It’s a new fashion, shorts over trousers.
CATTELAN = I was thinking now of something, you rightly said that there is a small problem, your aunt at home and maybe even my grandmother, who is watching me, they don’t really know who BTS is.
There is also another theme, now I ask you, because it is you who have a world career, when I leave Piedmont (the  Italian region where Cattelan lives), nobody recognizes me, but it is you who go around the world, go to Asia ….. maybe there is a problem of cultural appropriation, that is, you know, they are Asian, we are not, so a certain school of thought thinks that we shouldn’t do this exhibition. (of course he’s kidding)
PIERO = Sorry, let’s talk for a moment between us.
CATTELAN = Then if we don’t do it it’s worse. That is, for us it is a tribute, they are very cool.
GIAN = Sorry, let’s Italianize BTS at this point.
CATTELAN = That is, we make them, but keeping our culture?
GIAN = Yes, our diction, our culture (they gather in a circle to decide ….. of course it’s all a joke)
(He ask the band to do the chorus of the BTS song)
Let’s improvise !!
CATTELAN = Let’s see what happens.
IGNAZIO = Let’s get Piero to do the rap part 😁
CATTELAN = So, okay, BTS, without getting into controversy, OK?
GIAN = We have found the solution.
CATTELAN = It is not cultural appropriation, we do it by maintaining our culture which at the moment is mainly Abruzzo.
GIAN = Absolutely.
PIERO = What did he say??? 😁
IGNAZIO = I sincerely like “arrosticini” ☺ (they are typical meat sticks from Abruzzo)
GIAN = We do it in the Abruzzese language.
PIERO = And the text? …..
CATTELAN =  All new !! Okay, BTS, the way we do it. Guys whenever you want, I follow you, because I have no idea where you are going. (the music of the BTS song begins but performed with the words of Grande Amore, and finally , they connect the chorus of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees with the words in the Abruzzese language.)
Cattelan and IL VOLO dressed in brightly colored jackets and sweatshirts.
CATTELAN = Ladies and gentlemen, give a big round of applause for Il Volo !!
GIAN = What sweaty guys.
PIERO = We wanted to wish a very big good luck to the great Alessandro Cattelan, a great friend.
GIAN = Great Ale!
CATTELAN = Thanks guys !!
PIERO = Welcome Alessandro, we will leave you in good hands.
IGNAZIO = I wanted to make a serious speech. (To the band) Stop it, you’ve been playing up to now, stop it, just a minute. I wanted to make a serious speech, we have been following Alessandro for many years, Alessandro is a wonderful guy, one of the best professionals, presenters in Italy, and we are honored to be here tonight to celebrate your first time in RAI. Thanks for inviting us. Thank you very much.
CATTELAN = Thanks guys, I love you, again a big round of applause at Il Volo !! (hugs and final gags)
More photos of the show
Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in brightly colored jackets and sweatshirt

Gianluca speaking on stage

Ignazio speaking on stage

Gianluca in a black Beatles wig

Ignazio and Piero dressed in blue Beatles outfits

Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in brightly colored jackets and sweatshirt

My comment is this:
I appreciated that Il Volo really put a lot on the line for this show.
It wasn’t they who were supposed to shine, but the new presenter, and so they acted as a “shoulder”, I don’t know how many singers at the level of Il Volo, would have agreed to do this.
The live show showed great sound problems, at the beginning during the Beatles, the voice of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, could not be heard ….. in the video it was improved, but the top is expected from RAI, even in technical matters.
I noted with pleasure, a great interaction and a sincere friendship between Il Volo and Cattelan and I believe that Cattelan did not know them before, and had never spoken about them, so, as usual, those who know them, then appreciate them a lot. .
I also noticed that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca had a lot of fun on this show, a very different thing from what they usually do, and this makes me happy.
Now I await your opinions.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

61 thoughts on “DA GRANDE by Daniela”

  1. Very entertaining program. They looked like they
    were having fun. I have not seen Ignazio so
    playful in along time, so that was a plus.
    Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Daniela thank you for the timely translation of Da Grande. Also Pat thank you for the videos and photos. I appreciated being able to watch the program and understand the dialog.

      It was so heartwarming to see our guys having fun while doing something totally different. Once again they have demonstrated the versatility of their talents. Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero are very accomplished performers but they are also young, vibrant men with great self-confidence who are not afraid to expand their experiences.

      I wonder ehat the next project will be?

      1. Mary Jane, you are right, once again they have shown their versatility, but I would have preferred that they also present their own song at the end, maybe even Your Love.

  2. I just watched the whole show – so much fun ! Thank you for translating all of it into English. After reading your translation, then watching and listening to the whole show was so much more enjoyable and fun. I was a little surprised to see Gianluca really getting into the acting, more so than Piero. Of course, Igna was in his element. The boys are such good sports – Cattalan was the “star” throughout the show, just as it was supposed to be. Thank you again for your translation – that’s a lot of work – and I really appreciate it.

    1. I agree! I had just watched the show on my own through raiplay. Then Daniela’s and Pat’s posting popped into my mailbox. The translation and insights certainly made the show more meaningful.
      I found the show entertaining and enjoyable!
      It is meant to be a “spoof”. They did not mean to offend, and they kept on apologising throughout. They are nice guys!

      Best regards to everyone, from a 74-year-old grandmother, who discovered Il Volo only in May 2021. I’ve been having a wonderful time catching up on 12 years of their development.

      Peckyin Toh (frm SINGAPORE, in South-East Asia)

      1. I would like to add that it was great to see Gianluca “loosening up” and enjoying himself!

      2. Glad you liked the show, Peckyin. They are nice guys……talented, but also very caring and respectful.

      3. Exactly, it was a parody and they didn’t want to offend anyone, even if here in Italy, the newspapers wrote that BTS fans reacted badly to this parody, but as usual, you can’t please everyone.

        I am so glad you joined the group, stay with us and be up to date on many things, plus if you scroll back through the articles, there is a lot to read !!

        A hug from Italy.

    2. Maija, I too noticed that Piero has a hard time getting online at different rhythms, but he was also part of the game too, he had to apologize to his family :).

      When Gianluca can change, however, he always does it willingly.

  3. Daniela, thank you so much for sharing!
    The guys had fun, were so playful and great as always. It was a treat to see them! Grazie. 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Thankyou so much yet again for this great update, and translation. This show was great fun, and the boys showed us yet again what wonderful entertainers they are… matter what they do it is done with integrity, and they give it their all…….no half measures ever. Well done Il Volo.
    I to am a new fan ( and very proud to be in such lovely company) So enjoy learning about these amazing young men and there beautiful music is the greatest joy and brings so much pleasure.
    Really appreciate what you do for us Daniella thanks again.
    Regards from Western Australia…stay safe everyone.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Annette.
      It is a joy for us to read about new fans from so far away.
      These days I have been very busy, so I did not reply immediately to all your comments, but there are news and I will update you soon !!

      A hug from Italy.

  5. OMG!!! Daniela I will never thank you enough for this translation 😀I love the way our guys show affection to each other and they still the big boys we all love ❤️ hope they never change.

    But do you know that seeing Ignazio laughing again means the happiness is back to the world? I love him more than ever 💯😘❤️

    Please Daniela tell me when they’re coming to Los Ángeles Ca.?

    1. Maria, I am so happy to bring you happiness, with so little.
      Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio had a lot of fun doing this show, and seeing Ignazio laugh again is good for our heart.

      For now, nothing is known about their next tour, as soon as there is news we will give it to you.

  6. Hard to tell how the old “boy bands” will feel about that but over here we’ll call Il Volo REALLY GOOD SPORTS. Great fun. Thanks a million.

    1. Boston Girl, I hope the imitated boy bands laughed, because the intent was just that, also I noticed that our boys really liked to sing the choruses of the boy band songs.

  7. I loved the show. Even though I could not understand it, it was fun. I thought great to see the guys in a different light. They are still pretty young guys and should be allowed to just let loose now and again. They have done a few different things over the last few months and it is nice to see them being a little versatile. I like all of you, prefer them singing with their beautiful voices, their wonderful music but refreshing to see them just be young and silly for a little bit.
    I do have to note that during the Beatles segment I knew Piero was saying something about his Mother and Ignazio is right, Piero looks like his mother and with that wig…OH MY!!!!
    I just love seeing the guys and hearing them, regardless of what they are doing.

    1. Yes, the reference to Piero’s mother made me smile too.
      I still think our guys can do anything. I would also have preferred that they demonstrate at the end, their skill in their songs, who follows this type of show, may not know Il Volo and it would have been nice to be able to show what they can do. There will be other occasions.

  8. Thank you so much! I agree with others that it was great to see the smiles all around! I think the groups would be pleased to see Il Volo honor them, even if through fun.

  9. Thank you, again, Daniela and Patti! Such a super way to spend a very rainy day! Watching our boys enjoying themselves so much, like a group of kids!! Great that they are still having fun together during this trying time and making us all appreciate their versatility.
    They did the imitations so well, even though I don’t know any of the bands, except the Beatles, being an older person. So nice to see Igna having fun and Gianluca relaxing. Piero was also into the fun.

    1. Yes, Dolores, I believe that on a rainy day, nothing better than laughing looking at these gags, which certainly demonstrates their versatility and also how much they put themselves into play.

    1. Marilyn, we are used to seeing Il Volo, always under very formal aspects, in which they are always distinguished by sobriety and elegance. Seeing them like this is weird, but really fun and they enjoyed it too.

  10. Thank you for the translation – a lot of work. Of course, no one could imitate BTS, especially BTS’s Park Jimin, another human with a golden voice. However, I thought our IL VOLO did a great and entertaiining job.. By the way, BTS spoke at the United Nations a couple of days ago. So looking forward to when our IL VOLO can do live tours agaiin..

    1. Dena, I believe that they did not want to imitate BTS, because, of all the bands they have proposed, I think BTS are the only ones who are still in the formation of an initial band in business. So they didn’t want to parody them.
      If I’m not mistaken, Il Volo already met BTS at the Beijing Festival a few years ago, I think 2015.

  11. Yes, so much work for you, Daniela, and a lot for you too, Pat. What a treat–thank you so much!! Improvisation like this is often a bit messy, but they are always so cute and so talented that they make it work. It reminded me of the House Party shows they did which I loved–a lot of fun. Plus I think it’s good for audiences to see their versatility and lively personalities, in addition to the gorgeous voices and harmonies.

    1. You’re welcome, Judi! Daniela did a lot of translation work on this one! It was so long! And it also reminded me of the House Party show they were on a couple years ago.

    2. Yes, Judy, the work of translation, in itself, is not difficult, the hardest part is being able to make you understand the intent of the sentences, when they are in an ironic tone and the Italian idioms, which sometimes do not correspond to yours.
      I hope I have succeeded.

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful translation. It has been an exciting time watching the boys have so much fun together. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to see them have so much fun together and just cut loose. I truly truly enjoyed every piece of it.

  13. Merci beaucoup Daniela j’ai regardé l’emission et je me suis régalée ,j’ai trouvé les garçons formidables ,Ignazio tres detendu et egal a lui même il nous a fait rire ,Piero aussi toujours complice avec Ignazio et Gianluca je l’ai rarement vu comme ca ca faisait plaisir a voir quel beau spectacle ,on en redemande
    Mais je pense que le meilleur du spectacle a quand même été de retrouver Ignazio et sa joie de vivre apres les dures epreuves par lesquelles il est passé
    Encore Merci pour le recit traduit !

    1. Paule, selon les journaux, l’intervention d’Il Volo a pris trop de temps, mais je ne pense pas que les horaires soient fixés par eux, mais par ceux qui planifient tout le spectacle. Cependant, c’était agréable de les voir rire et de faire rire les gens. Après des périodes si sombres, un peu de fraîcheur.
      Ignazio s’est beaucoup prêté aux changements c’était amusant et les deux autres ne l’étaient pas moins.

  14. Thank you so much I laughter, cause as I was reading i kept seeing the parts they were doing I love ignazio being himself ( joking and laughing having fun) can’t wait till they come to new York Daniela, thank you again I sure enjoy your stories Susan, Daniela and pat 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  15. Thank you for the translations Daniela. It was so much more fun to watch it knowing what they were saying. The boys did a great job. We always enjoy watching them when they ‘re dressed so formally and singing so beautifully but they’re still young men and it was nice to see them having fun and being silly, especially Ignazio. They work so hard and give us so much enjoyment. You’re great no matter what you do guys!

  16. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation and video. You are always thinking of all of us and helping us enjoy all their various activities and shows! It’s always great to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca having fun and throwing themselves completely into any situation. I too really loved when they were on House Party years ago. Not surprisingly, they did everything and did it well!

    1. Margaret, I think their versatility, could lead them to have an entire TV show done by them.
      You know that it was Cattelan to be enhanced, as Eurovision will be in Italy in 2022 and he is the best candidate to present Eurovision, but I have always said that Il Volo would also be an excellent candidate.

  17. Thanks Pat and Daniela. I loved seeing all of them relaxed and enjoying themselves, they were great as usual. It was a fun change of pace for them and I had a lot of laughs watching it. These fun programs are sorely needed in these times.

    1. I agree, after so much sadness and so much bad news, it’s nice to be able to smile and I think Piero, Gianluca, but also Ignazio had a lot to enjoy.

  18. This shows how easy it would be for them to do ordinary pop songs, but they choose to do the more difficult music.
    They could do comedy too! They are adorable and so versatile. Thanks Daniela for more fun!

  19. Thinking more about the ‘boy’ bands, obviously I don’t know any Italian ones, but I never thought of the Bee Gees or The Beetles as being boy bands. I remember when I left school it was all Cliff Richard and Frank Ifield, but seven weeks later when I started college the Beetles had arrived. As they were older me by several years I never considered them as boys.

    Actually I didn’t much like them, or the Rolling Stones for that matter. Come to think of it I didn’t really like any of the Liverpool Sound, much of it, Gerry and the Pacemakers for instance, I found painful to listen to. I think somewhere between 1960 and 1963/4 I was no longer interested in pop music, much preferred classical and operetta. Operetta, not to be confused with grand opera. 🙂

    1. I think Boy Band is intended for a very young group of singers, so I think the Bee Gees (which I love, on the night of our wedding, my husband and I listened to their beautiful LP) were already more mature as an age. The Beatles have always been considered the first, as far as Boy Band is concerned, but the Rolling Stones have never been considered as such. The britt-pop here in Italy is listened to a lot, but I realize that it is not the same from you.
      I can tell you that before Il Volo, I was a listener of Take That (the second band imitated by Il Volo), a really good boy band, I went to one of their concerts, they were very good, I still am, but of 5 elements, now there are 3 left. As I have already written, I believe that the only boy band currently in initial formation and full activity, among those imitated by Il Volo, are BTS and, due to this imitation, Il Volo is receiving a lot of negative and rude comments from BTS fans.

      1. The Bay City Rollers and take That are about the only boy bands I have heard of. Having bot heard of BTS, sounds like a sandwich (BLT) to me. Can’t for the life of me understand why their fans should be offended though, after all it was only a bit of harmless fun.

        You should see what Kenny Everett did when taking the Mickey out of the Bee Gees. As for what he did to Rod Stewart is just too funny for words. Ah well, it takes all sorts to make a world I guess.

      2. I’m an Asian woman. Here’s my thoughts. The reason why some ARMY (BTS fans) are angry about what Il Volo did is due to the fact that as fans, they’re really overprotective of their favorites, especially since nowadays there has been a rise of many anti-Asian racist hate crimes, especially in Western countries, including Italy. We’ll never know if what Il Volo said about BTS was a genuine compliment or a backhanded one, but after the cases I mentioned, it’s understandable that many are up in arms against racism, whether it’s a rude comment or an attack. While I personally don’t find Il Volo’s comments offensive or not (I personally find it dubious), I can see why others will take offense, especially Asian-Italian diaspora and Italian ARMY. I guess after many years of discrimination, it’s hard to trust their intentions. I hope this clears it up.

      3. Having reread the translation again I still don’t understand why anyone would take offence. Knowing what we do about Il Volo I am pretty sure that no offence was intended by any of them.

        Having been on both sides of the racism fence I can understand how many feel. On the other hand, many will look for racism, sexism too, when none exist. For instance, why should telling a student of colour they can not take any more books from the library because there is a huge fine to pay, be classed as racism? Yet telling a white student the same thing is not classed as racism?

        I worked in a nursing library for several years. We had students from all over the world, all races, creeds, colours. Was I supposed to break the rules just because a student was from a different ethnic background to me?

        Yes I do know racism exists, I also know sexism exists. In both cases it often works both ways.

  20. When it comes to versatility ~ our IL Volo guys are the best! Love and appreciate everything that they do!
    Daniela, your translations of the verbal exchange and interaction between these four guys makes perfect sense! How fortunate we are to have a Daniela/Pat team on this site.

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