Today I am not giving you any translations, but I want to tell you about a beautiful event in which, until the end, I did not know I could participate.
I’m talking about the copy-signing of Il Volo in Milan. The event took place on November 30th at 5:00 pm.

In the morning I woke up and immediately saw a beautiful day with lots of sun, cold, but clear.
My husband and I are the grandparents of two beautiful little girls and usually after school they two spend the afternoons with us waiting for their parents.
But my son informed me on the morning of the 30th, that he had the afternoon off, so I said to my husband: “Let’s go to Milan,” and I immediately booked the train tickets.
Here we are on the train at 2:30 pm.

We should arrive at Milano Centrale (Milan station) almost an hour and a half before the event, so we have plenty of time to take the subway to get to Piazza Duomo.
Going up from the underground subway, the view of the Duomo of Milan is always of great effect, there it is, imposing and beautiful, with its tall spires that stand out against the blue sky, magnificent.

In a moment we are at the “Galleria Duomo”, the beautiful and elegant gallery full of famous shops and already decorated for the Christmas holidays. The Feltrinelli bookshop, where the event takes place is right here under the “Galleria Duomo”, here I am.

In order to enter the bookstore, we must show our green passes (certification of having received the double anti-Covid vaccination), we must also wear the masks , then we can buy our CD, mandatory phase, to be able to access the signing event in which only one person can participate.
The area for the signing is ready, at the back of the library, there is a poster with the image of the Il Volo CD hanging, and there is a small table with three chairs for our young men.
Soon a queue of waiting people forms and then we get in line too.

This photo was published from the page of Il Volo and to our great surprise, in the first photo there is also me and my husband!! (lower right corner)

In the queue I see some friends, with whom we meet at every event related to Il Volo, and whom I always see with joy.
Meanwhile, time passes and Piero and Ignazio arrive but they go to a separate room, they await the arrival of Gianluca who is late, and when he arrives too, here they are all three taking their positions.
The environment is very relaxed, the people in the queue are polite, the security is very kind, they let us take pictures while we wait (the other times we couldn’t).
The boys are in excellent shape, Ignazio hums a song in a low voice, while he waits to sign, Piero smiles, Gianluca is the most serious. All three wear masks, which they will then take off when they start signing.
We who are in line are forbidden to take off our masks. Before reaching the boys , they make us sanitize our hands, however we cannot hug them, kiss them or touch them. We fans have to stand in front of their table, where they will sign. A girl in charge will take the photo using our personal mobile phone, so the photos will be ours immediately.
Everything goes very well, every fan stops to have a chat with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and they listen us available and interested.
Here are the photos I was able to take.

(please click on an individual photo to enlarge it)

I’m excited!  Now, it’s my turn!
I manage to have a chat with them, first of all I congratulate them on their CD, then I tell them that in June in Verona it was a fantastic concert, so  I bring them all the greetings from Flight Crew and every one of their the American friends, they smile and thank me.
I bring Gianluca a hug from  grandmother Maura.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca listened to me with attention and interest.
It was exciting to have them so close, but it was not possible to hug them when I wanted so much.
The security signals me that they are about to take the photos so I turn around, then I said goodbye to the our young men and leave.

It was short, but intense, it was worth going to, seeing them so close and relaxed is nice.
It is a completely free event, organized by the bookshop, as long as you buy a CD. I had already bought the CD in Brescia, thinking that this year, due to the infection, perhaps they would not have done the event. I bought another CD, but I also brought the one I bought in Brescia with me and had them both signed.
I greeted the friends still in the queue, promising to meet us at the next event and then, off to a run to take the train back.
It was now dark and the “Gallery” had beautiful colors.

I took a beautiful photo of the illuminated Duomo in the cold late November evening.
Unfortunately the photo did not turn out well, but I assure you that the vision was exactly like this.

Even though my husband and I ran, we missed the scheduled train and had to wait for the next train that passed an hour later. Patience.
It was a beautiful day, I saw my beloved boys up close, I exchanged a few words with them, I have two signed CDs, it was a great adventure and I thank my husband who always supports me in these little madnesses of mine !!
These photos on the other hand, were published by the photographer of Il Volo.

The day after, the event was repeated in Rome, at the Laziale Discotheque.
Here is the photo of Nonna Maura present at the event.
“You are great Maura”.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. I’m sure you’ve made everyone who visits this site “green with envy” Daniela, I know I am. What great luck and good fortune you had that day. And for all the translating you do for us, you deserve to be the one who gets to greet them. Gianluca doesn’t seem to smile a lot lately. I think the night time photo you took of the Duomo is beautiful. Very happy for you.

    1. Yes Mark, I was lucky and it was also unexpected, but everything went well. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself for missing this opportunity.
      The center of Milan is beautiful for Christmas, I have to go back to see all the lights on.

  2. Not only green with envy, but pink, purple, green and blue as well. Oh well one day perhaps they will know there are fans here in the UK. I was going to say England, but there must be fans in the other three countries that make up the UK.

    Hugs Roz

      1. I must admit that apart from a few members of this group, nobody I know has even heard of Il Volo. I keep doing my best to educate them, not easy though. Maybe I need to save up my pennies and take a trip to the USA. The way things are going with Covid that isn’t going to happen for a while. I have managed three trips into Barnsley, one for my booster, and most weeks I go to my nearest town Hoyland.

        Oh well, one day things will settle down, says she hopefully. At least I have all you lovely people on here who I am beginning to think of as part of my family, especially Dolores. My spirit will be sitting on her shoulder when she sees them next year. 😉

        Hugs to all


  3. How wonderful 🤩. I’m slso jelous, in positive way of course, very happy for you. I agree you deserve it like no cne else. Thank you for sharing these beautiful emotions with us, so we could feel them too. Grazie mille , bacci e abbracci 😘

    1. I know Jolanta, that you are happy for me and I appreciate it.
      I am also happy that you enjoyed reading what I wrote, I thought a lot about all of you in those moments.

  4. So happy for you Daniela that you had such a memorable day! Sure wish they would think about a signing here in the USA!!I I have the CD and just love every song on it!! Hello to Pat that all is well !!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us. Here in Canada the CD has become available but not in any of our local stores so I have ordered mine and have not received it yet. It will be my Christmas present to myself. I plan to watch the show on PBS this week. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!

    1. Well, loveilvolo2020 (or should I call you just 2020?). I’m still waiting for my copy of the CD and was advised it should arrive by December 17th!!!
      Merry Christmas to me, too!! I’m also in Canada with the white stuff on the ground!
      Thank you Daniela for your description of your trip. I don’t know how you could be that close to them and not be able to touch, hug or kiss them. It would be torture, I’m sure. Great your husband is so willing to go with you, even though you missed your train home.

      1. Dolores, it was a little torture for me too, all the other times I had gotten hugs and kisses. But the situation is different now, and I am grateful for having at least been able to see them so close.

  6. Daniela and Pat, so appreciated. Daniela, lucky you to be able to have this adventure. I have my CD from Amazon and have ordered some for Xmas presents. I’m not sure if at this time here in America we will be able to have any interaction with our guys. It is different from location to location. We’ll just have to wait and see for each one. I feel they have had to plan very carefully to lower their chances of having to cancel. This may be very difficult for them to control. PBS SOCAL is giving tickets to the Dolby theater in LA with donations to their station. This performance will be in April.

    1. Kay, I hope with all my heart that when they come to you, no obstacles will come between you and them, so that you can enjoy all the concerts and moments of love they will surely want to give you.

  7. Daniela my dear friend, I just sat down to watch our boys on my PBS station in Cleveland as I am reading this. Please tell your husband thank you for his support. It must have been difficult to not be able to reach out and hug the guys but we want them to stay healthy so the tour will happen. You were a fortunate woman to go on such short notice. Thank goodness for the Italian train system. The Galleria and Duomo photos are great but the ones of the boys are spectacular. Grazie Mille. They are singing “Your Love” right now on TV. I know I will cry at any minute because for me it is a song about my late husband. Buonanotte.

    1. Dearest RoseMarie, will we ever do a copy-signature together? It would be great, and what long queues we would do, talking to fans from all over the world !!
      This time I was able to take a lot of photos, and as I approached them, I enjoyed seeing them so close in front of me.
      A hug.

  8. Daniela, That morning I thought ” Daniela has not said
    anything about the Milano signing”. But your son and
    the sun opened up for you.
    So happy you have an enthusiastic husband that can
    join you in the last minute quest. Great pictures !

    1. Martha, I must say that Marco (my son) took half a day off, just because I had the opportunity to go to Milan and my husband knows well, that I would not go alone, therefore both very good for allowing this to happen.

  9. I very much enjoyed your article Daniela. Thank you for all the detail. You make it all so clear it almost feels like I was there.

  10. Daniela, it was fortunate you had the day off from grandparenting to attend rhe event. You deserve to be there! And your husband is so supportive of your “craziness”. I’m envious! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all the photos. I particularly like MILAN 16 where the guys were so relaxed n all smiling. Also MILAN 25 with the DUOMO glittering in the night. Of course you would treasure those photos with you n the guys. 🙂
    Appreciate your passion for the guys, all the efforts in reporting n translating, n posting so frequently for our benefit. Thanks to Pat, too! Hope she’s recovering well.
    Regards to all, Peckyin.

    1. Pekyintoh, thank you for telling me that I deserved to be at this event.
      The Duomo of Milan is really beautiful, lit up in the evening, I told my husband that we will calmly return to Milan to enjoy for the Christmas holidays.
      Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, are doing a lot of promotion to the new CD, many events and interviews, there will still be a lot to translate for you.

  11. I’m so glad Daniela that you got to attend and were able to talk with the guys. The way that everything fell into place I think that you were meant to be there because of all you do for us. It must have been amazing. Thank you for telling us all about it so that we could enjoy it too.

    1. Cathy, thank you for all the nice things you wrote. Believe me, I was very happy to be able to participate, also because afterwards, I could tell the event, in my own words, to all of you.

  12. Oh, you lucky gal! But very well-deserved, so we are only a little envious! Thanks for the full report, plus all the nice photos. So terrific that you could be right there with them, mention the Flight Crew, and get both cd’s autographed! And so nice that you could see the lights and the big Christmas tree in the Galleria. I hope they were happy with the attendance that day. Wish we could have joined you!

    1. Judi, it was nice, but we didn’t need the distancing.
      Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca said in an interview after the copy-signing that it was nice to see people again, but very reductive not being able to talk without masks, hugs and kisses.

  13. Dear Daniela, With your words you described me as I would have felt if I was there. It is always the way I feel when I am around them! Thank you for your report! We are truly kindred spirits! I was there in 2018 so I remember everything you describe so beautifully! Thank you. Now I wait for the North American tour then Verona and Taormina. I hope to see you in Italy! ❤️

    1. Dearest Judy, how are you?
      I have read about your health problems but I was sure you are strong !!
      I remember well that you were in Milan, in Piazza Duomo, in the Galleria, and it was really the Christmas period, so I imagine that for you, if you closed your eyes you could imagine exactly where I was going.
      I am very happy to hear you ok again.
      I really hope we will meet in Verona!

  14. Thank you so much for the article. Your descriptions were so good it was almost as if we were there. How nice to see photos of the guys in such a relaxed state – and, as always, very handsome. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A,.

  15. Daniela, I am so happy that you had this wonderful experience, needless to say, I am a wee bit envious.and
    If anyone deserved to be there it was you.
    Thank you so much for sharing the details of your adventure with us along with the photos, and for conveying greetings from our Flight Crew. Our guys looked great. Isn’t it just like them to listen attentively to you and to show interest in what you were saying. They are the best!
    Hats off to your husband for bring so supportive. Thanks to Pat for the technical support, it is vrry much appreciated

    1. Grazie mille, Mary Jane, if my husband hadn’t indulged me, I think I could have sulked him until the end of 2021, so maybe it was better for him to please me.
      In fact, he also really appreciates our golden boys !!

  16. We were all there with you, Daniela, vicariously, loving every minute! What a wonderful Christmas treat for you to see them and talk with them all in that beautiful Galleria setting. Your kind husband is very supportive in your “madness”. Mine is only begrudingly so! Thanks Pat for helping post this story.

    1. Exactly Sally, I wrote it above, you were all with me, a long line of Flight Crew fans.
      Yes, the Galleria di Milano is really very beautiful and elegant.

  17. Thank you for the up close and personal report!!! You are so lucky to be able to go to see them! I live in West Tennessee and we don’t get them on PBS! I am a new fan and love to find out more about them! I have tickets o see them on their American Tour In Atlanta Ga April 4th!! So excited I managed to get front row Vip and Meet and Greet!! I just pray the Covid doesn’t interfere this year!!!

    1. Do check out this link love https://www.raiplay.it/video/2021/06/Il-Volo-Tributo-a-Ennio-Morricone-1f871e62-56f4-4de5-bc32-b2611e26bd8a.html you won’t be disappointed.

      I managed to get it to work here in the UK, which believe me is nothing short of a miracle. I just hope it doesn’t vanish as so many things seem to do. I do wish there were English subtitles for the introductions. I reckon we miss so much of the banter. Still mustn’t grumble, still better than nothing. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for singling me out in your post to Daniela. I consider you a sister, a bit removed by miles but not thought, too!

    2. And I cross my fingers for you too, I hope you manage to go to their concert, you will be amazed at how much more beautiful their voices are, live.
      You got some amazing seats, enjoy them.

      1. I scared myself last night. While trying to pick my fat cat up from the floor, I tripped and fell backwards. Have a few bruises and a scraped elbow, but all i could think of was that I have to be 100% to see my idols in March! Silly old lady! Should I get rid of the cat, or just be more careful??? Just kidding, I love my old girl (but she hates her new sister — a lot of hissing going on.)

      2. Eeee, I dunno Dolores, what are we going to do with you! I blame the cat, obviously wants to go as well. 😉 Now you just be careful, remember I may not be there in person, but my spirit will be there, and won’t forgive either of us if you can’t go. Soooo you just be careful, and I mean it, or else.

        Actually it is probably Robin Goodfellow. I know from recent experiences he can be a right pain. Couldn’t just settle for the electric/gas being off the off the other weekend, noooo, had to play silly with the toilet cistern too.

        I am just wondering what naughty things he has planned for tomorrow when I go and have lunch with the ladies from the needle and natter group. We haven’t seen each other since a year last March, but as we are all triple vaccinated, plus the flu vaccine, we are risking it. 🙂



  18. Hi Daniela. I was hoping that you would be able to go to the signing, and your story of the day was wonderful. Thank you for including us on this journey and for including the great pictures of the day. You were so lucky to be so close to them and actually have a small conversation with them. Thank you as always to you and Pat for keeping us up to date.

    1. Yes, Janet, my husband also made a short video while I was talking to them, but I didn’t think about publishing it, because I’m back to back and I also cover the three of them. I was very happy to be there.

  19. Daniela, so happy for you! So many opportunities for you to see them. Here in the states I am jealous. My time will come in April. Thank you for keeping the Flight Crew updated and for the fabulous pictures!

    Chasing IL VOVO
    Sally McConnell

  20. Oh my knees would be weak, my Heart beating out of my body and not be able to speak! What a wonderful experience. Just reading about your unexpected day is marvelous. Thank you so much for telling us about it. Oh and your Husbands support is remarkable.

  21. Thank you Pat and Daniela for all the photos and for sharing your experience in Milano. I’m so happy that everything worked out for you to be able to see and talk to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and to have them sign your CD’s. I imagine it is hard for them also not to reach out and give hugs since they are so affectionate and loving. My husband and I were fortunate to see the beautiful Duomo and Galleria on a tour we took in Italy a few years ago. Your photo of the Duomo in the evening is spectacular! It’s great that your husband enjoys Il Volo and your son also was happy for you to go. It’s nice that you also see friends that you have met at other Il Volo events.

    1. Margaret, so having been in Milan, I made you review your memory of those places and I’m happy.
      I must tell you that seeing the Volo-Amici is very nice, by now we know each other well, there is this thin and invisible thread that unites us all over the world: Il Volo.

  22. Daniela and Roz, thank you for your kind moral support of me (should have had SOME type of support and I wouldn’t have fallen!!!)
    Well, it worked out better than when I fell two years ago — I cracked four ribs and punctured my right lung that time!! But, I’m still here to do it again! NOT!!! Hugs and love to you both. Dolores
    (P.S. I wasn’t drinking either time!).

      1. Gin??? I used to drink that with Welch’s grape juice and called it a Purple Passion! My favorite nowadays is Bailey’s in a cup of coffee. The bigger the mug, the better! I’m giggling beside you (or can’t you see me?)

      2. Baileys, now yer talkin’ my sort of language gal. I have to be a tad careful about drinking anything though as I am on occasional Co-codamol, not a great idea with anything alcofrolic as ‘himself’ calls it. I say occasional as I try to make do with paracetamol most of the time, which is two 100 packs a month, plus whatever extra the pharmacy remembers to add to the prescription.

        Last time I was in Ireland I promised a lady on the train that I would have an Irish whiskey, then when push came to shove I couldn’t face it. That was in the days before the Co-codamol though.

        Yes I can see you there beside me giggling! Now I wonder if your pussycat would get on with ours. She is called Inky because it looks as though somebody has dipped their finger in a bottle of black ink and marked her nose with it.

        Hugs Roz

  23. When I was in Ireland with my Niece, Patti, I tried Guinness but couldn’t stand the taste of it. My second and third husbands loved it. #2 was Scottish from near Glasgow and the third was a Lt. Col. in the British Army. They both sure liked their libations!!!
    At my age, I’m only on a Synthroid pill once a day as I had my thyroid removed back in 1955. Been on the pill (!!!) ever since. Not that one!

    My cat is called Toosie because she is black with a white strip across her chest and a white patch between her legs. Looks like a 2-piece bikini!
    The second cat is a dark calico that had belonged to a dear friend who passed away in August. Her kids were looking for a home for Tussie and I volunteered. Now I get confused between Toosie and Tussie!!! But my cat owns the house, so she thinks, and hates sharing (either home or owner).

    1. We used to have a black and white job, Figaro (Figgy) who looked as though he was wearing a black jacket, white bib, and with a white string holding his trousers up. I reckon we should have called him Charlie Chaplin or Stan Laurel. Hazey on the other hand (a tabby) looked as though she was wearing a low cut dress with peep toe boots.

      We also had a Dusty, everyone should have one of those, a pale tortoiseshell. She took one look at Jinks and dived on him. Now one really should have more sense than to dive on a fully grown male cat, even if he has been to the vet, something the vet wasn’t too happy about as my normally placid Jinks scratched him.

      Everybody should have a Jinks as well. He was a lovely big ginger and white boy who adored kittens. He lost his little sister who was a year younger than him, a pale ginger, when she was ten months old. A few months before he died he did his best to feed Pixie, who was a tabby. He didn’t think much to dogs, apart from his own (Splash) who he trained to know who was boss. He used to savage the farm dogs who did not appear to know their place in the pecking order.

      Oscar died last year, he was Inky’s big brother, ginger and white, whereas she is black and white. Don’t know what we would do without at least one in the house, though when we lived on the farm we had seven decorating the place.

      Worn out after my lunch today with the needle & natter girls. The bus home was freezing as all the windows have to be left open. I think I will spend the rest of the evening watching our boys in concert. 😉

      Hugs Roz xxx

  24. Dear Roz, now I know why I immediately took to you!

    In the retirement Park where I live (in a modular,3 bedroom, 2 bath, unit facing White Lake),they call me The Cat Lady (not Eartha Kitt, mind you).

    My bedroom holds five urns, for Jasper (grey tuxedo male), Lexi (aka Alexis, a cranky female calico). Sandy (the dearest, sweetest male long hair orange cat), BooBoo (female coon cat) and Hailey (stray, who I originally called Harley because she looked so rough, if human she would have had a motorcycle, but when she got preggers I had to change her name to Haily. Welcome to the mausoleum!!!

    Always been a cat person and once had a lovely female calico, Mickey, who finally died in the driveway of old age at 23 years!!!

    I just hope all the other Il Volovers enjoy our letters back and forth, I sure do!!!

    Hugs, Dolores xoxox

    1. That is four mad cat ladies I know now, not including me, plus ‘himself’ of course who is a chap, not a lady! One of the ladies I had Christmas lunch with yesterday had six until a few weeks ago when she lost Max. All bar Milo and Smokey have been strays, although Diesel did used to live in the house next door to her and Wendy.

      We have never managed to get any of our kitties past fifteen and a half, Jinks, Dusty and Hazey. Next was William (14), Figaro (13) and Gemma (10). Several didn’t even make it to a year old, which in the case of Tigger was very upsetting for Jinks. For weeks afterwards he would come in calling for her. Eventually he realised she wasn’t there. When ‘himself’ brought Gemma home, she was four weeks old, he wanted to mother her as he had with Tigger, but she was having none of it. The following year it was Dusty, poor Jinks, he never knew what hit him!

      Gosh, it has taken me ages to type this as I have the Christmas concert from The Senate on, ostensibly in the background, but every so often I have to watch it as well, especially when Piero is singing.

      Hugs Roz

  25. This letter is for Daniela and Patti: Not only do you reply to each and every comment, but you address each writer by their name and make it very personal. Shows warmth and heart!
    So glad you’re back Patti (I neglected to thank you when I wrote my last comment to Daniela, mia culpa!) (Did I say that right????)

    1. Yes, you said it right, Dolores! 😊 I live by this rule: I treat others as I would like to be treated – with kindness and respect. I am glad to be back! Got a good report from my surgeon today. I am healing well and now have no restrictions. My back surgery will be sometime in late February or very early March.

  26. Correction to my “cat” essay — BooBoo was a Maine coon cat, a very large cat, but sweet in temperament.
    Patti, I try to live by the same rune, which is sometimes not too easy, but I just grit my teeth and carry on! Love to you and keep on healing! Dolores

    1. My friend Penny in Tasmania, another mad cat lady who takes in every stray that happens to pop up, has always wanted a Maine Coon. I have a ‘thing’ about ginger kitties, followed by tabbies.

      Hey, it has gone quiet round here, must find something else to listen to. Maybe have Andre Rieu for a change, on the other hand…………… watch this space! 😉

      Hugs Roz 😉

  27. Roz, I have no special preference to type of cat, just that they have fur, four legs, whiskers and purr!!!

  28. Just read my note to Patti and that should have been “rule”, no RUNE, but with arthritis in my fingers, I never know what I’m going to type!

    1. Oh yes, they must have the purr. Hazey used to make the weirdest of noises, always knew what she meant by them though. Poor Sylvester couldn’t purr, he didn’t meow either. Jinks seldom bothered to meow, it was a case of if we didn’t understand by his body language, then we were obviously being very dim witted at the time. I do remember him putting his paws on the side of my chair and meowing very loudly. He was in desperate need to go outside, and as I wasn’t paying attention, he decided to frighten me half to death.

      Most of our kitties have come from the farm we used to live on. Reared in the calf pen from a cat somebody had obviously dumped there. ‘Himself’ very seldom saw the mum, but most had obviously been well looked after by their mum.

      Gemma was the exception, she was soooo little, so he brought her home, said if I didn’t want her he would take her back. Well honestly, how could I send a defenceless kitten to a certain death? If she hadn’t died of starvation, the farm dogs would have probably killed her.

      Jinks was the only one those dogs were afraid of. He had big teeth, and claws to match. He also knew what to do with them, as the vet found out to his cost. The odd thing is we had a resident fox who Jinks played with, so it obviously knew the rules.

      Hugs Roz

  29. So happy for you getting to see the guys right in front of you. I already had purchased my ticket for April when it came out there would be a meet and greet but due to Covid still rearing its ugly head I am not sure whether to sell my ticket and purchase a M&G or just hang on to a front row seat in the balcony I did go to M&G last time they were here but was to shy to speak, but did get a hug from Gianluca. Stay safe everyone and look forward to the upcoming posts.. Play my new CD every day and also in the car every time I go out H, love it. Hope we are able to stream the Dubai concert tomorrow

  30. Dear Daniela! I am always happy to read your wonderful travelogues and detailed meetings with our boys! 🎀 In our country, in Bulgaria, we were lucky to be at the concert in Plovdiv. It was so nice !! Emotion, tears !! There was a match Italy – I don’t remember which team – but they were in a hurry and after ONLY 2, they went to watch the match. I know that Inya is a big fan !! We will hardly see them in 2021 😥. But your materials inspire me. We are really connected to the invisible thread il volo.🎀

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