Three Amazing Young Men by Susan

Only one week until Christmas and so much more to do! It seems to arrive so fast and, we always think not enough time! But over the last two years, it seems time is all we have! We started last year in fear and then hope because there was a vaccine coming and then we thought now it will be over but, no not yet. And we find ourselves saying but WHEN!
Through it all, there was one constant in our lives ~ Il Volo!
I started writing my articles back in March 2020 because I realized that the fans were truly concerned about these three young men. They worried about them going home to Italy where we were hearing horror stories about Covid and how it was killing people. So, everyone went into panic mode. It seemed their departure was so sudden. They turned off the lights and went home! They canceled their last three performances and the next thing we knew they were on their way home. But being true to form, what did they do? Like good sons, they checked in with us as soon as they got home and told us they were safe and, they needed to be with their families now.
Let’s go back to the part about the fear. Remember when we first heard about this pandemic. It was all about Italy. Being the good fans we are, we wanted the guys to remain in the states and to be safe. Little did we know that soon, none of us would be safe but, our first concern was for the guys!
When they suddenly went home it really got to us! Absolute fear! What was going to happen to the guys. And we prayed, let them be safe!

And then the first statement from Gianluca on his way home from Fiumicino airport….
After two months of touring the United States, I went back to Italy, in a few hours I will be home again.
I remember when I was leaving home, they said to me “You will see that time flies … then, nothing ever happens here.” Instead, while I was not there, things did happen, even if I did not realize the situation because I was far away and busy. Then, a few days ago when Conte (Prime Minister) spoke nationally it was something unexpected that deeply touched me. At that moment, homesickness assailed me and, I suffered at the thought that our country, the most beautiful of all, was going through such a critical period.
Today we live in a historical period that we will remember for a lifetime. These strong emotions, fears, hopes … we will take them forever with us, but the next time we live what we took for granted a few days ago, we will do it with another conscience, and it will have a completely different flavor. The taste of something that has not been given to us since birth, but something that we had to take back through the renunciations to which we are called today.
I stay at home with my family, do it too and think about when a hug is worth it, because I came back after two months spent outside, and I can’t hug those I missed.

After Piero’s return to Naro….
Hi friends, sorry if I only write now but it took some time to realize everything that’s going on. I came back yesterday from the United States, we were there since January and believe me that we didn’t get a chance to fully understand what was happening here in Italy. We had the full perception of the emergency just a few days ago and we made the decision to stop the final part of our American tour to return to Italy before all the airlines closed. In these weeks between concerts, we met tens of thousands of people, and before returning to Italy we were informed about the precautions to be taken. Currently in voluntary isolation, I am here at home, in my own country, with all the necessary comforts. I think I’m lucky for this. I have taken on this responsibility and will pass my quarantine without seeing my parents, grandparents, only with the purpose of protecting them. All of this has made it easier for me to see the reaction of my city, Naro, united right now, with a punctual administration in the information it gives to the citizens. I therefore say to my friends, to those who follow me and anyone who reads these few lines: everyone stay home and, follow the WHO information. To face all this looking into perspective because sooner or later it will all pass. And if we stick to these rules, it will pass faster. See you very soon, Piero

In an interview with Red Ronnie, Ignazio talked about what happened on tour and why they went home….
Red:  Listen Ignazio, let’s start from Il Volo, how did it go in America?
Ignazio: It went very well, we were lucky enough to bring the tour almost to the end, we only canceled three concerts. Without talking about what happened in the end, we had a lot of fun, because it was already a year and a half, two, that we were not in America, and it was nice to go back for the 10th Anniversary, because we celebrated 10 years. However, we are used to taking nothing for granted, and receiving people’s affection in that way, after 10 years, has been surprising.
Red: And after that you came back, you had the greatest contrast, a tour in America and then quarantined in the house.
Ignazio: Think what luck! (ironic).
Red: It went well because you have almost finished the American tour.
Ignazio: We canceled the last concerts, when the decree arrived, which canceled flights to and from Italy, we looked each other in the eye and said to each other, we have people who work with us who have families, small children, and so we made a serious decision to go home. And that was it!
Red: How many dates have you canceled?
Ignazio: Three
Red: And how many dates have you had?
Ignazio: About twenty.
And so that was how the guys went home!
Ironically, what we feared for the guys reached our shores and they started to pray for us.
What did we learn from this experience? They love their families and needed to be with them at that time and they were concerned for the people who work for them! They also love their fans and they worried about them during the pandemic. These fans are their family too! They grew up with the fans and spent many holidays with them. For many of the fans, these young men are their family, and in some cases the only family they have. Family isn’t only blood; family are the people who are there for you every day! The people who make a difference in your life!
One thing we know about these guys is they love their fans and when they are way from them, they miss the fans as much as the fans miss them.
My Office
Thanks to Fabio Ingrassia’s fabulous work I get to share my office with the guys!
I get emails and comments from people every day telling me how much the guys mean to them. They tell me stories about losing loved ones and how the guy’s music helped them. Or going through a serious illness and their music soothed them. The fans tell me that they are like family. Some even tell me that their families think that they spend too much time listening to their music and talking about them. They have pictures in prominent places in their homes and some children think that it is not appropriate.
One woman had the best answer for that. She has a picture of the guys on her dresser in her bedroom and one of her children asked why do you have a picture of strangers on your dresser and not a picture of me? The woman answered: “I have to make appointments to see you and when you visit, you’re always in a hurry and you never want to do anything to please me. These three young men spend every single day with me. They sing to me, and their concerts give me such pleasure. And when I go to their concerts, they make me feel like I am a member of their family.” I guess she answered her question!
And then there are those people who wish they had family. These people tell me they have no blood family, but they do have a family. They have three sons or grandsons. And they love each of them with their whole hearts because of the pleasure they bring them every day.
These young men are not like any other entertainers you will ever meet. For entertainers it’s all about them! It’s not about what the fans want, it’s about what they want. Think about when the guys went home last March. They may have left the states, but they never left our sides. They were on Instagram and Facebook every day. They sang for us and encouraged us and let us know about everything that was going on in their lives. And they sang to us when they knew we were in trouble! That’s what people do for the people they love. They care!
Let me go one step further to prove how much they care.
In their book Un’avventura Straordinaria, in the last chapter they tell the fans what they really mean to them. Let’s listen to what they had to say….
When they asked us to write this book, our first thought was “Finally,” finally we can tell the truth. In a three-minute interview you cannot tell a life, but in a book yes. And here’s what we tried to do in these pages: telling our true story.
Which is a normal story, of three guys like many who had a great passion and were lucky enough to be able to transform the passion into what today makes them live and makes them famous.
Being successful is beautiful, it would be stupid to say no after we have so dreamed and desired, but you need to quickly understand something, and that is, that it is not only our merit.
The people who follow us have a large part of that merit.
And knowing it, it is what gratifies us the most.
It is wonderful to know that we have managed to our emotions with those who listen to us.     
That’s why we work, and that’s why we try to give everything when we sing, we live in a concert or recording studio. And that’s why we do our work always with the maximum of passion, so that we can create what for us is magic, the magic of emotion that passes from our voices to people.
Fans are the reason, the only real explanation of what happened to us from 2009 to today, of records, of tours around the world, of the victory at Sanremo, of what we are finally living in Italy. 
During a concert we would like to embrace all the people before us one by one, we would like to be able to say, “Thank you!” with our voices to all. And we want to thank them if we are in the studio to record, if we fill the halls in concerts, if we are in the charts, if we go around the world.
They are our everything!
But for sure, for all we have done so far, let’s say thanks to those who have followed us. And we will continue our great adventure together! Goodbye for now! PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA
So, though we are apart, they are always in our hearts, and we are in theirs!
At this time of the year people are rushing around to get their shopping done and make preparations for holiday meals! To those people who have no family to shop for or cook for, I want you to know you do have a family, it’s Three Amazing Young Men and they and all the fans love you as much as you love them! You are never alone! The guys are as close as the next song you listen to or the next concert you watch!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and take you on a Christmas Journey to Italy!
Note: Did you notice the three solos I used for the guys were songs that they sang at Radio City Music Hall on February 6, 2020. That was the last time I saw them but, have no fear, guys, I will be there on March 18, 2022! The first of the five concerts I will attend!
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28 thoughts on “Three Amazing Young Men by Susan”

  1. Thank you for this, Susan. Sometimes I don’t realize that there are other people like me who have no family.
    Piero said something in an interview that touched me. He said that they have not forgotten that America was the place where it started for them.
    More important, that it means a lot to them that they know there are people waiting for them to come back.

  2. Thank you Susan. I discovered Il Volo through Facebook just after covid was hitting us. A friend shared one of their early clips and I was captured and listen to them daily. I look forward to going to the Radio City and Bethlehem shows this year. I thought I had read everything about them but today’s story is new to me. Love all the attached songs. But honestly. I have found any that I have not enjoyed.

    Thank you. Hope to meet you in NY I’m a Jersey girl now but grew up in Queens

    Joyce B

  3. Thanks, Susan, for your latest posting. Your stories bring our boys so much closer to us as we learn what they are thinking and what they have thought about their fans and their careers. Such exceptional people they are! Love them and can’t wait to see them in Ottawa, Canada on March 4, 2022. It’s my birthday present to me!!

  4. Thank you , as always ,for this!! Love how you put the stories together and into perspective. 🥰🥰 I too, will be in NY on March 18 and it cannot come quick enough🙏🙏
    Happy Holidays to you and everyone else reading this!!❤️❤️❤️

  5. We have to send our condolences to the family of Loyal and Loving IL Volvo fan Donna Pothier who passed away.

  6. Thank you once again Susan for all the hard work you do in creating these pieces for us. I just hope they and their families have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

    I am still not hopeful about what is going to happen with Covid over the coming months. We don’t appear to be doing too badly where I live, possibly due to the high uptake of the vaccine. It appears to be mainly young people, especially Children who are getting it, they then very kindly pass it on to their teachers. Soooo generous of them!

    Best wishes to all, hugs Roz 😉

  7. When by accident I saw one of those early emails going around of three young teenagers singing , I was hooked.
    My oldest daughter was going through a health emergency and the music from these three brought calm to a worried mom.
    Since that first video of them singing Il Mondo , I have listened to and watched videos of them growing into the amazing young men they are today.
    Their voices continue to grow as they mature.

    They have brought blessings to many . This April I have tickets to see them in person for the first time. I am looking forward to that experience.

    Thank you for these newsletters. It is fun to read about them .
    Susan F

  8. Susan, thank you for another heart warming Il Volo story. At the sound check at the March 3, 2020 concert in San Diego Gianluca said what we were hearing is fake news; that everybody in Italy was okay. They cancelled the three remaining shows, two in CA and the finale in Las Vegas. Eventually Gianluca’s grandpa Ernesto was hospitalized due to Covid and he himself also got sick. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the RCMH concert March 18, 2022 because it is on a Friday night, my Sabbath. They are skipping performing in San Diego on this tour so I just have to satisfy myself by watching their videos. I am an octogenarian who can honestly say no other entertainers, past or present, have ever had the emotional impact on me that Piero, Ignazio. and Gianluca do. I gave them thank you cards letting them know how their performances helped me recuperate from open heart surgery. Thank you for the yeoman job you do in bringing us news of our wonderful guys. Wishing you and the entire Il Volo family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…may it bring good health and prosperity to all.

    1. Perhaps 2023 will be the year we will both be able to see them in person. I am not holding out any hopes for next year, but I will see them one day, even if it is the last thing I do. Now all I have to do is try and learn enough Italian to get by!

  9. Thank you, Susan. I was lucky and saw them in March just before they had to leave. So, you know all of us Il Volovers have lived these months with them. All of us experiencing the isolation for months. Yes, I hung on every possible Il Volo contact whether Fan Club, one of them singing to us or me playing their music all the time while isolated. Just a daily picture and “hi” means so much and Gianluca seems to be the Il Volo ambassador of that. I am so happy they are coming to the USA in 2022.

    1. I couldn’t figure out why I am so taken back by these guys, I was never a groupie, nor did I go to concerts or go nuts over entertainers but there is something so special about them. I love most tenors, Mario Lanza, Andrea B, Pavarotti etc but these guys have a special aura about them where you just can’t get enough of them. The 3 of them have such different personalities but they mesh together like the finest, smoothest cream ever made. I don’t know how to put into words why they are so different or why everyone just melts when they perform… I listen to them everyday, they are so unique, and it isn’t just singing they also fool around and that breaks it up. They are getting older now so I don’t know if it will continue, I hope they never change…. I wish them all the best life has to offer them. Thank you for all that you do in translating.

      1. I can’t see Ignazio being anything other than a wee bit crazy. Hope he doesn’t change. I also hope Piero never changes that heart stopping smile of his. I did wonder if it covers a little bit of shyness on his part. As for his voice, I swear it gets better each time I hear him sing.

      2. Maureen, it could be that we’ve seen them grow up and have taken an almost motherly attitude towards them. First, they were our dear boys, then our loving teenagers (with a lot of fun in them) and now our mature spectacular young men. I just can’t imagine our feelings when they decide to marry! Is any girl good enough for them?? Or is that the “mother” in me talking??

      3. You sound like me so protective of them just pure love for them to succeed in what ever they do
        . . I am with my son and his family right now and there is just no greater love than family. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy and healthy New Year .

  10. Thank you so much Daniela for your lovely words. These beautiful young men add so much joy to my life. They really fill a huge void and I just love them so much. Through them I have met some of the most wonderful and lovely people. Us fans are like one large family. I will be in New York in March with my granddaughters and I am so excited. They are so amazing in person. Again thank you so much and I send my love and my wishes to all for a beautiful holiday season. Love to all.

  11. Thank you again Susan! The boys visit me everyday thru IG, Twitter, and their CD’s. Sometimes their families and pets come with them, sometimes their friends and now I have met the girlfriends of Ignazio and Gianluca. They are always welcome in my home. I also have the original by Fabio hanging in my “office” it brightens my day everyday. I hope to meet you in NYC next year, God willing. I have 5 more concerts to attend because we don’t know when they will return to the states and I need to see our boys in person. So, Buon Natale to everyone here, stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

  12. Iam 88 years old and have tickets for April 2 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am working hard to stay alive just to see them . It will be my first and only chance to see them. They have saved my life and their music has been my constant companion in my home since I discovered them nine months ago, right after my husband died. I truly love them and pray for them every day! Thank you for helping us to be connected to them. You have no ides how much that means to me and millions of others! Well, maybe you do !

    1. Bless you Jill, like Dolores I really hope you get to see them in person. I am a wee bit jealous of course, but hey ho, perhaps my turn will come, even if I have to go to Italy, though that will be a couple of years away, even longer if this infernal Covid doesn’t shuffle off back to whence it came.

      Hugs Roz xxx 😉

    2. We are a couple of “old girls”, Jill, but although I’ll be 90 yrs. old on May 1st, 2022, I never realize how old I am until I look in a mirror. Otherwise, I’m between 45 and 50 yrs. old!!
      Will see them in Ottawa, Canada on March 4th and, like you, am counting the days. Our provincial Premier today said as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, all concert halls and arenas will work at 50% capacity. Let’s hope that’s lifted by March 4th. Some time yet for things to get better.
      It is cutting it a bit close as I am going to a concert tomorrow, Friday, night to see the Canadian Tenors as a Christmas present from my niece. They are good, but not even close to Il Volo! I shouldn’t say that as I am truly Canadian, born and bred. Shame on me!!!

      1. I know what you mean Dolores. But then age is only a number! 😉

        I haven’t heard of the Canadian Tenors, perhaps I should investigate. I must admit that although I love what Andre Rieu does, I am not madly struck on his three tenors, but then since discovering Il Volo, even Russell Watson dwindles into insignificance by comparison.

        Hugs Roz xxx

  13. Saw The Tenors (as they call themselves) at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa last night with my niece. Enjoyed the concert and bought the
    t-shirt, but am still loyal to our exceptional boys, Il Volo!
    Yes, I like Russell Watson, too and have a couple of his CDs, but nothing compares to “you know who”!!!
    Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all who are Il Volo fans!!
    Hugs, Dolores.

    1. Ah yes, ‘you know who’ are head and shoulders above anyone else. 🙂

      I like Hayley Westenra, Katherine Jenkins and Lesley Garrett. My favourite soprano was Valerie Masterson, she was the most beautiful of ladies, sadly retired many years ago.

      Lesley comes from just down the road so to speak, Thorne, near Doncaster. Well I reckon it is just down the road. She is a Yorkshire lass anywhoo and makes sure folks know she is proud of her county.

      One of my very favourite male singers was Ivor Emmanuel. He had a gorgeous drop dead baritone voice, good looking chap too, and from Wales of course.

      Most folks only remember him for his part as Private Owen in Zulu singing Men of Harlech. It is about the only worthwhile reason to watch the film, even though I do rather like Michael Cain.

      I think I have just about worn out that Facebook thingie from Germany having watched it every night. Our boys sing Ecstasy of Gold, then follow it up with bits from several other films, most of which I wouldn’t have guessed in a squillion years. Not that I am a great film fan, so I guess it isn’t surprising really. Not that ‘the experts’ did all that well, they only managed 50%, and even I knew Mary Poppins! 🙂

      Christmas greetings to all, though as there is still nearly a week to go I will be back several times before Christmas Eve. 😉

      Hugs Roz xxx

  14. Thank you again for your writing. I can’t explain slso how I never get enough of them. I am proud of my Italian heritage but they make me triply proud. They are all three amazing young guys. So humble and the love and respect they show their families and their fans is heartwarming. Other artists should learn from them. Can’t wait. To see them for my first time. I wanted Radio city.but I’m settling for Atlantic city. Im just thankful. I God willing get to see them. On my bucket list to next year try to go to Italy first time and hope to see them there also. Merry Christmas to you and all our Il Volo fans family❤️

    1. They are on my bucket list for 2023, providing there aren’t yet more variations of Covid to put a spanner in the works. A friend of mine is booked for Andre Rieu in April. As it has been cancelled three times she isn’t exactly holding her breath! I wanted to go to that one as well, but decided it wasn’t worth the worry.

      Merry Christmas to you too. 😉

      Hugs Roz xxx

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