DUBAI and COLOGNE by Daniela

On 11 December, as we all know, Il Volo was in Dubai during EXPO 2020, postponed to this year due to Covid.
Il Volo was a guest in the Italian pavilion, and performed a free concert, was invited to worthily represent Italy and Italian bel canto. Really a great honor.
In the afternoon there was a short press conference of which I will translate the part relating to Il Volo.
At the beginning, at the microphone is the Undersecretary of the Italian Culture Ministry, Lucia Bergonzoni.
LB = I want to leave the word to the guys of IL Volo, who tonight will be the great guests I really cared about, because I think they bring the Italian spirit to the world, and are truly the example of Italy and of the young people that we want.
P + I + G = Good evening everyone.
MAN = As announced by Undersecretary Lucia Bergonzoni, tonight we have a very important concert and we have the three protagonists here.
All together they are called Il Volo, but they are Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.
I leave the floor to them, so they can also tell us how much beauty they brought here tonight, and what you will go around presenting to the world with your tour that you are preparing.
The word to you.
IGNAZIO = Thanks!
Over time, this Italian spirit has grown in us, we have learned to love our flag, to love our culture and traditions and what we have always done is to sing the melodies of our traditions, starting from the opera, which was born in Italy and we, as young boys, try to bring it to the younger generations, to make known to the whole world, to the whole new generation, our culture, our Italian tradition.
PIERO = Tonight we are honored to sing and attend this event.
We will sing the songs that are part of our culture, of bel canto, from O Sole Mio, to Nessun Dorma, our song Grande Amore.
Soon after we will continue with a world tour, clearly we are coming out of a very difficult period, it is still a slow road, but we are proactive and therefore we are really happy to be back on stage.
We will be touring the songs from our new album which is a tribute to maestro Morricone, who is also an Italian patrimony, so we are truly honored. Thanks to Undersecretary Lucia Bergonzoni for thinking of us, and we are really happy to be here.
GIANLUCA = Yes, because at our age, we feel even more privileged to represent our country with our voices, in such an important event, the most awaited of the year, unfortunately it has been postponed due to Covid, (in fact it is Expo 2020). It is a difficult moment but this unites us, as music unites, so we hope with our voices to bring to life a moment of positivity but at the same time of liberation, a moment of joy for everyone, singing, as Ignazio and Piero said, the melodies of our culture.
We follow in the footsteps of the greats, like Luciano Pavarotti, who really brought this music, bel canto, out of theaters, breaking all barriers. So we too, humbly, try to bring this music to the new generations, it has always been our goal and always will be.
So thank you!
PIERO = Tonight there will be many young people on stage, congratulations for the idea of giving space to these two young talents, this is a great showcase for these two young talents, the guitarist and the violinist, therefore, when there is space for new talents, for art, we are always happy.
Thanks and see you later. (applause)
GIANLUCA = I just wanted to add that we are remembering, with a new repertoire, with a new recording project, the greatest composer in the history of Italian music, the great maestro Ennio Morricone. One year after his death, we celebrate him with a new project and we will also sing some songs from the repertoire of the most famous soundtracks. This tribute is called Il Volo sings Morricone.
MAN = In fact, I was approaching the microphones just to ask you this question.
We started this celebratory day that the ministry had it organized in Cinecittà (Cinecittà is the set of Italian studios where the best Italian films were shot), so we started talking about cinema, we close with bel canto, but the bel canto that returns to the cinema.
So my questions are:
“How did you come up with the idea of paying this tribute to Morricone?
Where will you take your project, and how will this tour take place?
What will this tribute be like, with which songs and in what way?”
PIERO = The idea to pay a tribute to maestro Ennio Morricone was born during one of the many meetings during the lockdown.
We used the time available, because during all these years, 13 years of career, time is our worst enemy, because we never have time to work well on the details of new projects.
We have dedicated two years to Ennio Morricone, in the recording studio, it is the first time that we pay him a tribute, with the support and trust of the whole Morricone family, starting with his wife Maria, whom we thank and his son Andrea Morricone, he too is a composer, his is the music of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.
So it is an album with all the melodies of Ennio Morricone sung, and we will take it on tour, around the world, we will start in March, we will do RCMH and we will continue with another 100 concerts.
MAN = Congratulations on a nice idea, another example of Italy that goes around the world and makes itself proud, of Italian cinema that promotes all the beauty of Italy, the Italian industry, the made in Italy.
It is really a pleasure and an honor to have you here today (to Il Volo), I won’t let you talk too much because later you will have to use your voice for something a little more interesting.
IGNAZIO = I don’t want to add anything, I was listening.
(Lucia Bergonzoni returns)
LB = I want to thank all the people who worked to make today’s day work, even the commissioner of the pavilion and the many people who no one imagines, but who have to work for an event like this to work.
Now I call on the stage also Gibboni and Dalia (they are the violinist and the guitarist who won the competition with the highest marks), so we take a picture together.
IGNAZIO = Of course!
Final thanks.

And here is Il Volo with Lucia Bergonzoni.
And now, some photos during the concert:

Relaxing moment

Unfortunately, even if there was a link for the streaming connection to follow the concert, this did not work and there are only a few clips from the concert, grouped here in this video.


But also on 11 December, Il Volo was also a guest in a very nice and hilarious broadcast in Colonia (German), on the television channel ORF1.

It is a television quiz, by title  “Quiz Ohne Grenzen”.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, after singing The Ecstasy of Gold, had to perform live and without a backing track, some very famous songs in certain films (avoiding to sing the refrain) and the two competitors had to guess the title of the film.
Really fun and our boys have lent themselves with skill and sympathy to this beautiful game.
You can try to guess the titles too, I did it!!
Of course this quiz was previously recorded, because, as we all know very well, Il Volo was present live in Dubai!!
Click on photo below to view the quiz show video.

Therefore, on the same day, I felt proud to be represented in such an important event as EXPO 2020 by Il Volo and at the same time I admired them and laughed in the TV Quiz in Cologne (Germany).
Of course, the name Il Volo is very apt, in a moment Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca “flew” from Germany to the Arab Emirates, what spinning tops, what men!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

65 thoughts on “DUBAI and COLOGNE by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela for the update on my favorite guys. They are one of the best vocalists this world will ever see. I love the gentleness, the kidding to one another, and the re pore they have with the audience. I pray for an exciting 2021 for them and for us. Merry Christmas to you and all. May God Bless our world to be safe and happy.

  2. Daniela aren’t they just wonderful. True Ambassadors for the beauties of Italy. They keep their standards high and give Italy to us with love and dedication. Sometimes my breath is taken away by these 3 young men, their love of Italy and their vision of spreading it to the world.

    1. It’s true Kay, who better than them is ambassador for Italy, you can understand from the bottom of their hearts the affection for their homeland.

  3. And to think there were those who doubted them and ridiculed them and said they were just a”flash in the pan”. They keep rising up and up and they are permanent on a world stage-Italy’s finest!

  4. Daniela and Pat, Great to see them enjoying themselves.
    I agree with Mark, to be seen on a world stage is a
    tribute to their maturity as men and as artists.
    The quiz show was so much fun.(I only guessed two).
    Here hoping they get few weeks off for Natale with
    their families and then get ready for 2022!!

    1. Martha, I had a lot of fun with the TV quiz, I didn’t know all the songs, but it’s nice to hear our guys sing “a cappella”, they are extraordinary.

  5. Many thanks Daniela, a wonderful read as usual. I only managed to get one of the films correct, that was Mary Poppins. Would have been difficult not to get that one. I’m not really a film person, not recent films anyway, hence why I was rubbish.

    Hugs Roz xxx

    1. Roz, I have to tell you something, yesterday Francesco Boccia, the author of Grande Amore, published that a Celtic version of the song was made, it is not sung by Il Volo, but it is very popular in Ireland. Who knows, maybe he will be a forerunner in Ireland to make Il Volo better known.

      1. Found it Daniela. It is by Ciara Donnelly. Not sure I would have recognised it as being Grande Amore. Interesting version though, especially as I love the sound of the bodhran.

        Hugs Roz xxx

  6. Daniela, you are amazing! You’ve given us a Christmas present of another long translation during a very busy time for you, I’m sure. This was a wonderful honor to add to the many they’ve received lately. And you know I love all that they say and do, but I have to wonder a little what happened to Verdi and Puccini when Gianluca said Morricone was the greatest composer in the history of Italian music! The Cologne event was so much fun too, even though I missed most of it. Grazie mille!

    1. Thanks Judi, for the compliments and Christmas wishes.
      I believe that Gianluca refers to the composer of the present time, at the beginning he always said so, as well as he added “Italian composer of film music”, for which Morricone is also better known abroad.

  7. Thankyou Daniela and Pat. It’s so nice to see the guys getting the recognition and love they deserve from new places and people. They are such special and wonderful young men. Our local PBS is showing the Morricone concert on December 23rd. A nice Christmas present!

  8. Thank you for your post, Daniela. Until I (recently) discovered Flight Crew, I thought I was the only one who is so enthralled/amazed by Il Volo. So wonderful to know I am not “alone”…!

    1. Judith, you will find that you are in excellent and thick company, there are many fan pages all over the world for Il Volo, but here at Flight Crew, you will also find lots of love and respect as well as lots of news and translations. Welcome.

      1. Thank you so much for your “Welcome”; I’m sure Flight Crew will be the one and only fan page for me!

  9. What a great idea for a quiz! I couldn’t tell from the camera angle whether the other two were having as much fun as Piero.
    I never really thought about how well known American made films are in Europe.

      1. Daniela, I’m assuming that you are able to give us good translations because you learned English in school. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I was surprised that our boys were so fluent in Spanish even when they were very young.
        Can you tell me about language learning in Italian schools?

      2. Honestly, Gail I studied English for three years in middle school, (from 11 to 14 years old) and I must tell you that it was a very simple teaching, made up of simple sentences. Now I know that English is taught from the first grade (6 years) and much more effectively.
        As for me, I have always liked English and I use the translator, but by now, I can recognize the errors of the automatic translator and also change the sentences so that they make sense to you too, and then there is always Pat, who she reads everything I send and if there are any mistakes, or nonsense phrases, she corrects them.
        Spanish is very similar to Italian and our boys at the beginning were joined by people who spoke to them in Spanish, at the same time they were studying English.

      3. I understand that it’s easier for younger minds to excell at a language.
        I studied Spanish a long time ago. There is an old YouTube video of an interview they did. I suddenly realized that they were speaking Spanish at a normal speed without hesitations. That’s why I asked you about your schooling.

      4. Thanks Dolores, I do so like being a dipstick, or the other word Tony Capstick used to use, barmpot. 😉 Don’t know if you have ever seen Last of the Summer Wine, but Tony is one of the police officers in it. He used to be on Radio Sheffield, had a morning show where he played requests. After much ado about nothing I finally managed to get him to play a Johnny McEvoy song or two.

        Hugs Roz

      5. You are very welcome Penina. Always good to here a different slant on a song. Though we have to thank Daniela for pointing me in the right direction. 😉

        Hugs Roz

      1. My third (and last) husband was British and loved Last of the Summer Wine, Coronation Street, and so many other programs which I can’t remember now. I sat and enjoyed them along with him!

        When I was in Portugal there was a pub in one of the small towns, called Rovers Return which had all kinds of Corry memorabilia on the walls behind the bar. Expected to see Deirdre, Ken and Audrey to come in any minute!

      2. Last of the Summer Wine was filmed not far from Barnsley, mostly at Holmfirth, though bits were also filmed in Penistone. I always loved the music, so nice and gentle. It is still the longest running sitcom in the world, from 1973 to 2010. Most of the actors who appeared in the shows have sadly passed on, but there are still a few left, but even they are getting on in years.

        Roy Clarke who comes from Austerfield in South Yorkshire, also wrote Keeping Up Appearances and Open All Hours with the wonderfully funny Ronnie Barker. Quite a lot of soaps were set in Yorkshire/Lancashire, though I must admit I am not a fan. I prefer shows that make me laugh rather than have folks shouting at each other, which is all they seem to do in soaps.

        We were watching a program a couple of days ago about Christmas adverts. Most were from the UK, but one was an American one where they were advertising a car. At least I think that is what it was supposed to be. There was a car, a man, a goffer and a polar bear on ice.

        Dunno about the car, but the man and goffer obviously knew how to skate, whereas the poor polar bear didn’t have much of a clue so kept landing on his derriere. They managed to get a wrap, though who knows how many takes they did, the man slapped the polar bear on the back, and down he went again, flat on his face this time. At which point said polar bear lifted his head, then flopped back again. Well I just couldn’t stop laughing, so much so I think I did my impersonation of Archimedes (the wise owl) in the Sword and the Stone. It was just soooo funny, tears running down my cheeks, spluttering for breath, sheesh, I must have been a sight!

        Hugs Roz xxx 🙂

  10. Loved the quiz show, Piero seemed to be having so much fun which was fun for us. These guys are amazing and they just keep getting better and sure are keeping all their fans happy with so many appearances. Thanks again for another great article.

  11. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation and videos. It seems that more people now realize that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are the best ambassadors for Italy, it’s people and culture. They looked like they had a lot of fun with the quiz show and they sound great with or without music!

  12. It was with great sorrow that I learned of the death of Carlos Marin of the singing group Il Divo today. He passed away in England at the age of 53 years on December 19th. Before finding Il Volo this year, I had been a fan of the group Il Divo and had many of their CDs and saw them in concert in Toronto in 2006. I wonder what will become of Il Divo now?
    So sad, Dolores

    1. He died of Covid apparently Dolores. He had been vaccinated in Mexico. No info on which vaccine, or how many injections. One would hope they will carry on in one form or another, perhaps with a new addition. Obviously it won’t be immediately, the pain will be too raw.

      Hugs Roz

      1. Thanks Roz! I think it is recognizable–not the beginning so much, but once she starts to sing, it is definitely recognizable as Grande Amore.
        I like the celtic twist to it. And I’m not even Irish!

    2. Dolores, we have all been very saddened by this bad news. Carlos Marin was a fantastic singer as well as a mainstay of Il Divo. He was also very good friends with our three boys and I know for a fact they were shocked by the news. Rest in peace Carlos Marin!

  13. How true, Roz. There will certainly be a time of grieving after them being together for 17 years since Simon Cowell found them in 2004. Another great loss for the music world.

  14. Hi, Penina! Good to see you back again. Was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Nice to see a familiar name again.

      1. We’re like the coffee group in my Park! Getting together for a chat and everyone having their say!

        Thank Heavens for this outlet before, during and hopefully after the Pandemic.

  15. News today, Dec. 21, that Covid is running wild again here in US. All NY sports and shows are cancelled. We may be effected with our precious tickets for March? Two of my G-dtrs have it AGAIN. Both work in NY. Now they’re cancelling New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

    Anybody heard of conditions in Italy? And are the boys home for Christmas? Can you let us know, Daniela? Be careful everybody. Horrible dictu!

      1. Going crackers here in the UK too, especially in the London area, nearly 2000 in some places in the capital. There are a couple of pockets elsewhere in the UK with over 1000.

        Barnsley’s rates have been steady at around 150 or less a day for the last couple of weeks, but even they went up to nearly 200 today. It does not look good. ‘Himself’ has set his hopes on going on holiday to Carlisle and York next year, but I am not holding my breath. At 81 he feels time is running out, though compared to many, he is as fit as a fiddle.

        Germany and France have banned us Brits, though as they already have the new variant anyway it seems to me to be a lot like shutting the stable door after the horse has legged it! The Netherlands are in lockdown, pubs and such like are closing early in Ireland. Cases are on the up in Australia too, so they could be in lockdown before long.

        Soooo what does Boris do? What he always does, sits on his backside and waits to see what happens next. He brings in various rules, then he and his cronies ignore them claiming they were all wearing suits, so it is ok as it wasn’t a party. Not that the opposition are exactly squeaky clean either.

        As for me, I will carry on as I have done since March last year. Wear my mask when I have to go out, stay at home the rest of the time. I did meet up with some friends two weeks ago, but we stayed clear of other folks. We must have done something right as none of us have been ill. With the icy blasts of wither coming through all the open windows on the bus I was more likely to die of hypothermia than Covid! 🙁

        One more pre Christmas shop tomorrow for fresh stuff that can’t be stuffed in my freezer. Kate is collecting/dropping off Chrissy prezzies on Thursday, birthday prezzies too. We will be doing it from the doorstep though as being a teacher she has been in contact with who knows what. One of the ‘who knows what’ kicks and bites when he doesn’t get his own way. Oh the fun life of being an educator!

        Now all of you lot keep safe, or there will be trouble at ‘t mill. 🙂

        Hugs Roz xxx

    1. As you have asked me, I will tell you what the situation is like here in Italy.
      The new Omicron variant is rapidly infecting many people, but nothing to do, for now, with the situation we experienced a year ago. The hospitalizations are much less and much less severe. I believe this was due to the severity of the rules and restrictions they imposed on us.
      Masks have always been a must, only in the height of summer and those who walked outdoors could not wear them. In any shop, if you enter with the mask down, they immediately make you notice that it is not good and that you need to cover yourself properly.
      Vaccines have been taken into great consideration, 90% of adults are vaccinated and with multiple doses. Here, there is the obligation of the green pass, which is a certificate attesting that you have had the double vaccination. In every cinema, restaurant, theaters, museums, pizzerias, bars, gyms, swimming pools, you cannot enter and sit down if you do not have the green pass. Previously, the negative test was accepted, but now, not anymore. The test is accepted only if you go to work and must be redone every two days. All these rules have allowed us to overcome so far the need for a new lockdown, but unfortunately, all this does not guarantee us, however, not to be infected. Fingers crossed!!

      I believe the kids will be in their homes at Christmas. Sunday 26th, they will be present at Domenica IN where they will sing and will be interviewed.

      1. It is good to know that Italy has used common sense in keeping to the common sense rules. Yes it is a bind having to wear a mask, but better to be safe than sorry. I have worn mine since day one, which in those days was a scarf as no masks were available. I tried to avoid meeting people as much as I could, often crossing the road. Even in more recent times I have never gone out more than once a week to the shops. Much prefer home delivery anyway. 🙂

        The cases where I live in Barnsley (South Yorkshire) aren’t too bad, as in another 198 cases today, but that is considerably less than London where they seem to be running at over 1000. The over 60’s appear to be faring better than those in the lower age range, although I noticed Rotherham, which is just over the brow of the hill so to speak, the over 60’s infection rate has increased quite dramatically.

        Please folks, do look after yourselves, anything to try and get rid of this infernal virus.

        Hugs Roz xxx

      2. I’m all for a virtual coffee morning, well evening for me, and it would have to be something other than coffee/tea, a herbal tea in my case. At our needle and natter group we would set the world to rights. Shame our politicians didn’t join in, we would have got them and the world sorted in a couple of hours! 😉

        Hugs Roz 😉

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