Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are doing a lot of promotion to their latest CD and therefore, there are many appointments and many interviews, unfortunately I cannot keep up with these rhythms, but, as you may well know, many things are repeated and therefore, of each new event, I try to give you a brief summary, translating the interesting parts instead.
The last event where they were guests, which I translated for you, was Radio Italia live, but, again on Radio Italia, they also had another interview entitled “A tu per tu” (Face to Face). Some questions are the same, but they also said some interesting things that I translate for you:
It begins with greetings to the listeners of Radio Italia.
(In the video, from time to time you will see glimpses of Il Volo singing, they are clippings of others hosted at Radio Italia.)
Piero talks about the Morricone project.
Gianluca talks about the tour and says they will sing, in addition to Morricone’s new songs, also the songs of their success over the years.
He says it’s wonderful to travel the world and have the affection of the audience every night, he says they are privileged.
Piero says they are preparing themselves with singing lessons, healthy eating, and body workouts.
Ignazio says that it is not easy to prepare the suitcase for a world tour because in some countries it is hot, in others it is cold, so they will have big suitcases, if it were possible to bring a walk-in closet it would be better.
Gianluca confirmed that they have an archive of unreleased songs and are waiting for the right moment to publish them.
The project of the Three Tenors and this of Morricone, serve to consolidate their career, then, later on, he lets it be understood that they will release an album of their own of unreleased tracks. They are working hard for it.
Piero talks about the collaboration with the various artists on Morricone’s record.
Gianluca says that Piero is single and that he and Ignazio are engaged.
Ignazio admits that it’s good to be in love.

The day after Il Volo was a guest on two other radio stations.
 Let’s start with Radio 2 Social Club. 
(Click on the photo below to view the video.)

It’s a very nice interview, the two radio hosts are Luca Barbarossa (with the blue shirt) and Andrea Perroni, they both are very good friends of our boys.
At the beginning, in the “off the air” Gianluca and Ignazio arrive and say that Piero is in the bathroom!! 😁
Luca then marks Gianluca behind him saying he is engaged! Then they make fun of Ignazio because he has a coat and it is hot in the studio, but Ignazio says that he is an elegant person and always dresses like this!!  😁
Piero says they just got back from Madrid where they promoted the CD.
On stage, they talk about the Morricone project and then sing Se Telefonando.
Luca makes a lot of compliments for the voices of the boys, then says that they are promoting the CD all over the world and therefore they will ask them some technical questions and the first is: “Which one of you is engaged?” 😁😁😁
Then Luca asks how they will do with their distant girlfriends while they are on tour and Gianluca replies that sometimes they will take them with them every now and then. Then Luca says “They are not hand luggage !!” 😁😁
Gianluca apologizes, he could have expressed himself better.
Luca confirms that Gianluca’s girlfriend is Eleonora Storaro and asks Gianluca if he is happy to talk about her and he replies that she is and then tells Luca: “But you like to gossip” 😁
So they talk a little about tennis with Ignazio and Piero and also about football with Gianluca.
Luca asks where they will sing in the US and they also reply RCMH, so Luca remembers that an Italian journalist had said that Il Volo performed in the world but only in pizzerias.😑
Piero replies that they laugh at these criticisms.
PIERO: “A criticism made with intelligence is constructive and important. In these 13 years, those who have written badly about us, those who have offended us, then got to know us and changed their minds, in the end we cannot like everyone.”
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perform SE from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.
Luca asks about their success in Japan and Piero explains that luck would have it that a very famous ice skater performed his exercise on one of their songs: Starry Night and from here many emails of requests from Japan arrived.
Gianluca also explains the collaboration with Vittorio Storaro and Luca, reiterates that Il Volo worked with many famous people, such as Placido Domingo, with whom they recorded a beautiful song: Il Canto which was written by Luca Barbarossa!!! 😁😁
Thanks and final greetings.

On the same day, Il Volo was also on Radio 1.
They are housed in a studio adjacent to that of the two presenters.
They begin by remembering the 13-year career.
They thank Torpedine and talk a lot about the new Morricone project. (They all repeat things that have been said several times).
Ecstasy of Gold is broadcast (while in the video there is silence).
They continue to talk about Morricone and his music, how they chose the songs, how they thought of interpreting them and the responsibility they feel when they start such an important project.
They talk about Bel Canto and the pride they feel carrying this type of music around the world, especially now after the obligatory stop.
Final greetings.

So Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca participated in an online interview, with Marco Montemagno in connection from Brighton, Ignazio from Bologna, Gianluca from Rome and Piero does not say it but I believe from Naro.

Piero says he had to put five books under the PC otherwise the shot was not good and then Ignazio teases him because he says he looks like he is in the office.
They talk about the 100 concerts and Marco says it is a very heavy commitment and asks if they will also go to Brighton.
Gianluca recalls that in this period of Covid, Il Volo was also present at conferences, to give voice to those categories of the show that have had such a long stop.
Marco asks if they will go to England and Gianluca replies that they have tried to enter the English market, have promoted and have also sung at the Palladium and also at the Royal Music All, but then they have given priority to other places and admits that they should return to England.
Piero asks Marco how many years he has lived in Brighton and he replies 9 years old, he married an Englishwoman, so they chose to live in England, but he is very happy.
When asked which are the markets of Il Volo, Ignazio replies that they are America, South America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan, it is a musical genre that manages to take more different cultures, fortunately.
Piero explains about their first meeting and the fact that they just didn’t think they had this great success.
At the beginning it was quite easy, even if they were not known in Italy, in 2015 they participate in Sanremo and since then they have also been known in Italy and for them, meeting people on the street who recognize you and smile at you, is the most satisfying thing.
Gianluca confirms that each audience has a different treatment. Each country has a kind of audience, warmer, more attentive, more exaggerated and it is nice to discover different traditions and different attitudes.
Piero says that Europe is complicated, because each state has very different cultures and every night, during the first 3/4 songs, they have to understand what kind of audience they have.
Ignazio confirms that for their type of musical genre, England has always been a little more difficult market than other countries.
Then they talk about the physical preparation for such a long tour and Piero explains that they have to take singing lessons to make sure that the voice is always at the same level throughout the tour and Ignazio explains that the vocal cords are like rubber bands and must always be held trained to avoid breakage.
Marco asks, in addition to the most obvious figures in the tour (management), what is the key figure that is needed for a tour like theirs and the boys answer that he is definitely the person who arrives first in the morning on the stage and who leaves for last in the evening, he is the backliner, he takes care of following all the details, even the water in the backstage, and the bread they need to clear their throat. His name is Alessio Guerrieri and he is in great demand in his field.
Marco says he is a ping pong enthusiast and Ignazio approaches his face, to show a small scar on his left eye and tells that while they were playing ping pong in Turkey where they had gone for a private event, Gianluca with whom he was playing as a couple gave him the ping pong paddle over his eye.
Gianluca is sorry about what happened, he says it looked like a crime scene, with a lot of blood.
Ignazio says that a medical guard comes and says that there is a need to go to the hospital to put stitches but Ignazio refuses, because it was during the Covid period and therefore they made a very noticeable bandage around his head and it is returned to Italy like this. (Remember, Ignazio wore a patch over his eye and we didn’t know why, now we know.) 😘
Gianluca is very sorry, but he says that Ignazio has improved since he received the blow, and therefore perhaps he will give him another one.😁
Then they talk at length about the Morricone project.
Marco asks how they manage personal relationships between them.
Piero says they didn’t know each other, at first there were also tantrums and tensions, then they learned to have tolerance, they don’t argue, they always look for a meeting point. They have three different roles in the management of Il Volo, they have a lot of understanding and they get along very well.
They are aware that when they make mistakes they apologize, and for Piero, apologizing is a noble way of being a man.❤
Ignazio adds that they have also learned to have gratitude, to be aware of being grateful, to something, to someone.❤
Marco asks if their popularity has been strong from the start or if they have had strange moments.
Gianluca admits that it was a slow process, at the first copy-signing there were four people in Rome, immediately after their participation in the Ti Lascio Una Canzone program.😁
Piero laughs, remembering that the people of their team went to them saying: “Excuse me, will you sign the CD?”😁 Gianluca says they made fun of them!!😁
But things change with time, and there was also the risk of being meteors.
For this reason we have always remained humble and our families have been very important to us.
Piero asks Marco what he thought when they asked him to do an interview at Il Volo (which he obviously didn’t know) and he replies that he was happy, because he never followed them directly for their type of music, but he has always admired their great success, in particular he greatly admires those who are successful outside Italy and he has always had admiration for them, because they have shown that they are not a meteor.
Ignazio confirms that what they do is extremely difficult, it is not an immediate musical genre, it does not go on the radio, streaming or in commercials, where you have more chances to make it known. It takes a lot of perseverance, dedication, work and it is very demanding. There have been times where they’ve had to swallow and work hard, but it’s nice when you don’t go the easy way of what others do and keep your personality, and they’ve always been consistent with who they are. They are this and who follows them, follows them for what they do.
Gianluca admits that they have a loyal audience. Their fans are very fond of them, because they have seen them grow.
It is like a big family.😘

So they talk about Il Divo which is a musical group similar to Il Volo, they are not Italian but they sing in Italian. In Italy everyone wants to sing in English, while abroad Italian singing is very welcome.
They confirm that The Three Tenors took the opera out of the theaters.
Marco asks how, after the fiftieth concert, they manage to maintain the freshness of the first one and Piero replies that you must love what you do, then you must always be aware that the people in front of you have come for you, and even if they were 10 people they deserve the best from you.
They then confirm that their audience is transversal, from children to grandparents.
Marco asks if they had any unforeseen events during the concerts and Piero says that in Budapest, after the twelfth song (usually 25 songs) his voice went away. They suspended the concert for 20 minutes. Total panic, they called his voice teacher on video and after 20 minutes the voice came back and they finished the concert.
Ignazio also tells a similar story and says that they sing completely live, while they know that other singers also have pre-recorded songs.
Piero confirms that fortunately there are three of them and a glance is enough for them to understand if something is wrong and therefore one of the three plays the part of someone who is not well, there is a great mutual help.❤
Then, laughing, they remember singing the refrain of “Tous le visages de l’ amour” over and over in Switzerland, because they couldn’t remember the words.😁
Piero also remembers when in Taormina during a concert, he teased Ignazio because his favorite football team was losing the game for 4 goal  at that moment and Ignazio was angry😁
Then they say that on stage they move with awareness that they must occupy the whole scene.
Piero explains that before a tour there is a long work of patience, to plan all the trips, everything must be accurate and before, when they were younger, there were people who did it, now even the three of them take part in this.
Marco asks which are the strangest characters they have met and Piero explains that the strangest moments they had in 2010, when their little ones, were invited to Jimmy Iovine’s parties in America where there were so many famous people, an incredible time.
So they talk for a long time about the various television series.
In the end, Gianluca hints that they are thinking of making a documentary, perhaps about their life? Who knows!
Good luck from Marco and final greetings.

Furthermore, on Saturday 4 December Il Volo was a guest on Canale 5 in a new program: UA, conducted by Claudio Baglioni (He presented Sanremo in 2019).
Here is the video of their moment.
(Click on the photo below to view the video.)

I have tried to give you an overview of some of the events in which Il Volo attended, but there are many others.
Some things that I have translated to you are really interesting and some very nice, these young men never cease to amaze us.❤
As I write to you, I am waiting for a television interview with them.
The event that was supposed to take place in Austria has been canceled due to Covid, but on 11 December there will be a short Il Volo concert in Dubai and it will be possible to follow it in streaming at this link:
Here’s the announcement:

By popular demand, IL VOLO will give its first concert at the Millennium Amphitheater in Dubai 5 years after their first performance at the 2016 Globe Soccer Awards. “Il Volo Live in Concert” will be a once in a lifetime event where Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto will rebuild their careers bringing the best of their repertoire to the stage: from the traditional Italian “bel canto” like the iconic song “‘O Sole Mio”, to evergreen American songs like “My Way”, from the single “Grande Amore” with which they won the 2015 edition of the Sanremo Song Festival at the famous Turandot aria “Nessun dorma”. The repertoire will include pieces from their latest album “Il Volo sings Morricone”, a passionate journey into the art of one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. A playlist structured as a “best of” contains the careers of three unique voices who have crossed national borders, selling millions of records and making their way onto the international top hits lists.
(Ministry of Culture Special Project, produced by Cinecittà, supporting partner D&G)
But there is still a little final pearl, what about these beautiful photos of our boys in Times Square in NY?

What can I say: incredible!!!!
But that’s not all, see you next update!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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    Anywhoo, I did notice the bit about England. Soooo it looks as though they will not be here next year. Right, soooo if I save my pennies up really carefully, I may have to go to Italy to see them.

    Obviously it isn’t going to be next year, but hope springs eternal and all that. My aim now for next year, my new year resolution in fact, is to learn Italian. At my age that isn’t going to be an easy task, but hey, who said life was easy!

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    1. You must know, Roz, that while I was translating, the very part where they talk about England, I was thinking of you. I must tell you that I appreciated their frankness, in admitting that the English market is a little difficult for them. But I believe that if they persist, they will have excellent results.

      1. Strange they should find the UK market difficult Daniela, though I remember a time when British artist struggled in the USA. Anywhoo, if Mohamed can’t come to the mountain, then perhaps I ought to do it the other way around.

        The USA seems a wee bit too far away, but Italy………… Let us get this infernal pandemic out of the way, and me learn a bit (quite a lot) of Italian, well enough to get by anyway, perhaps I can get to see them live, in person and all that. 😉

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    I agree that it is more important to focus on their
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    and we appreciate all you do to keep us up to date.
    I made a note of the unpublished songs that are
    yet to come. Thank you Pat for all you do as well.

    1. Martha, sometimes I’m sorry not to translate everything, but a lot of things are repeating themselves, so it’s better to focus on the things that are new to us, right?

  11. thank you, thank you for all that you do to keeo us posted about these
    incredible young men…….their concerts helped me make it through the
    Pandemic…….and I have talked 6 of my family members into going to their concert in Sunrise, Fl on April 10,2022!! Yea!

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    1. Eleanor, I have to tell you that when I saw Ignazio with the eye patch, I thought “Oh no, another piercing”, when instead, I read what caused that, I laughed, but, ….. poor Ignazio and also poor Gianluca, he was so mortified.

      1. Considering the way Ignazio likes to joke so much I’m sure that he made sure Gianluca stayed mortified.

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  14. Thank you so much for this report. It was a delight to read and listen to . A lot of work, but I really appreciate it. Thank you, so much!
    (I believe the word “engaged” has a somewhat other meaning in Italian than in the US – more like “taken”, “committed”, or “in a relationship”. Daniela, do you agree?)

    1. That was what I understood too. Not actually officially engaged to be married, complete with ring and such like. Here in the UK engaged means engagement ring, and wedding date in the planning. Have to allow several months, if not a couple of years for many venues. I know when my GS and his wife were making plans it was over eighteen months as the venue was so busy.

      Hugs Roz xxx

    2. Thanks for the compliments Maija, and I must tell you that you are right, even here in Italy the engagement assumes that within 1 year or so, there will be a wedding, but lately the word has taken on the meaning of a commitment, but not yet definitive, plus a frequentation.

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    Guess, they are not likely to come to Singapore, too, although they did drop by in July 2011, for a private showcase of their first CD, and also sang 2 songs at our President’s Star Charity Concert. I think they were on their way to Australia.

    Well, I have to be contented with their CDs and DVDs! 🙂

    Peckyin, Singapore.

    1. A few more DVD’s would be nice. At least there is quite a lot of them on Facebook and YouTube. Granted some is excellent/top quality, some good, others indifferent, and some……………… let us just ignore those!

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    1. Yes, Judi, all very nice, and there are still many things that I have to translate and that I know for sure that you will like them, just a little more patience, our guys are super active in this period !!

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    Another note from me: Being retired, living alone and having much time on my hands, I’ve compiled a list of all the commenters to the postings since the sad news of Igna’s father passing. It certainly brings up the fact that a great many Il Volovers comment to each of these religiously and have many thoughtful and heartwarming things to say. However, there are a few who have only written in once (or at least under five times), so get it together and join in!!! Remember, I’m watching you!

    1. Guilty as charged Dolores. You will have to forgive me (fingers very crossed) as I hadn’t actually heard of Il Volo until late April this year. I always was slow on the uptake, and even that was totally by accident. I just wish I could remember what I was looking for on Snopes, it certainly wasn’t “Are these the sons of the three tenors?”

      Needless to say it didn’t take me long to realise what stupefacente meraviglioso voices they have. Before I could remember my credit card number I was on Amazon looking to see what was available.

      So my humble apologies to Ignazio regarding the death of his father.

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      1. You may have just started in April, 2021, but have certainly made up for it since then!!! Love, Dolores

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      As for those who comment, we know very well that many people read and do not comment, it is not easy for everyone, but the important thing is that they read, sooner or later they will comment. Myself, before starting to comment for more than a year I have only read, and now I am totally involved in writing !!

  19. I personally enjoy the translated interviews, the most, that Daniela and Pat bring to us. It’s like gradually getting to know them without actually having never met them. I really look forward to each one. I thought after hearing the Morricone CD, the first time, that this will surely cement their place on the international music map for all time, especially when added to Notte Magica. They have a pretty good idea that they are loved by their fans, but they may not realize just how much they are truly loved, admired and enjoyed by millions. I believe they will come to know even greater success going forward. Not even this damned pandemic will stop them.

    1. Thank you Mark for appreciating what we are offering you so much. I understand what you mean, I myself, translating for you, I notice many nuances that just listening, can escape.
      I believe that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are aware of being highly appreciated, but I believe that here in Italy, even today, Italians are not aware of this.

  20. I have a question regarding Gianluca’s girlfriend, Eleonora Storaro. Was she the dark-haired beauty accompanying her father/grandfather at the presentation of awards (Venezia by Daniela). And, was this their first encounter? Or, had they been seeing each other before this time? Nosy, I guess, but am so interested in our boys lives and happiness.

  21. I think I read here in an interview that they’ve been a couple since early in the pandemic. Daniela can clarify this. They must have met when the video ideas were planned for the Morricone album. Just speculation on my part.

    “Thank you” dittos to Daniela for translating all the many interviews and even editing out the repetitions. You are the best! Thanks Pat for all you do too.

    1. Sally, I don’t think Gianluca and Eleonora have known each other since the beginning of the pandemic, but since the Frasassi project was born. However, with a little patience there will also be a post on our boys girlfriends.

  22. Dear Daniela and Pat, you two are incredible. Where would we be without your translation and artistic page layouts. Finally the mystery of Ignazio’s injury has now been revealed. Like you Daniela I thought “oh no, a piercing gone bad”. I haven’t seen Barbara with the guys, do you know if she is still traveling with them. She is such an integral part of their team. Also, I believe “engaged” has a different meaning in Italy than here. If there will be a CD of unreleased songs, I think probably it will be after this tour. March cannot come soon enough for me. I wish everyone at the Flight Crew Merry Christmas, Felice Navidad, Buon Natale, and to my Greek Il Volo sisters, Καλά Χριστούγεννα . 🎄🎄🎄

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    It’s all there, even the kissing acrobats. Better at 11AM. Guessing they’re making money. Better late than never.

    To all of you at Flight Crew, best wishes for happy holidays and thank you from everyone who never says thank you.

    Reading comments here from near and far, I have decided we are more alike in this world than we are different. Buon Natale in all languages!

    1. I’ve noticed that my local PBS station in Chicago is offering the concert at least four times. I don’t think they have done this before. So they are now more of a money maker for PBS than in the past. Another example of their growth.

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    1. Uproar and disorder would probably describe my last visit to Dublin……….. No honest, I was good, really good, but after the troubles I’d had the year before with buses and trains going to pot here in the UK, it was no surprise when the coach between Dublin and Athy decided to do likewise. I told all the other passengers it was my fault, and why, so we had a good laugh about it.

      Before we discovered Athy we usually stayed at a place called Lanesborough in County Longford. Except where we were wasn’t in County Longford, but just the other side of the river in Roscommon. Well we did have to be different! One of the nursing students at the university thought I wouldn’t have heard of the place. Erm, well, I reckon half of Barnsley has not only heard of it, but has fished on the River Shannon/Lough Ree.

      rozneedlesandhooks is my website, though it hasn’t been updated since I don’t know when. I do a lot of stitching, used to be cross stitching, but I now do all different sorts of embroidery, even a wee bit of Carrickmacross lace. Not done as much over the last three years or so as I do a lot of knitting and crochet for a local charity.

      We started out as knitting for premature babies, but since this Covid thing put the kybosh on many of the charities Sheryll sends items to, we have expanded into other things. Age UK, School Uniform Exchange, stuff like that. I also make cards for my local animal shelter, usually called (by me) the woofit/fluffit shop.

      I found something by the boys on Facebook last night, have passed it on to Susan as I don’t want to be in trouble for treading on toes. But it is good, especially Piero who gets to sing more than normal. Not sure which I like best, his voice or his smile! 😉 😉 😉

      Hugs Roz 😉

  25. Dank u Daniela voor de mooie verhalen van de drie prachtige mannen van Il Volo. Ik ben Belgische, heb al hun CD’s en hoop ze ooit eens echt te zien optreden.
    Ben zelf begonnen italiaans te leren zodat ik de teksten versta dat ze zingen en de grappige uitdrukkingen van hun,

    bedankt Daniele, blijft het zeker volgen!

    1. It is always a great joy to know new people who make up this beautiful crew.
      Welcome Michèle, how are you doing? If I’m not mistaken, are you in lockdown in Belgium?

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