The Man Has a Dream

There’s no other way to describe Piero than to say, he has a dream, and his dream is what it has always been about! From the beginning Piero said, “…. if there is one thing I want to do in life, it is singing, living for and with music.” That pretty much sums up Piero. He sings with such feeling and devotion. He studies endlessly! Opera is his dream! He’s studied, among other opera’s, “Cavalieria Rusticana.” I await the day when he will sing in his first opera. No matter where it is in the world, I will be there to see him fulfill his dream!
It might seem strange to you that he dreams of being in an opera singer. He is a superstar. He has achieved in 13 years what most men can only, hope, to achieve in a lifetime. But what can I say, The Man Has a Dream!
We all know the story of how Piero was discovered. He was swinging on swing in his grandfather’s backyard. Piero’s grandfather, Pietro, who is a singer, was recording a song on his recorder.  He began to sing a little Sicilian song which Piero said he made up. “E lu suli talia, talia, talia. Sopra ‘sta petra luci ci duna,” (that is and, the sun, look, look, look, to this stone gives the light).
Piero recalls, I was swinging on the swing, I was about four or five years old, I was really, very, small. I listened to him a little and at a certain point, when he stopped singing, I started: E lu suli, talia, talia, talia. Sopra ‘sta pedra luci ci duna.” What can I tell you? It just came out like that.
His grandfather, who is blind, turned off the recorder and called his wife. Rina came out on the terrace, and he asked her, “Unni è Piero?” (Where is Piero?)
She replied, “In Altalena” (He is on the swing)
Pietro asked, “Ma cu cantava? Iddru?” (But who was singing? He?)
She replied, “Eh, si.” (yes)
He told Rina to call him.
So, Piero got up and went to his grandfather. Pietro lifted him up and put him on the table next to the recorder and told him to “sing the song again.” Piero sang the song exactly as his grandfather sang it. He listened to Piero sing the song and then he made the decision to go to his friend Antonio’s house to record it. And that’s when Piero’s musical education began.
You might wonder how it was that Piero was able to repeat the song word for word. Piero, in fact, has what you might call a photographic memory when it comes to music. It’s something he’s always had. If he hears a song two or three times, he remembers the words. So, it seems that’s how it’s been since he was a child.
So where is Piero’s voice today? Let’s listen to some of his phenomenal solos. And none better to start with than my favorite, “No Puede Ser.”

Piero is a spinto (meaning pushed) tenor. A spinto tenor has the brightness and height of a lyric tenor, but with a heavier vocal weight enabling the voice to be “pushed” to dramatic climaxes with less strain than his lighter-voice counterparts. His voice is warm, graceful, bright, and can be heard over an orchestra. Piero has a powerful voice that easily reaches the higher notes. Every note that comes out of his mouth reaches us with such intensity and remains with us for a long time. It’s the voice that reaches out to you and demands your attention. Think of him singing “E Lucevan le Stelle” from Tosca. Or singing the beautiful Spanish aria “No Puede Ser” from A Tabernera del Puerto. From the first note Piero pierces your soul! His passion comes through in his music. Arias are very dramatic and, Piero brings all the drama of the aria into his performance. Always a showstopper!
And how about “E Lucevan Stelle!”

So, let’s take a step back to see what Piero had to say about the early days.

I think it is an effort to remember when we were young. We were young the day before yesterday. In fact, all three of us, feel that time has run too fast. Yesterday we were children, and, in a moment, we found ourselves grown up with a great job to carry on. Its’ the most beautiful job in the world, what we dreamed and desired, but the truth is that none of us really imagined what would happen.
So, let’s take a look at Piero’s amazing performance at Ti Lascio una Canzone.
We begin with “Un Amore Cosi’ Grande.”

What a powerful voice! And what about “Piove?”

Now let’s watch his duet with Al Bano. They sing “Mattino.” Al Bano is in awe of this young guy!

Let’s go back to Piero words in the beginning….
At the beginning it was really a dream, even if I do not like repeating it, because you find yourself traveling the world and doing it, from one day to the next. However, I repeat, always without realizing the importance of the thing, without fully understanding what was happening.
I just love Piero’s performance of “Non ti scordar di me” on their first PBS special! We knew then how great he was.

People often ask Piero what he does when he goes home. Maybe this will answer your question…

In February 2020, Kelly Speed from Haute Living did a short interview with Piero. She wanted to get a feel for where he was after 10 years with Il Volo…
Kelly: When you created Il Volo, was it always your intent to transform the way people thought about classical music?
Piero: I think the problem with classical music is just the younger generation. They don’t listen to the music. If you see our show, it’s full of teenagers. We are the first classical singers to propose this music to the younger generation. Many are fans, who were our age when we started, so we have grown together the past 10 years
Kelly: You have successfully recruited every age group from teenagers to senior citizens to be a fan. What do you think is the secret to your cross-generational success?
Piero: Actually, what we have always been doing is bringing bel canto around the world, but the songs that we sing have only been sung by people over 50 years old. We are just the first ones to propose this music to the younger generation.
Kelly: When were you first introduced to classical music?
Piero: I was seven years old with my grandfather and I started listening to Italian classical music. I took piano lessons after and learned how to play the piano. I didn’t plan my future, but when I was 14, someone proposed me to go on an Italian TV show. I’m 26 years old now and celebrating 10 years of a career I started when I was just 16. People love our performances. We are very serious about what we do.
Kelly: We have heard you describe Il Volo’s music as pop opera. Can you elaborate on that?
Piero: Yes, pop opera is the right way to describe our music because the music is pop being sung with operatic voices.
Kelly: What do you think has been the secret to your success as an artist?
Piero: The music we sing and because we are great workers. We are focused every day. Our goal and message is that we will always be doing what we do but want everyone to learn more about bel canto music.
Kelly: Il Volo translated means “The Flight.” What is the meaning behind that?
Piero: It’s easy to pronounce and it’s a metaphor that the music makes us fly. When we perform, we want people to fly for one night. I think the most beautiful thing is our relationship; it’s a brotherhood and, also, our relationship with the audience. People are so nice. Even though we have done more than 2,000 concerts, every night it feels like the first time.
Kelly: You’re coming to Boston on your North American tour. Any favorite spots you like to visit when you are in town?
Piero: I love Boston, especially Little Italy (the North End). Last time we were there, I went to a small barber shop, and it was a beautiful evening.
Kelly: What message would you like fans to take away from your music?
Piero: This music can give you an emotion no other can do. When you go on the other side of the globe and sing “Volare,” someone will say, “oh oh” after. I think Italy is the power of what we do. It’s not because we have three beautiful voices because a lot of people have beautiful voices. The result is in the power of the music we sing.
Let me interject here! Piero you’re too modest! You guys have phenomenal voices, and your performance is always phenomenal!
How would I sum up Piero within the group? Piero is the one who thinks everything through. He has a business mind that works very well for the group because he is the one who pursues the contacts and contracts for them, and he also handles everyone’s accounts because he is a great mathematician.  In interviews he thinks before he speaks, and his answers are always intelligent. He’s very serious and you can tell he thought out the answer before he spoke. And that sense of reasoning that he has is what makes his performances so great! Serious about the music! Always serious!
Before I end Piero’s story I want to say whenever Piero is asked what his most memorable moment is, he always says, World Youth Day 2019 with Pope Francis. Let’s watch this amazing performance.

And beautiful memories of meetings with Pope Francis over the years! I’m sure you won’t mind that the song is repeated.

Next year is World Youth Day 2023. I would love to see the guys standing next to the Holy Father, in Lisbon,  singing their Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae!
So that about sums up Piero, The Man Has a Dream, and in the end that dream will be a dream fulfilled!
So, over the last three weeks I’ve talked about each of the guys and their music. Now I would like to sum it all up by going back to the beginning and bringing it forward!
This is my Tribute to Three Amazing Young Men!

When these three young men started out, they were 15 and 16 years old. Think of being 15 or 16 years old and you have a dream, and someone tells you that that dream, needs to be shared. To fulfill that dream you have to leave your family, your friends, your home, you have to go to another country, and you have to share this journey with two people who you really know nothing about except that they have the same dream you have. You have to trust that the decision that was made by you and your family, was the right decision. If not, it’s back to square one! You’re going to be lonely, and you have to learn to survive without the people you love. So, you learn to lean on one another. That dependence turns into a friendship and that friendship into a brotherhood. It enabled them to trust enough to collaborate and perfect something truly amazing. Something that revolutionized the music industry.
It’s off to New York City!

Then there were photo shoots and wardrobes to contend with in LA. I love the expression on their faces. They are mesmerized! This had to be one the most awesome moments for them.

Taking America by storm! Watch this performance at The Grove! So young and so amazing! Listen to those voices! Watch the interaction between the guys! Very playful. The emotions! How they work the audience! Natural! Just amazing! The whole audience is singing! Someone needs to control those girls!!!

Yes, New York loves you guys, and they love us! 

You are a part of our New York! The best part of concerts at Radio City Music Hall!

Well guys New York and all of America is waiting for you! See you in March when you will bring us Il Volo Sings Morricone in concert at Radio City Music Hall and other concert halls around the Unites States.
If you didn’t get your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?
We anxiously await your arrival!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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  1. Bravo, Susan, you’ve done it again. Thanks for a super read, like all the others.

    Piero is my opera singer and very first favorite. He is the one I have the most difficulty listening to without choking up. As you said “From the first note, Piero pierces your soul” …and you don’t want it to end. He makes it look so easy, too, with his heartwarming smile.

    I’ve always thought of him as the most mature one. I hope he stays just as he is for a long while to come; he never ceases to melt my heart! However, I also wish him every success in his aspirations to become an opera singer; I’m sure he can and will achieve whatever he sets out to do in life.

  2. Because of a personal tragedy in my life I’ve stopped .istening to music because it makes me sadder. But I happened to notice this and I’m so glad. Piero has been my favorite since that Detroit concert so long ago. I found this article very interesting.

    1. Barbara, sorry to hear that you are suffering from a personal tragedy. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know! I will pray for you!

  3. Another wonderful story, Susan. Thank you. I can’t say which one is my favorite because they each move me in a different way depending on what they are singing. Just beautiful, exceptional and talented people, and admirable men they have become over the years.

  4. Dear Susan, hope one day you will put all your stories into a book! I’m the lucky one to have tickets for RCMH, been there 2 years ago, the atmosphere there is unbelievable!! Actually I bought 12 tickets, in NY, NC, Fl, for my families and friends. Can not wait!! Thank you for your unbelievable, beautiful writing,
    Hope to see you one they in the concert!

  5. Thank you, Susan. And now we have heard about them all. Each one special in their own way. I’m glad to be reminded that Piero is in charge of financial duties. All three have such excellent voices and are so good each in their own way. I am impatient to see them but will have to wait till my turn comes in April.

  6. Great insight into our boys. Love everything you have put together about the 3 of them. I hope I am still around to see Piero in an opera. RCMH will be my first concert this year, then 5 more after that one. We all should wear our Flight Crew badges at the concerts.

  7. Thank you, Susan, for your delightful piece on Piero. They all are so special, but I am really rooting for Piero and his operatic dream. Hope I am still around to see him when he reaches this goal.
    My dream is to see him on stage at The Metropolitan Opera House, what a thrill that would be!
    Would also love to see them at RCMH next month, but happy to have tickets to see them in FL in April. Hurry Spring!

  8. Dear Susan
    What a warm story Piero is so cute I loved him sitting on that car your stories have so much love in them
    Love you cousin Jenny

  9. Dear Susan
    Thank you for your stories of each of the guys.
    Still can’t seem to get enough of them. Anxiously awaiting RCMH. Some days listening to them is not enough, I have to watch a recording. We are just behind the pit, I’m bringing a few friends. We are coming from New Jersey, very excited.

  10. Another brilliant story of our handsome and extremely talented young men! Many thanks! It is so interesting to see how different they are yet fit so well as brothers and masterful singers. We always enjoy your stories and are thankful you have so many to recall for us.

  11. Thank you for your interview.I follow him for ten years and i hope one day to see them in Tel Aviv

  12. Another great story. They are all my favorites for different reasons. I will see them at Fantasy Springs. Can’t wait!

  13. Thank you so much Daniela for this beautiful article. I have been waiting patiently for this one and you didn’t disappoint. I have been amazed by Piero since the first note that I heard him sing. It was like I couldn’t get enough of his beautiful voice. I must confess, there is no one that moves me like Piero does. When I met him in Atlanta on their last tour, he was just as lovely as a person. He is not only gorgeous on the outside but also on the inside. I am going to the concert in New York this time and I can’t wait to hear all three again. Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful words with us. It is so appreciated.

  14. The first time I saw them was on PBS show from Pompeii. My husband I had just come back from Italy. I was blown away by them I never mis them if they are in our area. Orlando ,Jacksonville. Please come back to Orlando soon, I would love to do the meet and greet again like we did in Jacksonville. I play the music all the time at home.

  15. Thanks again for another great article and info about our guys. Part of their great appeal beside their phenomenal voices is how genuine and real down to earth all three. Can’t wait for my first concert 3/19 Atlantic City.

  16. What a great description Susan! Piero’s voice and music pierces my soul! My husband and I have been following Il Volo in concert from their first performance at the Beacon Theater 10 years ago, until RCMH February 2019. And now… we can’t wait until March 18. We have “meet/greet w/photo” tickets, and we cannot wait! I am so happy for your blog and to be part of the Il Volo Flight Crew. Grazie Mille!

    1. Sorry to display my ignorance – I’m from another country – but I keep reading about “RCMH” in comments. Can you tell me what the letters stand for? Thanks! Oh – and I hope Piero will visit Little Italy when they are here in Montreal on March 6.

      1. Hello, Judith. I’m Canadian, too and will explain that RCMH stands for Radio City Music Hall in New York. Hope this helps you. Dolores

      2. Thanks so much, Dolores. I should have been able to figure that out.
        Where are you in Canada? Do you have tickets?

  17. I have been a fan almost from the beginning of their journey. I dear friend brought them to our attention since our last name is Barone. We were transposed into another place listening to them ever since. Their sound touches so many emotions, cannot describe, only feel. Blessings for a long beautiful career. What a footprint they are making.

  18. Thank you so much Susan for all your efforts. Although I love Ignazio and Gianluca, Piero is my favourite. I adore the way he holds a note in many of the songs he sings, makes me go wobbly at the knees. Love his smile too. 😉


  19. Merci Susan pour cette belle histoire comme les deux autres ! Je me régale de te lire a chaque fois et je n’ai qu’une envie c’est que ca ne finisse pas je ne me lasse pas de lire tes articles ! Je les aime tous les trois mais tu sais qui est mon préféré mais ca c’est juste une appreciation de voix qui me touche plus que les autres ,mais quand ils chantent ensemble quel bonheur toutes ces harmonies ! Merci encore de nous faire revivre tous ces bons moments ! Gros bisous

  20. Thank you Susan for all three articles that have been so interesting with information on their early years. While different in many ways, they have also had many similar experiences with their families, their love of bel canto and their beautiful voices. Watching their first PBS special, I also was totally amazed at how they were so comfortable performing and also speaking in another language. Piero does have such a powerful voice that is intense. While all three are intelligent and well spoken, I do feel that they look to Piero, perhaps even because he is older. But he does seem to think things through and understands a lot of the business. I am sure his dream will come true as he is exceptionally disciplined. I am really looking forward to seeing them in March.

  21. Yes, Piero has a magnificent voice; he hooked me from the first powerful note! I’ll be in that first row of Flight Crew fans at his first opera. He truly is dedicated to that goal but also to Il Volo.

    Thanks for another fun trip through time. It reminded me how much I love his original arrangement (at age 15) of Love Story. The newer arrangement is good, but not as good (my opinion).

    Love these three — they are the best! How do we get a “Flight Crew” badge?

  22. Great post, Susan. Piero is my favorite. Just one thing–the link to Boston is not working. Hope it can be fixed soon so fans can get tickets to their performance here on March 15. I’m counting the days!

  23. Susan, another 100% wonderful story this time about our Piero! There is no doubt that he will someday sing in his first opera! That time will be when he knows he is ready! Piero is always prepared for every responsibility!
    Your stories of Ignazio and Gianluca touched my heart because of my love for them as well as Piero. Since early 2011 their music has opened my world and I’m forever grateful. I’m grateful to you too, my friend, for your talent with words! I’ll see my friends in Cleveland, Atlanta, Verona and Taormina! God bless us all in our travels, especially our precious Il Volo! ❤️

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