Il Volo in this period of January 2022 was quite absent from the scenes, so I took time to translate this nice interview made by Stefano Fisico to our boys.
It was made on 2 December, but given the numerous commitments of Il Volo in that period, it remained set aside. It is a pleasant chat between friends, here is the translation.
At the beginning Stefano, while waiting for the boys to connect, explains what WOOCALLING consists of, and says that these are interviews made online with famous people, in this case worldwide, because Il Volo is known everywhere. Stefano also greets all the people connected and explains that they have collected many questions to ask at Il Volo.
Ignazio is there, he is the first, immediately afterwards Gianluca and Piero also connect.
Ignazio plays at embellishing his image with stars and Gian says he looks like a marshmallow. 😁
Stefano officially announces Il Volo and says that messages from all over the world have arrived for them.
Gianluca is connected from Roseto, Ignazio from Bologna and Piero says he has returned to Sicily to decorate the Christmas tree. Piero shows his tree, adorned with handmade balls that come from the Teatro Regio in Parma, while Gian continues to point to his beautiful Christmas tree outside the window.
Stefano promotes the CD IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE, saying it is a perfect gift for Christmas.
Then Stefano remembers that they have just done two in-store events, Milan and Rome, and asks for their impressions.
Piero replies that it was nice to see people again, but being obliged due to Covid to keep distances, and masks, it was not the same as the other times and therefore he hopes that serenity will return soon.
Gian also confirms that not being able to hug each other, and show affection towards their fans, means that we have not yet gotten out of this pandemic, and he hopes that everything will not stop, again.
So he talks about the tour that will start in March and thanks the people who went to Milan and Rome.
Stefano tells Ignazio that he is too serious, and he says that he is just listening.
Piero explains that in this period people have known them in a different way, because in these two years, people have discovered new characteristics in them. Stefano confirms that it’s all true, because he says that even the people he talked to about Il Volo said they got to know them better, in a different way.
Stefano talks about the new commitments of Il Volo: Germany and Dubai.
Ignazio says that this period made them reflect a lot on their private life, find their families. Furthermore, he confirms that having had the opportunity to stop for a moment was also positive but he hopes it will not happen again, for so long.
The boys tease Stefano about his hair, they laugh a lot, and Stefano jokingly says it’s a toupee, so he shows an old photo of him where he had long hair and a tail.
Then Stefano shows an old photo of the boys, and they laugh at their appearance, Piero says they look like three who ran away from home and Ignazio shows another old photo of him saying that it is Ignazio in an “arancino” version! (larger and rounder) 😁
Piero says that Ignazio has lost weight and has become less sympathetic, now it is right as a sympathy, but in those days he was a unique joke from morning to night. Stefano asks Ignazio if he wants to reply something to Piero and Ignazio pretends to be offended and cries, but Stefano does nothing but laugh !!😁
Stefano reminds the boys to greet all the people who are sending messages from all over the world and proudly admits that this only happens when Il Volo comes to the radio.❤
Then, Stefano asks, when Il Volo is on tour, which of them is cooking and Ignazio says it is him, then Gianluca says that he also cooks, because he makes salads and Ignazio disputes saying that this is not cooking, it is assembling cold things. Gianluca admits that he doesn’t know how to cook but he knows how to eat because he eats healthy.
Stefano asks if he never lets himself be tempted and Piero replies that Gian is exaggerated in everything, because if he thinks of training, he is in the gym every day, if a nutritionist tells him to eat the stones, he eats the stones and even for breakfast, he showed up in hotels with the scales …. at this point Stefano gets up to show his scales, he got one with the shopping points (points acquired if you shop and get gifts).
Piero says that, to the two of them, the points had to be given to the head and not for the shopping!😁😁
A discussion about breakfast arises, Gian says he doesn’t understand people who don’t have breakfast and Ignazio argues that if I get up late and there’s lunch after an hour, it’s useless to have breakfast. Piero concludes by sayingto Gian: “They live the same, quietly” 😉
Stefano asks Ignazio for a menu and Ignazio says he likes to invent, it depends on what’s in the house. He’s been doing a lot of barbecues lately.
While they are talking about this, a friend common to all of them, Saturnino, sends a message saying hello online and Stefanio reciprocates.
The discussion on breakfast continues and Gian reproaches Ignazio that when he gets up late he does not have breakfast and then complains that he is hungry …. Ignazio replies that when on tour, it is always Gian who complains that he is always hungry. Piero notes that Ignazio was vegan six months ago and now he says he makes grills !!😁
Everyone laughs, because their friend Saturnino sent them a photo of them online, with their faces in a few years and everyone can’t help but laugh.
(After the live broadcast, Stefano will publish the photo that Saturnino sent to them, here it is.)😁😁😁😁
Gian reads an online comment from a girl:
“I want to be the glass Piero drinks from.” (wow) 😘
Then Gian reads another comment directed to Piero:
“Piero, your smile, your voice, your professionalism.”
Stefano tells Gian to read with a set voice, and Piero says that Gian seemed like someone who reads the horoscope.
Piero says that he is drinking ginger tea.
Stefano asks for their favorite food in the various countries of the world.
From Germany, Piero replies, Pretzels (biscuits).
Gian says there is always the fear of being judged if they express one preference or the other, plus he is lactose intolerant, so he often brings home food he knows, however Gian prefers Mexican cuisine then Japan and Chinese.
Piero, on the other hand, praises the great American hamburgers and Gian confirms that in their first two years they were in Los Angeles and they went to eat at Mel’s and Ignazio also makes a sign of ecstasy in remembering that place.
Gian says that the first American experiences were fantastic, things they only saw in movies, they went to these typical places and even ate two or three hamburgers.
Stefano admits that he is a little envious of them, because they have traveled to every corner of the world and have known different cultures and this is really a great enrichment and also knowing the various cooking methods in the world is fantastic.
Gian replies that the important thing is to always be willing to taste everything, even what you would never have eaten, and Piero confirms that all three have this “open-mindedness” they taste everything, and he says that the day before they had dinner with a Vietnamese and ate very good things.
Stefano reminds them that they had promised to have dinner with him and the promise is renewed.
Then Gian reads a message from Norway asking them why Il Volo doesn’t go to Norway and Gian replies that they went to Norway in 2012 for the Nobel Prize Gala in Oslo, but they have never been there in concert.
Piero takes the floor to say that the producers of the new album are Swedish.
Ignazio laughs, reading a comment of a girl who tells Piero not to move his tongue, otherwise she makes the lake (salivates with emotion). Everyone laughs and Gian scolds Ignazio for the sentence and he apologizes saying that he only read what the girl wrote.😁😁
Stefano comes back on the tour, saying that he starts from Canada, and in Canada too the food is good.
Gian asks if the purpose of the interview was to talk about food and Stefano says he had a lot of questions to ask, but when he’s with the three of them, he has so much fun and laughs, he can’t do a serious interview.
Piero says that they can dine without limits like this when they are not on tour, but from March 3, their dinners will all be with genuine products, with healthy cooking and at set times, because when they are on tour they cannot risk getting sick.
Gian confirms that in their dressing rooms there will be paprika and chili and Piero says that surely Gian will have talked to a nutritionist for this, and in any case Ignazio says that chili and chocolate help the intonation.
Now a serious question, Stefano asks if they ever thought about what their career would have been like if they hadn’t joined.
Piero says that everything would have been different, for example, he had thought of enrolling in the conservatory and then perhaps he would have tried to be part of a play, in any case always in music.
Ignazio says that as a child he dreamed of being a veterinarian but probably he would end up being a pizza chef and sometimes he would sing during evenings.
Gianluca says he would have stayed in the artistic field, but perhaps he would have studied acting, or he would have wanted to be an architect.
Gianluca says that the strength of Il Volo is unity, and they would never have reached those levels if they had been alone, and all three are aware of this.
However, there are individual passions that each of the three would like to undertake, for example Piero, one day he will sing an opera, while Gian would like to study acting but always maintaining their beautiful artistic and personal relationship.
Before finishing the interview, Stefano asks to have a Christmas greeting from Il Volo, given that there are 20 days to Christmas and Gian starts with “White Christmas”, then follows Piero and finally Ignazio.
Stefano thanks them by applauding and telling the boys that he loves them very much and is waiting for them for one dinner.
Final greetings to all those who are following the live.
A nice chat that always makes us discover something more about our guys.
By the way, in these days the Winter Olympics have started and the figure skating couple, Rebecca Ghilardi & Filippo Ambrosini, on the ice ….. will perform to the music of “Grande Amore.”
Here is the “good luck” made by Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca to the couple!!
PIERO = Hi Rebecca, hi Filippo.
GIAN = We wanted to give you a lot of “good luck” for your new experience.
IGNAZIO = Let’s go get the gold medal.
PIERO = Hi guys !!
GIAN = We are happy that you have chosen our song “GRANDE AMORE” that will accompany you in this wonderful adventure.
Soon !!
IGNAZIO = Hi, have fun!
Please click on the photo below to view a portion of their performance.
Really a very nice gesture from Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.
That’s all for now, see you next time.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thanks, Daniela and Patti, for this great posting. The boys seem to have many friends in the entertainment world, and all seem to think the world of them!

    The skating performance by Rebecca and Fillipo was beautiful and so intricate. How does he hold her up with one hand, on skates, and on ice!! It’s amazing!

    1. You’re welcome, Dolores! I actually saw a skating couple fall last night as he was lifting his partner up over his head! 😮 They got up and finished but I bet they are very sore today!

    2. I can tell you Dolores, that all the people of the show who have known Il Volo personally, have said that they are very nice, unlike the Italian press which has always described them as unpleasant.

      We hope that Filippo and Rebecca have a good result.

  2. Daniela & Pat,

    Thanks so much for this posting!

    I had been watching excerpts of the Winter Olympics, and wondering if any figure skater had chosen to dance to any of Il Volo’s songs. And, lo and behold, you answered my musing!

    I feel so proud, to see their songs being used. 🙂

    Best regards to everyone!
    Peckyin, Singapore.

    1. Perfect Peckyin, I’ve already answered your question.
      I really like figure skating, I will not miss this beautiful competition !!
      A hug from Brescia, Italy!!

      1. I’m sure that the newer Flight crew members do not know that our Daniela used to be a ballerina. It only makes sense that she would enjoy figure skating(ballet on ice)
        That was a very enjoyable interview, thanks Daniela.

  3. The best articles by far come from the Flight Crew!! Amazing, thank you so much. When you dont speak their language it is great to have it translated for us all. Please keep up the good work- I’m looking forward to the next one. Best Wishes from Kate 🇬🇧🇬🇧xx

  4. What would we do without Daniela and Pat? Using Google translate can be tedious, so thanks to Daniela for the translations. I always thought Ignazio said he would have liked to fly planes if he were not in the entertainment business. Thank goodness for Michele. I’m looking forward to the American tour with much anticipation. Keep eating healthy guys and stay safe.

    1. Dearest RoseMarie, I knew that this interview, even if from a few months ago, would bring a little joy to all you who are anxiously awaiting the tour.
      It’s true, using the translator can be nerve-wracking, especially when guys express themselves with typical Italian phrases, which are difficult to understand if translated literally, but I have Pat who helps me with in this !!

  5. Many thanks for all your efforts on yet another wonderful translation. I must be getting something right with my Italian lessons as I could follow parts of what they were saying.

    I love Piero’s Christmas tree, a man after my own heart as my trees are covered in hand made decorations. More decorations that trees in my case!

    I still live in hope that I might get the chance to see them in person one day, though it could still be sometime in the future. I am soooo envious of those of you who will be able to attend their concerts in the USA, and fingers crossed for Dolores, in Canada.

    Hugs Roz 🙂

    1. Roz, I’m happy to read that you understand part of the speech, great, keep it up !!
      We all keep our fingers crossed for the start of the tour, sadly every day we read about postponed tours. We hope that everything can be done in safety and health.

  6. Love Piero ” people see us in a new way” This, to me, is
    the most valuable part of the pandemic. A time for them
    to grow individually and express their feelings.
    as always Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Yes Martha, the pandemic, gave Il Volo a way to make itself known in a different way. As I have already explained several times, here in Italy, the press has always denigrated them and many people did not even want to listen to them. Seeing them in a different guise made many people understand their mistake.

  7. Thank you Daniela for translating this. It was a fun interview. All three have a good sense of humor. I think the skaters performing to Grande Amore is a nice tribute to the guys. It really works well with a skating routine.

    1. Yes Cathy, it’s a nice interview and I think the one who had the most fun is Stefano, who kept laughing and said that with Il Volo he can’t do a serious interview.

  8. Thanks Pat and Daniela for the videos and translation of this very nice interview. They seem to have a very friendly relationship with Stefano. Good luck to Rebecca and Filippo skating to Grande Amore. It has been used by very good ice skaters.

    1. Margaret, I seem to remember, and I don’t want to be wrong, that Stefano personally met Il Volo only in 2019, after the second Sanremo and it was immediately true friendship.
      As I have always said, those who know them love them.
      Let’s hope so for Filippo and Rebecca !!

  9. Thanks, Daniela, for all the hard work you put into your translations. You do a wonderful job. I especially appreciated the lightheartedness of this interview – the guys at their “natural best”, so to speak.
    Does anyone know if the ice skaters won a medal?
    Thanks again. I look forward to – and enjoy – all the posts.

  10. Daniela and Pat, thank you so much for translating this enjoyable interview. Our guys were relaxed and seemed to enjoy the interview themselves. Stefano is an interesting character and a supporter of lL Volo. I hope he gets to have dinner with the guys.

    It was wonderful seeing Rebecca and Filippo skating to Grande Amore. I sure hope they win a gold medal for their performance.

    Thanks again.

    1. Mary Jane, I will follow the Winter Olympics as always, but I’m curious to see the Filippo-Rebecca couple in action, it’s nice to see those beautiful figures made to beautiful music.

  11. Bravo Daniela and Pat for translating a complicated interview! These three are always at ease, no matter the language, playful and serious all at the same time. Full of fun and unpredictable. Thank you for all your efforts.

  12. Don’t sell yourself short, Patti! Without your assistance, the postings would not be the same. Hugs, Dolores

  13. Thank you for sharing this awesome and fun interview. I love learning things and especially the info about the Olympics with the young couple performing to Grand Amore!!! How special is that for the guys!! Grazie!!

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