Adult group photo with IL VOLO and the Ukrainian flag

Il Volo Visits Ukrainian Refugees by Daniela

On March 30 Il Volo made a very important visit, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, went to the Fratres Mutinae center in Modena (an assistance and charity center near Bologna), where they met Ukrainian children and mothers, who are hosted in this structure.
Here is the article from Il Resto Del Carlino of Modena, which talks about this day, and that I translate for you.
Click HERE for the article from Il Resto Del Carlino News of Modena
Modena, 30 March 2022
An excited smile and a ball with which they improvised a fun football match in the courtyard. This morning the guys from Il Volo, an Italian musical group made up of two young tenors and a baritone, stopped off at the Fratres Mutinae to bring a message of peace to the many refugees hosted, in particular to children.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca then visited the Fratres headquarters and then took part in the departure of a second convoy of vehicles from LA SORGENTE Ambulanze which, from its headquarters in via San Donato 5 in Quarto Inferiore (BO), will bring humanitarian aid including medicines and first aid material to the Hospitallers association in Ukraine. The members of the group are already volunteers in the Modena and Bologna associations of the Freatres and recalled, with the help of an interpreter, the many concerts organized in Ukraine, underlining that they have many friends who they hope to meet soon.
“I would like to thank Il Volo for the active participation and closeness they are showing towards our enterprise”, underlined the president of the Perez-Koskowska Foundation, Dr. Cristian Manuel Perez.

IL VOLO kneeling in front of the refugee group

The newspaper LA GAZZETTA DI MODENA published these words and this video:
Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, known as “Il Volo”,  arrived in Modena yesterday morning at the headquarters of the Fratres Mutinae association. A visit to greet the 39 Ukrainian refugees, including 29 minors and 10 women who are guests in the premises of Via Milano. The artists, very sensitive to the theme of volunteering – they themselves are volunteers in associations in Modena and Bologna – wanted to welcome the refugees.
Video by Luigi Esposito
IGNAZIO = We hope to meet soon in Kiev or Odessa and ….
GIANLUCA = …. celebrate the end of this war.
WOMAN’S VOICE = Welcome back to Modena, today for a special occasion.
PIERO = We prefer to see these children in other circumstances, to see them in the places they deserve and that we all deserve, we try to give a gesture of solidarity by being close to them. We are grateful for the work the volunteers are doing. The only thing we can do is stay close to them and bring a smile, like this morning, we played football with the children, and just for this your heart bursts with joy, so it’s the only thing you can do.
GIANLUCA = This situation affects all of us, not only Ukrainians or Russians, but it is a situation that affects the whole world and, touch this situation firsthand, come here and see the situation that these families are experiencing, children who do not know where they are their parents, have no news, and thank goodness there are these people (volunteers) who help this people in great difficulty. We have been to Ukraine many times, and it is a wonderful land. We also have many friends who are suffering, so let’s try to be close to them in this way too.
IGNAZIO =They have already said it all, but it is one situation beyond anyone’s control, and as they said, (Piero and Gianluca) what we can do is try to stay close in our own way, and that’s why we want to thank LA SORGENTE, which has done an immense job. We are very close to them.
MAN’S VOICE = Were you already volunteers?
IGNAZIO = Yes, especially I who are from Bologna, I with my family and my sister, we are volunteers when we can. When I can, I go there, to meet some grannies, maybe who are our fans and maybe do something, but even more so in this situation, we are very close to LA SORGENTE.
PIero kicking the ball with the children
And the RAI3 regional news reported this:
WOMAN’S VOICE = And there are over 19,000 Ukrainian refugees in the region (Emilia Romagna). In Modena, the 3 tenors of Il Volo, visiting a reception center.
WOMAN’S VOICE = And let’s stay in Modena, where the musical trio Il Volo took part in a solidarity initiative, and met some refugees who are welcomed in a structure.
MAN’S VOICE = A ball is enough to break the language barrier, and make these Ukrainian children feel their closeness, fleeing the war and welcomed in Modena. Gianluca Piero and Ignazio, the voices of the famous trio Il Volo, already active in volunteering, wanted to give their personal welcome to the refugees.
PIERO = We know very well their countries, their cities, we have sung many times in Kiev, in Odessa, we have many friends, we remember the welcome we had at the concerts. Today, this is a gesture that makes us feel good.
MAN’S VOICE = Thanks to the joint work of three associations, this structure has been adapted to house about forty refugees, mostly children, with their mothers. Volunteers try to give them a sense of normality, after the trauma of leaving their country.
MAN’S VOICE = The goal is certainly to make this time flow, making sure that they do not realize this distance from their home, hoping that the war will end soon, and also giving them the tools to be able to go home.
WOMAN’S VOICE = Each of us Ukrainians can also carry out their mission from abroad, helping these children or their mothers to translate, to find hospitality.
MAN’S VOICE = The associations have already donated an ambulance, today a second convoy of humanitarian aid, with first aid drugs has left for Ukraine.
IL VOLO watching the children play outside

Adult group photo with IL VOLO and the Ukrainian flag

IL VOLO outside with several children

IL VOLO talking to several of the people that are helping

Here’s what I like about these guys, that when there is a need, they are there.
I would like to underline some words that have been said:
“you are already volunteers”, already because Il Volo is not new to this association and brings its silent help. Surely, even in the sending of material attended by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, there will have been their material contribution, but, as they themselves have said several times:
“Charities don’t need publicity.”
You are boys with a hearts of gold! ❤❤❤
I want to finish with this video recorded by Il Volo in Kiev and during the show Dancing with the Stars Ukraine.
A few moments with their friend Max, and during a concert in Kiev.
We hope that such moments of lightheartedness will soon return to Ukraine. 🌿


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you so much Daniela for sharing this beautiful article. As you said, our boys have hearts of gold. They are always so kind and humble. A huge thank you to their parents for raising such wonderful young men. I have tears in my eyes right now. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for yet another fine article. No doubt these boys are to be comended for their big hearts reaching out for those in need and remembering the people and fans that they have met during their travels. Now trying to give back and spread some happiness. Kudos to them. Greetings from Kirsten, Denmark

  3. Thanks for the update, Daniela. I expected we would hear news of the guys doing what they could to assist those affected by this horrific atrocity. I had just signed a petition to the President of the European Commission requesting aid with animal rescue efforts. An animal shelter was bombed killing dogs and volunteers were killed trying to get food and supplies to shelters. What next? So distressing but always nice to see our sensitive and sympathetic guys doing their best for the displaced.

    1. Yes, Judith, this is all so sad and senseless.
      I read about an Italian who has an abandoned animal shelter near Kiev, he didn’t want to come away, they had nothing left to eat, now help has arrived.

      1. Thank you for translating the article Daniela.
        I encourage Il Volo lovers to donate as much money as they can to American Humane, it is an animal rescue foundation that helps animals all over the world, and has sent people to Ukraine to help the animals there. Betty White was on the board of directors for 25 years for this organization. And then of course the people of Ukraine need our help also.
        I know Ukrainians love Il Volo, and it makes me sad that some of them are not with us now. Such a senseless act!

      2. Yes Jill, everything is needed, people run away in fear and leave the animals, not only domestic ones, even the farms. Adrea Cisternino is there with three women and 453 animals of all species and they have been without food and water.

  4. As always, three great guys. Always full of compassion for others, and why couldn’t the rest of the world possess just a fraction of this? No doubt there are others out there who do, but IL Volo does the heavy lifting at this point in time with compassion and love, in my view.

  5. Another example of the huge hearts Il Volo has. We wouldn’t expect more or less from them. They are truly remarkable human beings!

    Thanks, Daniela, for yet another great story.

  6. Thank you for translating this beautiful article. Yes that’s true, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are wonderful young men with big hearts of gold. It’s unimeginable hard time for these poor people from Ukraine and they need support and hope. It’s unbelievable how much suffering this insane man has coused. I only hope that this awfull war will end soon. Thanks again Daniela and Pat for your work you are amazing

  7. They have hearts of gold. We have always known this but thank you Daniela for sharing this with us

  8. I’m so proud of our young men! Hugely talented, handsome, kind and able to relate to other people and even other countries’ predicament. Piero, Gianluca, Ignazio, please stay that way. I love you!

    1. Thank you Daniela. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are such compassionate young men. Even though they have such busy lives they always make time to help others. I loved watching them play with the children. I am so proud to be their fan. God bless them.

  9. thank you Daniela. Can’t help but have face filled with tears while reading this. thank you so much for your translating for us.

    1. Connie, I sure didn’t mean to make you cry, you are such a sensitive person and you know guys well since their inception and you know well, that they are capable of such gestures.

  10. Thank you Daniela for another one of your great stories about our favorite boys. They are not only talented but so compassionate. Kudos to their parents for how they were raised. They are so giving with open hearts. They don’t let their celebrity go to their heads. They’re so humble and down to earth. I’m so happy they gave a little laughter and happiness to the Ukrainian kids. Thank you again Daniela ❤️

    1. Irene, it was a pleasure for me to be able to translate these beautiful gestures to you. Yes, Piero’s parents, Ignazio, and Gianluca did a really good job.

  11. Daniela, on a different note, as I value your input, opinions and perspectives on all things IL Volo and at the risk of sounding harsh and critical, I have to mention the dance routines on Facebook of Ignazio and Ana doing what seems to me to be immature and silly behavior. I know “in love”can make a person do crazy things. These posts have been popping up lately and they are unbecoming for a person who values his privacy. He is an international star in his genre and I feel these silly videos will give his detractors ammunition to attack him and defame him and in the long run would be detrimental to all three.
    She is not at all the type I would have expected him to loose his mind over. She seems very immature and silly acting to me. Of course, I realize he has the right to post on Facebook and be with whom ever he wishes. I’m just not impressed with her. There must be, in all of Italy, another beautiful, smart, sensible, reasonable girl that’s just waiting to fall in love with him. No need to go shopping in Brazil.
    I’m really am a bit disappointed in him, as I admire his brilliant talents and all he has to offer we common folk. A lot of people will see these videos and possibly not take IL Volo seriously or at least Ignazio-that would be a shame. Am I all wrong about this? I’d welcome your comments. Thanks.

    1. I think they’re perfect together. There is a time to just be silly. A great stress relief. I wish Gian would show some not-so-serious films of himself and Eleanora.

    2. Sorry to disagree with you Mark, but I wouldn’t have called the dancing Ignazio and Ana do as silly. Fun yes, silly no. As for Ana not being the type of girl that Ignazio would lose his head over. To be perfectly honest I think she is far more fun to be with than some of the ‘plastic’ girls I have seen in the Italian press. You know the sort I mean, don’t touch because it might ruin my lippy!

      Nor do I care much for the comment about ‘shopping in Brazil’. Surely it isn’t just for a lady to fall in love with him, but for Ignazio to feel the same way about her. Or have I got mixed up ideas about love being only a one sided thing? Maybe at 50+ years, can’t remember exactly how many(!) I am not in tune with the latest developments in the amore stakes. 😉

      As for his detractors, too bad, if they don’t like it, then they can lump it. It isn’t for them, or even for us, to tell Ignazio, Gianluca or Piero who they should/should not fall in love with. It is their lives, so they are entitled to do what they feel is right for them.

      I would be interested to hear your comments on the earring in Gianluca’s left ear…………………

      I’ve just done my sums, it will be our 57th anniversary in August! Sheesh, doesn’t time fly when one is having fun! Sorry about all these !!!’s, but going by Duolingo they appear to be used a great deal in Italian.


      1. Roz, when I saw Ana, I thought she was really much better than the latest Italian girl Roberta Morise, I really couldn’t stand her, all fake, older than him and really with countless flirtations of more or less famous, more or less mature men behind his back. No, I really couldn’t think that Ignazio was with her, much, much better Ana.

        Gian’s earring is a clip, he didn’t pierce the ear.

      2. Thanks for the info on Gian’s earring, but when I saw a recent photo of him it looked like one of those sleeper rings, and mighty sore.

        Hope you are feeling much better.


    3. Sorry Mark if I answer you just now, unfortunately I too had problems with contagion, but Omicron seemed to me a simple flu.
      It is true, we are used to seeing our three young men in situations that are always very serious and mature, that when we see little things we are not used to, we turn up our noses. Personally, I hardly watch these little videos at all, I find them nice, but nothing important. As I said before, Ignazio and Gian have social girls, and because of that, we see them in a different light too. But as long as these are the things, I wouldn’t worry too much, on the contrary I’m glad that Ignazio has found his smile again. For the rest, these are very recent stories, let’s give time to time.
      As for the opinion of the people, perhaps some people will think that even the three of IL Volo are simple guys like many, here with us, many people consider them too serious.

      1. Thanks Daniela, I’ve been accused of being too serious over insignificant matters myself and here I’ve done it again. Hope you are feeling much better.

  12. Many thanks on all the recent translations. I have been a bit on the busy side, so only get the chance to read them as emails. Much appreciation for all the hard work from you ladies.

    I have started a copy/paste/translate on ‘the book’ as an Open Office file. Being able to read it in both Italian and English is at least helping my pronunciation. I still stumble over the letters c and g, but the more I check with Google translate, the more I understand.


    1. Roz, I may not be in tune with the in’s and out’s of amore matters myself. My main point I was trying to make was the video would be fine when viewed privately and with friends, certainly not, on Facebook of all places. There are people on that platform who are not very nice to Ignazio and never have been. My initial impression of these dance numbers is they seem silly to me and I realize there are plenty of fans who would disagree and that’s alright, I respect their opinions. In my view the two just don’t add up as a match. He is very much attracted to the glamour of women and she is easy on the eyes, I’ll give her that much. You may comment again if you wish,I’m a big boy and can take it. Mark

  13. I believe that refugees, ‘genuine or just economic’, can actually be perceived by large swaths of society as though they’re somehow disposable and, by extension, their suffering is somehow less worthy of external concern; perhaps something similar to how human smugglers perceive their cargo when choosing that most immoral line of business.

    It is astonishingly atrocious that such a large number of human beings, however precious their souls, can be considered thus treated as though disposable, even to otherwise free, democratic and relatively civilized nations. [One can observe something similar to this inhumanity with the many Canadian indigenous children having been buried in unmarked graves by the religious residential schools they were abusively forced to attend.] When those people take note of this, tragically, they’re vulnerable to begin subconsciously perceiving themselves as beings without value.

    Though perhaps subconsciously, a somewhat similar inhuman(e) devaluation is observable in external attitudes toward the daily civilian lives lost in protractedly devastating war zones and famine-stricken nations; the worth of such life will be measured by its overabundance and/or the protracted conditions under which it suffers. Thus, those people can eventually receive meagre column inches on the back page of the First World’s daily news.

  14. Very thought provoking post. I have read it over several times, with much sadness for Ukraine’s refugees and the displaced. No one should know this much horror. Your points are well taken.

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