Il Volo Visits Ukrainian Refugees by Daniela

On March 30 Il Volo made a very important visit, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, went to the Fratres Mutinae center in Modena (an assistance and charity center near Bologna), where they met Ukrainian children and mothers, who are hosted in this structure.
Here is the article from Il Resto Del Carlino of Modena, which talks about this day, and that I translate for you.
Click HERE for the article from Il Resto Del Carlino News of Modena
Modena, 30 March 2022
An excited smile and a ball with which they improvised a fun football match in the courtyard. This morning the guys from Il Volo, an Italian musical group made up of two young tenors and a baritone, stopped off at the Fratres Mutinae to bring a message of peace to the many refugees hosted, in particular to children.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca then visited the Fratres headquarters and then took part in the departure of a second convoy of vehicles from LA SORGENTE Ambulanze which, from its headquarters in via San Donato 5 in Quarto Inferiore (BO), will bring humanitarian aid including medicines and first aid material to the Hospitallers association in Ukraine. The members of the group are already volunteers in the Modena and Bologna associations of the Freatres and recalled, with the help of an interpreter, the many concerts organized in Ukraine, underlining that they have many friends who they hope to meet soon.
“I would like to thank Il Volo for the active participation and closeness they are showing towards our enterprise”, underlined the president of the Perez-Koskowska Foundation, Dr. Cristian Manuel Perez.

IL VOLO kneeling in front of the refugee group

The newspaper LA GAZZETTA DI MODENA published these words and this video:
Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, known as “Il Volo”,  arrived in Modena yesterday morning at the headquarters of the Fratres Mutinae association. A visit to greet the 39 Ukrainian refugees, including 29 minors and 10 women who are guests in the premises of Via Milano. The artists, very sensitive to the theme of volunteering – they themselves are volunteers in associations in Modena and Bologna – wanted to welcome the refugees.
Video by Luigi Esposito
IGNAZIO = We hope to meet soon in Kiev or Odessa and ….
GIANLUCA = …. celebrate the end of this war.
WOMAN’S VOICE = Welcome back to Modena, today for a special occasion.
PIERO = We prefer to see these children in other circumstances, to see them in the places they deserve and that we all deserve, we try to give a gesture of solidarity by being close to them. We are grateful for the work the volunteers are doing. The only thing we can do is stay close to them and bring a smile, like this morning, we played football with the children, and just for this your heart bursts with joy, so it’s the only thing you can do.
GIANLUCA = This situation affects all of us, not only Ukrainians or Russians, but it is a situation that affects the whole world and, touch this situation firsthand, come here and see the situation that these families are experiencing, children who do not know where they are their parents, have no news, and thank goodness there are these people (volunteers) who help this people in great difficulty. We have been to Ukraine many times, and it is a wonderful land. We also have many friends who are suffering, so let’s try to be close to them in this way too.
IGNAZIO =They have already said it all, but it is one situation beyond anyone’s control, and as they said, (Piero and Gianluca) what we can do is try to stay close in our own way, and that’s why we want to thank LA SORGENTE, which has done an immense job. We are very close to them.
MAN’S VOICE = Were you already volunteers?
IGNAZIO = Yes, especially I who are from Bologna, I with my family and my sister, we are volunteers when we can. When I can, I go there, to meet some grannies, maybe who are our fans and maybe do something, but even more so in this situation, we are very close to LA SORGENTE.
PIero kicking the ball with the children
And the RAI3 regional news reported this:
WOMAN’S VOICE = And there are over 19,000 Ukrainian refugees in the region (Emilia Romagna). In Modena, the 3 tenors of Il Volo, visiting a reception center.
WOMAN’S VOICE = And let’s stay in Modena, where the musical trio Il Volo took part in a solidarity initiative, and met some refugees who are welcomed in a structure.
MAN’S VOICE = A ball is enough to break the language barrier, and make these Ukrainian children feel their closeness, fleeing the war and welcomed in Modena. Gianluca Piero and Ignazio, the voices of the famous trio Il Volo, already active in volunteering, wanted to give their personal welcome to the refugees.
PIERO = We know very well their countries, their cities, we have sung many times in Kiev, in Odessa, we have many friends, we remember the welcome we had at the concerts. Today, this is a gesture that makes us feel good.
MAN’S VOICE = Thanks to the joint work of three associations, this structure has been adapted to house about forty refugees, mostly children, with their mothers. Volunteers try to give them a sense of normality, after the trauma of leaving their country.
MAN’S VOICE = The goal is certainly to make this time flow, making sure that they do not realize this distance from their home, hoping that the war will end soon, and also giving them the tools to be able to go home.
WOMAN’S VOICE = Each of us Ukrainians can also carry out their mission from abroad, helping these children or their mothers to translate, to find hospitality.
MAN’S VOICE = The associations have already donated an ambulance, today a second convoy of humanitarian aid, with first aid drugs has left for Ukraine.
IL VOLO watching the children play outside

Adult group photo with IL VOLO and the Ukrainian flag

IL VOLO outside with several children

IL VOLO talking to several of the people that are helping

Here’s what I like about these guys, that when there is a need, they are there.
I would like to underline some words that have been said:
“you are already volunteers”, already because Il Volo is not new to this association and brings its silent help. Surely, even in the sending of material attended by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, there will have been their material contribution, but, as they themselves have said several times:
“Charities don’t need publicity.”
You are boys with a hearts of gold! ❤❤❤
I want to finish with this video recorded by Il Volo in Kiev and during the show Dancing with the Stars Ukraine.
A few moments with their friend Max, and during a concert in Kiev.
We hope that such moments of lightheartedness will soon return to Ukraine. 🌿


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.