Get Those Cell Phones Ready by Susan

In a few days the guys will step on a plane in Italy and step off in North America where the magic will begin again so, Get Those Cell Phones Ready!
Where have these last two years gone? It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday. Perhaps because the guys, more than ever, never left us. When past concerts were over the guys went home spent a short time with their families and then out on tour again. But this time, they stayed home with their families and stood by our side for two years. They entertained us. Kept us apprised of projects they were working on. And kept us up to date with their lives. This unusual event brought us closer to them. It gave us a new feeling of togetherness and family!
And what they’ve done in two years is amazing! They have a new face! They’ve matured and when we greet them, we will see a new beginning for them. No, they haven’t given up the Bel canto, they’ve added it to it with their beautiful Morricone collection. I think the biggest difference we will see is in the production!
We all found ourselves on an unusual journey these last two, two and a half years! Life as we knew it changed so much so that we almost forget how great it was before! But now we come away with an even better understanding of what lies ahead and as the North American concert dates draw closer, we wait and anticipate the moment we will live it LIVE!

Each one of us has a great memory of past concerts. For me, of course, it’s Radio City Music Hall!  
Radio City Music Hall February 6, 2020

But what I love more than anything is looking back at the beginning of their career and watching how they grew! One of the nice things about living in New York is you get all the interviews and promos firsthand!

In the late summer of 2011, the guys were getting ready for their first North American Tour. This involved a lot of preparation and a lot of appearances on TV talk shows to pave the way! I remember watching them on “Good Morning America” and thinking this is going to be an amazing journey for them. They had so much going for them but above all they had their youth! Their voices were enticing and, they were adorable! Every teenage girl was going to fall in love with them. So would their mothers, and above all the grandmothers! It was the beginning of a journey that was going to take them to every corner of the earth. They would steal the hearts of all who came into contact with them. And, given their age, we could count on their music being around for a long time.
That was the thing about their music, it came from the past, fit right into the present and would go well into the future. Everyone would come to love it! Yes, there were others who sang the same songs but, they were not Il Volo! Only Il Volo could pierce our hearts with their beautiful voices and leave us memories that would grow with age and expand with every new song!
Before there was Radio City Music Hall there was the Detroit Opera House December 2011. This was their true introduction to America! Their PBS Special opened a door to one of the most exciting events in music!

No question they were on a rollercoaster that was headed for the stars! In this PBS special, I realized how special Il Volo was! This was the moment I knew what love was because I fell in love with three handsome teenagers!
Staying with the early days….
From the very first moment they stole the hearts of the American people! How was it possible three teenagers could have such amazing voices. America wanted more….


Their first morning show was The Talk where our guys were first introduced on American TV.
Then there was The Today Show where they sang “Smile”….

During the last days of summer in September of 2011, the guys were taping the “Today” show. They were teenagers and they were belting out their favorite song “O Sole Mio” in front of projections of stained-glass windows. Their appearance capped a few months that brought them from “American Idol” to the morning talk shows to the final episode of “Entourage.” The idea was carefully designed to expose them to both mothers and daughters, before their first North American tour, which included theaters like the Beacon Theater in Manhattan.
In the NBC studio at Rockefeller Center, a sleepy-eyed Gianluca, 16, crooned the opening verse, and Piero, 18, and Ignazio, who was turning 17 the following Tuesday, released ringing high notes. Hoda Kotb, “Today’s” co-host, put her hand on her heart and smiled wistfully behind the cameras.
“We are Il Volo,” Ignazio said at the end with a heavy accent and a dimpled grin. “It means ‘flight.’ Thank you for flying with us!
After the taping Hoda said, “Believe me, everyone’s going to come running. They’re going to beat down the door.” How right she was!
So, let’s go to that moment the guys waited for from their first visit to America! The moment their dreams came true!
Radio City Music Hall….
Let’s watch some special videos from September 27, 2013, their first time performing at Radio City Music Hall. The first video says it all!

Let the show begin….

Who was more excited? Us or Them?

Can you imagine any other group stopping a show to express their feelings and above all sharing it with their fans. That’s what makes these guys special. We, the fans, are included in everything! Totally amazing!

Let’s move forward a bit and stop at February 6, 2020. Their last phenomenal performance at Radio City! And let’s begin with their solos….

Ignazio’s riveting rendition of “Tonight!”

Gianluca’s sensational “She’s Always a Woman!”

Piero’s Vibrant “Love Story!”

Extremely emotional moments for all of us!
And then, together the excitement continues….

Those absolutely emotional moments. 

And the absolute joy when the audience joins in!

This is the joy that is IL Volo!

If you haven’t already booked one of the upcoming concerts, there’s still time….

Visit for tickets.
Now, I want to jump forward to their most recent concert at Tagliacozzo….
I am grateful to our own Daniela Perani for the beautiful description she gave us of this concert in her article, Il Volo: Concert in Tagliacozzo.
So, what was it about this article that captured me? Giorgio Algherini.
Since Daniela couldn’t go to the concert, Giorgio said he would send her pictures. Well, he did more than that! What he sent her was some of the most beautiful comments about the concert and his description of his first live concert of Il Volo. 
In the past, Giorgio has taken pictures of the guys including the pictures of them at St. Peter’s Square, but this was the first actual concert he attended. Let me turn it over to Giorgio Algherini to give you an eyewitness account of what he experienced that evening at Tagliacozzo….
It was my first live Il Volo concert.
I have always followed them on TV from their first appearances on “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”, now years ago.
Now that I’ve heard them in concert, I have a very strong and positive opinion of them.
I attended the soundcheck and their voices had already amazed me, but live they are wonderful.
The concert was of absolute professionalism in all its nuances, even in terms of acoustics, lights, orchestra, the whole organization, beautiful location. The conductor, Jacopo Sipari di Pescasseroli, besides being my friend, is a great professional.
Il Volo conducted the whole concert without any flaws, without holes (he means without pauses).
The audience was absolutely ecstatic, applause and … I will tell you when they went down to sing in the midst of everyone, the delirium …. each of the three, went down to different sectors in the audience and created panic, absolutely brilliant to share certain moments with the fans.
The audience has always acclaimed them in each of their songs and the moments of talk between one song and another.
Difficult to choose a better song for me, all to applause!
Surely their voice have matured a lot, the result of studies, I believe, in addition to their gift that nature has reserved for them. Surely those who believed in them are to be admired, then I know that at the beginning they were followed in America for almost two years, by many professionals.
They all three voices are absolutely clean, beautiful and deep, in my opinion Ignazio seems more incisive but the choice is very difficult.
 I hear many people who ignore Il Volo, then however, when you attend their lives, you understand that there are bad, incompetent and very envious people. I do not consider myself a great connoisseur of music but … here it is not difficult to understand what is in those voices.
Of the national press, which hardly ever writes about them, more than journalists, I consider them pennivendoli. (pens, sold)
I went to the concert with two fan friends, which was the seventh concert they attended, plus a friend who is almost always in Rai and was greatly admired, even though she already knew them very well.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are absolutely of a kindness unique. Personally, I was lucky enough last night to be close to them after the concert, 3 delightful guys, playful, easy-going, never over the top, absolutely humble!
Yesterday there was the whole family of Gianluca and his grandfather, very friendly.
During the concert, there was a very beautiful thing, a very, very meaningful photo. They brought a little boy up on stage….the shrewdness of this child who sang with them, really touching. It was a beautiful moment, very touching and also to laugh at.

 Giorgio went on to say….
Courtesy of my friend Giancarlo Gneme, present at the concert, could I not post it? It was such a fun moment for everyone and the love that the guys from “Il Volo” have for Mattia!
Thanks to Monica Carducci, Mattia’s mother for allowing us to publish videos and photos!
Monica said: Here is the video of when Piero Barone called Mattia, who, up to that moment, had not stopped singing for a second, asking the security to take him on stage! Mattia, who lives for music, I think it was the most beautiful of his life ….. indescribable!
Monica Carducci (Mattia’s mother) to Giorgio Algherini: we lived a crazy dream …. Mattia is a driver who wins hearts, it is his innate gift.
The boys of ‘Il Volo’ are of a crazy humanity …. And with them a lot of people present at the concert who showed us so much affection. A beautiful music page performed by three great artists but also a great message of humanity. Mattia loves music and also sings very well.
He had never been on a stage of this thickness, and he was very charged …. I sincerely hope he will soon meet these wonderful artists again …. He faces many trials, sometimes even tough ones, but the little lion that is in him makes him love life without reserve and music is all his life, lymph that gives him great emotions.  Thanks to all of you, really.
Those three big-hearted boys noticed the passion for music of that ‘wren’ who sang among the large audience and when Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca asked the security to bring him up ….. I could not believe my eyes!
Thank you for giving my baby an emotion that is impossible to describe … really so much bigger than him! 
When Mattia got off that stage …. he held me tight and tight and whispered to me…. ‘Mom, I’m happy!’ 

I saw you next to three splendid voices, I saw you sure of yourself ….. and as always ….. you glowed.
Please take time to read Daniela’s article it is beautiful.
So, let me close by saying you need to Get Those Cell Phones Ready because the concerts are just around the corner.
Having said that, I want to mention something that the guys said. Since people started taking photos and videos at the concerts, they seem to be so involved that they are missing something important. The guys miss the uproar and applause at the end of each song. They love the standing ovations, but it was wonderful hearing the applause and watching the reaction of the audience.
So, fans, remember, stop recording at the end of the songs and start showing the guys how much you love them. Applause! Applause! Applause!
I know the guys will be anxiously waiting for you at the concerts and I will be waiting for you at Radio City Music Hall. See you there!
One last word, many of you have asked about my book! On September 9th, 2022, my book “Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio,” will be released at the Padre Pio Foundation of America, 463 Main Street, Cromwell, CT.  A book signing will take place from 9 am – 2 pm.  If you live in the Tri-State area, come and join me. I would love to meet you!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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  1. Thank you Susan !!Piero’s version of Love Story gave me the goosepimples!😢❤️So heart-felt and those lyrics make us (their admirers and unconditional fans)more and more romantic and happier and happier that they are back on stage again!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. The video of Ignazio telling Piero and Gianluca how much he loves them was done a day after he was drugged and robbed in Miami. That was a very frightening time when he was missing.

  3. I have not taken videos at my last few concerts. I prefer to keep my eyes on the guys, there are so many clips posted in FB, IG and Twitter that it is not necessary to take my eyes off of them, Detroit here I come!

  4. Thank you Susan, you gals really work hard to keep us informed and to guide us throughout the lives of these three amazing men! Not yet having to be able to attend a concert I appreciate them more than I can say. Their music continues to lift me, my spirits and my heart everyday. Maybe even more important is how they interact with their fans, the audience and everyone who is fortunate enough to come into contact with them…so much love, humanity and kindness! Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are a gift from the heavens, from God…what a blessing they are.
    I’m a fan for life and have been for 13 yrs., I’ve enjoyed watching them grow as much as I have my own grandchildren.❤️🥰🎼🌹😇🎁🙏🏻

  5. Thank you once again Susan. They truly are a gift from heaven. I can’t tell you how much they have lifted my spirits in the past few years that I have discovered Il Volo. I can’t wait to see them for my first time on 9/23/22 at the Borgota Casino. NJ

  6. Dankjewel voor de mooie woorden dat Je schrijft over de boys en de video’s die er bij horen, spijtig heb ik zelf nog geen concert kunnen bij wonen, ik hoop dat Il volo hun toer met concerten richting België komt in de toekomst dat zou geweldig zijn, de boys zitten in mijn hart, hun muziek kijk dvd en luister er heel de dag naar en Il volo live zien zou geweldig zijn,
    Heel veel groetjes vanuit België

  7. Once again thanks a milion Susan for your beautiful articles – including this one. I do particularly enjoy the old video clips that I have never seen or heard before. They are awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to find them and share them with us.

    And I so muh agree with you Susan that it is vital to let go of the cell-phone when at the guys’ concerts and concentrate on their singing first and foremost and not the least to show them our appreciation by at the end of each song to applaud them. Their concert should not be seen or heard through the phone but rather through our eyes and ears and given all our attetion. Yes, it is fun to have our own photos and videos, but let’ss try to limit it and be in the moment in stead. Well said Susan!

    And yes, now – in just a few days – IL VOLO will come to you American fans again singing their hearts out. I wish you all a fatastic time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!. BUT right this moment – in stead of getting your cell-phones out for new photos and videos – I would urge each and everyone of you to get it out in order TO BOOK TICKETS for the guys’ shows and to request your families and friends to do likewise as a check on the ticket sale in the US has me concerned… The concerts are by far from sold out (as far as I can see – hope I am wrong…). I have very good friends in the US (Michigan) and when writing them the other day and telling them about my Italian holiday and concert with Il Volo in Verona I used the opportunity to suggest them to hurry up and get tickets for the upcoming concert in Detroit. Out of curiousity I looked up the ticket sale – to ensure that tickets were still available – and much to my surprise it seems that the Fox Theatre isn’t even half full… and the concert is in just 10 days. I checked likewise Chicago and New York – and that does neither look to promising… So if this is true, the guys need their fans more than ever and it is time for us to show them our loyalty. So dear fellow Il Volo fans spread the word and GET THAT SALE GOING the sooner the better.

    Greetings from sunny Copenhagen, Denmark. Kirsten

  8. Two years without the tour and no advance publicity (that I see or read), results in fewer new fans. It might take more than one tour to build it all up again. Some folks wake up slowly to the incomparable concept of IL VOLO. Today, for me, is zero minus 18!!

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