IL VOLO TOUR 2022: BRESCIA by Daniela

It was fantastic, the magic started 7 years ago for me, my first Il Volo concert was in 2015 in Brescia, in Piazza Loggia and yesterday 2 September 2022, after 7 years, the magic was repeated.
There are no words to describe the emotions.
But let’s start from the beginning.
Piazza Loggia was bright, ready for the concert.

In the afternoon I attended the sound check, we members of the fan club were able to enter and sit in the first row. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrived but did a very short sound check, but then they got off the stage and greeted all of us from the fan club one by one, exchanging a few words with each one. They were very kind and apologized for the shortness of the sound check due to the fact that being an open square, many people were behind the barriers and could watch and listen. The thing I did not like was that we at the fan club were absolutely forbidden to take pictures or videos, so there is nothing that testifies that we were in contact with the boys, and the people outside the barriers, on the other hand, could do all of them, the photos they wanted ….. what nonsense!

In the afternoon I also met Judith, from Canada, she reads to us on Flight Crew and told me that she has been following Il Volo for 10 years, since she casually saw them on the PBS television station, and she heard ITALIA,  immediately she searched on the map where it was that nation of which he did not even know the name and since then, thanks to Il Volo, she returns to Italy every year. Now she loves Italy very much, but we know very well that Il Volo is the best ambassador of Italy !! ❤
And then it was a surprise in the evening, to discover that Judith and I at the concert had seats next to each other in the front row !! Perfect 🤗

My country is not far from Brescia, about 15 minutes by car, so we left an hour before the concert, but once in the center of Brescia, the chaos, there was no parking and long queues of cars, so we parked a little distant and then almost running to arrive in time, long queue at the entrance to the square and then, time to sit down and the concert begins.
I was ready with my video camera. “Ecstasy of Gold” starts, the camera starts having a thousand problems, and then “memory full” appears, but it’s not possible !!!! So all evening I had to shoot with my cellphone, which is not of excellent quality, I had to keep the images close, otherwise it blurs, but I must say that I am quite satisfied with the result and I hope you are too.
The first song that opens the concert is “Ecstasy Of Gold”.  I really like this song, here is a small piece.
I haven’t recorded all the songs, but there are several videos and the following is of the beautiful Your Love, which reminds all us, Ignazio’s sad moments.
Click on the photo below to view Your Love.

The lineup is always the same as in Verona, and soon the solos arrived, beautifully sung by all three,
Ignazio begins with “All By Myself”.
Superb interpretation, sweet and powerful at the same time. ❤
Gianluca immediately follows with the beautiful “Your Song”.
The speech before the song is also beautiful. He would like to thank his family who have always supported him and the luck of having found Il Volo and having been able to give life to his dream of singing.
Bravo Gianluca. And what about his voice? A marvel of beautiful emotions !!
It’s Piero’s turn, I chose “E lucean le stelle” from his singles.
Touching interpretation and power of voice which drags us into a whirlwind of emotions !!
Click on the photo below to view E lucean le stelle.
Naturally, people reacted with lots of love and lots of applause and standing ovations.
Even in the duets, wonderful as always:
Gianluca and Piero: MY WAY
Click on the photo below to view My Way.
Ignazio and Gianluca: HALLELUJAH
But how much emotion is there in this song?
It is a whirlwind that carries you, and that also carries Gianluca and Ignazio.
How much emotion overwhelms all those present and the singers themselves.
IGNAZIO: This song is like a prayer, a prayer for those who have been less fortunate than us in these two years, for those who have not made it and for those who are still suffering, unfortunately.
To those who are experiencing war today, which is unthinkable (applause)
GIANLUCA : Music too, can save lives, and can really unite, and we hope that with this song, which we will surely sing together, we will get excited together, and also think about who is no longer here.
At the end of the song, I didn’t film because I was applauding, but Ignazio and Gianluca were standing tight in embrace and Ignazio raises his arm up and, with his finger, he marks in the sky, he evidently dedicated the song to his dad. ❤
And now Piero and Ignazio, in the beautiful opera aria “La donna è mobile”, wonderful and what powerful voices !!
In these seven years there has been a great maturation in the voices of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, you can guess the great study work they have had over time, the results are evident.
A song that always has a certain effect: “Un amore così grande”.
As they perform “Here’s to You”, they descend among the people, confusion and happiness.
A short video with Gianluca in the crowd.
“L’amore si muove” and “Musica che resta”, while Ignazio is still in the crowd.
CARUSO, always beautiful.
And now let’s have fun with  IL VOLO. All up to dance with VOLARE! 😁
Ignazio saw that I continued to film and in this video, he keeps an eye on me and nicely as Ignazio knows how to do, he tells me to follow him and warns me that he is watching me !!
Everyone will laugh with this video !!😁😁😁❤
And now, finished with the videos, a roundup of photos !!

And finally, the article published in newspaper Bresciaoggi, I’ll translate some parts for you.

Bresciaoggi Article – Click Here

Il Volo conquers Piazza della Loggia: in Brescia the trio is reaping applause.

No one more than them today is the bearer of made in Italy around the world: they are Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, alias Il Volo, who landed on the evening of Friday 2 September at the foot of the Loggia for the penultimate appointment in Brescia Summer Music, traditional summer festival organized by Cipiesse. In the square 2,500 enthusiastic spectators and a sea of applause at each performance.
The three singers, who returned to Brescia seven years after the concert held in the same setting, have come a long way, always in the wake of the neo-melodic and the lyric lyric lent to pop; mixture thanks to which the trio, by now, plows the skies at all altitudes………..
………….If what works, in music, deserves respect, the three guys who started from the television program “Ti lascio una canzone” and landed in theaters all over the world, evidently deserve the role of standard-bearer that Sony has built for them, with a suit classic that leaves several exceptions to pop, from Celine Dion to Elton John. With the rather successful intent of getting as far as possible.
I went to the concert with my husband and my sister (they were in the third row).
For my sister it was the first concert of Il Volo, needless to tell you how enthusiastic she was to have come, she told me that these are the concerts that it is nice to attend, she had a lot of fun and recognized the great skill of our loved ones.

It was a great evening.

Seven years ago I didn’t know what to expect, but I was thrilled by their concert, so much so that I decided to be their fan.
Today after 7 years, they have still been able to amaze me, their voices are always better and, even if I know every nuance by now, they always amaze me. Their concert is a joy for the ears and also for the eyes, we like what we hear and see, they are always elegant, great brothers in their manner, but always within the limits of elegance, very sweet with children and the elderly, representatives of an elegance that becomes increasingly rare in young artists. Brilliant voices that make millions of hearts shine all over the world.

They are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they are Il Volo!

…… but tomorrow is another day and another concert: Vicenza !!
Here are a few screen shots of Ignazio from Deborah.❤❤❤

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  1. I can feel your emotion in every sentence Daniela. Thank you so much for your efforts and details of every song and also for the videos and the photographs. 15 more days before I see them in Boston. I will be close to you the beginning of October. Any chance we could meet up for coffee in Brescia? Ann Marie Prior (I met you in line at the Verona concert three years ago)

    1. Hi Ann Marie, I remember very well you in Verona.
      So you will pass through Brescia, but of course we have to meet for a coffee, let me know when you are here !!

      1. Oh that’s wonderful Daniela! Thank you… I will keep you posted! Brescia is a beautiful city!

  2. Thanks Daniela and Pat. I was so happy you got front row seats with Judith. What a nice surprise. We are hoping for sound checks in the states too, usually no photos permitted. They are much more relaxed than the quick photo op at the MnG. 5 days and counting for Detroit for me, then 2 days later in my hometown of Cleveland. I hope Beppe and your sister had a great time too.

    1. Oh, RoseMarie, was also a surprise for Judith and me to discover that we were next to each other at the concert !!
      My sister was very happy to have come, she kept thanking me and Beppe, just today she was telling her brother that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are great artists.

  3. Daniela and Pat, Wonderful article, photos, and videos! It felt like we were right there in the front row with you. Their voices are so beautiful! Thanks for making my day.😊

    1. Hi Jane, do you remember Piazza Loggia, I took you to see the place of my first concert !!
      Glad I made the day for you, the concert was magnificent!

  4. Daniela amica mia, you are absolutely amazing! I was so happy to see you had the “perfect” front row seat! ….and you just never know who you will sit next to at the concerts! Ciao Judith!
    Love your recap as always and all of your videos. Of course I had to watch “Volare” many times as I was captivated by Ignazio’s interactions with you! Priceless! Grazie mille cara! 🤗😘❤️

  5. As always, Daniela and Pat , big “Thank You” for your review of the Brescia concert! What great photos of each! It amazes me how they give their all to each concert making it seem like it was the first time singing their repertoire! Looking forward to seeing them in Chicago next week❤️❤️

    1. Annette will have a great time, you’re right, even if they repeat the concert several times, they always make it feel like the first time.
      I want to discover the lineup they will make for you.

  6. Thank you so much for the recap. I still can not get enough of them. Love to listen. But I love to watch them. Very excited to see them in Connecticut and Boston where I have second row seats. Your story will be reviewed many times. Thank you for all the pictures and videos.

    1. Joyce, I understand you perfectly well, I myself have looked at the videos several times, still incredulous that everything had happened, it was too good.

  7. Thank you Daniela and Pat! Beautiful square, beautiful performance. I am seven years a fan too, Daniela, and I will attend a Morricone concert with my sister in early Oct. Years ago I took her to a Notta Magica concert (front row seats) and she said it was the most fabulous thing she had attended ever (she was lukewarm about going). You just have to experience the magic! Loved your interaction with Ignazio; I hope you were dancing along with him! Such a lovable cut-up! Lucky you with front row seats! I hope the guys are as loose and playful with the audiences here in the U.S.

    1. Sally, I think their interaction also depends on the warmth of the audience itself, so don’t be afraid, show your affection and dance and have fun with them.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful photos and videos, Daniela; you certainly had a great time – and seat. Ignazio in fine form, as usual. Did you catch a glimpse of his girlfriend, by chance? From what I recall, she would be touring with them. Also happy to see my “namesake: (from my country!) was present. Another great post – thanks, again.

    1. Judith, the fun was guaranteed, but it was above my expectations.
      Here are rumors that Ignazio and Ana broke up and I think the news is true.
      During the concert Ignazio said he was single, and a woman behind me shouted: “That’s not true”,
      a comic scene was born, because Ignazio said:
      “Madam, I’ll know if I’m single or not” and the woman insisted and everyone laughed.

      1. Oh, no. Thanks for filling me in, Daniela; have I been living under a rock? Sad news but, unfortunately, these things happen and I’m glad there was a humorous moment. Thanks, again.

  9. Thanks a million Daniela for sharing your experience with us. And wonderful footage. Allways great to read and see :-). Reading your article was like being right there with you. I could feel all your emotions – I was reliving my Verona Concert. And I love so much that Ignazio was having a great time “making eyes” to you and interacting. Must have been so fun for you Daniela 😉 <3 And what a fantastic seat you have had. I dream of a front row seat one day too. You must have had a fantastic day through out likewise being able to attend the sound check and not the least to have the chance to greet each of them following. Well, you did not get a photo chance in that connection – but you wil have their handshake in your memory for ever. There gotta be a reason for not allowing the photo shooting – maybe in all fairness to those who have paid the ridiculous prize of EUR 299 for an official Meet & Greet laster on?
    PS: I have now listened to all the many posted videos of the guys' songs at this summer's concerts and I am so amazed that they seem to be performing at their very top each single time. They sure deliver! And they have seemed happier and more smiling than ever. I hope they can keep up the steam once having crossed the pond and reached the US. It shall be interesting to follow them on their long tour there.

    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark. Kirsten

    1. Kirsten, I’m glad to have refreshed your memory of the Verona concert.
      I don’t think there was a Meet & Greet in Brescia, on the contrary, I even had the impression that the guys arrived in Brescia in the afternoon and that same evening, after the concert, they left immediately for Vicenza, maybe I’m wrong, but I had this impression.
      I just checked the fanclub and I saw the published photos, there are only one, here it is, I’m at the bottom with the red shirt, in front of me is Piero and behind me Torpedine!

  10. This is such a Labor Day treat for us in the U.S., enjoying all your labors, Daniela and Pat! Great job holding that phone so steady, Daniela, and the Volare video of irrepressible Ignazio is priceless! (Although when is he going to have that goatee pruned??) Have to say, though, that my favorite La Donna e Mobile videos are the red fan and the bee!! Your Piazza della Loggia is so beautiful. So happy for you in your front row seat, plus all that interaction from Ignazio! A night to remember always.

    1. You’re right, Judi, it is a night that I will surely remember, beautiful songs and Piero Gianluca and in particular Ignazio, with an engaging sympathy. Buon Labor Day a tutti!!

  11. Thank you again. So fortunate to be so close and to hear them in Italy. Bravo. I will be seeing them in Boston. Can’t wait to see and hear that emotion from the stage.

  12. Daniela, I felt every emotion of your experience,
    and I love your closing paragraph.
    Your phone did the job very nicely. So thank you,
    and thanks to Pat as always. You a great team.

  13. Hi and thank you for the email. Beautiful pictures of the boys. I’m getting ready for the concert in Toronto on September 7th. I have butterfies, coz it’s my first time that I will see them. Take care.

  14. Thank you Daniela, it’s lovely that you share your enjoyment of the concert with us.I love how you say that Il Volo make our hearts shine all over the world with their wonderful voices , it is so, so true

    1. Hi Sue, do you know that my friends are envious of the Il Volo keychain you gave me?
      It’s true, Sue, thanks to the wonderful voices of Il Volo, we all met, isn’t it nice?

  15. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Your description is so vivid we’d like to attend every concert!

  16. Daniela and Pat thank you for the great review of the concert and all the photos and videos. First let me say the Piazza in Bresia looks beautiful. And you and Judith in the front row, how fun. The pictures and videos from your phone camera are really quite nice. I have watched the Volare video with Inga several times and got a laugh every time. He brings so much fun and joy to the stage, and he was flirting with you and Judith! I still have to wait 5 weeks until I see them in Phoenix. cannot wait.

    1. Thanks Janet for all the wonderful compliments.
      Yes, Piazza Loggia is a beautiful square, but even more so if there is Il Volo!
      I had a lot of fun with Ignazio watching me, too nice !!

  17. Thankyou Daniela for the beautiful videos and photos. You did a great job. I loved watching Ignazio tease you. He is so sweet. I can’t wait for my two concerts in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I am nervous and excited. The concerts in the states are wonderful but I think the ones in Italy must be magical. It is so beautiful.

  18. Daniela what a wonderful experience you had! I was so happy to see Ignazio “flirting”with you. He is so so fun-loving. I am sure his attention only enhanced the evening’s experience for you. That is a memory you will never forget.
    A great big “Thank You” to you and Pat for the summary of the concert, the videos, the photos, and the translation.
    And Pat, it would have been great if you could have been there with Daniela.

    I am really getting excited about seeing them and hearing those brilliant voices in Maryland later this month.

    1. You’re welcome, Mary Jane. Daniela does a great job of writing and gathering all the videos and photos. I just make it look “pretty”. 😊 One day I may be able to travel to Italy to see Daniela and the guys in concert!

  19. Thank you so much for the Brescia concert description, translation, photos and videos. I think what sets IL Volo apart from other singers is, they always sing with joy, passion, and it shows that they love to sing, love to interact with the audience – we can feel that. And those voices ! Fantastic!
    Audrey and I are going to 3 concerts !!!
    Chicago, Indianapolis, and Phoenix !

    1. I agree Maja, and I must say that even if they repeat the concert many times, it is as if it were the first time. There is always enthusiasm and respect for the people who have come to see you.

  20. I think it must be chiseled in stone somewhere that it’s guaranteed that a concert with IL Volo is the thrill of a lifetime! I don’t think I have ever read the slightest negative review from anyone who has attended one on this blog. Envy you all and one of these days I hope to experience them live myself.

    1. Mark, in this blog, everyone loves Il Volo, so it’s impossible to find negative reviews. I hope that you too will soon be able to enjoy their live concert.

  21. Daniela, your name has now become known worldwide !
    I have seen at least three reposts from people in foreign countries of the funny and sweet video of Ignazio flirting with you.We are all so envious .Thank you for the wonderful videos, images and report, and thanks to Pat also.

    1. Jill, I bet you would have liked to be in my place in that video with Ignazio, don’t be jealous now you can see them, will you go to their concert?

  22. Dear Daniela and Pat, You girls have created a group of like minded people separated only by geography. Reading the many comments from everywhere, we sound like members of the same family! All day today I’ve been thinking about Deebee – the 90 yr old Canadian lady who worked so hard to see IL VOLO. Tonight is her concert in Toronto. She earned a wonderful time.

    In full agreement with Judi : the goatee needs mowing. And 3 cheers for La Donna – she gave us the red fan and the BEE. E di pensier!!

  23. Loved your recall of the concert in Brescia. I would have probably turned red if Ignacio had flirted with me. Did you andJudith. go to M/G.? We are going to see the guys in Phoenix Oct 14 and I can hardly wait. I am 81 and my husband is 84 and this is our first Ill VOLO concert. I’m like the other Judi , hoping that Ignazio trims his goatee and mustache so we can see his beautiful face. Love each of them but he is special. Do you feel the cost of M/G tickets will really allow us to meet the guys ? Thanks Daniell !


    1. Hi Judy, that’s nice, you and your husband are going to your first concert.
      It may seem strange to you but I have never been to a Meet & Greet, but you will surely meet them, if you go there, talk to them, tell them it’s your first concert, don’t be afraid to talk, even if the security will push you forward.

  24. I’ll try again. As I was saying, before I got kicked out of the system for some reason, what a big and elegant surprise to see the guys all in white for the first time. They seemingly continue to surprise and be innovative in all aspects of their career. No wonder we all keep coming back for more about them. I think they come off even more handsome together in the white suits and you know how I like to see them in suits when they perform. What a surprise when I saw the first picture and once again you and Pat gave us all the full treatment! Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark
      I was there–those white suits made a big impression but my personal preference is their wearing black ones. I don’t think Ignazio was comfortable wearing the white–not just from the jokes he made, but I think his body language also showed his discomfort.

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