From Japan to Abruzzo, here we are in Tagliacozzo for the closing of the Midsummer Festival. This concert was not included, in the Il Volo program, but it was added with great pleasure.
This is the beautiful Piazza Obelisco where Il Volo will perform. It is a pity not to be present, but a friend of mine, a good photographer,  Giorgio Algherini­­­, who managed to photograph Il Volo in St. Peter’s Square during the armored exhibition of Christmas 2020 (due to Covid), he’ll be there.
Here is one of his photos during rehearsals in December 2020.
Therefore, Giorgio is present and will give us an account of the concert.
Let’s start with the view of the square, but I leave the floor to Giorgio.
Giorgio: Impressive at first glance, almost everything ready, only the final touches and … here we are! The Midsummer festival in Tagliacozzo has always, every year, its charm and its great growth thanks to the dedication of fantastic people, including Chiara Nanni councilor for culture and entertainment, the Mayor of Tagliacozzo and the artistic direction of the master Jacopo Sipari Of Pescasseroli.
Giorgio: We are almost at the start !!
Giorgio and I spoke just before the concert began and he promised me that he would contact me the next day, instead at 11:30 pm immediately after the end of the concert, I received this nice comment from him that encompasses everything.
Pure magic, unique show, wonderfully good, stratospheric, even humanly speaking.
So the next day he sent me his shots that I put here for you immediately,  and then he kindly agreed to answer my questions, the result of which you will read immediately after.
Some videos by Giorgio Algherini.
Giorgio: Closing of the Midsummer Festival in Tagliacozzo with Il Volo concert.
Every word is superfluous, WONDERFUL EVENING I would say stratospheric from every point of view, thanks, thanks to Il Volo, and thanks to the whole organization.
GRANDE AMORE – click the photo below to view the video
And here are the impressions of Giorgio Algherini:
It was my first live Il Volo concert.
I have always followed them on TV from the first appearances to “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”, now years ago.
Now that I’ve heard them in concert, I have a very strong and positive opinion of them.
I attended the soundcheck and their voices had already amazed me, but live they are wonderful.
The concert was of absolute professionalism in all its nuances, even in terms of acoustics, lights, orchestra, the whole organization, beautiful location. The conductor, Jacopo Sipari di Pescasseroli, besides being my friend, is a great professional.
Il Volo conducted the whole concert without any flaws, without holes (he means without pauses).
The audience was absolutely ecstatic, applause and … I won’t tell you when they went down to sing in the midst of everyone, the delirium …. each of the three, went down to different sectors in the audience and created panic, absolutely brilliant to share certain moments with the fans.
The audience has always acclaimed them in each of their songs and the moments of talk between one song and another.
Difficult to choose a better song for me, all to applause !!
Surely their voice has matured a lot, the result of studies, I believe, in addition to their gift that nature has reserved for them. Surely those who believed in them are to be admired, then I know that at the beginning they were followed in America for almost two years, by many professionals.
They have absolutely all three voices very clean and beautiful deep, in my opinion Ignazio seems more incisive but the choice is very difficult.
In Italy, we have many excellences but …, I hear many people who ignore Il Volo, then however, when you attend their lives you understand that there are bad, incompetent and very envious people. I do not consider myself a great connoisseur of music but … here it is not difficult to understand what is in those voices.
Of the national press, which hardly ever writes about them, more than journalists, I consider them pennivendoli. (pens, sold)
I went to the concert with two fan friends, which are the seventh concert they attended, plus a friend who is almost always in Rai and was greatly admired, even though she already knew them very well.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are absolutely of a kindness unique . Personally, I was lucky enough last night to be close to them after the concert, 3 delightful guys, playful, easy-going, never over the top, absolutely humble.
Yesterday there was the whole family of Gianluca and his grandfather, very friendly.
During the concert, there was a very beautiful thing, a very, very meaningful photo. They brought a little boy down on stage, it was a beautiful moment, very touching and also to laugh at the shrewdness of this child who sang with them, really touching.❤
Giorgio = Courtesy of my friend Giancarlo Gneme, present at the concert, could I not post it? It was such a fun moment for everyone and the love that the guys from “Il Volo” have for Mattia!
Thanks to Monica Carducci, Mattia’s mother for allowing us to publish videos and photos!


Monica says:
Here is the video of when Piero Barone called Mattia, who up to that moment had not stopped singing for a second, asking the security to take him on stage! who lives for music, I think it was the most beautiful of his life ….. indescribable!
Monica Carducci (Mattia’s mother) = Giorgio Algherini we lived a crazy dream …. Mattia is a driver who wins hearts, it is his innate gift❤️.
The boys of ‘Il Volo’ were of a crazy humanity …. And with them a lot of people present at the concert who showed us so much affection. A beautiful music page performed by three great artists, but also a great message of humanity ❤️Mattia loves music and also sings very well. He had never been on a stage of this thickness and he was very charged …. I sincerely hope he will soon meet these wonderful artists again …. He faces many trials, sometimes even tough ones, but the little lion that is in him makes him love life without reserve and music is all his life, lymph that gives him great emotions ❤️ Thanks to all of you, really. ❤️
Those three big-hearted boys noticed the passion for music of that ‘wren’ who sang among the large audience and when Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca asked the security to bring him up ….. I could not believe my eyes!
Thank you for giving my baby an emotion that is impossible to describe … really so much bigger than him! ❤️When Mattia got out of that stage …. he held me tight and tight and whispered to me…. ‘Mom, I’m happy!’ ❤️❤️

I saw you next to three splendid voices, I saw you sure of yourself ….. and as always ….. you glowed.❤️

In the newspaper article that I am attaching, I translate the title:
terre mariscane article – Click Here
….. and the final part:In addition, during the evening, a tender episode that moved all present. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca noticed, in the audience, a child singing their songs. They invited him to go up on stage to intone a fragment of a song. To account for what happened to little Mattia’s mother: “Thank you for giving my child an emotion that is impossible to describe …. really a lot, a lot bigger than him!”
We can only imagine the happiness of a mother who sees her child fulfill a dream.
And then there was this other very beautiful moment, where Gianluca sang a short song dedicating it to his grandfather who was in the front row, very sweet !!

Other video and shots of the evening.
Here’s to You – click on the photo below to view the video


Dedication to Piero’s grandfather.

IGNAZIO = Thank you very much Abruzzo !!
GIANLUCA = Thank you, HAPPY Abruzzo !!
IGNAZIO(He approaches Piero and Gianluca)
We wanted to dedicate the concert to a very special person for us, but above all for Piero, to grandfather Pietro who is watching us from up there. ❤❤❤
The master, Jacopo Sipari Di Pescasseroli, with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
And some splendid shots by Sara Allevato.


Piero, reposted the above photo from Sara Allevato on his Facebook profile with sweet words and Sara thanked Piero:
Sara Allevato = This photo says it all, I was happy to be there in this moment, I was happy to immortalize it.
Piero is right:
“Faces and hearts full of joy”.
Thanks Piero for the repost and thanks to both, Mattia and Piero for the emotions.

Beautiful concert, wonderful voices and many sweet attitudes that make our boys the best artists in the field.
There was a lot of effort on the part of everyone for a splendid success and there were also many beautiful photos and videos, thank you all!
Thanks Giorgio Algherini for giving us a wonderful review and kindly answering my questions.
But now it’s my turn !!! The next concert will be in Brescia and I will be in the front row !! I can’t wait.
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Daniela, thank you as always – what a beautiful piece. These pictures and the video definitely show why we all love these 3 amazing young men so much. Yes, they are talented but mostly, they are beautiful human beings.

  2. Would you be able to translate what Mattia said when he was up there with the guys. What a precious little man he is!

    1. Linda, I asked Mattia’s mom for help with this. Here’s what he says when he finishes singing with Il Volo.

      Mattia thanks everyone, says:
      “So, thank you all, thank you, welcome, say hello to the master musicians behind me.”
      Then he asks Piero to sing Don Raffaè di De Andrè (a song by the Italian singer-songwriter De Andrè) and Piero and even Gian replied that he is a connoisseur.
      Then he greeted all the mothers and also Ernesto, Gian’s grandfather who was in the front row saying: “Hello Ernè”.
      Then Piero tells him to hug him and he hugs everyone.

  3. Another great addition of memories for all of us Super Il Volo fans! Great pictures, wonderful renditions of songs and another depiction of our tender hearted young men. They make us all so proud! Thanks to you for your explanations of what goes on and your time and energy to keep us all updated.

  4. Who else but our Il Volo would welcome a child on stage to sing with them and to brighten both his and their (and our) lives by being a part of this wonderful act of generosity!

  5. Thank you for this outstanding post! I am looking forward to attending my first Il Volo concert when they visit Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, September 29.
    A star is lit on the mountain top to welcome visitors. We all have a light that shines within each one of us to share. I have a star for Il Volo to take back to Italy and hang where psunlight shining through it will remind each one of these talented young men that their music brings joy to the world and their light brightens each life!

  6. Thank you as always, Daniel and Pat.

    Somehow, this concert was very different. More
    personal and at home with the Abruzzo families.
    Love this setting. To see and hear it through
    first-timer Giorgio’s eyes and ears reminds us
    all of our “first concert” He was so kind to get
    back to you right as the concert ended.
    The account of Mattia’s proud mother was
    so joyful as well. There is nothing better
    than Il Volo sharing the stage with children.
    Another great report Daniela. I am looking
    forward to your Brescia report !

    1. Martha, the smallest environment, of the village, Abruzzo, the familiarity, the emotion, made the concert UNIQUE. Giorgio was very kind to answer my questions and the evening after the show, his comment proves his admiration. Mattia’s mother told me that nothing was prepared, from where they were with Mattia, Piero could see that Mattia was singing all their songs and so invited him to come up.

  7. Thank you Daniela. Such a touching post. With all that Piero had going on for him to notice this young boy and bring him up on stage is just another reminder of how loving and generous our guys are. They are truly special. I don’t know if it’s because they couldn’t perform for two years, or maybe it’s just me, but this tour seems more emotional between the guys and the fans. The love and appreciation shown back and forth is a joy to watch. They deserve all the happiness they give to us all!

    1. Cathy you said well, with all the attention that there is in a concert, noticing Mattia and inviting him is just a gesture of Il Volo. They are three beautiful people and Mattia, adorable.

  8. Thanks, Daniela, for another beautiful piece! This concert reminds me of the magical one in Santa Croce. How special it must be to attend one in such a beautiful and intimate setting! You can really feel the love from the audience and the excitement of Mattia. I can feel your excitement from that front-row seat awaiting you in your hometown square in Brescia. Can’t wait for your report of that love-fest. But foremost, drink it in and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

    1. Sally, Brescia is also a smaller environment, and we hope there is so much emotion. I am happy that the moment is coming, I will enjoy every moment.

  9. Thank you so much for this report ! A wonderful and emotional concert. I’ve read it and listened to it many times over and every time it brings tears of joy to my eyes – what talented, generous and compassionate young men they are.

    1. Maja, everything strikes for emotion, impossible to remain impassive, even the small videos, like the one where Gian walks among the people, capture kindness and affection especially when he meets Mattia in Ignazio’s arms, they are unique moments.

  10. Dear Daniela and Pat, once again you have put together the best of everything in one place. The photos, the translations, the many links that are available to listen to our young men. Daniela, your night is almost here. I am so excited for you. You will be smiling for days and days. Enjoy every moment🥰. Wish I could be there with you, but, my nights are getting close too.

  11. Everyone has already said it all for me perfectly. It was a beautiful concert in a lovely setting. Grazie mille, Daniela, for allowing us to share it.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the bi-play among our boys in the song Granada. Igna, knowingly, gave the impression he didn’t know when he should sing his part!!!

  13. Daniela, I forgot to ask if you know the name of the song that Gianluca started for his grandfather and the other two joined in with. It was magnificent–a capella.

    1. The video of when he sang this in Argentina in 2012 is such a strong performance even then! His shy smile to the ladies screaming is another endearing part of him. Dolores

  14. A very special and enjoyable post Daniela and Pat- thank you. Everyone else has said what I would want to convey myself, except that I think Ignazio looks so much better and healther with his fuller face, these days.

    1. I absolutely agree Mark, Ignazio seems to me in very good shape, when I look at the videos made just after Vito’s death, I see Ignazio so thin that my heart sags. Rumors say he is no longer with the beautiful Brazilian.

  15. Thanks a million Daniela for this besutiful article. I got all emotional reading it and watching the chosen videos. That evening was indeed awesome in many ways and proves that these guys have heart of golds and are so much more than “just” singers. Taking that little boy up stage was so touching… – and how beautiful of Gianluca to sing this special little tune to his nonno in the front row and for Ignazio to dedicate the concert to Piero’s nonno, who went to Heaven last week… they are so much much more. Simply just love these guys. And Daniela have a fantastic time when they come to sing in your town in just a little bit. I admit I am jealous and so much would have loved to sit there in the front row with you sharing yet a concert with me😜. Enjoy!
    Greetings – Kirsten 🇩🇰

    1. Yes Kirsten, I admit it would have been nice to see us again at the Brescia concert, but you will be in Rome, and in a unique moment, Christmas, it must be beautiful.

  16. Daniela, thanks so much for finding and posting the Musica Proibita video after I asked about the song. Somehow I had missed that one. It’s really beautiful. Another little addendum – that photo of a smiling Ignazio holding Mattia is going into my “keeper” collection (growing larger all the time!)

  17. Sweet observation re: Ignazio. But I think the jackets are shrinking? We better call Armani. Must be his fault.

  18. Where do you begin to tell the story of these three amazing, young men, their voices captured us, their presence and incredible good looks all attracted us but with their humanity I’m almost speechless! Most performers would do what they did for the darling little guy…giving him the spotlight and giving one of the brightest spots In his young life and forever! Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio have such huge hearts, give so much love, comfort and pleasure they make your heart beat wildly with emotions and love AND AWE everytime and when we think we’ve seen their best they raise the bar. Love them so much, as much for who they each are and as their amazing voices! Amazing doesn’t really express the emotions they produce in everyone, it’s other worldly!
    Want so badly to see them next season….I can’t wait.
    Thank you for keeping us up with what we’re not always able to see….I can’t get enough of these posting and visit them over and over…..THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! You’re all the best and so appreciated by all IL VOLO fans and especially this one.🙏🏻❤️🤗🥰🎼

    1. You’re welcome, Carol! I am glad we can keep you and everyone up to date on the guys. 😊🧡

  19. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this outstanding article. Thanks too to Giorgio and Sara for their contributions. Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca consistently exude, happiness, joy, compassion and love. How can they not touch your heart?!
    Daniela, I know you must be really be excited, only lne day until the guys serenade you in your hometown. ENJOY!!! Thanks again for your awesome support.

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