In this pre-Christmas period, I want to offer you some videos that I saw at the beginning of October and which I archived waiting for the right moment to be able to offer them to you.

They are videos made by a vocal coach, who heard Il Volo songs for the first time and so we will see their reactions and comments.

The first song whose reaction I want to offer you is the beautiful SE, taken from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

The review is done by Raffa Barreiros, who is a Brazilian vocal coach who posts on CANTO DO ZERO, a vocal technique channel.

He says he will analyze Morricone’s song sung by Il Volo and he is very excited because it is a song he really likes.

You can activate the subtitles, but since I know that for some of you it is difficult, I will translate the most important parts.

(Ignazio begins to sing.)
“It’s really nice to hear that a tenor sings fluidly in the low-mid range. People are used to hearing tenor voices explode in the high notes, but it’s very nice when a singer can sing in that low part of the voice and with a more breath, more delicate emission. It’s beautiful and I think the timbre is very beautiful.”

(It’s Gianluca’s turn.)
“What a beautiful voice….there are many people who ask me if this is the voice of a baritone or a tenor. It can be classified as a dramatic tenor, it can be considered a baritenor, which is a singer who has great weight in the voice, but which has a tenor range and he’s a baritone who also has range in the treble.”

(Now Piero, and Raffa’s face is eloquent.
Start a multi-voiced piece right away.)

“Hear that opening of voices.
Well done, what a beautiful film, what a beautiful song, what a wonderful Italian trio, in my opinion they are very good, they sing very well. We owe a lot to Italian music, to Italian composers, to Italian singers, to Italian classical music but also to popular music, all wonderful music.

You’ve seen how they put together three different voices, one playing the main line of the melody and then two voices completing it, and they create that harmony, that set of voices that bring a beautiful sonority to the ear. You hear that sound?  Oh wonderful…and sometimes you don’t know what’s going on, they’re splitting the voices, creating different voices to add up and make a very colorful thing, very beautiful to listen to. We can think of music as a colour, as a smell, as a taste, because art touches our senses. Music is not only metrics, mathematics, tuning, it is also a matter of sensation and feeling.

Il Volo grazie mille!!”

Raffa Barreiros had already analyzed Il Volo with the song IL MONDO, of which I am attaching the video.

He says they all have very nice clean timbres and that in harmony they keep their individuality creating with their different timbres a wonderful sound.

And now the song of EL TRISTE, reviewed by JC, I will try to translate his comment.

A Mexican person asked to analyze this song performed by Il Volo. It’s a song by Josè Josè, iconic, you’re not Mexican if you don’t know this song. I was 14 when this song came out.

Il Volo, I don’t know who they are, they were recommended to me by people who just subscribed to my channel.

(Gianluca begins to sing).
But do they sing opera? Wow, nice voice.

(Ignazio begins) Wow, the clarity and the voice at the top is fantastic, this artist enchants me.

(Piero begins) Wow, but where does such a strong voice come from such a young guy!

(begins the part together) Oh, where are these three men from? Listen in the high note, that second of a minute that the guy was late in singing (Piero) …..these are supermen.

They are boys with beautiful voices, but apart from the beautiful tone they emit,  when this boy sings (Gianluca)  he conveys a very special sensation, there is a lot of feeling which is required in this song.

Wow this cover is worth hearing, feel how clean it is.
Another thing, Il Volo is an Italian group and they sing in Spanish, and very well, I repeat, I don’t know this group, but this is another point in their favor.

You can feel the feeling here (sings Gianluca), it’s really an extra. Wow (applause).

They are on another level, I don’t know them, but I can’t say anything critical, I can only say that these are super singers, the texture of their voices and the vibrato are crystal clear, it’s a privilege to have heard them. Awesome super mega talented guys, a marvel!

This time it’s LUCHO TR’s reaction to the song SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA, a song that I really like.

Lucho has heard IL Volo before, but it’s the first time he’s heard them sing in Spanish and he’s happy about it.

After the video I translated his words.

Wow what a beautiful place.
Wow, how well he sings in Spanish.
Wow, there’s a loud voice charging, I’ve already heard it in another video I think it’s his (Piero).

I really like this slow start of the song and then explode in the chorus, the lyrics of the song are beautiful, I absolutely love it and the vocals are better than each other and that means a lot of quality.

I love it, I love it, I love how their voices join, the cuts one makes to get into each other’s voices are super good and feel subtle, not like when one sings and another joins in and you feel like an abrasion, shocking , they make subtle changes, each shines , they are three but very uniform.

I’m speechless, wow (applause).

I really liked the video, nice finish, I really liked this simplicity of the video that stays in our mind and we can take it wherever we want. Enjoy the song singing with all your heart, literally with all your heart and get carried away, the moment is very beautiful and the voices of the boys are tremendously spectacular and the harmony … my goodness, terrible, fantastic, I like that in a moment they did the harmony and then they felt like a choir with their voices in harmony, wait (he plays the piece again). Did you hear, there are backing vocals and lead vocals in harmony, nice, nice, nice to me. Beautiful words and beautiful black and white video, I think it’s a perfect video.

A kiss, a hug, comment and see you next time!

And finally these three video reviews which are in English, so it will be a pleasure for you to listen to them!

Grande Amore by Gio

EL TRISTE by Master of Voice


It’s November 22nd evening and I think I’ll close the post and send it to Pat for publication , but here’s Gianluca publish a photo of Rome, so I’m in Rome? To do what?

I prefer to wait for tomorrow to send the post, to see if any news arrives.😉

I was sure, when our boys give us little nods, it means that there is something to discover.

Il Volo was a guest at the Guardia di Finanza Concert in Rome on the occasion of the presentation of the Historical Calendar 2023.

Here’s the video!

WOMAN = They are three guys with extraordinary voices, they have been around the world thanks to their voices and also to their sympathy, their talent. They signed a contract with a US major, recorded songs in every language and climbed to the highest podium of the Sanremo Festival, that festival that launched our best-known song  all over the world ( she sings)... in the blue painted in blue……., by the great, very great Domenico Modugno.

Ladies and gentlemen, with us tonight: Il Volo.

GIANLUCA = Good evening everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here with you for this special event. Thank you (applause)

The song VOLARE begins.

At the end of the song, applause.

PIERO = (addressed to the conductor) Can I tell you what happened on the phone?

When the maestro called me and we had to talk about the arrangement, he spoke to me about this band of the Guardia di Finanza and I thought that we had never sung with a band, I imagined the town band (every town has its own band citizens playing instruments). Then I go on the internet to find out about the band of the Guardia di Finanza and I discover that it is an entire symphony orchestra, incredible, congratulations guys, congratulations” (applauses)

GIANLUCA = Besides, there is also a culture in my family, because my grandfather, who is now 89 years old, played in the town band and toured practically all of Italy, when he was young he played the alto fricorn, where is it? Here it is, (the person who plays this instrument in the band stands up, applauses), so I wanted to tell you about this little detail that also makes me proud of my grandfather Ernesto.

IGNAZIO = By the way, he looks like your grandfather when he was young.  (laughs)

PIERO = However we want to thank the Guardia di Finanza for inviting us to this extraordinary event on this magnificent occasion, we are honored to share the stage with the Guardia di Finanza band to sing all together and honor our Italian anthem.

(Everyone stand up, the moment is solemn, the Italian anthem plays. Applause).

WOMAN = Congratulations, Il Volo, hello guys, three Italian excellences, thanks, thanks to all of you, thanks to the Guardia di Finanza band, to the children’s choir of Santa Cecilia, thanks to all the authorities present in the room, and to all of you, to the next.

As usual, our boys amaze us. This event was not announced, they love to surprise us.

And what do you think of vocal coach videos? Interesting, isn’t it?
But we don’t need confirmation of their skills, we know them very well, but other people’s reactions amaze and make us proud!!

By the way: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

43 thoughts on “WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT IL VOLO!!!”

  1. An interesting and different post to think about and to learn about serious singing technical points, especially for someone one who can’t sing a note! Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Patti and Daniela, for this great posting. Have read through it and will watch the videos later. I’m sure the persons listening for the first time will have nothing but raves for our Il Volo!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!! We Canadians had Thanksgiving in October and I’m still getting over the big meal!!! Hugs, Dol. l

  3. Thank you for this very special post on Thanksgiving Day! Reaction videos are really where there is so much action to keep us all viewing what we alone cannot always see. The guys are too busy to be with us on social media themselves, so it is a welcome thing to see their performances reviewed by others all over the world,. Bravo!

  4. Thank you. I really loved hearing what the coaches and the reviewers are saying about our favorite singers.
    One thing I noticed in the very early videos of IL Volo was the audience enthusiasm when they sang together in harmony. That was when they must have been realizing that they had to make this work out.
    This batch of reviewers also mentioned how good they sounded together.

  5. Just had to add my two cents worth to what the voice coaches had to say:
    1. Raffa – Cinema Paradiso: He thought it was wonderful and the Cello is MY favourite instrument of all, so I agree.
    . Raffa – Il Mondo – He was in shock, even with their very
    young voices.
    2. Mexican coach – El Triste – He was shaking his head in disbelief. Believe it!!!
    3. Lucha – Si me Falta tu Mirada – He said he was
    speechless, but apparently not, as he couldn’t stop talking!
    4. Gio – He didn’t say much, but his SMILES said everything.
    5. Frank Valchira – was a little critical of Gianluca’s facial expressions while singing El Triste, BUT……
    6. Master of Voice – He was enthralled by the passion Gian showed while singing (contrast to Frank above). The Master.
    also thought they had ALL had training, but Gianluca had not!
    Hugs, Dol

    1. And Frank had no idea that 2 were tenors & only Gianluca was a baritone .. he couldn’t work out who was singing the high notes etc … all other experts could tell immediately

  6. Hi Pat, Thank you for lighting up our Thanksgiving.
    The vocal coach’s reactions very much reflect the
    moment we all felt upon our first time hearing Il Volo.
    Especially the one who got chills.
    Thank you for your dedication to this site.
    With great appreciation, Martha

    1. You’re most welcome, Martha! Daniela also did a great job collecting all these voice coach review videos. They are fun to watch!

      1. Daniela, I’m very sorry that I missed your valuable
        contribution of the videos. Wonderful.

      2. Martha, when you compliment Pat, it’s like you compliment me and vice versa, don’t worry. You are right, we all had the same reactions when first listening to Il Volo.

  7. A really fantastic post. Thank you Daniela and Pat. You gave us a wonderful ending to this day of Thanksgiving. I could watch these videos over and over. I wish the guys would sing more of their older covers on tour. Their harmonies give me chills and goosebumps . Their voices are the most beautiful I have heard in my lifetime. Thank you again.

    1. You are welcome, Rose Marie! I also wish the guys would sing some of their older songs now and then.

    2. I’m glad you had a nice end to Thanksgiving. There is also a video that only analyzes Ignazio, but it didn’t seem right to attach only his. I would like the boys to sing more of their unreleased songs, such as SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA or PER TE CI SARO’ or MUSICA CHE RESTA, or I COLORI DELL’AMORE, songs written for them, at least here in Italy they would stop saying that Il Volo only sings other people’s songs.

  8. Wow .. what a wonderful article – thank you so much for this Daniela and Pat !! So interesting to read/see the reviews of these voice coaches .. suffice it to say that without a doubt we have here the most gorgeous, talented, amazing guys (the best in the world) who bring us so much love and joy. I’ve loved them since the day I first saw them many years ago, and quite honestly they are the shining light that we all need in our lives ❤️

    In a world filled with so much sadness and pain (and I’m eluding to the war in Ukraine especially), I find more than ever that I need to escape reality now and again, and it is our guys who bring me much needed happiness ❤️

    NB. Sorry for the long post !!

    1. You’re most welcome, Shirley. I feel the same way you do. I don’t think your post was long at all. 😊

    2. Shirley, you didn’t make a long post and said true things.
      What we fans feel when listening to Il Volo is like this, but hearing it said by people who are strangers to the fandom makes us understand that we perceive things well. You are right, there are so many bad things in the world that listening to Il Volo sing brings a smile to us.

  9. This was so much fun, Daniela and Pat! I had only seen two of the English-speaking ones, so I loved watching the others. It’s great to see that the vocal professionals have the same reactions that we do–except that they can tell us technically and more specifically why the guys are so wonderful (though of course we knew it all along!!) They are sure keeping busy after the tour. Now I’m really looking forward to Sunday’s big show at Disney.

    1. In fact, Judi, we’ve had some reconfirmations from the vocal coaches, the confirmation that our boys are excellent artists.
      I too want to see their moment on the Disney show.

  10. Thanks Daniela and Pat for these wonderful clips! I love to hear their praises of professionals in the music business and see the amazement on their faces! We’ve long known how incredibly talented our boys are….just like to see them so appreciated by others….so deserved!❤️❤️❤️
    Hoping your Thanksgivings were as wonderful and full of family as mine was! Now on to The Holy Season of Christ’s birth, may you all experience the closeness of family and friends during this lovely season.🙏🏻🫶🏻🎼🎤🎹❤️❤️❤️

    1. Certainly Carol, having confirmations from the vocal coaches, makes us understand that we are not only overshadowed by a feeling of love for Il Volo, they are great artists with fantastic voices.
      Here in Italy we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day, but the Christmas period is in the air, lights are turned on everywhere, how wonderful!

  11. Daniela, they are here too…it’s magical! I’m at my girls in Ct. now but before I left Florida it was a wonder world lights, so beautiful. I love this time of year, my tree is up already and everything decorated! Happy Advent🙏🏻. Merry Christmas, 🎄 ☮️ May our Lord Bless you, Carol

  12. Everybody see Disney last night? The best part of the show. Was IL VOLO and those superb jackets! No great talents and then….there they were. Isn’t it just a grand feeling to see them rise above the crowd and sparkle?

  13. Thank-you for this article. I didn’t know what Guardia di Finanza banda is and had to look it up. Is Guardia di Finanza banda the same as the Guardia di Finanza who is “a militarized police force, forming a part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance” and who is “responsible for dealing with financial crime and smuggling”? Because that sounds like a very stern branch of law enforcement, but the orchestra is lovely! I haven’t watched it yet, but I think this is the full concert here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQQsPylYZ18

    There are many nice things about Il Volo (we know we know, right? haha) but one that I feel especially after seeing their performance with the Guardia di Finanza banda is how gracious they are. With just the couple of short comments they convey how pleased they are to be guests at the concert and they don’t make it about them. Instead they expressed compliments to the orchestra and Gianluca expressed pride talking about his grand father, which was heart-warming.

    I liked this arrangement of Volare. I thought there was something festive-feeling, like a celebrationn(like North American marching bands). And the kids in the choir liked it too haha

  14. I’ve stopped getting IL VOLO updates..don’t know why? Can I start getting them again? Love them!

    1. Hello Barbara! I really don’t know why you have quit receiving notices. I checked and your email address is still on our Email Followers list. Maybe try checking your spam folder. I know I have times that people email me and some of their emails come through and other times they go to spam. If our notices have been going to spam you can change the settings so our email is on a “safe senders” list. Also sometimes you can set a certain email address so that it will never go to spam. Each email platform is different. I hope this helps.

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