And here it is their presence at Disney World for the Christmas event.
They are fantastic, what voices, what an atmosphere!!
For those who haven’t seen them here is their video broadcast yesterday by ABC’s “Magical Holiday Celebration”, where they sing “Adeste Fideles”.
Thanks to Il Volo HN for playing the video.

How wonderful, it is a joy for the ears and for the eyes, the finish is fantastic, very long.
And as for their clothes, we have received this confirmation, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wore ARMANI.
And here they are in this short interview.
But there is also a preview, thanks to the video of Melannie A. Pagàn Lopez, who was present in the audience during the filming of the song “Happy Christmas, War is Over”. Thank you so much Melannie!!
This video of Il Volo will be part of the program that will be broadcast on Christmas day.
Wow, a longer version of this beautiful song, very beautiful and very heartfelt in this particular moment.
Our boys are always nice and beautiful !
There is also news on the concert that will be held in Bethlehem, here is the announcement from Canale 5.
If you have seen correctly, the event that will soon be on Canale 5 is called “Christmas in Jerusalem” and not Bethlehem, perhaps there has been a small change in the place, but we are still in Israel.
Bethlehem Cathedral which contains the Grotto of the Nativity.
And the photo of the arrival at the airport, posted by Maestro Grani, with the comment:  “Israel…….first time.”
The first instore for the book signing in Turin has been announced on December 14th, but I look forward to the announcement for Milan!!
I remind you that in December there will also be three concerts in Italy. In fact Piero has published the photo with him holding the newspaper where there is the photo of Il Volo announcing the concert in Rome!! Here it is.
How nice to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca having fun at Disney World, and in Israel Il Volo is thinking of something fantastic for us to see and hear.
And we can’t wait.
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

59 thoughts on “MAGIC HOLIDAY CELEBRATION by Daniela”

  1. They were the best on what I thought was not a very good program. I am so disappointed in the Disney people who thought this was a “Christmas “ program. Our boys put every one else to shame with their beautiful voices.. Just my opinion! Here’s hoping the program on Christmas Day is better. They looked so handsome in their Armani outfits, expecting Piero. Disney got that right at least. I wish you all Buono Natale, Merry Christmas or if you celebrate a different holiday I hope it is a happy one. My love to Daniela and Pat for all the work they put into The Flight Crew. Grazie mille🫶🏻

    1. Thank you, Rose Marie. I thought he show was OK, but a little long. And, of course, IL VOLO didn’t perform until almost the end! But they did great and looked so handsome! 😍

      1. Time to dust off your Buon Natale CD! And the Notte Magica CD had 2 bonus tracks, one is Ave Maria Mter Misericordiae, and the other one is Adeste Fideles. Betwen these two CDs we can make our own Christmas concert.

      2. Penina, I immediately went to review Adeste Fideles which I recorded in Florence during Notte Magica, even though it was June, it had recreated the Christmas atmosphere. You’re right, we can make our ideal concert.

    2. I haven’t seen the whole program, but usually they say ” dulcis in fundo” that is the best at the end and Il Volo almost passed at the end!
      I really liked their perfrmormance and this song and their voices always give me chills. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are beautiful in their outfits.
      The magic of Christmas is in the air!

  2. Thanks so much Daniela. What an exciting time for our guys. So glad they have all these events to do – and for all of us fans to look forward to.
    Warmest regards – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio seem like three tops to me, in this period, I don’t know where they find the strength, and the voice, to do everything, they are fantastic.

  3. It was nice to see them sing at Disney World where a whole new crowd could fall in love with them.
    I had my doubts when I read that they were going to be singing John Lennon’s Christmas song. But I loved the way they did it with a soloist backed up by the other two taking the part that the chorus did in the original.
    And they looked more lovely than ever. I’m glad they are now courageous enough to wear these outrageous jackets!

    1. I was never really worried about having them interpretate the legendary John Lennon song – they cannot go wrong with their beautiful voices – and I love their interpretation. Having said so I must confess though, that I missed their harmonies in the song. They do all have individualy unique voices that I so much love, but bringing them together in harmonies makes magic… Happy X-mas is a very simple song as such and it is the same verses and choruses over and over again, hence I think it would have been an even more unique version, if they each had sung a verse and then blended together in harmonies in the end. Only my two cents that I am only sharig in this forum as I do most certainly love this interpretation as well as is :-).
      PS: As to the jackets, I don’t think it has anything to do with courage – it has in my oipinion something to do with “class”. The gold, blue and black sequince-jackets are perfect for a Disney Show aired in the US where everythig is loud, lively and colorful – but somehow I cannot see them wearing these jackets at a concert at the Arena di Verona. They are too much “show-like” to fit with the historic environment and high level of their singing/performances. Hence, I truly love when they wear their elegant black tux with bows like the ones that look like black lace or the fine ones they sported in the grotto with the little fine piece of jewellery – that is very classy to me and defines them perfectly. However, I do like the shimeering black suits they are wearing here at the Disney show singing Adeste Fideles – they are fine for galla events and they are very well fitted. Especially, I like the one Ignazio is wearing – it has a slightly figure design that makes him look slimmer – one of the best jackets for him I have seen. But they do all look gorgeous in those suits.
      Warmest regards – Kirsten, Denmark

      1. Thanks for your thoughts. I guess I don’t know enough about Disney world to say what jackets would be “way out there.”
        But I always look forward to seeing what they will wear with those beautiful faces and fine bodies. What a great way for Armani to promote what they make!

      2. LOL Gail. You are American – right? I thought all Americans had been to either Disneyland or Disney World. I have been lucky enough to have visted both theme parks albeit living in Denmark, Europe. They were great fun to experience and the featured music fantastic (the free shows and all). But for an European I do also find them very noisy and loud leaving you with a headache at the end of a full day’s visit, as some kind of music is constantly playing from loudspeakers no matter where you go, so sometimes you would just wish for a bit of silence, if you know what I mean. But boy, if there is something that the Americans are good at – and especially Disney – then it is making shows! At closing time in the Disney Parks they have these light-shows with Mickey Mouse and all the other figures “dancing” on water clouds (or so it looks like) and beautiful singing and playing. Awesome and fantastic :-).But also very “American” in the good meaning. So when I write that I think the gold/blue/black sequince jackets are perfect for a Disney Show it is because it will match all the shimmer and glamor of the Disney World and be colorful and a bit over the top. But if they use same jackets in i.e. the Arena di Verona, they might end up looking “cheap” and Cirkus like – hence I find that their classic dark suits/tux are matching their singing in an elegant way. But, of course, if they came on stage in swim trunks, I’ll be happy as well 🙂 – it really doesn’t matter what they wear as their voices and personalities overshines it all. But admittedly, I do appreciate their good taste in stage clothing – it adds to the experience. And yes, Armani knows how to dress these guys well and it is likewise a good PR for them and Italian design. All the best – Kirsten

      3. Kirsten, I went to Disneyland before there was a Disney world, looong time ago. Since then to our national parks.
        Could you share with us how to find video(s) from the grotto?
        I’d like to see again so I can see what you are saying about how they were dressed.

      4. Glad you have visited Disneyland – you had me worried for a bit ;-). And your National Parks – they are just about the most beautiful in the world, if you ask me. I have travelled most of the US and Bryce Canyon is my absolute favorite, truly breathtaking!!! But so are most of them.
        Here is a video from the Grotto where they wear their finest formal tux with the jeweleries. The latter come from Armani tto and I got inspired to give my husband one for his txu, but alas the prize was above my budget, so I refained. All the best.

      5. Kirsten, I also agree that I missed them singing more in parts that blend together. But as you said this is a simple song that might not lend itself to that kind of interpretation. I love the beautiful job they did with this song! 😊

      6. Wow, Kirsten, but you’ve been to so many places, how cool!!
        Would you have bought Steen a Dolce and Gabbana men’s suit like the boys’? Wow, how elegant, but you two are used to this!! 🙂

      7. LOL Daniela. No, no, I wasn’t going to purchase Steen an Armani Tux (need to win the lottery for thaat).. I was talking about the jewelery they are wearing on the tux jackets. They are Armani design/brand as well.. But also a bit too expensive for my budget. But you are right, we are used to wear very formal outfits and Steen does have both “tails” and “tux”. Only we do not have much use for them any longer, unfortunately,, but New Year’s Eve we are still dressing up with all men in tux and the ladies in long dresses..I love it :-).

  4. I enjoyed seeing that video from an audience member. Il Volo, especially Ignazio , able to connect a little with the audience and be his fun self. Loved the songs and I thought they sounded wonderful and so professional. I will check in again on Christmas day to see the next Disney special. Aside from their beautiful voices, part of their charm is connecting with the audience and joking around, which they were not able to do at this event. Hope they made some new fans from this appearance. I would so love to see the widely recognized in the US.

  5. Thank you Daniela & Pat for your wonderful editorial & pics of the boys & happenings – you are always so interesting & the love you have for these young men is plain to see – what I love – is your love of sharing with the rest of us IL Volo lovers no matter where in the world we live – much love.

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat, What a speedy effort to
    get this up for us so quickly. I agree with Janet on
    getting new fans in the U.S. The broadcast can reach
    3 generations at home for Thanksgiving weekend all
    across the country, and will again at the Christmas show.
    Their new single will be a Christmas “hit” which
    folks can download. It’s already a present to myself.

    1. Martha, so many new fans have been added again this year after the various concerts in the U.S., but it would be really nice if even younger fans would join in cheering Il Volo, I think they would be very happy.

  7. They were great on the Disney special. And looked so elegant in front of Cinderalla’s castle. I hope David Foster had a chance to meet them. He’s won 16 Grammy’s and I know if he collaborated with Il Volo, they could make our collective Grammy dream come true!

    1. You’re welcome, Amy! I love David Foster and I also think the guys should collaborate with him! It would be MAGIC! 😀

  8. IL VOLO’s Adeste Fideles is the most beautiful, wonderful and breathtaking performance!! Their hearts are full of love and that love shone brightly that evening!! Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. I forgot to say thank you to Pat and Daniela for this latest.
    Kirsten, a lot of Americans can’t afford to go to Disney world.

    1. You’re most welcome, Gail!! I really have never had a desire to visit any Disney park. Too huge, at least Disney World is, and TOO overpriced!

  10. Many thanks Daniela & Pat. Adeste Fideles has always been one of my favourites ever since I heard it when visiting one of my grandma’s friends house. She was watching a Christmas concert, at least I assume it was. I was only there for a few minutes on an errand, so didn’t see much of it.

    Of course we had always sung the English version at school, but when sung in Latin it is so much better. Until Il Volo came along the only version I really liked was the late Frank Patterson. Il Volo outshine even him.


  11. Thank you for all the current news and keeping us up to date. That said, I thought the Disney program was shallow and crass, as this is what Disney has become. Il Volo was a breath of class as always, and elegant in their new Armani. Their singing was beautiful but they had no opportunity to connect with the audience with their charm. This beautiful hymn was inserted at the end to remind us that, oh yes, this was a Christmas concert.

    Their other Christmas song is nice too, and maybe a better fit for Disney. Those tuxes were very showy but beautifully done. They are the perfect male models for elegant clothing! I found the laser lighting behind them especially annoying on this program (and also during their tour concerts). They don’t need those gimmicks, their talent is so pure. The shooting snow and the lasers just distract.

    1. I agree with Sally, even though I would watch Il Volo in a “B” movie or concert. I was disappointed that the hosts did not interact with them and I knew I would have to wait until the end to see Il Volo. The producers of the show made them look like an “afterthought.” I’m glad my trips to Disney were in the 70s. I could not afford to go there now, not even for a day, which is sad, because we are all basically children.

    2. Thank you Sally for your comments on the Disney programme, which as I said I have not been able to see and therefore cannot tell my impressions.
      But the Il Volo song really created the Christmas atmosphere!

    3. I agree Sally about them not needing the gimmicks. I felt the same about the Eurovision. I guess that sort of thing is what is expected these days. They could sing in my back garden (some hopes) and not need anything other than themselves. 🙂


  12. I am so very interested in the Israel concert. I am hoping, like last time when they were in Rome, I will be able to watch the video. I watched the Disney Christmas Show and will watch the parade. It’s a wonderful experience for them. Disney parks are magical, but expensive. I was privileged to take my children in the 1970s. Love the boys and I like to think of myself as their “adopted Grandmother.” Much love and appreciation for all the news. They bring joy to a world that hasn’t seen much joy lately.

    1. Karen, I’m also very interested in the concert from Israel, it will definitely be very good, as it was when they sang in Lebanon, I can’t wait to see it.

  13. Thanks, Daniela and Patti for another outstanding post!! I watched the videos (the ones that were available, anyway) and would agree that Adeste Fideles was beautiful and, even more so with Ignazio in his form-fitting Armani jacket!! WOW!!

    I think Il Volo may be more used to silence from the audience when they are singing and might have a bit of a problem with all the screaming during their performances. Usually, the exuberance is held until the singing has finished, but in Disneyworld, anything goes, i guess!!

    Went to Disneyworld when my husband and I had a place in Sarasota, Florida, every time we had visitors from Canada and that was quite often. Haven’t been there since 1996 when we sold the place. Dol

    1. Dolores, the Disney parks are certainly a magical place for children and adults too. I’ve never been to a Disney park, the closest is in Paris, but here near me there is Gardaland which is a Disney-style mini park. Surely Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were a good presence during the event held at Disneyworld.

    2. I liked the jackets, well two of ’em anyway. 😉

      There did seem to be a great deal of screaming. Reminded me of the time I went to see the Everly Brothers and Frank Ifield. The friend I went with screamed all the way through Frank Ifield’s songs. I didn’t know where to put myself. Just as well she kept quiet when Phil was on, or I might have kicked her on the shin! We only had Phil Everly, can’t remember why Don wasn’t there.


  14. Dear Il Volo friends,
    First of all…thank you, Pat and Daniela…your work at this gig is wonderful!!! To my friend Rose Marie Paliobeis…I always look for your comments, as they often mirror my own…I agree. I expected that the Disney people would put the guys near the end. I would have thought that the class of the guys and their beautiful voices would have been a good lead for the program…I thought wrong!
    My very best wishes to all of you. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year…we (our world friends) have certainly earned it!

  15. Dear Sandi, thank you for the compliments and for the Christmas wishes which we reciprocate with affection.
    Our young men were a magical presence for a magical event, too bad we weren’t there.

    1. Thank you Daniela and Pat, everyone for all you do to update us always on our boys! I do wish the videos you post were not so many that have to be seen on FB as I m no longer on social media🫤. Disney is all about money, they wanted to keep the BEST for last to keep people there as long as possible. We took our kids in the early 70s and the grandchildren again 2007 (only because at the time my daughter worked for a company that was part of Disney and the discount made it possible to take all 3 families.) It’s super expensive unless you’re a Florida resident, we can get special rates, but still expensive, it’s a shame.
      I missed the Disney event and I’m hoping it will be on again. The rest in Jerusalem and Italy, will be seen everywhere?? Or only in Italy, I’d love to be able to see them, if we’ll be able to view….where? I think they’re beyond amazing professionally and personally….their families must be sooo proud Of the boys they raised and I’m sure Vito is smiling down on all of them.
      Merry Christmas everyone, may your holidays be filled with joy and blessings, Carol

      1. You’re most welcome, Carol. I’m sorry so many of the videos are on Facebook. We have to use the ones that will show up in the posts. So many are now blocked as having content possibly owned by someone else. Sometimes Facebook videos cannot be viewed by people with Facebook accounts unless you are a member of that “group”. It’s a tricky situation for sure. That is why sometimes I have to put a link instead because it will not embed and show a preview picture of the video. Here is a YouTube link to their performance on the Disney special.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Not yet as far as I know. Rai 1 may telecast it. I can watch that channel by using a VPN (virtual private network) like Nord VPN. There are some free VPN’s out there. If you are not computer savvy maybe you could have someone install VPN software on your computer. Otherwise, as always, the Bethlehem videos that people make will show up on YouTube sometime after the performance.

  16. Merci Daniela pour toutes les infos concernant Il Volo. En France nous n’avons pas la chance d’en avoir à part sur la RAI quand le concert est retransmis ( Taormina) ou sur les réseaux par les fans .

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