The night of Christmas Eve was truly a magical night, a fantastic concert by Il Volo from Jerusalem enlivened the evening.
But I’d say go straight to watching the video of the concert and then I’ll give you my comments and you yours.
I was translating for you all the speeches that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca made between one song and another, but today I saw that Donalee Dragna, administrator of the fanpage Il Volo American Fan Group We Are Love, published the entire concert with all English subtitles, so thanks to Donalee for the wonderful hard work and the Il Volo America Fan Group page that allows you to see and understand everything.
There is a small synchro problem, due to the video, in fact Il Volo sang live.
Enjoy viewing it, you will be impressed.

I have to tell you that I was speechless.
A wonderful concert, not only for the beautiful voices of Il Volo, but also for the solemnity of the beautiful place.
Breathtaking images and scenery, sharpness of video recording.
The elegance and fluency of our boys to sing and present is unmatched.
The lineup of songs is beautiful and appropriate, I listened with great pleasure to songs like TU SCENDI DALLE STELLE and AMAZING GRACE, and O TANNENBAUM, never heard sung by Il Volo.
I had the great pleasure of listening to AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE and NOTTE STELLATA and PANIS ANGELICUS beautiful, but rarely sung.
The words of the Patriarch of the Latins are beautiful.
The memory of Vito and grandfather Pietro by Ignazio and Piero is also beautiful.
And what about the wonderful piece, SILENT NIGHT, performed a Cappella in the basilica that houses the place of the Nativity, real shivers.
Magnificent, all magnificent and therefore we thank the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Canale 5 and last but not least Michele Torpedine for these beautiful ideas.

On Christmas day, greetings also arrived from Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio who wished everyone a Merry Christmas, very much appreciated.
I await all your comments which will certainly be enthusiastic, I have no doubt.
A hug to all of you and good continuation of the Christmas holidays:
Daniela ❤❤❤
I want to finish with these three photos that were published on Christmas day, moments in the family of our Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
Guys, you are adorable😘

……and the most adorable, Gianluca with his cousin’s children.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

142 thoughts on “NATALE A GERUSALEMME by Daniela”

      1. I have heard that in order to meet one of the trio privately, you have to pay for it !!! ????

      2. As nobody appears to have answered your query Lea, I will try and do so.

        Where did you hear about having to pay to meet them privately? It wouldn’t have been any of the Piero/Ignazio/Gianluca Facebook things would it? There are loads of these pretend Facebook pages, Piero seems to be the one that has the most though.

        The laughable thing is that these fakes actually know very little about our boys. They can’t even get their birthday correct. I’ve lost track of how many they have had in the past month. However, having checked some of the birthday wishes posts, I discovered they are all quite new to Facebook.

        Basically these scammers, because that is exactly what they are, are after money. If only one or two fall for these scams, then obviously it is worth their while to carry on. Their modus operandi varies, for some it is a quick fix, as in the first five minutes. For others it could be as long as two weeks. I had one tonight telling me the fan club was fake, and that he was sending the police round to have me arrested! Hey ho, I am still waiting for them to turn up!!! 🙂

        My aim for several months is to persuade Facebook to ban them. I am obviously failing miserably, but I will keep on trying!


  1. Yet another spectacular performance and a splendid video presentation in an ancient site. This is truly memorable and still I’m searching for the exact adjectives to use to express what I think of this piece. At the very least a class act all the way.

  2. I am now watching this concert for the 4th time, watched it last night twice till 2;00a.m. I thought it was phenomenal, the guys were as always in great voice and now I am wondering how I can forward this video to my friends with the subtitles. It is definitely a concert to be shared to ones who are not fans but will be when they hear this concert. I am always putting videos on “My Story’ of the guys and I do get viewers, Thank you so much for sharing this particular video. Thank you Donalee for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated. Will take this time to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year

    1. I am going to watch it over and over again Beverly!! I loved this concert. It is one of their best!! You can use your mouse to hover over the right side of the video where three icons will appear. Click on the bottom triangle one which lets you share the video to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or an email. Also you will see the URL address under those icons. You can select it and copy it and paste it to where ever. And you could also just send the URL address to this post and someone can look at it here. Please let me know if you have any questions. 😊

      1. Agreed agreed! Their “talks” were heart warming and light, and overall the show was so uplifting! Perfect Christmas vibe and something to add to my annual Christmas Watch List 🙂

      2. Thanks so much for this information, Patti. Other than turning on the computer, I’m not too savvy but will try and follow your instructions. Dol

    2. To all who want to keep the video for long-term viewing without risk of it disappearing,

      Roz asked on the Milan book signing post about how to download videos to a computer. Go there for instructions on how to do this. I think they’re easy enough for those who are clueless about computers and have never downloaded a video before to understand. Note I had to add an extra comment because the link went wrong.

      Fingers crossed at least someone will be successful.

    3. I watched them sing morricone, best of 10 years and Natale 2022. Still watching them and its 3am! I can listen to il volo all day. They are handsome, beautiful voices and love when they smile and fool around on stage. Love Il Volo forever!❤❤

    4. Beverley, it’s such a beautiful concert that you’d watch it several times and you’re right to want to duplicate it and let those who haven’t been able to see it know, it’s so beautiful.
      Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It really is so very much appreciated. I did manage to follow some of what our boys said, but there was still a lot I missed, especially from Gian as he tends to talk much quicker than Ignazio and especially Piero. Though to be fair to Gian he did talk somewhat slower on this video.

    I know there was a slight sync problem on the video I watched last night, but hey ho, it wasn’t a problem. 🙂

    Like Beverley I will be sending the link to my friend Christine. She may not have even heard of Il Volo before Covid, but she does now! I am trying to wean her off Il Divo, and point her in the direction of Il Volo. 😉


    1. Very good Roz, you are right, we have to introduce Il Volo to more new people, because the three of them deserve their voices to be spread and known, as you well know, Italian radios never play their songs, not even at this Christmas time their song Happy Xmas was played on the radio.

  4. Oh wow and chills, this was so beautiful! A beautiful tribute to Christmas and the birth of our Lord and to their families and all of us. It was so wonderful to hear O Tannenbaum and Amazing Grace…as usual they were amazing. The Silent Night cappella in the Basiclica was so moving. Thank you so much for sharing, I was heartbroken not to be able to watch the live performance in Jerusalem, so very moving and beautiful!
    You two have knocked it out of the park again. Just love watching our 3, their personalities and their music….loved the sharp velvet jackets!
    Thank you thank you again! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THE REST OF CHRISTMAS
    Peace,Carol ❤️🎼😘🤗🎄🙏🏻🎶🎤☮️

      1. Daniela,how fortunate all of us fans are to have you beautiful ladies to help us know and understand Gian, Piero and Igna! They are so sweet, genuine, caring, peaceful, full of genuine love for all of us and everyone touched by their music. Their generosity of spirit is truly overwhelming, the only other singer that comes to mind is Andrea Bocelli, their idol! I feel so blessed to have them and all Ilvoloers in my life, everyones lives. Thank you again to you and Pat….all of you. Carol☮️❤️

    1. Carol, it is my pleasure to help Daniela share these moments with all of you! Like I have said before, it is truly a labor of love for our guys. 💖

  5. Absolutely magnificent, will watch this over and over again. Thank you so much Daniela and all concerned with bringing this to us with the translations. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca Thank you for all the pleasure that you bring to us, always surprising us with something new !! Best Wishes and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all .

    1. Marion, I was translating all the speeches, but when I saw this video with the translation below I thought I’d shorten the time and offer you everything right away, I was too eager to show you this beautiful concert and I’m always afraid that the vision will be blocked in some way , due to Canale 5 rights.

  6. Thank you so much, wonderful concert! Loved every minute! Thanks so much for the translation! Thank you, thank you!! ❤️❤️

  7. This concert was absolutely fantastic! Everytime I think the guys can’t get any better, of course they do! Beautiful songs, sung with mature voices, one song I don’t even remember hearing before. The gift giving and commentaries were fun, personal and heartwarming. I’ve listened three times, the last with benefit of Donalee’s subtitles! More times to follow for sure between now and New Years. Thanks to Daniela, Pat and Donalee for posting so very quickly.

  8. Thanks to all of you for sharing this with us. I think my favorite was Ignazio’s rendition of ” I’ll be home for Christmas.” But did Piero call him a butterfly? ( when they started talking about Nessun Dorma).

    1. Gail, I’ve listened to the recording several times, but I don’t hear the word “butterfly”, however if you read it in some instant translation, it’s because we Italians also call the bow tie a butterfly, surely it was referring to that.

      1. The word was “papillon.” I didn’t know that’s what they called a bowtie.
        It was funny to me because Piero said it was time for them to settle down. Ignazio doesn’t look like a butterfly but you could see it in the way he acts.

      2. Yes, Gail, it really referred to the bow tie, which we often call “butterfly” anyway, and it certainly didn’t refer to Ignazio!!

      3. Gail, “papillon” is the French word for butterfly! But I agree with Daniela, it is referring to Ingazio’s bow tie. I looked up “bowtie” in the Google translator and the Italian for it is “cravatta a farfalla”. I knew farfalla was butterfly in Italian. I find it odd that the Italians would use a French word for their bowties.

      4. I understood farfalla means butterfly too. I think it was one of the first Italian words I learned on Duolingo. I also knew that papillion is French as it pops up a lot with the dies and stamps I use for my papercrafting. 🙂


  9. Like you I am speechless what a fantastic incredible concert I have been following these young talented men for 13 years and they just get better and better I want to thank you both for sharing this beautiful video with all of us fans thank you thank you so much Merry Christmas and the healthiest and happiest of New Year’s

    1. Even if it seems incredible Frances, they improve every time they present us something, this makes us understand how much work and study is behind everything they offer us.

  10. What can I say but YES, YES, YES!! I echo all the superlatives everyone else has written and can’t wait to watch it again and again!! Thanks so much!! Hugs, Dol

  11. Donale, thank you for the translation which made this wonderful concert 10 times even more special and memorable!!!🤗❤️🙏

    Flightcrew, you are the Best!

    Il Volo, thank you for your heartfelt gift/performance in a magnificent place—we could not ask for a better gift.
    Grazie x 1,000. 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🎄

  12. Absolutely incredible! They were so relaxed! Such a beautiful place to sing! Loved every minute. Singing Hallelujah at David’s Tower. Love them so.


  14. What a wonderful concert with three such wonderful singers! With each new year, I love them more and more!

    1. Thank you, Daniela, thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. It was the Most Beautiful Concert by The Most Powerful Voices and Extraordinary Men, Il Volo. Just BREATHTAKING. Words cannot express my Joy to hear them sing.

  15. Magnificent! Something to cherish always. Grazie mille, Daniela, Pat and Donalee. I love the new arrangement of Feliz Navidad. And the “Hallelujah” in that setting–incredibly beautiful! If this doesn’t get rave reviews from the Italian press, I don’t know what will.

    1. Judi, you are completely right, but for now, I have read only one article in the Italian press and all the other newspapers have not mentioned it. Certainly the facts matter more, because the concert was the most watched program of the whole evening.

  16. Majestic setting, and I imagined Papa Francisco
    setting his VCR to “record” this wonderful evening.
    With a balance of traditional, religious and pop
    songs, there was something for everyone.
    Michele is a genius!
    This special is something I will cherish for future
    Christmas listening.
    Thank you Daniel & Pat. Happy New Year to all!

    1. Martha, your comment with the Pope videotaping the concert made me smile, but believe me, throughout the evening and especially when there was the moment in the basilica of the Nativity and when the Patriarch of the Latins spoke, I often thought that I was hoping the Pope was watching the concert and I was sure he really enjoyed it.
      Yes, Michele is a genius.
      Thanks for the wishes which I reciprocate with joy

  17. I’m almost speechless at having the pleasure of enjoying this concert from Jerusalem. I’ve visited there and it is the perfect place for this Christmas concert. I’m teary eyed at the beauty of the guys voices. I listen to their music every day without fail. I adore the guys and so appreciate their talents. I’ve followed them for their thirteen years and I have loved watching them go from talented teenagers to incredible young men. And ladies thank you so much for going the second and third mile so that a fan like this 83 year old lady can enjoy this marvelous music. I hope you know just how much your efforts mean to me. Bless “the boys” and you for helping keep the fans in a place to enjoy their talents.

    1. Oh, Virginia, how wonderful that you have been to such a beautiful place full of history, I am delighted that this beautiful concert has reached you and that it has rekindled the memories of your trip.

      1. Daniela and Virginia – I was there too in 2012 shortly after I lost my husband, and walked these incredible walls at the David gate, so this wonderful concert meant even more to me.

  18. What a privilege to see & hear the ‘Boys’ in such a stunning place as the ‘Holy City’ – I cried with much emotion as Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca sang so beautifully the hymns & Christmas songs we all know so well – I felt the spirit of the Lord watching over these young men as they delivered their voices in such a holy place – I certainly appreciate the hard work & love that has gone into the making of this video & especially the translation – much love to you Daniela – Pat – Donalee & Michele from a loyal fan.

    1. Jude, you wrote well, in this concert you could feel the spirit of Christmas, so much sweetness, so much love, so much elegance and angelic voices, everything was perfect.

  19. Loved the variety of songs – the old, the new, traditional as well as modern. Beautiful setting and great photography. Thank you Daniela, Pat, and Donalee for your diligence, skill, and dedication in bringing us this wonderful concert and translations!

    1. Maija, this concert satisfied everyone, there were historical songs and new songs, there were solemn moments and witty moments, but always with great elegance.

  20. Très bea&u concert. Dommage qu’il ne sorte pas en DVD.
    Je n’ai pas compris où on pouvait trouvzer les explications pour télécharger la vidéo

    1. Eliane, Pat a expliqué comment télécharger la vidéo dans la réponse de Beverley, mais Thordis a également expliqué comment faire dans le post précédent, celui de la séance de dédicace à Milan.

  21. Thank you Daniela, and Donalee. Even without understanding everything said I was so full of emotion, and deep gratitude to the friend who first introduced me to Il Volo. I am brought to tears even now recalling their sweet faces ~ it seemed they were lit from inside, and their presence on the stage made me feel I was right there with them in this emotional location. Their performances were of course exquisite, the a capella Silent Night brought be to my knees in prayer. How can three young men create such emotion? They are a precious gift in these times when it is easy to lose the beauty around us. Thank you ragazzi, thank you Michele and a Happy New Year to all.. Karen

    1. Karen, as they said at the beginning of the concert it was like they were at home with us, they sang for us and the a capella moment was really very touching and the three of them were so sweet

      1. Yes, you’re right :),
        they did say we were all together, from all over the world. And it was true and perfect ♡♡♡

  22. Thank you both for that beautiful video and some English translations that realy helped to understand some of the concert ,the guys were fantastic as usual and it must have been so thrilling to be at the place where Jesus was born ,thanks once again ,wishing you all a Happy New Year x

  23. The concert was wonderful. The setting is magnificent. I am surprised no one yet has commented on the light show that was projected on the walls behind and besides them during the concert. Everything from medieval scenes from manuscripts to cityscapes–utterly enchanting. Jerusalem has many light shows during the year, all of them are wonderful, but I thought this one was really spectacular.

    1. Oh Penina! I was totally amazed by the light show behind the guys during the concert!! 😀 How it changed to fit the mood of the songs being sung. I loved it!

    2. I’m glad you mentioned the light show. I noticed it.
      I’m pleased to see some are giving credit to Michel but another one that needs to be mentioned is Gianpiero Grani.
      I recently read an old post on Flight Crew that explained what a big job he has. Sorry I can remember the name of the article or I would share that.

      1. Yes Gail, master Grani does a really excellent job with our boys, he is also their great friend, adviser, and is very proud of them. I’ll also tell you one thing, the orchestra and choir that accompanied them in the concert, are from Brescia, my city!!

      2. OK Daniela, now I’m going to go to a map to find Brescia. Maps are among my favorite things.

      3. Gail, there is a small search box to the left of the six top stories. Type in “Giampiero Grani” and hit enter and you will see all the posts with his name in it!

    3. Yes Penina, these projections on the walls are absolutely fantastic and when I wrote breathtaking scenery I meant just that, and yes, the concert is just wonderful.

  24. After reading the comments again, I am so impressed by the different languages our Il Volovers express their love for and awe of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Such a Cosmopolitan following they have and are loved in so many parts of the world! Dol .

    1. Yes Dolores, Il Volo has admirers all over the world, recently there is a new fanpage also from Japan.
      Even without the newspapers, the news on the fanpages goes around the world.

      1. I’m glad you mentioned Japan because I didn’t think Piero explained this very well. If you google “Notte Stellata figure skater” you can see a magnificent use of Il Volo music. A Japanese artist that made me cry. I think Piero was trying to say that he was what awakened Japan to Il Volo.

      2. Yes, it is precisely what Piero, Gail were referring to, and they have repeatedly stated this thing in other concerts or interviews. Also here you can find a post where we published and talked about this ice skating champion who used the music of Il Volo in his exercise.

  25. It was a perfect venue for a Christmas concert. Beautiful music, beautiful voices, it will be a Christmas classic. Shame on the Italian press for not acknowledging their countries treasure of Il Volo. Grazie Mille Pat, Daniela and Donnalee.

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, everything was perfect. The Italian press fails to recognize the skill and depth of these young men, but the audience does, it is always reconfirmed.

  26. Thank you Daniela for sharing this concert and Donalee for the translations. It was amazing and very moving. Everything was beautiful- the scenery, the music, the orchestra, Maestro Grani and most of all the guys. They were outstanding. I only wish they could have filmed this as a DVD so that we could always be sure to have it. It is a concert to be enjoyed many times.

  27. Thank you so much Pat and Daniela for this beautiful and reverent Christmas concert. I have watched it several times already. Thanks also to Donalee for the translation of their many conversations. It adds so much knowing and appreciating their thoughtfulness, kindness and joy! You pretty much said it all Daniela. There is absolutely no one like Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. The setting was spectacular, and the light show so appropriate. You must be very proud of the orchestra who were from your city. It was lovely to hear songs we never heard them sing and of course all our favorite Christmas songs and hymns. It really was the perfect Christmas gift! A very happy and healthy New Year to all!

    1. All perfect, Margaret, I sincerely hope they make a video CD of it, and then understanding what has been said is priceless and our boys, they laugh and joke, but they can also be very mature and serious. Delicious!

      1. Well even though I have downloaded it, thanks to Thordis, I would still buy it if it came out on DVD. Have to keep the music industry going don’t ya know. Where would we be without music? In my case £8 or so per month better of monetary wise, but much poorer in spirit without it.

        There, that is my bit of philosophy for the day! 😉


      2. Although that orchestra was a lot smaller than some that have accompanied Il Volo, they were superb and you can be well proud of them, Daniela!!

      3. In fact, Dolores, I was amazed to know that the orchestra and choir are from Franciacorta, an area of ​​Brescia near my home, I would like to be able to interview some of those players and know their opinion on Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and maybe know from maestro Grani it was nice to work with these musicians.

  28. Thank you so much Daniela for another wonderful review!! This concert was so magical! I can’t stop watching it!! They weren’t in Israel very long so it boggles my mind how and when they were able to pull this magnificent concert together but I’m so glad the did!! For sure this spectacular concert should be aired on PBS next Christmas!! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New year!!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Joanie, I too think that, given the short time that Il Volo remained in Jerusalem, they did a remarkable job of notable beauty, evidently everything was well prepared from the start. Very good for us!!

  29. Just a little addendum–on second viewing, I pushed “pause” frequently and was able to get some really good photos with my camera (probably an IPhone would work as well) of the guys, individually and together, and the spectacular setting. So maybe I’ll have them printed (along with many other Il Volo photos I’ve taken) and make a scrapbook. A good New Year’s resolution!!

  30. I just watched it again and “shared” it with my niece, cousin and myself. Just wondering how long it will get to my in box?
    Can you answer that, Patti???? Thanks, Dol

      1. Patti, I meant I shared it with my personal email address and was wondering how long it would be before it arrives to my email address. Sorry I wasn’t clear with my question.

      2. How did you share it? Did you send a link? or did you download the whole concert and tried to email that file? The file is huge so I know it probably won’t be able to be emailed to someone.

  31. I’m all blown away and out of words…what a fantastic concert that was! Thanks Daniela and crew for sharing it with us foreigners who would otherwise have no way of watching it. I am normally not out of words but I cannot find words covering my feelings and emotions correctly in this connection – it was awesome! And I did just think that I had heard their best concert when in Rome the day before Christmas, but this concert is classes above and stands totally out! What can I say: Elegant yet informal; classy yet down to Earth; top pro yet very relaxed; solemn yet entertaining; funny without appearing “cheap”; being totally themselves without being too private – and I could go on. Ail in an awesome and stunning setting with focus on the good and the beauty of life. And with voices that can only come from heaven.. they have never song better or more beautiful! It was flawless and so profound and emotional that I was close to tears at times while their little humoristic gimmicks brought a smile about and got me back to realities. I so much loved all they did and sang. The repertoire was perfect and included my 3 fave Morricone songs next to the more classical and Christmas related songs. And the presentation of the songs so fine and perfectly done – they have truly improved in this area. They have matured and turned into 3 beautiful full grown young men yet without having lost their youthful antics and charm. I loved the little present intermezzo that was more than just light entertainment – knowing the guys so well as we do it was rather clear that the thoughts behind the chosen gifts were a lot more personal and private than they appeared. I cannot praise this concert enough and I so much wish it would be broadcast in my country as well as this is by far the best and finest they have done so far. Being part of the Disney Christmas Parade fades totally in comparison. And wouldn’t it be fantastic if they made a genuine DVD from same that we could purchase and cherish with some of their previous lovely DVDs? Thanks again for sharing this wonderful concert with us! And in conclusion I should like to wish everyone in The Flight Crew and it’s members a very Happy New Year!
    Warm greetings – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, your description of the concert is exactly how I felt but didn’t quite know how to put into words. It was my pleasure to help with this. I love your phrase “voices from heaven”. . .they truly are! Just when you think you have seen their best performance they surprise us with even more! Happy New Year to you! 🎉🤗

      1. Me again, Patti! There was a triangular icon at the bottom right of the video which I clicked on, then there was a notation “share” and it asked for email addresses, where I put in ones for my daughter, step-daughter, niece and myself. Maybe that is where I went wrong but, as long as the video is available on the Flight Crew site, I’ll just keep watching it over and over. Thanks, Dol.

      2. Dolores, on the Vimeo video that we inserted into the post, when you click on that triangular icon it shows different ways to share. Basically it is sending this link from the Vimeo website –

        – to those you share it with. That link also appears below all the icons that come up when you click share. You should have received that link right after you sent it. I will email you a screen shot of what I am seeing. It will come from my personal email.

    2. Kirsten, you did a great review of this beautiful concert and I totally agree with what you wrote, everything was perfect!!
      Every time Il Volo manages to amaze us with the skill and beauty of everything they do and we are so happy with all these beautiful gifts they have given us in this year 2022.
      Thank you for the beautiful greetings with heartfelt reciprocation and I look forward to reading your review of Rome!!

  32. A little curiosity, no one has noticed that, among the audience present at the concert, there are MariaGrazia Barone, and Eleonora Venturini Storaro (girlfriend of Gianluca)

    1. I did notice that a beautiful dark haired girl was shown in the audience and wondered if it was Gianluca’s special lady.

      1. Yes, Dolores, it was her, but Mariagrazia Barone also has long, dark hair.
        Mariagrazie, she is in the photo embraced with Piero.

    2. I noticed Piero’s sister right away! I think the camera showed her a couple times during the concert! I did not see Gianluca’s girlfriend. I’ll have to watch it again!

  33. Thank you for sharing these Christmas pictures of the guys. I personally like seeing them in photos during their off time. They need the rest and to spend time with their families. One question though! Were they not in Jerusalem on Christmas Eve? Did they fly home right afterwards? I hope so!

    1. I was a bit baffled by that too. I couldn’t decide if it had been prerecorded, was live on Christmas Eve, or what. I’m very easily confuzzled, especially when it comes to Il Volo. I couldn’t keep track of them! I knew when they were in Canada, the USA and Australia for the concerts. It was after Australia when I totally lost the plot. 😉


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