Before I get into my story, I would like to take a moment to mention the concert in Verona. Concerts at the Verona Arena are always spectacular, this one was no exception. With all that is going on behind the guys, it’s like watching two shows. Thanks to all the wonderful fans out there (especially you Alessandra) we were able to see some of this amazing concert. How many ways can you say fantastic? It certainly was different. We saw another side of our guys. True showmen, each and every one. Or as Alessandra said, “An immense talent!” Couldn’t have said it better my friend!
But guys I have to say there was one song you forgot to sing ~ Singing in the Rain.
Because I didn’t attend the concert, I’ll have to wait to watch both on Canale 5. I’ll be back in a few weeks to talk more about it!

Over the past few months, I have been sharing with you An Extraordinary Adventure as seen through my eyes. (I originally wrote about this adventure three years ago.) I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. I think I have written this story five times over the last three years. On this fifth rewrite, we have come to the end of our journey. Telling The Story Time And Again, I certainly will be writing it again. There are always new fans to tell our guys story too.

So how did I approach this story. I took the original book which consisted of mostly dialogues and short stories between the boys and changed it to a narrative so you could truly appreciate their stories.
And what extraordinary stories they were. I acted as the narrator and lead you from one story to another always allowing the boys to tell the story in their own words. After a while, the boys took over and carried me along on their journey. A very exciting adventure!
What did I find out about the boys in this book? 
I found out that Piero is an excellent storyteller. When he tells you a story, he includes every little detail so when the story is over you know everything there is to know about that story.
I found out that Ignazio is an excellent writer. He is the only one who wrote his story. Ignazio is very articulate. His words just fly off the page. Because of this, his story was the easiest to edit.
As to Gianluca, I was surprised to find out he was such a romantic. Everything that is important to him is a passion. He invests himself in what he loves and believes in: Family, Music, Country and Soccer!

I have now read the book about 20 times. Going back and forth from Italian to English to be sure that the facts were correct. I have edited other books but this one was truly an adventure. Maybe because the characters meant something to me.
Before I go any further there are some people who I would like to thank for giving me the opportunity to share this story. First and foremost, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They were aware that I was telling their story yet, never once did they ask me to stop telling it. It’s their story and they could have stopped me at any time. Next, I would like to thank Michele Torpedine for also giving me a free hand to share it!

As to the book Il Volo Un’avventura Straordinaria, La nostra storia(An Extraordinary Adventure, our story) let me say, as I’ve said so many times, it is a wonderful book and anyone who can read Italian should read it. Many people have asked me why I don’t translate the book. It’s not my book to translate. All I can say is I would love to translate and edit the book for the English version.
Before I hand you over for the last time, let me leave you with this thought. This story truly was an extraordinary story about three young boys, child prodigies, who travelled the same path but started in different places: Naro, Bologna and Montepagano. I often think and I have just recently said in one of the stories, how is it possible that three amazing boys, with three extraordinary voices, that complement one another, wound up in the same place, at the same time, in history. My only answer is divine intervention. God had a plan and what a plan it was! He gave us three voices that would stay with us for a long time and certainly for me till the end of my days.

So, before we bid the boys farewell, I’ll let the guys tell their final story which is about the one disappointment they had. Or as Ignazio put it, “Eurovision… one of those things that I do not like to talk about, but we’re telling the truth, so let’s tell it all.” So, for the last time let’s join Piero as he tells us about what happened at Eurovision….

Piero: Vienna, the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, was a rather strange experience because we came as favorites. So, we were loaded, convinced! From February 14th to May 17th, the day we arrived in Vienna, we sang “Grande Amore” so many times that we convinced ourselves even more that we would make it. I mean, Gianluca and I convinced ourselves, while Ignazio was pessimistic as usual. However, Gian, your presentiment this time was really wrong.

Gianluca: But do you know what happened to Eurovision? Unlike Sanremo, the vote of the public was not as important as the Festival: fifty percent vote from home and fifty percent vote of the jury of journalists. And this put us at a disadvantage. But the public voted for us, we arrived first for the people at home.
I cried when it was over. Why did I cry? I knew we had lost not because people did not love us, but for other reasons. Mom, I cried….
Piero: What a blow that night …

Ignazio: Do we really have to talk about it? I’m not so happy to talk about Eurovision because I do not have a great memory.
Gianluca: I started crying, then I looked at Piero, he too cried …
Piero: Gianluca in the end had convinced me to say: ‘We win, we win.’ We had taken it in Sanremo, it could be that we would take it in Vienna, right?
Gianluca: Look, I guessed because we won the televoting, I repeat it.

Ignazio: And I always am the pessimistic one, with my feet on the ground, saying, “No, guys, it’s hard. It does not say that we succeed.” Even though I had believed it myself a bit.
But it happened that we got third, behind the Russian Polina Gagarina, second with A Million Voices, and the Swedish Mans Zelmerlow who won with Heroes.
Gianluca took it very badly, he cried. Piero as well. Everyone took it very bad. What could I say?
Come on, guys, we got third, not everyone does that, the last one was Modugno.


Piero: In the end, however, Gianluca and I looked at each other, looking as if to say: ‘Now what do we do? And the moment before we cried and the next moment we laughed. We had lost, what could we do? By now, it had happened.
Gianluca: We could not cry forever. And then, the public’s heart was ours.
Ignazio: Instead, the undersigned, after having done a little shoulder to others, the next morning I felt very bad, but very bad. For two or three days I was very bad, I threw it all out, later.
Piero: In life you cannot always win, that’s what we learned.
Where’s the beauty? Not all women can say yes to you. After that, how do you try to seduce one, if you already know that she will tell you yes?
So, when we came back from Vienna, many people in Italy asked: ‘Are you sad about the third place?’
Absolutely not, indeed we are very satisfied, but maybe even too satisfied, because our goal of Eurovision was to show us to two hundred and twenty million people. Even in Australia they saw us. But think how many are two hundred and twenty million people? A sea, is, a sea!

And can I tell you something? I have never loved the tricolor flag so much in my life.
Knowing we were there at the Wiener Stadthalle with the roar of sixteen thousand people to hear us sing live and another two hundred million to see us at home, to know that we at that moment represented Italy for all of Europe is a great responsibility, however it is also a great stimulus to do it in the best possible way.
We represent it around the world with singing, with bel canto, and we believe we have done it better in Vienna. We put it all, we worked hard, we really gave our heart for this occasion.
It was a completely different experience from the others because it was not a competition between artists, it was a competition between Countries, it was a competition between origins, and we were there to defend our nation.
It was really very strong!
It would be nice to come back there, but first we should win another Sanremo Festival!

So, at the end of the book, the guys said, “Goodbye for Now.” And this is how they summed it up! These final words in the book go to the heart of who these guys are and how they feel about the fans.
In which the true and only secret of the success of our three lives is told.
When they asked us to write this book, our first thought was, ‘Finally, finally we can tell the truth.’ In a three-minute interview you cannot tell a life, but in a book yes.  And that’s what we tried to do in these pages: tell our true story.
Which is a normal story, of three guys like many who had a great passion and were lucky enough to be able to transform that passion into what today makes them live and makes them famous.
Being successful is beautiful, it would be stupid to say no after we have so dreamed and desired, but you need to quickly understand something, and that is, that it is not only our merit.
The people who follow us have a large part of that merit.
And knowing it is what gratifies us the most.
It is wonderful to know that we have shared our emotions with those who listen to us.
That’s why we work, and that’s why we try to give everything when we sing, we live in a concert or recording studio. And that’s why we do our work always with the maximum of passion, so that we can create what for us is magic, the magic of emotion that passes from our voices to people.
The Fans are the reason, the only real explanation of what happened to us from 2009 till today, the records, the tours around the world, the victory at Sanremo, what we are finally living in Italy.

During a concert we would like to embrace all the people before us, one by one, we would like to be able to say: ‘Thank you!’ with our voices to all. And we want to thank them if we are in the studio to record, if we fill the halls in concerts, if we are in the charts, if we go around the world.
Our ‘fans’ are everything!
We do not know what we will decide to do after the new album and the winter tour. We do not know if we will return to Sanremo, if we will take a vacation, if we will immediately start thinking about another album, new songs to fill your emotions and our emotions.
But for sure, for all we have done so far, let’s say thanks to those who have followed us. And we will continue our great adventure together! Goodbye for now!
I think that was a nice tribute to the Fans. I don’t think any other entertainers love their fans like our guys love us! So, I leave you at the end of the story for now, but rest assured I will be Telling The Story Time And Again.
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
For your listening pleasure the concert in Verona in 2016

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What I have written here are excerpts from the book the guys wrote about their lives. “Il Volo, Un’avventura Straordinario, La Nostra Storia.” (An Extraordinary Adventure, Our Story) This is just a small piece of each man’s story. The book is written in Italian. If you can read Italian, I would highly recommend that you read it. It’s wonderful! If not, I can only hope that someday it will be translated into English. Or you can use Google Translate to translate it.
I also recommend you read their second book “IL Volo: Quello Che Porto Nel Cuore” (What I Carry in My Heart).

And let’s not forget the new album. Available on Spotify, Amazon, and other music media!

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Yes, our guys truly have an amazing story! What is so wonderful is what is in their hearts. That’s why their fans will always love them, and of course, their voices! Great Eurovisión Grande Amore video, excellent performance! Thank you, Susan, for all your work; and creating new ideas for your stories. I appreciate the Flight Crew and staying up-to-date with our guys.

  2. I have loved these 3 young men since I first heard them, I play the CD;s and watch U tube all the time. I really want them to come back to the States so I can see them.

  3. Dear Susan, just 4 hours to the IlVolo concert in Verona!! I’m so excited, I lost their concert in my home town in Florida after it was hit by destructive hurricane Ian and they had to cancel it, so you can understand how exiting I’m! Wondering if there are any fans here from US, would be so nice to meet them. Love your stories!
    Thank you for your writing, you should put it in the book!
    Thank you, Irene

  4. I have listened to Eurovision since it’s beginning and a number of songs remain with me .Il Volo were the best in 2015 as they sang the best song in their own language unlike the first and second who relied on English versions and computer graphics.Those songs were never heard of again but Il Volo Grand Amore is sung around the world every day,so who were the winners?
    People who listen to music of all genres enjoy only the best and sit in pouring rain to hear their favourites.Bravo to Il Volo!xxx

  5. Hello, Susan and thanks for the excerpts from their first book which show just how important they think and realize their fan base is to their success world over. Not every performer has the realization that it is not only their talent, but the reception of that talent by the millions of followers.

    I can understand how you might think you are repeating yourself with these stories but, as you say, there are always new fans arriving after having heard them, maybe for the first time. (Shall I say, unlike we older fans (which can’t get much older than myself, who turned 91 years on May 1st!!!). Hugs to you, Susan.

    1. Happiest birthday wishes to you Dol! God has Blessed you with 91 wonderful Years….and IL VOLO. May you continue in good health and always stay safe! 🎂💕🎼🎤☮️🤗😘with love from Carol

      1. Thank you, Carol, very much. Can’t say that all 91 years have been a picnic but I’m still here and hope to be for another four or five years yet. Love back to you, Dol

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      1. Thank you, Susan, for the lovely birthday wishes! Hugs, Dol.

  6. Just another thought for the fans: I wish more Il Volovers would attach a photo to their avatar so we could become a little more familiar with them, not only their words.

  7. I only discovered them during Covid while browsing utube. Finally got to see them in Chicago ( had to drive from St. Louis). I watch their videos all the time and listen to cds in my car. Can’t get enough of these three talented young men.😍

  8. Dear Susan thank you for the translations…..only way I’ll get to “read” their book (I have both of them but languages are not my strength🥺! I feel so bad that they didn’t win Eurovision, what a shame, they ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD. I’m put off that they made Gian and Piero cry from disappointment but proud of the conclusion they came to. I always told my kids that disappointments should only make them work harder….. I don’t know if that’s possible given their work ethic now, but maybe it did. Still hoping to see them in Verona and Taormina someday and cannot wait for them to come to the US! I’d really like to meet some fans from Florida or NY (besides you💕) or just the US. I’m from Sarasota and do go to Ct. in the summer to my girls (Fairfield). My email is and I’d love to hear from you! Blessings, Carol☮️🥰🙏🏻🎼🎶🎤😘🤗

  9. Dear Susan
    They were truly child prodigies who became wonderful singers who we truly love to listen to.
    Love Jenny

  10. Thank you so much for helping those of us who don’t know Italian to see parts of the book. We love all their music and are big fans watching them on Utube. Hope to see a concert but we are getting old and will need to do it soon before we are too old. We live in US.

  11. Thank you for all the translations and stories from the first book. I have the book, but haven ‘t learned enough Italian to understand much. I am in Italy right now, my daughter met me in Milano and we attended both Verona concerts! Loved the rainy one as well as the second one. They were comletely different programs. They showcased each guys talent and their individual tastes in music, which we don’t see that much on tour. After the concerts we’ve been driving our trusty Fiat 500 all the way to Puglia and the southern end of the “heel” (loved it down there) and now are in Bolognia and back to the States on Thursday. Love to listen to Italian and try the little that I know. Thanks again for the stories.

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