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Last week I wrote about the guys being The Epitome of Success. This week, I would like to add to that story by talking about a man who made it all possible, the man who lives In The Shadow of Il Volo.
In 2021, the man in the shadows wrote a book, “Ricomincio Dai Tre” (I Start Again from Three).  If you follow Il Volo, you certainly know who I am talking about, their manager, Michele Torpedine.  At concerts we see a patch of grey hair and we all say, “There’s Michele.”

But who is this man? And where did it all begin for him?
“Ricomincio Dai Tre” is Michele Torpedine’s autobiography. I said this about the guys’ book and, I will say it about Michele’s book, “If you can read Italian, you need to read this book.” It was so good, I read it in one weekend. I will say a lot of the people he talks about, you probably will not know, unless you’re Italian. Having said this, it is a very good read!

Let’s start by first looking at how the guys came to know Michele.
The day the guys came together singing, “O Sole Mio” on Ti Lascio una Canzone, Michele was at the end of his career. For him it was truly over. All he had done for so many now seemed in vain. But with this vision before him, three amazing teenagers, he was able to see a new light. A light that would start the wheels rolling again. A light that would reveal truth. A truth that never before was revealed to him. A truth he searched for his whole life but would only find in his relationship with Il Volo.
What was this truth? For the answer, let’s go back to the beginning that is the beginning for Michele. Let’s listen to what Michele has to say about his humble beginnings….
In my story, you will find pieces of true stories of artists, such as Andrea Bocelli, Il Volo, or rather, among their stories, you will find mine, that of an Apulian child emigrated to Bologna, the boy who from a studio apartment in a small white house (the Apulian houses are often white), went to the oval room of the White House.
I loved music, I still love it, the world of music, less.
I was born on 12th May 1952 in a small town in northern Puglia. I don’t remember anything about this place, because I moved to Bologna when I was 5 months old.

My father was called Salvatore, he was a tailor, he was severe, hard.
My mother’s name was Titina, I lost her when I was 27 years old. I carried her down in my arms, wrapped in a sheet, to the mortuary chamber. She was 51 years old. Hunger, misery and cancer, this was her life, she struggled like a beast, then from one day to the other she fell ill and flew away in less than a year, I still haven’t managed to forgive her for leaving me so early.
In Bologna, we came in search of work and survival, we are poor, but really poor. We were five people in one room.
At the age of 8, I start to work, with a shoemaker, straightening the nails that were extracted from the soles. At 12 I started working as a bartender, then as a waiter and bellhop.
My brother Nino, at the age of 17, assembled his first battery of drums (drum set), I, who was five years younger than him, began to follow him and learn. I began to work in the evening. I would go to the places where you can play. At the age of 14, I became part of a local orchestra.
At 16, my first dream came true, a friend of mine called me on a Sunday afternoon and told me that he was given the task of hiring six bands to open the Jimi Hendrix concert and asked me if I wanted to take part. I accepted immediately; I was excited.
Our band is the last one to play before Hendrix enters. Bad fate because people couldn’t wait any longer, so they threw booze and popcorn at us.
Things began to improve. They call me more and more often.
One evening, all together, we go to see a concert of musicians playing with Ray Charles, the place is packed, that evening he is there too, Ray Charles, at a certain point they tell me they don’t have a drummer and they asked me to play. My legs were shaking, I was paralyzed with fear, but then I calmed down and played.

Michele says that the battery (the drums) is his life, not women, nothing for him is as reliable as a drum set. Michele continues….
Everything goes well, time passes, I was good, but not a genius, I understood that it is better to change.
One day someone proposed that I be a road manager, that is the one who contacts the local promoters, pays the musicians, takes the money, checks that everything goes well.
I plan a series of concerts for artists like Paoli-Vanoni, a great success, things are getting better and better, from one day to the next I became a millionaire, and people began to ask for me.

I started a partnership with Zucchero Fornaciari. He is a good soul singer, nobody in Italy sings like that. Time passed and Zucchero became very successful, one day he came to me with a beautiful and sad song: “Miserere”, and he says, “this song should be sung with a tenor … let’s try to ask Pavarotti?”

Pavarotti was in America. I have to bring him a demo of the song so he can listen to it. I contacted all the tenors I knew but nobody wants to do a demo with Zucchero, with them pop was not contemplated by the classical tenors.
By pure chance, a friend tells me that in Tuscany, in a club, in the evening, there is a blind boy who plays the piano and is very good, he also sings tenor songs, his name is Andrea Bocelli.
It was the first time I met Bocelli. No one believed in him, not even himself.
Bocelli agreed to do the demo but, he was fearful because Pavarotti would hear it. He is very good and likeable. He sings the demo in a special way. I tell him to persist with music and he replies that he has won a receptionist competition and that music will remain his passion.
I flew to Philadelphia to give Pavarotti the demo and he immediately told me that he will never sing a song of light music. I asked him to at least listen to the demo and he agreed. I explained to him that the boy who sings is not a tenor but a simple boy who plays with passion and Pavarotti asks me if I’m kidding him, because for years he hasn’t heard such a beautiful voice.
I went home and call Bocelli and I incredulously propose a contract to him. Bocelli doesn’t believe it’s all true.

At first it was difficult, nobody wanted Andrea. Too risky! There were always so many bad reviews in American newspapers, but people loved him, that’s the only thing he has always counted on.
The live reaction of the people was a show in the show. Andrea was a great interpreter of emotions he knew how to take on the feelings of ordinary people. This was its added value: to be a common mortal with a divine voice.

As to women, Michele says…
Women, I love them, but I’m afraid of them.  I can’t trust the exclusive relationship with a woman.  I am not so naive as not to understand that beautiful women are with me even for what I do, I am wealthy, I ride in beautiful cars and, I have some power. I never married, but I was almost married. How it ended makes me feel bad today. I was 30, she was from Bologna, beautiful and intelligent. We decided to get married.
I will only say, he cheated and, it was over! Too bad!
As with everything, Michele goes back to his mother….
My mother, who I loved very much, left me early, too early, without giving me a way to show all my love for her. My mother could not share with me that little bit of success, of well-being, that I wanted to give her after so many hardships. I had everything from her, and she, she had no way to say with pride “That is my son.” I feel guilty about this.
But there is another woman who has always been important in my life, and it is my sister Liliana, a little friend, a little mother, and always with me even at work, especially in the most important moments.
I must admit that other female figures have been very important in my career. At the beginning, Cristina Gelsi, who followed me in the 16 years with Bocelli. And, now Barbara Vitali, omnipresent in all my activities, almost my alter ego, lives traveling the world to assist Il Volo.
So, let’s talk about the guys and their relationship with Michele.
In an interview with La Vita in Diretta, Michele was asked, “What has changed, Torpedine?”
I have many enemies, which will increase after this book but, I met the right people: Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone.

Yes, as you can tell from the title of the book, when I met them and put them together as a trio, they were so young… to think that ten years have already passed! With them and with their families, good people, a relationship was born that goes far beyond the professional one.
Together we joke and laugh, then we get serious, enjoying worldwide successes: but the human side, their being real and clean, for me is an added value, which is priceless. And, especially in this environment, is a rare commodity.
So true! This is something we always say about the guys. Something we admire! Their integrity and values are priceless! We admire that they are able to remain grounded being in this environment.

Where there is gratitude, there is Il Volo! Michele continues…
It’s so hard to be told ‘thank you.’ For this reason, the boys, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are different: grateful, so much so that I had to tell them to stop making my name and thanking me during interviews or at the end of the concerts, everything seems prepared.
But, of course, we know it’s from the heart! That’s who Il Volo is!
Asked about whether or not Michele would “Fancy a family.” He replied….
I have no children or wife, I married music. Perhaps the ugly will come later when I turn around and find no one. But at the moment I’m fine with that!
We wonder what Michele expected when he signed Il Volo?
Another great story started, a new story at a time when it seemed to me that there was no future for me, for my profession: a breath of oxygen in my environment.
After years of disappointment, loss of trust and gratitude, missing or denied, with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, Michele rediscovers the values of gratitude. Michele says….
The boys allowed me to really go back to my job.
So where did Michele begin with the boys? He started in a place where he always wanted to be.
Let’s start with trust because they trust me first of all; the administration of an entire world tour, with important figures to move on which I could take what I want if I were dishonest. But they trusted me and so did their parents, to whom, moreover, I have committed myself to teaching everything, the mechanisms, the things that move, the figures, the relationships. All.

So how does Michele describe this trust?
If I had to define the story of Il Volo with a dominant feeling, I would call it, Un Grande Amore – A Great Love!
Many have arrogated the merit of the success of the three boys, which is certainly the result of great teamwork, but it is above all the result of intelligence, humility and generosity of the three families who have not only never hindered my work as manager, but were supportive in the best way: Ercole and Lenora Ginoble parents of Gianluca, Vito and Caterina Boschetto father and mother of Ignazio, and Gaetano and Eleonora Barone who gave life to Piero.
To sum up his life, Michele says,
Many disappointments, mainly human and partly, even professional.
At some point, I found myself feeling more disappointed than ever with music, with the environment I mean. There was never gratitude around me. I found myself tired, eager for simplicity, for pure things. The horizon seems closed to me. One night I was at home, sitting on the couch, and three boys, fourteen, fifteen, appear on TV. Of course, they are good, and if I tried to really put them together. A trio, here’s what I could do: Il Volo.

I think those three determined boys saved me from depression and from the desire to leave everything. Three teenagers, yes, but already great, in all respects. Already great since I first saw them: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
In concluding Michele says…
I started from a studio apartment in a small white house and passed to the Oval Room of the White House, received by Clinton and Bush. Who knows Ricomincio Dai Tre – I Start Again from Three may become a film!

Maybe it’s time for me to go back to my old career and  write the screenplay!
So, what haven’t I talked about in this story. Oh, yes, how do the guys feel about Michele?
When Michele was involved in a legal matter, the guys went to bat for him. They said….
We know you well. You have been by our side for more than 10 years. You have defended us from everyone, you have fought for us, you have taught us so much and above all you love us. You always made us understand who we should trust and who preferred to use us for their own interests and for their own personal glory. We are proud to have chosen you and to have renewed our trust, for 10 years, day after day. This is truth that no sentence can hinder. For the rest, just have patience: in the end the truth always comes. In life and in courts.
What did we learn from this story? We learned Michele is a very sensitive man who lives in The Shadow of Il Volo!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!

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Excerpts from “Ricomincio Dai Tre” by Michele Torpedine. 
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  1. Thank for all your messages. But is there also a in the shadow about Barbara and Eliana, the two women who take care of everything behind the scenes when they’re on the road?

    1. This was Michele’s story from his autobiography. He does mention Barbara but not in detail.

  2. I wish to thank Michele for believing in Il Volo and nurturing them protecting them as young boys of course they were also brought up the right way by their parents. You and Barbari Vitali. Helped to keep them safe from the predators in the music business as young boys starting out. Today they are the epitome of fine young men super talents without ego. A rare quality in this world today ❤️🇮🇹🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🥇three angelic voices

  3. After reading your story Michele had a lot of faith in these boys they were very fortunate to have worked with him and he was lucky to have them

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  5. I am English and am unable to read Italian, so thank you so much for telling us this wonderful story and Thank you Michele for bringing the joy of IL VOLO and their music to the attention of the world.
    Unfortunately, I have not yet been fortunate enough to see them perform “live” and as I am in my 80th year, time is running out for that to happen unless they come to the UK soon, but thanks to th team and You tube, I am still able to enjoy many hours watching and listening to them.

  6. Thank you Susan for this inspiring and interesting look into the man behind IL VOLO! No wonder the boys love him, everyone could use a Dutch uncle, he’s very sensitive as they are and determined to protect them. The guys clearly love him a great deal and will work their hearts out for him….and us……and for their dreams!
    I’d like to thank Michele for believing in them and for caring for them like they were his own children and now grown men. It’s like they were destined to find each other.
    Blessings, Carol❤️🥰😘🤗🎼🎤☮️🙏🙏

  7. I absolutely love reading what you write. It makes my heart happy. I love our guys and Michele for all that he has done. These people are extraordinary. I knew Michele was a good person just by watching him and listening to him. Barbara has also been magnificent in what she has done for our is so refreshing to see regular people getting the recognition they deserve. Their talents are breathtaking, all of them work so hard at what they do. I am so happy God allowed me to live long enough to enjoy them and have faith in good and loving families that are always there for them. The guys are so fortunate to have this structure wrapped around them and guide them. Their talents and music can bring me to tears. Sometimes I feel that God made them for people like me so we could rest peacefully knowing there is still so much beauty out there. I listen to them everyday they take the sadness from my heart. Thank you.

  8. Such a lovely story of Michele and, how lucky our boys have been to be discovered by him and not someone out for their own pockets. A higher power has been watching out for them since the beginning of their wonderful career. Thank you, God!

  9. Thank you Susan for your stunning & uplifting editorial – Michele has such a beautiful face – one can see he is a sensitive & caring man – he reminds me in the nicest possible way – of a Mother Hen & her Chicks protecting them under her wings – our Boys are worth protecting from the predators in the Music Industry & there are many – the boys are so respectful of all people – young & old alike – they are like a breath of fresh air!! – how we all adore them – they give us much!! – thank you once again from a grateful heart – much love.

  10. Mr. Torpedine writes that he may turn around and find nobody there. He has inadvertently created a family for himself. We can be pretty sure his “sons” will never let that happen.

  11. Thank you, Susan. So interesting to read about Michele. I got the last “Ricomincio Dai Tre” on the “La Feltrinelli” book store shelf when I was in Rome, Italy, 5 years ago. I started to read it, but my Italian is not that good so I never finished it, but you are encouraging me to pick it up again. It is so wonderful that Michele and Il Volo found each other. Great story, as always, Susan, thank you.

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