On 6 May 2023, Il Volo was a guest in two television programs broadcast at the same time, one on Rai1 and one on Canale 5.
The one on RAI1 was a repeat of a program dedicated to Lucio Dalla (he wrote Caruso), recorded in the Arena and broadcast on TV exactly on June 3, 2022. That evening I was in the Arena for an Il Volo concert and therefore I didn’t see it this evening,  and I never sent  you the video of the only song sung by Il Volo and exactly: CARUSO.
So I take this opportunity to present it to you now.
So I dedicated myself to watching the AMICI broadcast on Canale 5, to see the moment of Il Volo. You know that AMICI is a program where young people dedicated to singing and dancing are selected, it’s a kind of school and at the end there is the final exam where the winner of the program is elected by elimination, in short, a talent show.
( Il Volo in backstage)
Our boys also came out of a similar program, but let me tell you that there is a notable difference between the singing talent of those who showed up years ago. 
In particularly the young singer, those that nowadays are pushed forward by record companies, they have anonymous voices and no intonation, often they are out of tune, but the record companies seek guys who focus on the image not on singing ability and often is not a “clean” image, in short, guys who are sometimes insolent, rude and also lacking in talent, unfortunately, and often without particular singing skills to exhibit!!!
I want to emphasize that this is my opinion, but I’m realizing from the many comments that people are opening their eyes and ears and are also very indignant about the choices of the judges, and the record companies ……. surely something is changing in people’s tastes and the praise to Il Volo and their voices and also to their way of being, in the comments, this time, were unanimous and this makes me very happy.
I had to wait for the whole broadcast to see them, practically midnight had already struck and finally here they are, beautiful, dressed differently, but still elegant, and Ignazio……….. you look much better in that type of trousers!! 😉
They presented a short medley of three solo songs, mirroring their different genres.
Ignazio started proposing “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. Gianluca proposed “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, yes that’s it, Roz!! And Piero, a short piece of “E lucean le stelle” from Tosca.
And finally, all together “GRANDE AMORE”!!
At the end of their performance, the boys and Maria, recalled the two concerts they had just held in the Arena and said that they will be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 27th and June 3rd.
Now the dates seem official. A little more patience and we can see them again.
All three then went to greet the judges and teachers of the show. ☺
There is nothing to say, three beautiful performances, Il Volo is also this, three good singers, with excellent voices, three different personalities, but which then come together in the best.
There will still be a lot to discover about them and they will only be good things, I’m sure.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

52 thoughts on “IL VOLO ON ITALIAN TV by Daniela”

  1. Grazie Daniele, per aver condiviso notizie dei ragazzi. Ho adorato il video che cantano Caruso. Superbo! Ogni giorno amo questi ragazzi. Sarebbe meraviglioso se, da qui in Brasile, potessimo vedere le trasmissioni del giorno 27/05 e 03/06. Buona settimana a tutti

    1. I don’t know if it will be possible for you to watch the two evenings directly from TV, Dalva, but we will try to give you detailed information later.

  2. Oh Daniela…. Don’t we all wish we could be there. We want to live in Italy and share the fun. Can you believe how these kids have matured and kept their inner selves intact. They are amazing. And you sharing so much with us is a miracle. Trish and I appreciate every article.

    1. Vittoria, what a pleasure to read your comment, I was thinking of you and Trish just a few days ago and wondered if you had read my report on the concert in the rain! Stay with us, because there will be so much to read as soon as the TV shows the concerts. Hugs to you and Trish.
      Yes, our boys are grown up!!

  3. J’admire ces garçons. Ce serait un véritable plaisir de pouvoir les rencontrer. Tout à fait d’accord avec vous Daniela au suet du pantalon d’Ignazio, celui ci lui va nettement mieux!

    1. Eliane, j’espérais au moins qu’Ignazio changerait de pantalon le deuxième soir, mais non, toujours le même, probablement pour les besoins de la télévision, les garçons étaient habillés de la même façon, pour que les moments des deux soirées soient échangé,

  4. Many thanks Daniela. Yes, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, is much better with decent sound (and picture) quality. I await the two concerts with more than a passing interest. 🙂

    I didn’t think they could make a better version of Caruso, but they have surpassed themselves with this version.

    As for the talent show. I have never been a great fan of those as most of the time those with little or no talent win. I could name one from last year here in the UK, but I will resist, all I will say is that the one who should have, didn’t. He sang Caruso that night.

    Ignazio’s trousers, cough, I won’t say a word!!! I wish Gian would make up his mind with the beard. I prefer him with it, but I know not everyone does, to each their own so to speak. 🙂 Of course Piero was his usual elegant self. Dolores and I want to have a ratch through his wardrobe! 😉

    1. I’m happy Roz, that “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” you liked , and as for Caruso, that version made with the sound of the accordion is very special indeed.

      1. Gianluca sans barbe est tellement beau et romantique, c’est beaucoup plus lui-même !

  5. I am still in love with these 3 young men, they are truly great. I just wish Ignazio would not do some of the stupid and silly things he does on stage especially when the other two are singing, it is so disrespectful to his two partners. Your sharing with us is amazing. Thank you, wait for next time.

      1. Ignazio is like that, Judith, sometimes he exaggerates, but he has a heart of gold, even with his two “little brothers”

    1. Janice, it’s part of Ignazio’s “character” to do this, but I assure you that there is fraternal love between the three of them, as demonstrated by the backstage photo I put in this report!

      1. Daniela, you are absolutely right. Ignazio is a fabulous entertainer and “brother” to Gian and Piero. It is never appropriate to call the actions of one of the guys “stupid and silly”. In all things we should treat our guys with respect knowing that as fans we see things differently one from another.
        Thank you for another wonderful report!

      2. I am sure if Gian and Piero told him to stop, he would do so. I firmly believe it is all part of the act, and that Piero and Gian are more than happy to play along.

      3. Judy, the relationship of affection between the three of them is really very strong, there’s also a lot of respect between them, so Ignazio’s little insolences cannot be misunderstood.

    2. I think that, despite his great talent and good looks, he is still a little boy inside who might be short of confidence and, to make up for this has to be the center of attention at all times.. I’m sure Gianluca and Piero are used to his antics and they aren’t bothered by them. Love them all because of this. Dol.

      1. Surtout qu’il ne change pas…qu’il garde son caractère enjoué et spontané.Piero à dit dans verissimo que c’était une chance pour lui et pour eux de s’être rencontré et qu’il remerçiait chaque jour de cette rencontre. Laissons les artistes s’exprimer sans chercher à vouloir les former à une “image conventionnelle” Ils doivent rester eux même c’est ce qui fait leur différence sur le commun du show biz….Ils sont authentiques

  6. Ciao Daniela – and thank you for the videos of these wonderful performances. I missed commenting on your excellent Verona post as I was moving (and am still up to my ears in boxes). But I just have to say that these guys are so amazingly tough – in addition to all the other well-deserved praises we give them – to have sung so perfectly during such a long program breathing in that cold rain. Bravo, bravissimo!

    1. Judi, so you moved house, and you’re still not done. Well take all the time you want and then relax in your new accommodation which you will inaugurate with two beautiful concerts.

  7. What’s the big deal about Ignazio’s pants? At least there are no holes at the knees like there used to be on occasion. I didn’t notice any silliness with Ignazio. If he acted any different than we are used to seeing him, then we would know something is terribly wrong. Piero’s short solo was too beautiful to describe.

    1. Mark – I just think that Igna’s outfit – jacket and pants – added about 30 pounds. I thought the baggies were finally out of style, but I guess not, darn.

      1. I thought it added more than 30 pounds. I thought they were AWFUL! Can’t say I liked Gian’s leather suit either. I guess I am just an old fuddy-duddy!

    2. Mark, you made me laugh, because you want men to think only of the “comfort” aspect while we women also admire the aesthetic aspect. We just said that Ignazio’s long, baggy pants didn’t flatter his physique, that’s all.
      Piero has done some beautiful duets and solos, as well as the other two, each one has done his best, and with songs so different that it is difficult to choose. I hope the press gives due credit to this skill!

  8. I/we have been so filled with the talents of our guys this last week. I have to let go of thinking and calling them “boys”. The sound and feeling of Ignazio’s voice was made to sing Caruso.His solo versions seem to come from deep inside. I feel the acting lessons that Gianluca has taken have expanded his ability to touch us with his songs. Piero, as usual continues to expand his voice. They, all 3 are just bringing us better and better performances. Now they are expanding into producing and presenting They are learning so much from Mr Torpedine. I would like them to return back to more harmonizing, but I guess I can’t have everything. They have become exceptional showmen. Again, thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Kay, I just went back to the video and heard them sing Caruso, which as you say, has been enriched by Gianluca’s acting lessons and his ability to produce even more emotion in this song. Just beautiful!! Dol.

    2. Kay, I too sometimes write “young men” Piero turns 30 in June!!
      Their voices have improved a lot, they know how to modulate them in many ways, they know how to be sweet, biting, loving, classic, they show great commitment and a lot of work. I admired the choice of songs whose lyrics I will explain better when there are TV videos. They are also getting very good at managing the whole concert, I can only applaud all these good things.

  9. Thank you Daniela – you are always so kind & respectful – I think you are a lovely soul – the boys we will always love – no matter what they do – can not get enough of them – thank you once again for your editorial – much appreciated – have a good week.

    1. Thank you Jude, for your wonderful compliments, believe me all I do is notice things and report back to you, it’s so obvious they are good, not much to add, just respect for so much hard work.

  10. I forgot to thank you too Pat for all your hard work – if it wasn’t for you & Daniela – we would never know anything – much love.

  11. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. They just keep improving and amaze me with all their talent. They fit in no matter where they are performing and I have to admit I love Ignazio’s silliness, he makes me laugh, I find in no way does it take away from the performances. Thanks again Daniela and Pat for keeping us informed.

  12. Thanks both ,i wish i could see the concert on tv in England ,the boys sang great as usual ,like some people i didnt like the suit Ignazio was wearing but thats him ,i hope he never stops being funny on stage he is fantastic ,i love it when he and Piero have fun together ,regards

    1. Pamela, as soon as we have certain news we will tell you where to follow the concert, in any case, we here on Flight Crew will make a nice report with all the videos of both concerts attached.

  13. Dear ladies of the Crew thank you again, you are the best.. I don’t think Igna is being disrespectful at all. Piero and GG both have a sense of humor and all three contribute to the show in their own way. I was not a fan of the baggy look on Igna, he changed for the second concert, into a more flattering look. I always wait to see what GG will wear, he can wear anything and he looks great. Piero was elegant as usual. The concerts were fantastic, sorry I couldn’t go this time. Bravo guys.

    1. RoseMarie, actually Ignazio only changed his jacket at the end of the second concert, but like this, he was much better, the pants went unnoticed!!

    2. Hi Rose Marie, I agree with you……the boys (oops men) are expressing their own personalities with their clothes, hair, songs they chose for solos. How can we or anyone be upset by their choice of clothing, it’s part of who they are. That’s true of Igna’s actions, he’s told us what he was like as a child, it’s never changed, that little boy is still there inside him, may it never leave! Even his choice of baggy clothes, could be that the chubby little kid is still there in his head… bad because he’s a big man but NOT a fat one. Love them all no matter💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰
      Peace, Carol

  14. Il VOLO, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are unique in the way they dress and sing. At the last concerts they changed their clothing style, my opinion is that it characterizes and highlights their personality. Any song sung by them sounds magical. Congratulations to them.

  15. Beautiful column Daniela! They certainly are unique and some of these young people should take the time to study their lives and learn something about singing! Yes, we waited a long time that night but for me in New York, I had dinner with them. Three long hours!

  16. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about these three young men? Since I am very late to the party; I only heard them the first time a few months ago when I was listening to an Il Divo mix on YouTube. I am completely taken with them. I haven’t by any means listened to every video available on YouTube but certainly a fair share! They are men who I would be proud to have as sons! Things have been written about gracious efforts on the part of one or the other doing something above and beyond even while taping a show or performance. I love them! I’m watching the performance in Taormina. Watching them sing Mama as Piero dance’s unashamedly with his mother, Ignazio with his mother and I think Gianluca with his. They are spellbinding!
    On another tack I read somewhere that Your Song was written by Elton John. I don’t like to correct, but I’m pretty certain it was written by Billy Joel for Christie Brinkley who was at the time his girlfriend.
    Back to paying attention to the boys on another YouTube video.

  17. Thank you Daniela and Pat, as always I thoroughly enjoyed every word and every video……..aren’t they just the BEST!
    I so appreciate all the time your ladies on Flight Crew take to give such pleasure , between you all and YOU TUBE we are able to enjoy what we can’t see on tv, in concert or read in the Italian papers and magazines. So thank you, thank you, thank you…it is always a pleasure to share our love for IL VOLO!
    Peace and love, Carol🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖🙏🏻💐
    PS: Happy Mother’s Day to all moms🌹💐

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