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Saturday the 27 of May is for us Polish fans of IL VOLO the day we’ve been eagerly waiting for and finally this day has finally came. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have been in Cracow since Friday and finally reached the beautiful Tauron Arena on Saturday. Here is the short welcome video.

Click Here to view the Prestige MJM Video

There was a soundcheck for the members of official Fan club, but unfortunately I didn’t participate in it. I came to Cracow with my husband and friends who are not the members of the fan club and I didn’t want them to wait for me. But finally we are in the Arena which is filling up with people.

We have found our seats in the 3rd row and are waiting for the concert to start. There were paper hearts on the seats, we had red ones and the other sectors had white and green, so we had Italian flag. All this was prepared by the members of Polish Fanclub, really good job. We lifted the hearts up during some songs. That was really beautiful and I’m sure our guys liked it very much.
Before the concert of our guys there was a short performance of the special guest of IL VOLO, the Polish lyric soprano Joanna Jakubas. I have to admit that I didn’t know her. I’ve read some not very nice comments of the fans who weren’t very happy with the special guest announcement. I think that wasn’t fair, I was sure that if IL VOLO decided to invited Joanna will be great. Ms. Jakubas sang 5 songs. She began with the beautiful “Historia de un amor” and then 3 songs from her new CD . The last song “You’re Simply the Best” was a tribute to the great artist Tina Turner and the audience sang it together with Joanna. In the end, the performance was received very warmly by the audience of the Tauron Arena. Joanna Jakubas posted a photo with our guys and wrote that she was very happy and honored to sing before the concert of IL VOLO and it was a pleasure to meet the guys of IL VOLO personally.

So, a short technical break and now it’s time for the star of the evening the fantastic IL VOLO. For the beginning “The Ecstasy of Gold, then “Nessun Dorma” and the next song “Il Mondo” and of course our guys were fantastic and the audience enthusiastic. Next Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca greeted the audience and boasted of their knowledge of the Polish language. Well I have to admit that they are getting better, especially Ignazio. Anyway that was very nice and funny. Then we could hear some beautiful songs from the CD “Il Volo sings Morricone” like ”Se”, “Se telefonando” or “Your Love” and “Here’s To You”, and as usual they sang this song in the audience. It was a little crazy, fans (of course especially women) crowded around the boys hoping for a selfie or maybe a hug. Even if it was right next to me I wasn’t able to close to Ignazio. My husband has taken me only this photo below.

 Well, it’s better than nothing.
Of course apart from the Morricone songs our guys sang other well known songs like “Un amore così grande”, “Io che non vivo senza te”, “Caruso” and much more. They sang also “Hallelujah” and that song they dedicated to all those people who have suffered and are suffering because of covid, the war in the Ukraine and the floods in Emilia – Romagna. On this occasion Ignazio mentioned that all this, I mean flood, was happening close to his house. As always they sang that song amazingly. The people turned on the lights, very beautiful and emotional moment. I have found this video of Kasia W. on YouTube.

I had tears in my eyes, just like many of the people in the Arena.
I have to mention another beautiful moment, the birthday of Maestro Giampiero Grani. He was given a beautiful rose and all the people in the Tauron Arena stood up and sang to him “Happy Birthday” and next the Polish birthday song “Sto lat” (A hundred years). That was really beautiful, and the Maestro looked happy and moved.

This time there were no duets, but the solos were stunning. Ignazio sang “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion and “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston. Both of them sang amazingly, but the second one gave me such chills and the audience went crazy. Gianluca sang “I can’t Falling In Love” and a medley of The Beatles songs, also fantastic. And Piero of course two beautiful arias “Mamma quell vino…” and “La mia canzone al vento”, which he dedicated to Ignazio, because it’s his favorite aria. And what could I say Piero was incredible, pure perfection.
After each first solo Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca got gifts and flowers from the members of the fun club and other fans. They were surprisedandpleased, Ignazio joked he did same shopping and Gianluca that this is Christmas. That was really very nice.
Ok, I think I wrote about, in my opinion, the most important moments of this amazing evening, but there were much more beautiful, funny  and emotional moments. Well, it’s not possible to write about everything. The concert was really  incredibly beautiful, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were fantastic, I had no words to describe that all. I’m sure that this evening everyone in The Tauron Arena had a great time and some lucky ones managed to get autographs or take selfies.
And here is a short video after concert posted by Prestige MJM, but I hope there will be a longer one too.

Click Here to view the Prestige MJM video

And some nice photos, also posted by Prestige MJM.

Well, May is coming to an end, for me it was a very exciting and beautiful month. First the wonderful concert in Verona and very nice international meetings and next fantastic concert in Cracow. That was beautiful time. We’ll see what else our guys will surprise us with.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you, Jolanta, for this great posting with spectacular videos and interviews with really pretty Polish ladies. Such a lot of them, Il Volo must have been impressed.! Hugs, Dol.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful recollection I love hearing about the reaction of other fans – and how we all love IL Volo. The photos & videos are wonderful! 😊😊😊

    1. You’re most welcome 😘. Yes we love Il Volo very much and that’s beautiful.

  3. Hello Jolanta. I’m so happy on your behalf that the concert in Krakow turned into such a great success and that you and your family had a fabulous time! And this time you stayed dry ;-).
    Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like the polish fans have truly given the guys a fantastic evening and showed tehm their love. I can only imagine how happy and proud our guys must have felt feeling this warm welcome. And wohoo, you did – almost – get a hug by Ignazio. Arrrrggg one fan too many next to you, but yes, the photo is absolutely better than nothing. Better luck next time. :-).
    Thank again a million for taking the time to write and tell us about your wonderful evening with the IL VOLO guys. I truly enjoy learning of other fans’ experiences and feelings, which actually prove, that fans all over the world – whether being from Japan, South America, the US or Europe – get exactly the same feelings, chills and happy moments when listening to them singing. We are one big global fan-club :-).
    Take care and all the best to you and yours. Do hope that we will soon be able to meet up again at an IL VOLO event in Europe :-)..
    Lots of love Kirsten, Denmark

    1. Hi Kirsten, Yes we had beautiful time at the concert in Cracow. Yesterday I’ve watched “our rainy concert” and it was wonderful to experience it again, this time dry🤣.We absolutely must meet again at the IL VOLO concert. Hugs and greetings from Poland

  4. Thank you Jolanta for this wonderful account of the Krakow concert with our amazing guys! It looks like everyone had a fantastic time!🎼🎤🎶☮️🙏🏻

    1. You’re most welcome. Yes it was a fantastic evening for everyone in the Tauron Arena. Greetings 🤗

  5. Hi Jolanta. Thank you to you and Pat for this wonderful article! I love reading about Il Volo concerts all over the world and how the fans everywhere make the shows special. I’m happy for you that you had such a great time.

    1. Thank you very much. It was really great time, as always at the IL VOLO concerts. Hugs🥰

  6. Hi Jolanta, thank you for your very informative article. Glad to see that the guys received a great reception and the concert looked like it was fantastic as usual. Can’t wait for them to announce that they will be returning to the U.S in 2024 as it doesn’t look like 2023 will be a concert here. They are so in demand everywhere and that is very understandable. Watched both nights of the concert in Verona, these guys if possible just keep getting better.

  7. You’re most welcome Beverley. Yes that’s true wherever they are they are loved. I wish you great concerts as soon as possible🤩.

  8. Thank you Pat for posting my concert report and Daniela for getting me to write it. It was a pleasure to share my experience with the Flightcrew. Greetings 🥰

    1. You’re very welcome, Jolanta! It was my pleasure! I loved your account of the concert. 😊

    2. You were very good Jolanta, I was right to tell you to write it, you did a good report!!
      And it was a pleasure for me to meet you in person.
      Until next time!!

  9. Thank you Jolanta for being so kind to post this. The photos and videos were great. I enjoy seeing the fans in the different venues. It’s fun to watch everyone having such a great time watching and listening to the guys.

  10. It was fantastic concert. We, Fan Club Il Volo Poland, greeted our idols day before, at the airport. Gian arrived Friday morning from Rome, Ignazio about 2pm from Bologna and Piero at 6.30pm from Catania. Imagine, some of fans, spent all day in the airport, but it was worth it 🥰

  11. Soundcheck was super cool, we had chance to participate in entire, real rehearsal 💖 We teached our beloved boys more Polish words and gave them few gifts from Fun Club. After rehearsal we had chance to get autographs and chat a bit with Gian, Piero and Igna. I have Igna and Piero’ signatures on my shirt 😃💕 BUT the most beautiful moment for me, was Ignazio’s smile and kiss he sent me from the stage. Igna just finished to sing I will always love you and I told him up loud “We will always love You Ignazio” 😊😊😊 He was surpriced, little shy but very happy in the same time 🙂 He smilled like an Angel and sent multi kisses to me 💖💖💖💖💖💖 You can imagine that my heart melted compleatly in that moment 😍🤣🤩

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