And the second concert was also broadcast by Canale 5.
Needless to confirm that once again Il Volo had the highest ratings of the evening, a wonderful recognition, also considering that we had in Italy  a long holiday weekend  and many people had gone to the sea or to the mountains, so I am delighted with this excellent second result.
People love them, that’s for sure, and they’re recognizing their great talent.
I found this beautiful and very clear video of the whole concert, with subtitles, so turn them on to understand what is being said. Remember that sometimes the automatic translator does not understand the words well and therefore they are not exact, but I have verified that the translation is good, so activate it.
I will give you more news and a song list, to complete everything.
Enjoy the video!

The video begins with a nice scene filmed in the backstage of the Arena, where Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio rehearse the presentation of the show TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE).
This is totally the night we were there, the night of the big cold rain…..really amazing.
After the opening music like last time, ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA by Strauss, Il Volo enters and GRANADA begins in the three musical versions.
IL MONDO follows immediately!
After a nice presentation, the first guest arrives on stage: Antonello Venditti, good songwriter, much appreciated by Gianluca, his songs remind me a lot of my twenty years!!
Gianluca and Venditti sing ALTA MAREA (High tide).
Ignazio and Venditti sing AMICI MAI  (Never friends).
Piero and Venditti sing RICORDATI DI ME  (Remember me).
And all together perform CHE FANTASTICA STORIA È LA VITA (What a  fantastic story life is).
I offer you the words of this last song, because it talks about 4 characters, each played by each singer, and the translator doesn’t translate well and doesn’t make sense.
V= My name is Antonio and I’m a singer-songwriter
My father and mother wanted me to be a doctor
I defied the destiny with the first song
I left my friends, lost my love
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
G= My name is Laura and I am a graduate
After thousand job applications I’m an office-clerk now
And my father and mother, with one single pension
Raised Luca, my only love
Sometimes I think that it’s all over
But that’s just when the climb begins
G+V=What a fantastic story life is
V= And when you think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
P= They call me Jesus and I’m a fisherman
And of the sea and the fish I can still smell
On this Cross in summer nights I still hear the voice
Of my Father and my Mother
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
P+V= What a fantastic story life is
I= My name is Aisha, 
I+G= like in the song
I am the fourth of three thousand people 
From this rock of good hope
I choose life, the only save
I+G+P+V= And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
What a fantastic story life is
The boys introduce Federica Panicucci, who after greetings and compliments leaves the stage together with Piero and Gianluca, it is time for Ignazio who performs with a guitar.
He presents two songs by Loredana Bertè, a well-known rock singer (Mia Martini’s sister), the two songs are:

It’s time for Gianluca to sing CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, a beautiful song by Queen. ☺

Piero waits for Federica and after a brief introduction he sings LA MIA CANZONE AL VENTO, a beautiful song from 1939 often sung by Pavarotti.
I really like that these old and beautiful songs are brought to light, bravo Piero. ☺

This is followed by the beautiful THE ECSTASY OF GOLD sung with the whole choir, a tribute to Morricone, magnificent! ☺
Federica returns for questions about Il Volo.
Gianluca says that Piero on a desert island would bring a treadmill because he always runs and is training for the marathon.
Piero says that if Ignazio could make a wish, he would want a technological recording studio.
From Gianluca, both Piero and Ignazio say they would like to be taller and have the heels of his boots framed.
Federica tells Gianluca to react, but he says he loves them! 😘

Back to singing, another guest, a very good singer, Fiorella Mannoia and the pianist Danilo Rea, together with Ignazio perform the beautiful C’È UNA RAGIONE DI PIÙ, very good duet.

A really intense song and what can I say, it was raining really hard!!!
Fantastic Ignazio and Fiorella, a splendid seventy year old. ❤

The concert continues with the always green UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE.
It’s time for another duet, this time Gianluca with Madame, she is a very young rapper singer-songwriter. Gianluca explains that they both grew up listening to De Andrè, a famous Italian singer-songwriter.
Madame isn’t exactly a singer who’s in my comfort zone, but I must say that I really liked her here, moreover she got involved on a type of song that is absolutely not her style.
The song is called GEORDIE and is a beautiful ballad of the Scottish type. Both are very good at interpreting this beautiful song that is not easy.
Small detail, Madame sings barefoot. ❤

After the publicity, they resumed with the success of Blue, A CHI MI DICE.
Later, Gianluca strongly emphasizes his Elvis-style musical imprint by singing CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE.
It’s time for the next guest and well presented by Piero Mario Biondi enters. With him Piero sings MISERERE, a beautiful duet, with two totally different voices. ❤
This song was sung by Pavarotti and Zucchero, the idea came from Michele Torpedine, Zucchero’s manager at the time, he brought the cassette recording of the song to Pavarotti who was in Philadelphia at the time. To record the part intended for Pavarotti, Michele asked several tenors who refused, then someone told him that in Tuscany there was a man with a beautiful voice who performed in a piano bar, so Michele met Andrea Bocelli.

The vision of the Arena from above with all those ponchos for water is really strange.
The rain was so heavy that it was impossible to take pictures or clap or expose ourselves too much for fear of the rain getting under the raincoats. 😁
But the show goes on and now it’s Ignazio’s turn to duet with Mario Biondi.
Ignazio presents the new song saying it’s a soulful voice and Mario jokes by answering “it is a solo voice,” that’s why Ignazio laughs.
Beautiful tribute to Aretha Franklin, Ignazio and Mario Biondi sing YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN. ❤
Very nice that Mario Biondi says (not detected by the translator): “I love these guys in an incredible way.” 😘

Follows the beautiful song of : ANCORA.
After the commercial break, a nice Il Volo medley:
Immediately after a solo by Piero, from the Cavalleria Rusticana: MAMMA, QUEL VINO GENEROSO.

Enter Edoardo Leo, actor and director.
It begins with a monologue on the contradictory relationship with our Italian excellence.
It is interesting to discover the story of Bartolomeo Cristofori.
Very nice the whole story and the presentation of the new song: NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU = VOLARE
Followed by Edoardo Leo, a small and playful audition for a future film, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, on the progress of the music. 😁😁😁

Now comes the time for Ignazio’s solo accompanied by the pianist Danielo Rea, he performs a beautiful one entitled: E POI, brought to success by Giorgia, another good Italian singer. ❤

A nice ovation welcomes GRANDE AMORE. ☺
Federica Panicucci returns to the stage with her questions to Il Volo.
Immediately after, Gianluca presents the good and beautiful Aida Garifullina, with whom he performs ANGEL by Robbie Williams. Wow, amazing duet. ❤

Solo by Ignazio who sings a beautiful and intense song by Elisa, another good singer-songwriter, the title of the song is: UNA POESIA ANCHE PER TE ❤

Again Ignazio, but this time in a duet with Orietta Berti, historic and good Italian singer, she was the one who had to sing Grande Amore in Sanremo, and she accepted that Il Volo sing it.
She had just turned 80, a lady of Italian music.
She and Ignazio perform CANZONE PER TE.
Below, Orietta with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca mention two of her successes: “Finchè la barca va” and “ Io tu e le rose”.

It’s Piero’s time with NO PUEDE SER from the Tabernera del puerto.
And now it’s time for a beautiful medley by Gianluca with the choir, dedicated to three Beatles songs:
How wonderful, well done Gianluca! ❤

Surprise entrance at the top of the staircase for Ignazio who sings the beautiful song by Whitney Houston in a very high voice: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. ❤
We are at the final moments, Federica comes back and thanks and greets the audience and presents the last song: CARUSO.
And even this second evening is over.
Different songs, different guests.
Do you realize that in two evenings Il Volo sang more than 60 songs?? Mind blowing. And many are challenging songs and admirably performed.
The sets are beautiful and give great prominence to our young people.
Very professional choir and orchestra.
Lots of praise from the people and wonderful comments …… silence from the press as usual, yes there were some articles, but very few.
Too bad the rain didn’t allow us to show our cheers, but it certainly showed Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero the great affection from their fans.
Meanwhile, Il Volo was in concert in Montenegro on Saturday 3 June.
I look forward to knowing if you also enjoyed the second evening with your comments.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

28 thoughts on “TUTTI PER UNO – SECOND EVENING by Daniela”

  1. I watched part 1 and part 2 many times I just can’t get enough of them. They are spectacular and I love what you write about them. It is great to understand what is going on. Thank you so much. What is wrong with the Italian press why don’t they like our guys and why don’t they give them the recognition they deserve?

    1. Maureen, we too would like to understand why the press has this behavior, it even seems that someone has gagged her. I’m talking about the most important newspapers, because some minor newspapers, I noted with pleasure that they are moving away from this conduct.

  2. I watched a concert Saturday night part of it was under deluge. Some of the events you described were in the video. Lots, however, were not. I know I slept that night with Il Volo’s music in my head. Slept like a rock. How is it that I find myself more in love with each man’s voice every time I watch them sing together. They are beautiful people and today that’s hard to find. How is it that these young men received mature voices at such a young age? Gianluca is the only singer since Sinatra to have the ability to speak to the audience no matter where in a language that all ages understand. Piero’s amazing vibrato hooks the listener then his range sets the hook firmly in the heart. What can be said of Ignazio? He is the music of life. It is his passion; he interprets lyrics passionately. His voice…what to say of it. He uses it as an actor uses the training of his body and spoken words. He’s mesmerizing even if you don’t understand the words. Yes, it is a love affair with songs, melodies and lyrics. ❤️

    1. I agree with you Muriel, and that’s why we too don’t understand the reason for this hatred, because the quality is there and it’s a lot, therefore, at least in front of quality there should be objectivity.
      As for the concert, the video I have attached is the concert broadcast on Saturday June 3rd on channel 5 and refers to the May 1st concert I was present at.

  3. Simplesmente excelentes os shows. Assisti as duas partes, pelo youtube. Não me canso de rever os vídeos.Esses rapazes nos hipnotizam com suas maravilhosas performance. Para mim, Gianluca, Piero e Ignazio, cantando solo ou juntos, são a melhor revelação da música, nos últimos anos.Parabéns Il Volo, Sr. Torpedine e equipe, pelo grandioso espetáculo Tutti perUno.
    Dalva Nunes

    1. Sim Dalva, devo dizer que a equipe que está com o Il Volo, no que diz respeito aos shows, é muito boa e os três são incríveis.

  4. Daniela, I appreciate you explaining everything because I don’t know how to get to an English translation.
    I hope the complainers now realize that IL VOLO know how to do a concert with guests. It was terrific and I loved hearing the nice things they said about our guys (what I was able to figure out).
    I was interested in Madame singing a song with Gianluca that sounded like a British folk song. Was it possible that some of Italy’s very old songs sounded like this? Well no. It’s a traditional English song being presented in Italy. Good work.
    Also, they included some Italian women singers that have been around quite a while, although they didn’t need to do this for women who have been around for awhile. There are plenty of us who love them to bits.

    1. Actually GaIl, this time I didn’t dwell much on the translation because I knew there were subtitles and I hope you can activate them too.

      When you are in the video you have to find this CC icon, you have to activate it , the automatic subtitles in Italian should start, then in part you have to find a second daisy-shaped icon , activate it , it opens up three choices, press SUBTITLES, it opens up another choice, press AUTO-TRANSLATE and choose the English language. I hope everything is clear.
      Last thing, if you don’t see the CC icon in the video above, click on YOU TUBE, it will send you to the video directly on you tube and you should find the right icons there.

      Let me know if you succeeded!

      The ballad GEORDIE is beautiful!
      Italian singers of various ages have been invited and have shown that they can duet with everyone, truly remarkable.

  5. Another superbly voiced concert by our three fantastic, professional, charismatic artists!!

  6. Daniela and Pat, from the bottom of my heart thank you! It’s so nice to know exactly what is being said! I haven’t watched the concert yet with the translations, so appreciated, but I’ll save that for this evening! I watched both of them on YOU TUBE…..SO AMAZING! I love Gian’s Beatle, melodie, his take on Dylan’s song, his duet with Aidia ( wow what a voice!) and MaDAME…..ALL THEIR DUETS and solos…just madly in love with all three voices! Thought Missere with Biondi and Piero was perfecto. Only Ignazio could pull off singing many songs recorded by women…very famous women…and do it so well! Natural Woman with Bondi, and then Whitney’s My Heart Will Go On and Celine’s I will always love you….you can feel his heart breaking💔. I know I’ve left some out but 6 hours of concerts…can’t remember everything! I also enjoyed Granada son three ways! Gian really can channel Sinatra and his style, he really does pull you into the lyrics much the same way……dare I say with a much better voice! Hoping Frankie won’t have me stuck down!!😉😂💖💖💖☮️🎶🎤🎼, with great affection for all you do for all of us, Carol💕💕
    PS: what is it Pride that won’t allow the Italian press to praise their own….don’t want to admit they were wrong about IL VOLO?? So sad!🥺

    1. Carol, I agree with your entire comment. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, with these two concerts were able to show all their musical capacity that ranges from one style to another and also demonstrated that they can duet with any singer, both in duet and also with a group. They were stratospheric, and as I said 6 hours of concerts with 60 different songs…….it’s not for everyone. I really don’t think it’s a matter of pride, that of the Italian press, surely there is someone who has requested that “scorched earth” be made around Il Volo, at the beginning there were a lot of negative comments, despite the evidence, now there is silence.

  7. I’m 79 years old and so enjoy you sharing this video with all us IlVolo fans. I’ve watch concert 1 and 2 and I honestly have not one negative comment to share about these guys, their songs, concerts etc. etc. etc.
    The more I watch the posts and listen to them on Spotify, the more I love them. Have attended one of their concerts and will patiently wait to see them again when the return to the USA. I really felt bad for all those fans sitting in the rain. They are truly IlVolo lovers.

    1. Ann, as you know I was there in the second row on the side, a couple of times Ignazio tried to get out of the shelter and it was raining really hard. Too bad, we could have shown all our warmth better.

  8. What can I say, Daniela and Patti, but THANK YOU for these wonderful videos. The music, patter and just honest love among our Il Volo is unbelievable.

    I just have one comment that, when I went to get the English translations on You Tube, i was informed that You Tube had been “blocked”. But, having followed them since their beginning, I really don’t need the translations. (Although I missed your usual translations, Daniela).

    I’ve forwarded the Verona concerts to my niece in British Columbia, Canada as she is married to a wonderful Italian man, who helps me out with translations sometimes. She and her husband said they now know why I love Il Volo so much.
    Many hugs to you both, Dol.

    1. Dolores, try again, because you tube gave me a similar message, but then I tried again and everything was ok.
      However the guest singers had very nice words referring to our boys, words of affection, because those who know them are fascinated by them.

  9. Thank you, Daniela, for this compilation of songs and translations of the shows. I was at both Verona concerts, but can’t remember everything and you put it all in such good order! It helps me recall the songs and the guests and the concerts and I can relive that experience all over again. Thank you very much!

    1. Maja, I’m glad I was able to renew your memory, reviewing some moments I too enjoyed them more.
      How lucky you saw both concerts.

  10. Daniela – what can I say? You bring our fantastic evening in Verona back to live as was it yesterday <3 Great report filling in all the gaps that I and others may have as to the guests appearances, the story of the songs and your own two cents.

    Yes, this TV-program aka the show that the two of us enjoyed together in the rain was indeed just as unique an experience as the first one aired. I truly wish I would have been aware – and had used the opportunity – to stay in Italy and included both concerts in my itinerary. They are sort of a jigzaw as two pieces belonging together. I liked some of the guest stars from Wedneday evening better than the one on Monday evening – yet, we had some of the greatest moments on our evening after all including the two acts with Aida, which to me were some of the most beautiful ones. She was fantastic with both Piero and Gianluca. I still cannot figure out why Canale 5 cut the one with Piero out of the original Monday show and pasted into the first TV-show as I felt the lack of it in this TV-show being one of the highlights – and this show is shorter in length than the first one… Anyhow, who cares – we do now have all songs and performances here on the lovely YouTube videos to enjoy over and over again.in the furute.

    Thanks Daniela and Pat for once again having taken the time to pamper us with great footage and fine words. And thanks again Daniela for being my great companion at this Monday concert in Verona – that rainy experience will be in my memories for ever – we shall never forget <3.

    Love and greetings from Kirsten – Denmark.

    1. Dear Kirsten, I tried to find our faces, in the television footage, but what can I say, the shots of people are so elusive, I actually found a shot where the four of us are, but your face is covered by the person who was in front to you.
      I too regret not going both nights, maybe if you were here we would have gone.
      For this time we are satisfied. 🙂
      It was also nice for me to meet you and share this experience with you.

  11. Thank you, thank you for the video with the English translations. I so enjoyed watching the audience sitting in the pouring rain but still so enthralled watching the guys and singing along and always smiling, that is a sure symbol of the love and loyalty to these three guys. The two concerts were fantastic and after all the years together we still can’t get enough of them. Thanks again for all your hard work. Not sure how long it will be but can’t wait to attend another live concert.

    1. Thank you Beverly for the beautiful compliments. Who knows, maybe a new concert won’t be that far away, our boys love to amaze us.

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