Our beloved Piero is making great strides and is showing off, slowly, slowly, all the years of study.
The occasion was in Bologna, in a small deconsecrated church. The event was organized by Fulvio Massa, Piero’s singing teacher.
I’m translating this nice article for you, which was not published by one of the many fan pages of Il Volo, but by the blog “Toni Semitoni”, who you’ll understand right away, understands music, especially classical.
To see the original blog, click the link below:

Zitti zitti, piano piano – Concerto con Piero Barone, Claudia Corona e Thiago Felipe Stopa

The translation:
Right in the center, surrounded by the oceanic university nightlife, on the corner between via Begatto and via Armando Quadri there is a small Baroque church, no longer intended for worship, dedicated to Saints Damiano and Cosma, which would need restoration.
In it various activities take place, mostly musical, and in it, from time to time, the master Fulvio Massa organizes essays or concerts with his singing students.
With a few phone calls and a few messages, the little church is easily filled with an intimate audience, at most forty people.
The climate that is created is therefore attractive, friendly, familiar, engaging due to the direct contact with the singers.
Yesterday evening Fulvio organized a beautiful concert in which the soprano Claudia Corona, the baritone Thiago Felipe Stopa and the tenor Piero Barone performed.
Ohibò! Piero Barone the singer of Il Volo?
A celebrity performing for friends?
Yes, that’s right, it’s really him.
Before being artists, singers are athletes – singing is based, in fact, on a delicate muscular balance – who need not only a coach, but also a trusted person who carries out checks during their career, true revisions of singing technique.
The concert in question, in addition to exhibiting three beautiful voices from Fulvio’s school, was an opportunity for Thiago and Claudia to try new opera pieces and for Piero to try his hand at an exclusively lyrical environment and in front of an audience of opera aficionados, often severe, ferocious and partisan audiences.
Therefore, hush, hush, slowly, slowly, as if it were a secret sect, Fulvio gathered a small audience who attended a truly high-quality concert; the assiduous opera house goers, not only of the Teatro Comunale, but also of other theaters not only in Italy, who were present said they felt greater pleasure in this friendly concert but organized with sincere commitment and excellent results.
(a long list of sung opera pieces follow)
And now we come to the singers.
Thiago Felipe Stopa is a Brazilian baritone who has been studying for four years in Bologna with Fulvio Massa. Not only does he have a beautiful, wide, extended voice, like a true baritone, but one that is able to excite. The legato recalls that of a cello is noteworthy, so all the cantabiles are of great impact. The Italian pronunciation is excellent.
Claudia Corona has a top-quality timbre, a very generous voice not only in the high notes, sure, ringing and voluminous, but also in the low register.
The agilities are precise and it has beautiful trills as if performed on a violin. The half-voices, even in the high notes, are very suggestive, firm, so he is able to make contrasts of great effect as we heard throughout the concert.
Piero Barone live, without the intermediation of microphones, offers a voice of magnificent quality: the timbre is very rich, like that of tenors from the Spanish area (Fleta, Lazaro, Domingo and Aragall come to mind), the high notes are ringing and easy, the half-voices are sweet and enveloping, truly bewitching. Even as an interpreter he appears convincing that, when necessary, he knows how to be sweet and passionate. A voice like this is missing on the lyrical stage.
Marco Belluzzi’s piano accompaniment is excellent.
Bravo to maestro Fulvio Massa who, with his teachings and experience, has handed down the teachings of Paride Venturi and Arturo Melocchi.
In short, a beautiful and enjoyable evening.
Piero, we are all very proud of your result.
Your years of hard study are paying off and your dream of one day singing an entire opera is slowly, slowly coming true.
The compliments don’t come only from us fans, but from those who are connoisseurs and this makes us even more pleased.
Come on Piero, full speed ahead, the road is still long, but a long way has already been done and successfully.
A big hug from all of us who love you!!
Daniela ❤🤗
Credit to owners of all photos.

59 thoughts on “LYRIC EVENT WITH PIERO BARONE by Daniela”

  1. What a wonderful way for Piero to be able to start down the path of his dreams. As happy for him as I am for him, I am a little afraid to think that he will be so good that he might rather continue down that path rather than the Il Volo one! I and many others that have followed them from their very beginning would be devastated if he leaves the Group. Do you think there is a chance of that? I fully understand that all three of them have other paths they could take and I know they all are capable to do so but selfishly I hope they could and would do both! Happiness and best wishes to Piero and all three talented young men.

    1. Eleanor, I don’t want to expose myself, but I really don’t think Piero will abandon Il Volo. He is pursuing his dream, he has always said so, but all three have reiterated that Il Volo is the most important thing.

  2. I totally agree with Eleanor’s comment above. It would be amazing if someone taped this concert so we all could enjoy it ! Viva Il Volo🇮🇹💖

  3. I agree and have been anxiously awaiting the day when one or all of them decide Il Volo isn’t enough. What a catastrophe! It would have been nice to hear this recital, though. Dol.

    1. Dolores, I don’t think IL Volo will separate, they’ve always said they will also do solo things, but Il Volo will always be there, they’re too intelligent and mature to “throw everything to the wind”

  4. It would be amazing to hear this concert and Piero’s wonderful ability to sing opera. Happy he got this small event to sing in.

    1. Lynnece, unfortunately the videos have not come down to us, but we trust the nice words written by the reviewer, who I really don’t think is a fan of Il Volo.

  5. Yay Piero! I celebrated by going back to listen to that lovely duet with Gianfranco Montresor.
    Il Volo has had an impact on tourism in Italy. Maybe some of Piero’s fans will become more interested in opera.
    My hometown boasts a singer who was the leading baritone at the Metropolitan Opera for a time. Our locals went to see him when sang in Chicago but I don’t know how many started listening to other performers.
    There I go straying from the topic again.

    1. It’s true, Gail, when you like a person, an artist, he has the power to make you like even things that “aren’t exactly your thing”.
      Piero was good.

  6. Oh Piero CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful opportunity to show at least a small number of folks just what you are capable of doing! LA SCALA is getting closer, you ARE SO TALENTED! I feel certain in my bones that you will manage both careers just like the three tenors and Bocelli to have a foot in each music genre. I’m praying that all of you will always do what makes you feel fulfilled but always include ILVOLO in there too. We love you and Gian and Igna so much and would miss your magic….that said I can’t wait to see you in an opera!! BRAVO!!BRAVO!!!🎼🎶🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖🙏🏻🇮🇹🇺🇸

    1. Carol let’s say that Piero has done some of the steps to get to La Scala.
      It won’t be easy for him, since the critics aren’t really in his favour.
      I really appreciated this review because I find it right, but the other journalists won’t be so honest with Piero.

  7. Do any of you remember the PBS show where a young Piero, shaking in his boots, got up to the mic and said he had been working hard to learn opera and sang his first aria in front of an audience? It was amazing but now how he has grown, his voice so strong, powerful, sweet and clear like a bell……a feat for anyone, but he has always battled with asthma! He’s amazing!!💖💖💖. Just remembering!😉

    1. Yes Carol and “a lot of water has passed under the bridge”, PIero has studied a lot and the results can be seen and above all felt.

    2. Carol, I think it was the PBS Special from Pompeii in 2015 when he did that. What a long way he has come since then! Hugs, Dol.

    3. I remember that aria and people said he would never make it. It’s getting closer for those people to eat their hats!!!!

  8. Thank you Daniela. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Much as I would love to see him, Ignazio and Gianluca sing in this country. My wish is that Piero does achieve his hearts desire and sing in opera. He is ready for it now, I know he is.


    1. Roz will surely do it sooner or later, and Gianluca and Piero will be there to support their friend-brother.

  9. Great column Danielle. I’m not an expert in opera but I know an incredible singing voice when I hear one and when I heard Piero’s voice for the first time in 2013 I was blown away. In time his voice has only become richer in his maturity. I am so glad for him that he is starting to do both be in Il Volo and start going solo for opera events. Good luck Piero you deserve all the good that comes to you you have worked hard for it.

    1. Yes, Lynne, I’m not an opera expert either, but we have ears to hear too, right? And what we hear is really well done. Go Piero!!

  10. How elated I am for this beautiful man that has changed how I hear music. Of course we are effusive with praise for him partly because over years he has grown to become OUR PIERO, and we love the man as much as we love his voice. But to hear such ringing praise from professionals who hear the best around the world!!!
    Congratulations sweet Piero. Be wildly encouraged by these accolades. You deserve them for all you have poured into your dream. I’m so proud of and for you. Loving you is as natural as breathing.💜💜💜

    1. Wow, Dawn, the fact that you write that this man has changed the way you listen to music……what can I say, the power of Il Volo and its three components. Be careful, they are addictive!! 🙂

  11. Daniella – Wow – what a surprising article! You have done a wonderful job finding this wonderful review by a clearly dedicated opera fan, who seems to know what he is talking about. You are a fantastic researcher!

    And a huge congratulation to Piero for this fine performance and for – finally – to fully embrace the world of opera and take in the stage with fellow opera students and take yet a step ahead towards his goal of singing on La Scala. Kudos. I am truly happy on his behalf. But like most of you I am also a bit worried that one day he may choose this path fully… well, I don’t think this will happen yet though as I agree that he is likewise a smart guy well knowing that his bread and butter comes from the united efforts by him and his two bonus brothers. But it was expected that he and Ignazio and Gianluca would have more focus on their individual musical preferences in the future.

    I know very little of opera – and have only experienced a few full ones in my life time – but I know when I hear something beautiful and can fully appreciate the many hours of hard work behind and acknowledge same. I have loved Piero’s powerful voice from the very beginning and I have commented over and over that each time I have heard him I have noted him improving his technique and control of his voice – and not the least in Verona in May where he delivered some of his very best performances in duets with recognized opera singers. He shone as the brightest star and lifted the show to a higher level. And he made me enjoy his Aries albeit generally not my cup of tea – but I wouldn’t have been without. And to me one of the major forces of an Il Volo Show is the broad range of musical genres presented in one and the same show. That is top class and prove that our guys are totally in a league above everyone else. They are unique no matter what the Italian music critics may think or not. We fans love them to the moon and back. Bravo Piero!
    Best regards – Kirsten, Denmark

    1. Kirsten, I’m glad you mentioned the various genres in the last show. People know Ed Sullivan for introducing the Beatles in the US, but he was a talent scout long before that. His TV show introduced a wide variety, including puppets and jugglers
      (believe it or not).
      Later American TV became more sophisticated with shows hosted by big stars like Tom Jones. I’ve thought about this as I’ve listened to the concerts over and over. I think this is what IL Volo was trying to do.
      In the credits at the end there was a mention that it came from idea of Torpendine. (I translated that all by myself 🙂
      He doesn’t look for praise, bless him, but we should keep him in mind as we appreciate that our guys are expanding their types of successes.
      Thanks again Daniela

      1. True Gail, “we give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, therefore honor to Michele Torpedine and his ideas.
        Of course, reading Torpedine’s story, he too had a great bonus by meeting Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca,….. attention I don’t mean related to earnings, but related to the affective and gratitude field. He has fantastic ideas, but then it’s our beloved young men who put them into shape and decree their success.

      2. Ed Sullivan! Wow that takes me back to every Sunday evening in front of the tv with my family and then my husband……the Verona show was so entertaining just like his always was…… after all that was how we all were introduced to Elvis and the Beatles and more!! Great reference, guess I never realized THE ED SULLIVAN show was broadcast around the world in those early days! Those were the days of great TV!!
        Many hugs to you and all fans, Carol 🤗😉❤️🎼🎶🎤🇺🇸🇮🇹

    2. Yes, Kirsten, that’s a really great review, and I was very happy to read it and be able to translate it for you.
      I’m not particularly fond of opera either, but the arias from operas, without having to undergo the entire opera, fascinate me.
      I fully agree with you that the strength of Il Volo, in addition to having magnificent voices, is the fact that they can range in different musical genres. They are unique!!

  12. First – I would like to show my appreciation for this very colourful report on Piero – thank you Daniella – reading this I became so excited for Piero – well done Piero!! – all your continuing hard work is paying off – you are meant for higher things – you are a very special young man – your Grandad recognised your talent when you were a baby & nurtured it – now we are the recipients of this God-given gift & the best is yet to come – much love to you Piero & much love To Daniella for this stunning report – have a great week.

    1. Jude, who knows what Piero will have in store for us in the future, I mean from an operatic point of view, because he will never leave Il Volo. He is entering the world of opera, on tiptoe, and he is right, because here the opera world is considered a world apart, where not everyone can enter, he will have to overcome many obstacles and be very humble, but this doesn’t worry me. I’m only worried about criticism, when it doesn’t aim to advise but only to destroy.

  13. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel has appeared for Piero! We have always enjoyed his magnificent voice in concert with Il Volo, but he is well on his way to achieving his dream of performing an opera! Bravo!

    1. Janet, these are Piero’s first steps in the world of opera, but they are safe and well positioned steps, we will see much more.

  14. Thank you Daniela. Congratulations to Piero for doing this. I googled the other two singers to hear their voices and they are really good. Piero’s voice has become even more beautiful and he would have matched their operatic voices perfectly. It must have been a wonderful concert. I’m so happy for him. I would especially like to hear him do a duet with Claudio. I listened to her sing Ave Maria and that is one of my favorites from Piero.

    1. Cathy, I would have loved to have some short videos of this performance, too bad, but if these videos come to light, I will happily post them.

  15. Thank you Pat and Daniela for letting us know about this Lyric Event organized by Piero’s singing teacher. It does seem that he is getting closer to achieving his dream with his duets in Verona and also on this occasion. We know he has a powerful and beautiful voice. We also see how dedicated he is to achieving his goals be it in the gym, running, voice lessons or even Il Volo Team business. Wishing him continued success and I agree that he, Ignazio and Gianluca are very intelligent and realize the importance of Il Volo.

    1. Yes Margaret, Piero’s dreams are coming true.
      Of course we know Piero’s potential well and with this nice criticism (not made by fans) I think the others are realizing it too.
      Il Volo will always be Il Volo, I have no doubts about that!

  16. Thank you Daniela and Pat. I have no doubt that one day Piero will live his dream to be on the stage of LaScala as a leading tenor. Bravo young man!

    1. RoseMarie, I too have never had any doubts about this, too bad Piero’s grandfather couldn’t see that his dream is progressing, but he must have seen it from up there!

  17. As always Daniela and Pat thank you for this review of Piero’s opera recital. It sort of reminds me of the times my children had a piano recital in an old mansion with a small audience in attendance.How does he find the time to pursue his passion for opera with the many Il Volo concerts on his agenda? Congratulations Piero! Looking forward to hearing more news on your opera pursuits!

    1. RoseMarie, I too have never had any doubts about this, too bad Piero’s grandfather couldn’t see that his dream is progressing, but he must have seen it from up there!

  18. thank you both for that review on Piero singing Opera ,he has studied hard every day and his voice is perfection ,i know his dream is to go into Opera and i hope he will get his wish and dont leave it too long ,he never stops coaching is voice he will be a brilliant Opera singer ,well done Piero

    1. How right Pamela, Piero’s voice has improved a lot, he worked hard, but the results can be seen and above all felt.

  19. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for translating this review. That’s wonderful that the guys realize their plans and fulfill the dreams.They are young and very talented, so that’s great they try different things.But I can’t imagine Il Volo falling apart and I really hope they will sing together for a long long time, we fans need them, their music, concerts etc.

    1. No Jolanta, Il Volo won’t fall apart, also because we adore this trio and the three of them know it well, they certainly may have individual successes, but Il Volo will always be Il Volo!!

  20. Thank you all for this time consuming work. Piero just exploded in the last month. It’s great. I think the next in all 3’s development is to use a drama coach, a set, girls and learn how to move, handle a woman sitting down without grappling with her, how to sing on your knees, die on the stage floor which can last up to 15 minutes. This would apply to stage opera, musicals and movies. How about Mr. Rota adapting The Magic Flute for them as a start?

    1. You see Joan, actually Gianluca is already taking acting lessons and interpreting opera also requires acting.
      I know that the boys, from the very beginning have been extensively instructed by a choreographer for their position on stage, in fact all three move easily, not forgetting the audience on the right or left and dividing roles very fluidly. Here in Italy at the first Il Volo concerts, it was said that they held the stage as only Americans can do. The idea of ​​adapting “The Magic Flute” is nice, but a new thing, all for them, would be even better.

  21. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the translation. I am so happy for Piero, he has worked so hard and hopefully will fulfill his dream soon. I don’t think there is any worry that one or all will leave IlVolo, they are so much loved by their fans I am sure they would stay together just for them but also they are so connected I really don’t think they would want to be apart. Thought Piero did a marvelous hosting of the Verona concert, if fact, they were all perfection. I thought I had seen every you tube video but I must have missed the one singing with Pavorotti, must look for it,

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