How proud we are to read the interviews made to our young men, especially today it is Gianluca’s turn who was interviewed by the magazine VDossier, a magazine that deals with volunteering, but also with good gestures, with people who do good, of positive things, as a reflection of many magazines that instead write only about negative things.
A nice interview that perhaps not all of you have read, here it is!


The artist, with the Il Volo trio, is acclaimed on all continents. He never forgets his commitment and as soon as he can he takes refuge in his village and spends time with his family and grandfather.
The little boy who came to success almost by chance, for a television broadcast (“Ti lascio una canzone”, conducted by Antonella Clerici on Raiuno in 2009) today has become a mature man, despite being only 28 years old, responsible and profound.
An artist who, while treading the most prestigious stages around the world, appreciated by stars such as Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones or Anastacia, accustomed to performing in front of the greats of the Earth or tens of thousands of people on all continents, continues to remain very attached to his village, in Montepagano di Roseto degli Abruzzi, where he continues to take refuge, to regenerate, to unwind as soon as international commitments allow him.
His name is Gianluca Ginoble and he is one of the three members of the Il Volo trio.
Baritone, as for vocal texture, unlike the other two, tenors, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, the singer from Abruzzo, has recently returned from a triumphant tour in South America.
In forty days, under the skilful direction of their historic manager Michele Torpedine (discoverer of Bocelli and Zucchero among others) they performed, among other cities, in Guatemala city, El Salvador, Bogota, Quito, Buenos Aires, San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Mexico City, Panama.
Here is what Ginoble wrote on his social networks (over 700,000 followers on Instagram) to thank the Latin American public:
“Music has given meaning to my life. The goal has never been to desire and pursue ephemeral and fleeting concepts such as fame and success, but to do what makes me happy and serene and to express my essence. But to understand who we are we need to get to know each other, dig deep into our inner self, dialogue with ourselves daily to discover what our vocation is and persevere in the search for what we were born to do, always recognizing our potential and humbly our limits and with tenacity and ambition everything else will come by itself… Thank you for the love you have shown us every day since the beginning of this wonderful journey.”
Back from the tour, after a break of a few days for Easter, the Il Volo trio recorded the program “Uno Per Tutti” for Canale 5, at the Verona Arena, broadcast on the flagship Mediaset network, at the end of May.
VDossier interviewed him during his rest period.
“I’m in Montepagano, at grandfather Ernesto’s house,” he explains on the phone, “today I spent a day with him. I’m happy because I finally have some time to dedicate to my loved ones, to my friends.”
It is no coincidence that one of the most popular photos on Instagram is the one with his grandfather and has received almost 70,000 reactions worldwide with 1,400 comments. The one with Ed Sheeran, to give just one example, received “only” 53,000 hearts. And Ginoble, as a comment on the photo with Ernesto senior, writes:
“Do not neglect your grandparents, they are the greatest treasure in life.”
This strong bond with grandfather Ernesto honors him.
Some things don’t change.
You, together with her two colleagues from the Il Volo trio, is an international star. Your recent tour in South America touched twenty cities in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, which have a population almost similar to that of the whole of Europe. And, everywhere, you were greeted by huge and cheering crowds, as usual.
It was needed, after four years, it was really needed. Seeing the affection of such a distant audience, even culturally, and that appreciates everything we do, is always a nice gift.
And this demonstrates, once again, your maturity and professionalism because maintaining success for all these years is not easy and, perhaps, it wasn’t even so obvious at the beginning.
In the great performers that I admire, I have always tried to identify their great strength, and I wanted to inspire them a little, especially in the message to send, regardless of musical tastes which can be subjective. We must always recognize the success of the artists, everyone is always unique in what they do. Because, even if we at Il Volo didn’t invent anything new, we were the first singers of our age who brought this genre of music to stages around the world, which, historically, has always been interpreted by adults. I remember the first concerts well: the aspect that struck most of all, both the public and the critics, was seeing these three kids propose a repertoire of great love songs. The second step was to demonstrate that we were able to go further. Consolidating our first success, avoiding the risk of appearing and disappearing like one of the many meteors in the entertainment world, are the goals we have achieved and exceeded. We were able to count on an artistic choice managed in detail.
Credit to you, your manager, Michele Torpedine, and your families who have given you that security, that armor to face the world of the star system.
I’m not a parent, maybe one day it will happen, but the mistake I won’t make is to expect my child to follow the path I like. My father, Ercole, and my mother, Eleonora, have always given me advice. They have always passed on fundamental values to me: education, responsibility, seriousness. What I appreciated the most, however, is that they always supported me because they recognized that there was something in me that I wanted and could express. Unfortunately there are parents who, taken by their own self-centeredness, totally ignore the needs of their children, especially in art and culture.
You speak, you sing, you perform in front of thousands of people who see you as myths. Do you feel the weight of responsibility?
If you live everything spontaneously and naturally you don’t feel any weight, the secret is all here. Also to convey emotions it is important to maintain a child’s candor on the playground. Every evening there is a different audience even if you sing the same repertoire, you try to concentrate on the songs to be interpreted and on the message you want to send. I focus a lot on the lyrics, on the melody, every night I try to create a connection with the audience, as if it were always the first time.
In your opinion, does your music, your success have a civic role? If so, which one? Does the question of how your songs affect the lives of your fans arise, do you pose as a trio?
I believe that every artist has a great duty to be a positive example. How many times have charismatic characters influenced fans in a negative way? Mine, our aim, has always been to represent a correct point of reference for young people who, especially in adolescence, do not know who they are or what they want. The new god, for many, for too many, is definitely money, but they have no idea how to reach that goal. If you recognize who you are, even with the help of your family, it’s easier to have a peaceful life. We sing of love, of solid, lasting values. They seem ancient, obsolete concepts. But today it is as if the new generations had focused more on the body than on the soul. The goal, however, is not to lose sight of those values.
Today one of the problems of the young generations, all over the world, is that of inclusion. Which also means solidarity with others, with people most in difficulty, not just physical ones. How do you deal with it during your tours or in your daily life?
The aim is always to do good, to develop a certain universal love towards everyone, because you don’t know what battles your audience is facing. The only way I know is to live a peaceful and quiet life. Everyone is made in his own way and I believe that the real great diseases are indifference and wickedness.
You started singing as a child. Today, looking at that little one, what do you think helped him make the leap from a small city in the middle Adriatic, Roseto degli Abruzzi, indeed, Montepagano di Roseto degli Abruzzi, to the most important movie theaters in the world, from Madison Square Garden in New York down?
Sometimes I think about the past and I believe that what has helped me the most to achieve my successes has been fighting a certain insecurity and forming a self-esteem that has allowed me to recognize my limits, but also my potential. Being aware of one’s talent does not mean being presumptuous, on the contrary. Just because you get certain recognition is because you have awareness. It is a fundamental ingredient in everything we do. Always with humility. I believe that education and knowing how to deal with others is more important than talent. And above all, it is necessary to have a vision of the future. How many people, despite having a great talent, don’t know how to exploit it? Others burn out quickly because they can’t handle personal relationships or are caught up in a thousand distractions. Or worse, they behave irresponsibly like getting lost in alcohol or drugs. So, going back to your question, it was a complex job. Since I was ten years old I have developed a strong curiosity about everything that surrounds me, I always try to understand as best as possible how this world of art, music and entertainment works, I observe other colleagues and how they manage their own art. I asked, I asked, I always wondered, and my parents helped me. I trained and probably achieved my goals for this series of reasons.
The values of his family, starting with his grandfather Ernesto – who was also important in making his love of music and singing and who he continues to have by his side when he returns to Roseto – were the fundamental ones, which allowed him to have peaceful growth.
I believe that to live with great intensity we should also contemplate the negative moments of existence. In this period, and for many years now, I have been successful but I have to contemplate failure, so I live every day as if it were my last. Even thinking about the affections: I could lose my loved ones, I could lose my own life. In this way, contemplating these possibilities, without wishing them, of course, but knowing that they can happen, I live every moment as if it were the last. I enjoy every day, I am committed to making sure that I am always at the center of a fulfilling life.
You, also with your two colleagues Barone and Boschetto, are often personally involved in causes of solidarity. You have given, you have dispensed joy, serenity, to many people. How much did those experiences give you?
What does the smile of a child, the grateful gaze of a mother add to his life, full of successes, affections, satisfactions?
They are gestures of love even if you don’t actually know the people you meet. Giving without thinking of receiving anything in return, the happiness of a child, a mother, a father, makes your existence even more beautiful. This is the concept that I would like to send to everyone, especially boys and girls. There wouldn’t be wars if we all reasoned like this, we wouldn’t argue with our neighbor, because we’d finally be able to put pride, self-centeredness, our presumption aside. Unfortunately we live with this disease that wears us out. We arrive at the end of our life with great frustration because the gestures of love that make it unique and special are few. They allow us to be better people by helping others. There is nothing more beautiful.
Dear Gianluca, looking at you everyone can notice your external beauty, but knowing you, anyone can appreciate your every word, you are such a mature, profound young man, full of great values that have been given to you by your family.
Surely your gestures, your words, can be an example for today’s young people who, unfortunately, are attracted by ephemeral values and often forget their families.
You are great Gianluca, and we are proud of you. ❤
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos.


  1. Bravo Gianluca, he is really beautiful inside and out. A real role model for his young fans. Thank you Pat and Daniela.

    1. Thank you, Marie, in our three young men, love and respect are fundamental elements..

  2. My parents always help me and though that my daughter achieve more than I did.but not as young as Gianluca. very wise and using music is good everyone loves music

    1. Denise, everyone loves music, but the music in fashion today sometimes stuns, the music of Il Volo knows how to give you serenity and beauty.

  3. Dear Daniela, t his article only confirmed what I already felt about Gianluca, he
    IS the real deal. All three of them are so genuine and real, I firmly believe in the effect of family values on children and who they become. Everyone neede to have a firm rock to plant themselves on. Having a warm, loving, caring family surrounding you and helping to form your values is so important. They always need to know that “home” is waiting for you , to embrace and support you as a person. Fame doesn’t seem to adversely affect any one of them or their families…..such a blessing. They are such blessings to the world, to ALL of us! Their personalities and souls shine through everything they sing…..or quietly do for others.
    I’m definitely a Gianluca fan, I adore him and his voice……but ultimately it’s always IL VOLO, they are all amazing talents and hearts.
    Thank you for doing all you do to let us see and “hear” what is going on with Gian, Piero and Igna, our three wonders💖💖💖

    1. Surely Carol our three men have had a solid foundation laid by their family, but how many times have we seen guys move away from good advice and the family environment, or even deny the values ​​they grew up with. What I admire most in our young men is the fact that they bring to light their family affections, they don’t hide them, on the contrary they advise the boys to love their loved ones, and respect their roots. Fantastic.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! For those of us who have grown children know the value and feeling of pride in seeing them pass those same values on to our grandchildren… me that’s been my biggest life achievement, mine and my late husbands. Children at any age need to know that that solid foundation is with them everyday and everywhere they are. They need to know how proud you are of any and all of their accomplishments. Nothing is more important than the values you give your children!
        Clearly the Ginobles, the Barones and the Boschettos all know this….they deserve to have their pride in the three beautiful young men they have raised. The world is a better place with them in it. IL VOLO FOREVER!😉🤗❤️

  4. I can personally vouch for Gianluca’s truly unbelievable caring for people, young and old.

    When I went to the Toronto 2022 concert and the Meet & Greet part, as I walked up to him he put out his hand to me and, with the kindest of smiles, asked a few personal questions. When I told him I was there for my 90th (at the time) birthday, he leaned over and kissed my cheek! What a wonderful person any mother/grandmother would be proud to call their own. He will always have a special place in this old heart! Hugs, Dol.

    1. What a beautiful experience, Dolores, and thank you for sharing it with us. Truly priceless.

  5. Gianluca I just am so proud of you for what you have accomplished through the years and you have worked so very hard to get to where you are today! You have so much going for you and you are doing such a wonderful job of your career and I know you will continue to your great work and always will please your fans, and love you so very much, and sending big hugs and kisses to you love!

  6. Daniela
    This was such a beautiful story of Gianluca a side that I have never seen I know he is a wonderful person and singer but this story brought tears to my eyes
    Love Jenny
    Susan’s cousin

    1. Yes, I remember you, Jenny and thanks for the compliments. Our boys as well as good, really shine in a special light.

  7. Daniela, que maravilha você ter compartilhado essa entrevista do Gianluca. Ele é lindo por dentro e por fora. Amo Il Volo, mas tenho uma queda pelo Gianluca. Além da sua bela voz, beleza e talento, me encanta o ser humano que ele é. Brincando com as letras do seu nome, fiz o acrostico abaixo : G I A N L U C A

    Grazie mille
    Dalva Nunes

    1. Que lindo esse acróstico que você compôs, Dalva.
      Digamos que Gianluca mereça todos esses nomes, eles refletem exatamente como ele é.

  8. Loved reading this. Yes, Gianluca is extremely handsome and has a beautiful voice. But, to be able to express himself as he does so well in this article shows that he is mature beyond his years, honest, humble and family oriented. One doesn’t see much of that in kids in todays world. I applaud his parents for the outstanding job they did raising him.

    1. Ann, I agree with what you wrote, there is a lot of maturity in Gianluca and certainly nowadays it’s not easy to find maturity in young artists, who often show little culture and lack of depth.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful story Daniela. Look forward to many more.. I do love Gianluca better with his wiskers, looks like a baby clean shaven. Voice is wonderful.

    1. Janice, there is always so much to tell and discover about our three loved ones and every time we are amazed at how mature and wise they are, and we are happy about it.

  10. Gianluca is so wise for his years. His humility, selflessness and love of family as well
    as his amazing voice will allow him to be one of the best and brightest for many years to come Thank you Gianluca for your talents and for sharing your self with all of us

    1. Yes, of course he is like that,, Maryann, and we thank Gianluca who in these interviews lets us glimpse his beautiful kind soul.

  11. Beautiful article, lengthy translation – grazie mille, Daniela!
    I feel I should know this, but is Ernesto Gian’s maternal or paternal grandfather?
    Nice to see today on Instagram our three guys celebrating Piero’s birthday and having a great time!

    1. Judi, grandfather Ernesto is paternal grandfather, therefore he is the father of Ercole Ginoble.
      Yes, I saw the pictures of Piero’s party, what happiness.

  12. Thanks Daniela for bringing this beautiful interview to attention. And what can I say…. I am not surprised at all – his words are exactly what I would expect him to express. He is not only beautiful outside but indeed likewise inside. So profound, so humble, so reflecting, so caring and loving and first and foremost so grounded. His life values are rare to find in young people today – and especially in the Scandinavian culture, where family isn’t the highest priority and loads of elderly people sit lonely in the homes for old age people with little or no visits. Old people are not respected nor valued, so of course I am impressed by Gianluca’s warm and loving words in this respect. No doubt he owes a lot to his parents who have given him these fine values and succeeded in getting him through his teen years in a good way keeping him away from all the temptations of drugs, alcohol and thoughtless living that many singers/musicians are introduced to while on the road or feel the need of in order to cope with fame and success. They are all 3 great role models for the young generation and I commend them!
    Warmest regards Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, I agree with you, Gianluca in this interview hasn’t derailed from his path at all, he confirmed what is most important in the world for him and we are always aware of it, but having their reconfirmations does our hearts so much good.

  13. I love all three they are the best role models for young adults to look up to. I do favor Ignazio a little more but they all are so special You can really tell they love and appreciate us their fans. They are still humble and caring. Their talents are immeasurable. Hope they come back to the US soon. But I have a goal to see them in concert in Italy. Would be my dream.

    1. Yes, Angela, they are the best role models with great values ​​to bring to today’s youth. I often wonder if this is what bothers the Italian press, they don’t fit into the pre-established schemes of successful young people.

  14. Thank you Daniela so much for translating this. Gianluca is so wonderful at expressing himself. If more people thought and behaved like he does the world would be a much better place. His outlook on life is truly amazing. His love and gratitude for his family is so nice to see. He deserves all the good things that life gives him.

    1. Cathy, it would be too nice, perhaps a utopia, to think that all people could behave like this, but sometimes dreaming of a better future does us so much good, don’t you agree?

  15. So I read all the comments and I want to say again that some credit goes to Torpendine for his guidance through these years.
    Ty. Daniela and Pat

    1. Yes Gail, I also confirm, honor to Torpedine and his ideas. What will he propose to us next time??

  16. Daniela & Pat – you are Angels always opening your hearts to mere fans like me who always thirst for knowledge on the happenings of what our Boys are up to & their families – I say Touche’!! to all the above comments – with just one thing to add – I too feel Michele Torpedine is a great guiding light for Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca – he knows only too well the value of those bright shining gems he holds in his hands – he will definitely steer them to higher realms – I admire him greatly – the best is yet to come Daniela & Pat – much love.

    1. Jude, the best is yet to come… fact, each time we think we’ve seen the best, which is then disavowed by the next. This time before the Verona concerts there were a lot of not so good comments from the fans, and instead as I supposed, the guys were preparing a concert for us, actually two, very beautiful. We must have more faith in the ideas of Torpedine and in the realization of Il Volo.

  17. I always admired the way Gianluca spoke about little brother Ernesto. Is he still listening to your beautiful renditions Gianluca?

    1. Iris, from what I’ve read, his brother Ernesto helped Gianluca choose the songs to sing in the last two concerts. I complimented him on that too.

  18. I can only say that my life has been enhanced by IL VOLO and I am sincerely grateful. I am elderly, live by myself since my husband of 60 years died, but every evening I treat myself by sitting outside feeding the birds and playing Il Volo. The bell birds, tui and others. don’t come until the music starts. They love it as do I. THANKYOU. Gianluca is my favourite.

    1. Jocelin, how sweet this fact, your little birds now recognize the music of Il Volo as if it were your voice.
      Our Pat’s dog, when he hears IL MONDO de Il Volo play, immediately runs and listens with joy!!

  19. Daniela
    A most beautiful and sincere interview i have read !
    The thoughts, feelings and values held by such young and mature man are awesome.
    Sharing his love and commitment with people makes us think and view Gianluca as a great and perfect singer and artist has a beautiful and blessed mission with himself.
    Getting an opportunity to deliver and help people perceive their values, their aims, their generosity and true love for family, friends and colleagues.
    Once again, congratulations to Gianluca Ginoble and you Daniela for such fantastic interview !

  20. Thank you again, Daniela and Pat for another wonderful article. Gianluca is a good example for everyone. I also grew up with my grandparents and my family is also close so I always feel a bit sad for those who don’t have family support. In North America (not sure if this is the same in Europe) it isn’t always “cool” to be someone, especially young person, with good values. They are called names like “Goody Two Shoes”. That’s what I was called! So it is very nice to see Gianluca, and also Pie and Igna be honest and humble about who they are and share their values. I hope many more people can open their eyes and be inspired by this. I know I am! I will have to remember this while I go about my business today so I will have a peaceful day.

    1. It’s true Amy, respect for the family is one of the most fundamental values ​​and it is deeply felt here. This attachment is often mocked but, in respect of each part, it’s nice to know you’re not alone, and that you can always count on those who raised you, it’s an indissoluble bond.

  21. Daniela, Please explain to me the name Montepagano di Roseto degli Abruzzi. Which part is state or province and which part is town or village?
    Gianluca and the other two are together a meteor of all we wish the rest of humanity could be and that’s why the discovery of them by each of us has left us star struck and emersed in their unusual goodness for ever!

    1. So Mark, Montepagano is a small town that is part of the municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi.
      Roseto degli Abruzzi, is a very famous seaside town and is a municipality in the province of Teramo.
      Teramo is a beautiful city and is the capital of Abruzzo.
      Abruzzo is one of the 21 regions into which Italy is divided.
      I hope I have been comprehensive on this topic.

      It would be too nice to think that all young people could act and think like our three!

  22. Our folks have probably given up on the comments section of this by now, but just in case. I was just watching the Verona concert again. The interaction between Piero and Gianna Nannani is a joy to see. Just darling.

    1. Gail, there is a lot of friendship and esteem between Il Volo and Gianna Nannini, furthermore Gianna has always said she is their admirer and has always recognized their value.

  23. Beautiful article and how beautiful the world would be if all were like those three young men. Every evening I watch them on you tube as my husband also passed and I am alone. These three have become my adopted family. Thanks again for another wonderful translation.

  24. Beverley, like you many fans find solace in the music of Il Volo. We all feel this affection towards them, as if we were a big extended family.

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