A few days ago this new and beautiful event was announced,  LA NOTTE DELLE STELLE (THE NIGHT OF THE STARS), a concert with Placido Domingo, the soprano Daria Rybak and Il Volo. This beautiful event is held in the beautiful REGGIA DI CASERTA.
I don’t know how many of you know this magnificent Palace, and so I want to give you an introduction and a little bit of history, but believe me, it’s worth it.
I present to you the Royal Palace of Caserta.

King Charles of Bourbon, entrusted the construction of this Royal Palace to the brilliant architect Luigi Vanvitelli. It began on January 20, 1752 and took 20 years to be finished.
The Royal Palace of Caserta is truly immense, covering more than 61,000 square meters (about 73,000 yards), with 4 internal courtyards.
It has the shape of a rectangle 250 meters long and 200 meters wide, and is a very high building, more than 40 meters and spread over 5 floors. It has more than 1000 rooms including rooms, halls, theaters and 1 private chapel.
There are 1742 windows, 1026 chimneys, 34 stairs and more than 1000 doors and 2 large basements, a titanic work, in fact it is the largest royal residence in the world.
After the entrance, you enter a majestic gallery that crosses the entire palace and allows, right from the entrance, to see the magnificent park that surrounds it. It is a studied perspective effect, because the pools of the park and the fountains are all aligned with the gallery, a telescope effect which was very fashionable in late 18th century architecture and which made nature the protagonist of the architecture.
I have visited this  Royal Palace three times, the last one being 15 years ago, and it is truly magnificent.
And here, it’s my husband and I in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta exactly 15 years ago.

The stage was set up in one of the square courtyards of the Reggia.
And here we are at the afternoon rehearsal.



Before the show, Placido Domingo and Piero are interviewed by Radio Montecarlo.

Here’s the interview.
PIERO= We are at the Royal Palace of Caserta because tonight we will share the stage with the greatest. can we say the greatest?
SPEAKER= “His Majesty” Placido Domingo, thank you master for being here with us live on Radio.
DOMINGO= We are so happy to be together, we have known each other for a few years. My nephew discovered them (Il Volo)….
SPEAKER= Great, great! We are framing it here in front of the workstation and as you can imagine there is a huge crowd of people, in short, a really great emotion.
DOMINGO= Piero always wore glasses (reds) and then my nephew wore them too.
SPEAKER= ….he too (laughs)
How does Piero sing with “His Majesty” Placido Domingo tonight?
PIERO= With the master and with all his family, there is a great friendship, a great respect. A great like Placido Domingo, who gives the opportunity to realize such a great dream of sharing the stage with him, I believe that beyond the great artist there is a great person.
SPEAKER= (the speaker addresses the audience) 
He (Domingo) exudes charisma guys, you have no idea.
Maestro, you have trod the most important stages, you have had huge crowds in front of you, acclaimed in a thousand ways and rightly so. How exciting will it be tonight to be on the stage of UN’ESTATE DA RE right here at the Royal Palace of Caserta?
DOMINGO= First of all, this place is extraordinary, I’ve seen it, I’ve had time to visit room after room and be together, working together (at Il Volo) is really a great joy. We hope we will have a nice evening…
SPEAKER= It sure will be…
DOMINGO= We have to try again to fix everything.
SPEAKER= Can we ask one last thing? A memory of Luciano Pavarotti, from when you were three tenors, I know that the only clash, between so much fun, was about the football teams.
DOMINGO= Oh yes, that was the only thing we didn’t get along on, because he was for IUVE, Josè Carreras for Barcelona and I for Real Madrid.
PIERO= It’s clear!!
SPEAKER= So, we have to let them go, thanks for this gift Piero and obviously thanks to “His Majesty” Placido Domingo, this evening, right here at UN’ ESTATE DA RE  at the Royal Palace of Caserta and thanks also to us at Radiomontecarlo who have the possibility to tell you everything that happens.
At the beginning of the video, you see a short fragment of a photo with Piero, Placido Domingo and I believe that among them is Placido’s nephew who made Il Volo known.
And here we are at the magical evening. It’s sold out.
Numerous videos received and shot by fans.




MY WAYIl Volo with Placido Domingo


AU FOND DU TEMPLE SAINT – the beautiful duet with Placido Domingo and Piero Barone


LIBIAM NE LIETI CALICI  – Il Volo con Placido Domingo and Daria Rybak





And after the concert, a nice dinner with the whole Domingo family, including children and grandchildren.


We waited a few days to publish this event, but it was worth it, because now, whoever wants can watch the entire concert, here it is!

Click Here to watch the full concert

What a magnificent event in a truly unique location.
A night of stars, and the stars shone very much, as well as our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, who can hold their own even in a classical music environment.
Their voices, incredible and unique. Three brilliant stars.
Daniela ❤❤❤


I want to close this article, with a beautiful writing by my friend, Luce Blu. 
This morning while I was having breakfast, wandering my curious finger around the screen in search of a “Night of the Stars”, at a certain point I found myself sitting in a semi-illuminated corner with a stage in front of it and a Palace behind it, an imposing witness to the splendor of an era now distant… I physically abstracted there, but present with all my soul, I observed and listened to what belonged to yesterday but will remain in my memory, together with the history of that enchanting place.
Scrolling through each expression, the memory of a “Magical Night” in Piazza Santa Croce leapt to my mind, on stage three boys still and closed in their blue jackets in front of microphones that put tension and that cost a lot of sacrifice … and in the trembling heart so much hope for a homage that would have either made them fall or carried them up, up, to the steps of Olympus. Next to them one of those three the Sacred Monsters (the three tenors) to pay homage to, who confidently guided them. That Piazza, that evening, despite the fears, literally exploded.  
What happened yesterday evening, like that evening, moved me and at the same time made me rejoice like never before because on that stage I found those guys with the same heart, but a totally different awareness, with that Sacred Monster still next to them, this time not there to guide them but to sing with them, together with a soprano who tinged those powerful notes with roses. They were there rulers, not of a summer, but of an era of bel canto that we long to return again and again and give rhythm to the soul of this world. Our extraordinary tenor, with a dream that came true even before he knew it. Our eclectic artist, who manages to play with those notes with unique ease and mastery. Our “no, this genre is not for me”… and imagine if it were for him… And this happened only yesterday… And yesterday, like this morning and like always and forever, proud and proud of our incomparable and unique trio!
And what about the duet between Piero and Maestro Placido Domingo?….. Domingo carries our Piero on the palm of one hand, sang happy and proud to have him by his side and turned to him with eyes of profound admiration every time Piero rose in one of those impeccable, powerful and decisive high notes.
In the moments in which our extraordinary tenor sang, or rather enchanted, his expression was transformed, that incredulous and excited smile disappeared and that imposing and intense soul shined through, which only shows when the notes of that genre start… a genre that he has been wearing for always and that he managed to bring out with all his passion and his sacrifice. Keeping that promise to himself and to a loving grandfather who will always watch over him from above.
A duet that brought tears to our eyes and filled our hearts with joy and pride, aware of knowing that our Piero has his feet on the threshold of a dream that has now opened its “curtain” to reality.
Luce Blu  


Thank you, Luce, for these beautiful words!! 😘
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


46 thoughts on “THE NIGHT OF THE STARS by Daniela”

  1. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this evening. Thank you Luce Blu, Pat Daniela. Thank you also to Maestro Domingo’s nephew for being in the right place at the right time.

    1. You’re most welcome, Rose Marie! What a fortunate moment it was for Maestro Domingo’s nephew to hear our guys!

  2. This was an amazing place to have a concert and what a concert. Our boys shone as usual and truly showed why they were there to sing with the incredible Placido Domingo, it was like having the three tenors back with a wonderful baritone there for more depth! Thank you all Daniela, Pat and Luce Blu , you made my morning! 🙏❤️🤗🎼 Carol

    1. Carol, the location is truly immense and beautiful, and deserved to be visited and attending a concert in that place and with those voices must have been spectacular.

      1. c’est spectaculaire….monsieur DOMINGO à plus de 80 ans et nos 3 jeunes étoiles qui se perfectionnent encore un peu plus d’années en années c’est un prodige Accroc à la musique lyrique depuis plusieurs décénnies j’avoue avoir entendu le chant des étoiles

  3. With the craziness in the world today, the main thing I want to know about Il Volo is that they are okay! I pray for them and their families and love them dearly! They have long since won me over and I care about their lives.

      1. Mark, they’re doing great, they’re currently with their families and in any case here in Italy and they’re “recharging their batteries” to better face their next commitments.

    1. You are right Bobbi Lee, sometimes it seems to me that the world has gone crazy, however I want to reassure you, they are fine and right now they are on vacation.

  4. I had been hoping we would get this post – thanks so much, Daniela, and also thanks to Luce for her poetic description of a superb concert in a stunning location. I especially loved finally hearing them do Torno a Surriento again, even though I’ve always enjoyed Surrender/Sorrento. And Piero – those held high notes are exquisite now! Although comparing his performance with Placido’s, I feel that he needs to take some acting lessons to achieve his operatic dream. And Ignazio, while opera isn’t his “thing”, he could do it if he wanted to–he was wonderful.

    1. I agree, Judi, that Piero is a wee bit stiff but I think he will loosen up once opera becomes more natural to him.

    2. Judi, we are a little late in publishing because our irreplaceable Pat has undergone surgery on her other knee.
      Yes, Piero’s voice is increasingly confident and now he will certainly have to face lessons in gestural interpretation if he wants to sing an entire opera.
      Ignazio, when preparing for Notte Magica, repeatedly said that he doesn’t mind singing operatic pieces.

  5. Such glorious music coming from our Three and Senor Domingo have allowed us a taste of Heaven! I agree with Carol that the baritone did not go unnoticed.

    Piero truly has his foot in the door!! Igna can hold his own no matter what is being sung.

    Thank you, Daniela and Pat for giving us the opportunity to see this concert. My question is — was it a recent concert, or one that had been carried out years ago? Hugs, Dol.

    1. Yes Dolores, truly important and beautiful music.
      Certainly our baritone also made a very good impression.
      The concert was done on August 3rd this year, so a few days ago!

  6. WOW What a venue and and ambiance! An awesome night out of the ordinary. I’m so proud of the guys taking in that stage and audience as the most natural thing and not “just” as show fillers but on equal foot with the great maestro Domingo and the beautiful opera singer. They have so much grown and evolved and now definitely proven that they are full born singers of the highest international character and no longer can be neglected! As well as they master an extreme broad range of genres that being pop, bel canto or classic! No matter what they do they excel! And how wonderful to note that Placido did choose exactly them for this grand event. Yet another cadeaux! And what a night for not the least Piero. He shone and caught those high notes with ease and perfection and did once again show that he has reached the next level and his second goal is in clear sight. Kudos!
    I was really surprised to learn how big a part of this show our guys were involved in – I thought they might have done 3 or 4 songs maybe – but apparently they have been a major part of the show, as I recall having seen and heard several videos with the guys and the female opera singer as well. Fantastic! Only I don’t understand that this event hasn’t been announced at a much earlier stage – and likewise by Il Volo themselves – as they must have been aware for a long time in order to rehearse and prepare for it! Buy not a single word on their website….

    Thanks Daniele and Pat for yet a great article inviting us to enjoy a bit of the stardust of this unique night!

    Warm greetings – Kirsten, Denmark

  7. Thank you Daniela and Pat fot the beautiful photos and videos. The concert was beautiful, the guys amazing as usual but I loved the duet with Piero and Placido. Piero’s voice just seems to get more powerful at each concert. Luce Blu described it perfectly. And thank you Daniela also for the video of the palace. It’s amazing.

    1. Thanks Cathy for the nice compliments.
      Luce Blu described very well what we all felt and felt. It was a good concert.

  8. And I forgot to thank you for the palace video, Daniela. Plus that was a very cute photo of you and your husband.

    1. Thanks Judi, the Royal Palace of Caserta is really very beautiful and thanks for the compliments on the photo, it didn’t seem true that 15 years have already passed.

  9. Thank you Daniela & Pat once again for all your hard work & dedication to our Boys – everywhere they go – every time they sing – they bring so much joy to so many – they certainly have been sent to us from a higher power for us all – they lift our souls – Placido thoroughly enjoyed himself with Piero Ignazio & Gianluca – so much effort goes into planning & presenting these concerts for our enjoyment – but heaven knows we appreciate – much love to you Daniela & Pat – for your tireless effort in bringing not only the up-to-date news but visuals too – have a great week.

    1. You’re welcome, Jude. As always it is my pleasure to help Daniela get these stories published. 😘 Hugs! 🤗

    2. Yes Jude, our boys bring so much joy and so much professionalism, you will also see from the next article, they adapt to any place and any situation.

  10. How did Placido change the words to “Non ti scordar di Me” at the end. It obviously was a tribute to IL Volo

    1. Lynda, I really liked this nice gesture from Domingo.
      There is certainly a lot of harmony and friendship between him and Il Volo, as well as great respect, in fact the whole Domingo family was at dinner with our three favorites.

  11. Love all these stories , as all most everything is in Italian which i have no knowledge of but to be able to read the conversations in english is a treat. Carry on with the good work, love it.

    1. Thank you Rosina, don’t worry we will continue to translate everything to make you understand each situation better.

  12. Such a beautiful concert, the guys were wonderful as well as everyone else. Piero’s duet with Placido was perfect. I want to thank you for all the wonderful videos. The one of the palace was beautiful, loved your picture Daniela on the steps I find Piero very self assured no matter who he is singing with and he is doing a great job.

    1. I also really liked the duet between Piero and Placido Domingo and I think Piero is ready for other unique moments. Thanks for the compliments on my photo with my husband, it’s a lovely place.

  13. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all you have given us. I found the same video on YouTube a few days ago. Was the concert televised, it would be wonderful to see it all.

    Piero was his usual brilliant self, as one would expect. As for Ignazio, well what can I say. Obviously he and Piero had dreamed up the way the songs would be performed between them. An excellent job they made of it too, same songs they have done many times before, but with a different twist, which made them even better, if that is possible. 😉

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but what with one thing and another I am beginning to think I am not only burning the candle at both ends, but in the middle as well!

    Belated happy birthday to Susan.

    Roz 😉

    1. I agree with you Roz, the same songs they sang several times, they sang them giving a different style, more refined, really good.
      Please, take care of that candle!!
      A hug.

  14. Daniela and Pat, What a magnificent article! The concert looked exquisite. The palace was amazing. Il Volo with Placido was sublime. Luce’s words really summed it all up nicely.
    Thank you for always bringing these concerts and everything related to these wonderful talented young men to us.

    1. Thank you Jane, yes everything was great and when I read Luce’s words I thought, they are perfect. Luce is one of us, she loves Il Volo, Piero in particular, she is young, she got married last year and today she announced that she is expecting a baby and we are all happy for her. 🙂

      1. Jane, a huge hug comes to you and all your family, I always remember you with great affection! 🙂

  15. Just another observation after watching the whole concert on YouTube.
    Yes, our Three and Senor Domingo are wonderful but, what about the orchestra conductor??? He is amazing and really got a workout during the performance of Intermedio della Boda, with his baton flashing and his left hand pointing at the section whose part it was. He nearly threw himself off the podium at the end, such was his exuberance!! What a pleasure to watch!! Dol.

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