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Il Volo in Domenica In RAI1 Program


Photo credits  unduetre. com

Video credits RAI1



Thanks to MN for summarizing the ragazzi comments in English and passing along photos of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!

During the first part of the telecast Il Volo performed the Christmas songs medley (24:20). During the interview, the Boys expressed their wish to be able to perform and to become as popular in Italy as they are abroad and recalled their tours and experiences during the past two years with the important artistic collaborations.

The speaker told them they are already famous as they performed in the Christmas concert to be aired on December 25 and recommended that they should remain themselves and not get a big head.  At the question which of the Christmas songs were their favorites, Ignazio said White Christmas (Bianco Natale) as he used to sing it at school. Piero’s preference is for Ave Maria, and Gianluca quoted his preference for American voices like Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams and said Mel Tormè The Christmas Song is his favorite.

Then they sang Il Mondo (1:02:30)

Thanks MN!