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Hi Everyone,

The concert last night in Valencia was fabulous, The Boys were on their game and the huge crowd was into it!! Good job Il Volo!

Tonight’s concert is in Caracas (USB). As there is little information on the venue, I thought we’d do a little tour of Caracas, Venezeula!

Caracas (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈɾakas]), officially Santiago de León de Caracas, is the capital and largest city of Venezuela; natives or residents are known as Caraquenians in English (Spanish: Caraqueños).

Caracas is located in the northern part of the country, following the contours of the narrow Caracas Valley on the Venezuelan coastal mountain range (Cordillera de la Costa). Terrain suitable for building lies between 760 and 910 m (2,490 and 2,990 ft) above sea level. The valley is close to the Caribbean Sea, separated from the coast by a steep 2,200 m (7,200 ft) high mountain range, Cerro El Ávila; to the south there are more hills and mountains.

Metropolitan District of Caracas includes the Distrito Capital and four other municipalities in Miranda State: Chacao, Baruta, Sucre, and El Hatillo. The Distrito Capital had a population of 1,943,901 as of 2011,[1] while that of Metropolitan District of Caracas was estimated at 3,055,000 as of (2013).

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca yesterday, “50,000K followers on #Instagram, keep following me!” He says from his account, “Music speaks when words fail” Gianluca tweeted a few hours ago “Good morning, going to Caracas”
Piero tweeted last night, “I love you all #buonanotte”
Ignazio, check an Instagram video on Mundial of Ignazio playing with a baby, They are both sooo cute!

See our new affiliate All Things Il Volo Facebook, for a fan’s short story of how he discovered Il Volo and how it affected his life, with Mike Denton-Arms.
This page has some great photos and comments and is easy to read, check it out!

Mundial has some good photos and videos.

It has been announced that Il Volo cancelled an appearance at The Myan Culture Festival on October 19th. We are assuming it is due to their busy concert schedule.

Dates to keep in mind:
October 22nd–release of “Buon Natale”
November 29th– Holiday performance and signing at Mall of America.
December 1st–Il Volo VIP Wine and Dine in Detroit.

Keep watching for any new dates in December as we receive them.

The concert tomorrow is in Maricaibo, Venezeula at Aula Magna URU.

Love and Luck tonight Guys!