In 2016, Dario Gerardi wrote some beautiful poems dedicated to Il Volo, I liked them very much and so I contacted Dario and asked him if I could translate them for American friends.

He was very happy with this.

I have already published this poem, but it was a long time ago and it was one of the first posts I did. Coincidentally I found this poem in these days and I thought to propose it again, surely many of you do not know it and I am convinced that even those who already know it will like to read it again.

Dario Gerardi is a young Sicilian blind person. Read his beautiful words dedicated to Il Volo.


The lights come on … From darkness to brightness in the blink of an eye, to feeling microscopic in large concert halls, the heart beats faster and stronger …

Three silhouettes appear out of nowhere, filling the eyes of those who have an extraordinary desire to see the wonder.

Applause begins … The screams of those who have always dreamed of them …

The moment seems to have come, and now everything is going as it should go.

Exceptional orchestra behind them, sensational musicians as added value, to all that fantastic with their voices, they imprint in the hearts of women and men who have always loved them.

Italian pride, made in Italy … Every stage in this world is recognizing the great value of those who are spreading great love in the air.

Immediately the first song, in listening to them, there are those who have not yet stopped reopening their eyes, reopening them, all this is not a dream but it is simple and pure reality, fantastic!

One song leads to another, just like delicious and tasty cherries, the voices thunder in the air …

The dream doesn’t seem to end.

Irony and sympathy, very important elements of those who, not only with their own voice, know how to enchant …

But above all, their knows how to make people smile who in this hard life does not do it constantly. 

Almost as if it seemed a marvelous mix of music and sympathy, between one song and another, the hearts take on a rhythmic beat just like percussion with sweet beats.

The smile imprinted on the faces of the listeners as a symbol of happiness, as if it should never disappear… Them … Healthy bearers of happiness. 

The last song marks the end of everything that so far seemed an endless dream, but … 

The encore is upon us. Who will ever stop following them …

Eternally this concert will be imprinted in their minds, in their hearts.

Everyone in their homes will always be able to dream of them just as they did it live.

Three hearts for a world!

Honor to them.

Dario Gerardi

I don’t know what effect these words had on you, but they seemed really beautiful and appropriate to me, they express the emotion and joy of the first concert, when slowly, without realizing it, you are hopelessly in love with Il Volo.


Credit to owners of all photos.