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The Festival of Families will be held in Rome on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. This will be the first public event of the World Meeting of Families. The 10th edition of the World Meeting of Families will open on Wednesday, presenting to the general public the themes that will then be explored in the conference. At the event, which will be entitled “The Beauty of the Family,” Il Volo will perform and their families will attend the event with them. It will take place in the Paul VI Hall 6.15 PM.

For our Italian fans, the event will be televised on Wednesday, June 22nd  on  Rai 1 at 18:15.

In the United States you can watch the event on EWTN TV. It will be televised at 11:30 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, June 22nd and it will be re-televised on Saturday. Check the EWTN TV Schedules in your area on www.EWTN.com.

For those in America and around the World who do not have EWTN TV. You can watch the event on http://www.EWTN.com. It will be a three-hour event LIVE starting at 11:30 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, June 22nd.

This is the translation of the video the guys made….

Gianluca: We are excited to come to Papa Francesco’s house.
Hello everyone we are very happy and excited to come to Pope Francis’ house and celebrate together with the family of Rome, families of the world and our families.
Piero: ….on that day we will witness to the  importance of the strength and support of our families in our lives.
Ignazio: I come personally with my mother and my sister.
Piero: I will bring, Mom, Dad, my sister Mariagrazia my brother Francesco and I can’t wait to be able to hug Papa Francesco.
Gianluca: I will come with my family, we are numerous, but the best thing is that I will be able to bring my grandfather Ernesto who, at the age of 88, will be able to shake hands with Pope Francis. These are the most important things, the most beautiful emotions in life, like a mother who is a refuge, a father who is a guide, and this is really the importance of the family.
Ignazio: In all these years we have always reiterated how important our family is and they will always be important for us and for our careers,  like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, a meeting point at this moment with them. We are really happy to be able to share this moment with them.
Piero: In addition to our families, we will also bring the music. See you June 22nd.

This is a great honor for our guys and their families! So well deserved! Congratulations to all the Families!

Another great moment at St. Peters’ Square!

Credit to the owners of Photos and Videos.