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Three Beautiful Families by Susan

I have to start this story by saying these guys never cease to amaze me!
My column should have been out yesterday, but I thought this story is too important to hold over for a week. So here I am a day late!
Where do you begin to tell the story of three child prodigies who have brought so much joy to people around the world with their wonderful voices. It’s simple you start with the families! And this week the families have received
their reward for all they have done for their families and especially for their three incredible sons!
World Meeting of Families? I’m familiar with this event but I know many of you had never heard about it before the guys were invited to participate in it.
The World Meeting of Families is a gathering of the Roman Catholic Church that has occurred every three years since 1994. Ironically, at the time our guys were born! It is organized by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, which “promotes the pastoral care of families, protects their rights and dignity in the Church and in civil society, so that they may ever be more able to fulfill their duties.” It is the biggest gathering of Catholic families in the world. The most recent meeting took place in Dublin and this year, after being postponed by the pandemic, the event is taking place in Rome.
This year’s event and particularly the part that the guys participated in is called “The Beauty of Family.” Without going any further or describing what this particular segment is about, I will say it is truly about these three families! Three Beautiful Families!
In a press conference on Tuesday, the guys talked about their participation in the event.

The guys were also interviewed by Angela Calvini of Avvenire.it. Ms. Calvini opened her article with the comment, “Maybe it’s really time to shake off the reputation of infant prodigy that accompanies the three singers for thirteen years.”
This is true and I’ve said on many occasions, it’s time we called them men for they truly are amazing men! But, for those who have followed the guys for thirteen years the idea that they are boys will never go away!
Calvini says, “Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto, both 27 years old, and Piero Barone, 29 years old, after two and a half years of being home due to the pandemic have returned to recover their status as international stars with the triumphant start of the World Tour from the Arena di Verona last June 3.
Calvini continues, But, something has changed, a spring has been triggered that has made them mature and those we find sitting in front of us are three young men who strike deeply with their reflections on life.”
What the guys bring to Pope Francis is not just music. They present themselves as firsthand witnesses about their family’s life experiences.
We will bring our loved ones here because they have given us everything in these thirteen years of career.
Piero explained….
We will be together with many delegations that will represent all the families of the world. Our musical contribution will take place in the Sala Nervi. This is a very special event, which we care so much about. In these thirteen years we have always shown and explained the strength and the fundamental importance of the support of our families in our lives, because our career began when we were really small. We thank the Vatican for this invitation, but above all for inviting all our families, our parents, our brothers and there will be testimony from them.
This is the first time that the guys have spoken in such a personal way.
In the article Ignazio explained to Calvini that “they do this with enthusiasm.”
Ignazio explained in the press conference….
We have always tried to enhance the sense of family in interviews, in our songs and in our concerts. They are a preponderant part of our career and are a fundamental part of our moods.  
Ignazio’s thoughts then went to his father Vito, who died suddenly last year on the eve of their performance at Sanremo.
It is not easy to manage a bereavement in the family, especially when you have so many years ahead with still so many satisfactions to share and goals that have not been achieved…. but in the misfortune, I was lucky enough to have the time and the opportunity to show beautiful things to my father and to make him live great emotions. We are human and we learn to manage situations by living them.
Gianluca said….
While young people today are moving away from the faith, with secularization advancing, Instead, it is nice to see the happiness of my grandfather already only at the news that he will be able to shake hands with Pope Francis. Here, I am happy to have given him this joy because grandparents are the most important people.
Piero said….
I am really excited to take my mother to the Pope: it is she who from an early age has transmitted to me the importance of faith. After childhood, it was a path I wanted with the awareness of how important it was in my life to believe. In the last period (during COVID) we have had the opportunity to reflect on ourselves, we have had time on our side, whereas in the past we could not. I think the most beautiful thing that happened to me in the pandemic was the approach to faith. I have always attended the Church, but I discovered that I had approached God especially in moments of joy, when too often we forget to give thanks.
This is the third time the guys have meet with Pope Francis. The first time was in 2016 and then when they participated in the World Youth Day 2019. 
The guys said almost in chorus….
Among other things, for us it was a beautiful surprise when Cardinal Ravasi tweeted a photo in which among the various vinyl’s that the Pope listened to, there was also one of our records.
In her article, Calvini tells us that Gianluca surprised her by revealing his secret desire….
I adore Pope Francis, but I have become a big fan of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. (Joseph Ratzinger) I am reading these days his Introduction to Christianity. It is fascinating to discover historically how Christianity has faced and risen from the various crises over the centuries. I also read Credere, the dialogue between Umberto Galimberti and Juliàn Carròn on reason and faith: what is the use of being rational to accept a reality that is perhaps tragic? Faith is the only thing that allows you to live a life linked to something that can truly elevate you in all respects. And it is a great gift, those who have received it and those who find it after a journey of conversion are lucky. I would like so much to meet Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) to undertake a dialogue on these issues, I will write him a letter. Let’s hope…
The theologian has arrived, jokes Ignazio, but he takes a very serious position in this regard, faith is one of the most powerful things in the world. Having faith is perhaps the same as having hope. I am not very practicing, but I believe that there is something powerful, this very strong energy that looks at us from up there and influences our days. I think everyone has to make their own life path to be able to get there.
The guys agree, music has a lot to do with the spirit. They will prove it at Christmas when they perform in front of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem. It will be televised on Rai 1.
The guys told Calvini, they recognize that inspiration is something that comes from a mysterious “elsewhere”, even if Piero confesses: When I sing the opera I can express the deepest joy, and when I sing, I feel that there is something greater that is listening to me, and I like to thank God.
In conclusion, Calvini said, “In short, the three have grown, in their future dreams they plan to make a family of their own but for now there are goals to consolidate the project of Il Volo. Their friendship is fundamental, despite the fact that ‘they are profoundly different.’”
The guys explain….
We have learned to know each other, to respect each other and now we are much more than brothers.  We have a strong sense of duty and maybe compared to our peers we can be boring, but we have fun with simplicity and complicity. You don’t know how many laughs we have on stage. And now we return to sing in front of large audiences In the World Tour ~ Il Volo live in concert that collects the best of the repertoire of Il Volo, from Grande Amore to opera, from tributes to Morricone and Elvis to surprises such as a Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.
Ignazio explains….
Making a tour where you purely propose the last project we did not like very much because after two and a half years of pandemic we wanted to sing songs that show who Il Volo is.
Piero and Gianluca reiterate….
We have a common goal: it is Il Volo. We are linked to a musical genre that brings prestige, and that is the path that over time we want to achieve. We are living life with so many responsibilities that we have to manage it in a serious way. Within a month we shook hands with President Mattarella and soon we will shake hands with the Pope. It is incredible. We still have many projects. We have three different heads, but the priority is the name to solidify and try to make it prestigious. It is necessary to take care of it well, expressing in this path above all our personalities and to show who we really are.

After the interviews and Press conference, the guys went to Paul VI Hall for rehearsals.

Msgr. Walter Insero, director of the Social Communications Office of the Diocese of Rome tells us, “Rather than giving speeches and theories on families, we will give voice to witness. The choice of presenters, artists and those who will speak is designed to promote their experience as Christian families. For this reason, the presentation is entrusted to Amadeus Sebastiani and his wife Giovanna Civitillo. As for the artistic presences, the young artists of ‘ll Volo’ (Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto), together with some of their relatives, will participate by recounting their own family experience and proposing some musical pieces.”

Giampiero Grani expressed his joy on this occasion….
Tonight, I will have the honor and joy of conducting the orchestra for Il Volo on the occasion of the World Meeting of Family, from the Nervi Hall in the presence of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. In the world vision Rai uno, presents Amadeus. Thanks always to the fabulous artists of Il Volo!

The Opening of the World Meeting of Families

The event is hosted by Italian media personalities Amadeus and Giovanna his wife. The world meeting of families is going to continue throughout the weekend culminating in a final mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square on Saturday night.

Amadeus & Giovanna introduce Il Volo….


After the song Amadeus interviewed the guys and their families….
Amadeus:  Every day I sing it (Grande Amore) to my wife. Yes, every morning you are with us.
Ignazio: Is it a wake-up call?
Amadeus: Yes, it’s a good idea!
Gianluca: We’re very happy to be here with our families for the first time all together at such an important event and it’s really very thrilling to share all this with you and with our families and in fact we are very blessed.
Amadeus: Let’s meet your family or families of Il Volo boys. I’ll follow the voice
Gianluca: This is my father, my grandfather, my brother, here my mother etc.
Amadeus:  So, the grandpa has the same passion (to Ernesto) Your name?
Ernesto: Ernesto.
Amadeus:  You love music yes. You come from Abruzzi. The Abruzzi region.
Ernesto: Yes, I played in the band and the local band for many years.
Amadeus: So, you always followed your grandson.
Ernesto: Yes, so it really is very good yes, I’m very proud of him because he gave me a lot of satisfaction. I’m very proud.
Gianluca: I really want to say, I invite young people to really have a close dialogue with the families to have empathy and tell your family to speak about their past because we want to rejoice in their past with them with our grandparents and enjoy their values. Don’t neglect your family, especially your grandparents.
Amadeus: Good, well said and whoever you’re going to introduce now (to Piero).

Piero: These are the people who play an important role in my life. I have my family with me, my father Gaetano, my brother Francesco, my sister Mariagrazia, and my mother Eleanora. I’m very thrilled to be here because I have a close relationship with faith, and I have a great faith thanks to my family and especially thanks to my mother. Every day and also today, daily, she helps me, encourages me to find myself and never lose faith so I would like to thank my mother because she was a beacon of my life.
Amadeus: a very beautiful, very beautiful soul.
Amedeus (to Ignazio who is far from him):  Come join us.  As in Sicily we say it’s up to you.

Ignazio: This is my mother, Caterina, my sister Nina. She’s very thrilled as well because the Holy Father will join us and yes, my two sons. (Ignazio jokes about the two boys sitting next to Nina) No I’m joking, I’m joking.  (Ignazio, turning to his mother and sister.) So, they are my compass in life. My father looks down on us from heaven and there is a great difference between loss and absence. I didn’t lose my father, because he is always with us and those who leave us are looking at us from heaven. They’re always with us that we should remember.
Amadeus: I would like to ask a question because each of you rightly spoke about his family, the importance of family and the pillars in your family. Giovanna and me, sometimes, I don’t very often say that we have the privilege of having these successes in our profession and success as men and women and this is because the family gives us peace of mind. I don’t think that things happen just by chance, people are successful in their activity, in their profession and their life due to the fact that the family supporting you, when you have ups and downs, give us confidence and peace of mind.
Piero: Yes, they are the most important figures of our lives because it’s important that the audiences are the listeners. They listen to our music but when you come to this stage you have to come to the stage through ups and downs. The family is always there and I like to imagine that these important figures are important people who put you back on track and this is important.
Gianluca: ….but for us it was very important to have a new family because we the three of us are a big family, a second family.
Ignazio: ….and all together we are the Adams family.
Amadeus: Let’s put it this way, IL Volo will be with us because we will have two other songs. A round of applause to their families. Thank you thank you!

After the arrival of the Holy Father, five families spoke and gave witness to the Holy Father about their families.

Zangla Family

Roberto & Maria Corbella

Paul & Germaine Bolenza

Chiriaco Family

Seddiki Family

Meeting the Holy Father

What better way to end your visit to the Vatican than a private tour of the Vatican Museum and Gardens.

I’m sure this event will go on the top of the guys favorite list. This is by far one of the greatest moments in their lives and in the lives of their families. One of the greatest honors a Catholic can have is meeting the Holy Father. You can’t imagine how emotional this is. It is a moment they will never forget and sharing it with their Three Beautiful Families will be the greatest memory of their lifetime!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
This week i would like to thank Ale, Stefi & Judy for working with me to get this done so quickly
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If you missed the event, this is the video with English translation



The Festival of Families will be held in Rome on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. This will be the first public event of the World Meeting of Families. The 10th edition of the World Meeting of Families will open on Wednesday, presenting to the general public the themes that will then be explored in the conference. At the event, which will be entitled “The Beauty of the Family,” Il Volo will perform and their families will attend the event with them. It will take place in the Paul VI Hall 6.15 PM.

For our Italian fans, the event will be televised on Wednesday, June 22nd  on  Rai 1 at 18:15.

In the United States you can watch the event on EWTN TV. It will be televised at 11:30 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, June 22nd and it will be re-televised on Saturday. Check the EWTN TV Schedules in your area on www.EWTN.com.

For those in America and around the World who do not have EWTN TV. You can watch the event on http://www.EWTN.com. It will be a three-hour event LIVE starting at 11:30 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, June 22nd.

This is the translation of the video the guys made….

Gianluca: We are excited to come to Papa Francesco’s house.
Hello everyone we are very happy and excited to come to Pope Francis’ house and celebrate together with the family of Rome, families of the world and our families.
Piero: ….on that day we will witness to the  importance of the strength and support of our families in our lives.
Ignazio: I come personally with my mother and my sister.
Piero: I will bring, Mom, Dad, my sister Mariagrazia my brother Francesco and I can’t wait to be able to hug Papa Francesco.
Gianluca: I will come with my family, we are numerous, but the best thing is that I will be able to bring my grandfather Ernesto who, at the age of 88, will be able to shake hands with Pope Francis. These are the most important things, the most beautiful emotions in life, like a mother who is a refuge, a father who is a guide, and this is really the importance of the family.
Ignazio: In all these years we have always reiterated how important our family is and they will always be important for us and for our careers,  like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, a meeting point at this moment with them. We are really happy to be able to share this moment with them.
Piero: In addition to our families, we will also bring the music. See you June 22nd.

This is a great honor for our guys and their families! So well deserved! Congratulations to all the Families!

Another great moment at St. Peters’ Square!

Credit to the owners of Photos and Videos.