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Rai TV Video – Take Two!!! (#1)

Here again is that link to the Rai TV video – Porta a Porta program:

 Click Here →  http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-752bab77-d277-4401-aab9-202c6b0a9c26.html?iframe

Only this time Jeannette (imjustagiglio) has a translation for us!!!  Just what we’ve all been wishing for.  Watch what you ask for you might get it and it’s LONG.  It’s also AWESOME!  I will publish it as a serial in sections. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Jeannette and Madeline!


I have the first three translations, and that is the first half of the show… I will send you each one as I receive them… The lady who is translating lives in Malta, which is below Sicily, and it is almost 4AM there, so I do not expect any more tonight…

They are on their way… Enjoy,

Subj: Porta, Porta #1

Il Volo interview Porta a Porta 2014 Translation by Madeline Bugeja. Part 1 from start up to 8.56.

The interview starts off with us seeing the boys center stage, waiting for the signature tune to end, and as in the background we see the beautiful photos of the boys enriching the studios there, when the tune ended we heard Ignazio’s beautiful voice lead the others into the final notes of Il Mondo, which echoed throughout the studios, leaving Mr Vespa and all those, present there in awe at the power of the three beautiful voices united together, the applause was long and loud, and the camera focused on the happy, glad faces of the owners of those voices, that are so loved by many.

Bruno took a hint from the audience, when he heard this resounding applause, and told the boys that, by now they were at home there, and it seems that he is right on, because the boys look eager to talk and act as if they are glad to visit Bruno there, and later on this remark, is proved correct, Bruno also told them that it was his pleasure to have them there, Bruno told them that they bring luck to each other, referring to the fact that viewers go up for his show when the boys are on, and likewise the boys benefit from the exposure of this much followed show in Italy.

Bruno continued to say, that only a while back they were just kids, with their aunt by their side, and he asked them if they were still in contact with her, to which Ignazio, happily said, that they absolutely were, and here Bruno asked them “And who is your Aunt”? to which eager voices uttered ANTONELLA! And here Bruno requested an applause for her, saying that she brought the boys up, so to say.

Bruno said that the boys were now grown up, they are now all in their 20’s or close to it so to say, to which Ignazio said yes to that, and Bruno here remarked, that they changed their recording company, and that they are now in contract with Sony, Bruno said that even the boys needs have changed, and that now they also come with their band with them on shows, he here named the members of the band, Bruno said that on his show, they are used to performing miracles, but bringing a live band could not be done without the aid the technicians, that came over from SanRemo, they are all back stage, because the boys have grown and now have specific requirements.

Here Bruno asked the boys where they had been, and Piero said that they had been to a lot of places, and that only two weeks ago they were in Russia, and last week in Miami, because as Bruno mentioned, they signed a new contract with a new recording company, and Piero said that it was Sony, Piero continued to say, that that was a new family, and a new adventure, Piero continued, that they are now recording their new album.

Bruno remarked that they had taken the Italian music around the world, and again mentioned the song written by the late Jimmy Fontana Il Mondo, Gian said that they were now studying, and said that it was not easy, because they had to please a lot of countries with their music, and still bring the Italian music of the 50’s that so many people abroad don’t yet know, but in a fresh way with new arrangements, Piero said that taking the song Il Mondo to other countries was something, but us being young, and by including electric guitars, drums, and base, they managed to modernize it to their style, Ignazio said, it is not easy in this age of RAP, to bring this type of music to the world, which is a mix of classic and pop,that maybe is not understood by everyone, but that is our goal, to bring our music to the teens, that maybe listen only to Eminem, or to Moreno here in Italy, Ignazio concluded.

Bruno said that they just did a mini tour in Italy, and he mentioned the places where they were held, and said that they were going to see some clips of the concerts. After the clips, Bruno asked the boys which they think the Italians liked the best, and Gian here remarked that the clips show them singing only the classic Italian songs, but Gian said, that their repertoire consisted also of modern pop songs, more fresh more pop. Piero here asked if he could interrupt for a second, to which Ignazio, said that for them that would be ok, Piero continued, that they toured a lot, and always complained that they did not do a concert in Italy, Piero said, that someone remarked to them that Bruno was more like their uncle now to them, and Bruno with a huge smile on his face, said, that they already had an Aunty Antonella, and now they have an Uncle Bruno, he said with evident fondness on his face, Piero continued to say, that this was so, because he was at the concerts they had in Italy, and for us, Piero continued, it was a great honor, Piero continued, by saying, that having Bruno there in the first rows at our concerts, filled our hearts Piero concluded, to which Bruno told them that it was them, that filled his heart.

Bruno here asked the boys, which of their songs the Italians liked most, and Ignazio mentioned Mattinata, and Gian said that they also liked IO CHE NON VIVO, AND Bruno here said, that in the studio they tended to improvise a lot, and asked the boys if they could to a piece of the song, Piero, here asked the maestro to give him a key, but Gian stopped him saying, that since they were going to sing this song later on, why not do another one, but Piero noticed that Bruno wished to hear that song, and said Io che non vivo then, to which Ignazio said why not, since we are here, we can do it now, Ignazio concluded. Here we see the boys performing this beautiful song.