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Hi Everyone,

It’s getting closer!!! Those concert dates are coming up pretty quick. Let me guess, you’re counting the days, right?

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are still home in Italy, they seem to be eating, dancing and hitting the beach. More on that later.


I’ve done a lot of posts featuring Italian and Italian American singers. There are still some I haven’t done yet. Italy seems to spawn some great singers (as if we didn’t know that) They have reached perfection when they sent us Il Volo!! 🙂


James William Ercolani (born June 8, 1936), known by his stage name James Darren, is an Italian-American television and film actor, television director, and singer.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 8, 1936, Darren began his career as a teen idol, having been discovered by talent agent and casting director Joyce Selznick. This encompassed roles in films, most notably his role as Moondoggie in Gidget in 1959, as well as a string of pop hits for Colpix Records, the biggest of which was “Goodbye Cruel World” (#3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961). It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Another sizeable hit was “Her Royal Majesty” (#6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1962). He is also featured in one of the Scopitone series of pop music video jukebox films (“Because You’re Mine”).

James Darren is not related to Bobby Darin. This confusion sometimes arises because: their names are pronounced similarly, they are the same age, they both started their careers as teen idols with similarly styled songs, both later sang some of the same standard pop/jazz ballads, and they are both associated with Gidget. James starred in “Gidget” films as Gidget’s (Sandra Dee) love interest. In real life, Bobby was the love interest: he married Sandra Dee. During this time, he also appeared as a guest star on the popular ABC-TV sitcom The Donna Reed Show.

Darren’s role in the 1961 World War II film The Guns of Navarone was an attempt to break out of his teen image. He was the singing voice of Yogi Bear in the 1964 animated film, Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear!, on the song “Ven-e, Ven-o, Ven-a”. Prior to that, he was the singing and speaking voice of “Jimmy Darrock” on an episode of The Flintstones. He then achieved success co-starring as impulsive scientist and adventurer Tony Newman in the science fiction television series, The Time Tunnel (1966–1967).james d1

In the 1970s, Darren appeared as a celebrity panelist on Match Game.

Later Darren had a regular role as Officer James Corrigan on the television police drama T. J. Hooker from 1983–1986. Subsequently he worked as a director on many action-based television series, including Hunter, The A-Team, and Nowhere Man, as well as dramas such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place.    james d2

In 1998, he achieved renewed popularity as a singer through his appearances on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the role of holographic crooner and advice-giver Vic Fontaine; many of his performances on the show were re-recorded for the album This One’s from the Heart (1999). The album showed Darren, a close friend of Frank Sinatra, comfortably singing in the Sinatra style; the 2001 follow-up Because of You showed similar inspiration from Tony Bennett.



Gianluca is spending time at the beach and just relaxing?


Ignazio is spending time with Piero in a recording studio?


Piero and Ignazio are taking dancing lessons?


Monday May 12th was their manager’s, Michele Torpedine’s birthday?


Piero still loving his food?

piero food

Ignazio got another tattoo?

t - 5.5

Gianluca sends a sweet message to his fans everyday?


Love “You Guys” can’t wait for next month!!!

*******UPDATE: Today Gianluca tweeted from Bologna that Il Volo was recording and rehearsing!!!

*****Check the post below,”Who’s Going Where” if you want to add your name to the concert list*****