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With a winter tour of Il Volo coming up in 2016, it seems appropriate to suggest some tips to the fortunate folks who will be attending Meet and Greet events. This is a serious subject, and should not be approached casually. Gearing up for a Meet and Greet is similar to training for the Olympics. You must plan ahead and get prepared. Don’t wait until you get there, or you will be blindsided and forget all of your good intentions.

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#1–practice FOCUSING

If you take your eyes off of the prize for even a second, you will lose precious time that should be used in looking at THEM. This is hard to do. There will be distractions, and it is difficult to look at three people at the same time. Of course you love all of them, but if there is one that especially speaks to you, concentrate on him or you may be rushed on and only then realize that your opportunity has slipped away.

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You must do this ahead of time. Practice (if only in your imagination) walking purposely and directly up to the subject, keeping eye contact, and go for the hug or cheek kiss without hesitation. Don’t worry that you might be too aggressive. These guys are hugging and kissing females of all ages all of the time, and you only get the chance once to be the recipient. They will respond just like they always do, with sensitivity and a smile.

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Security at the Detroit Wine & Dine


Believe me, if you wait until you are face to face, your mind will become a blank, and you will stutter and blubber, or maybe just give him a blank stare with your mouth hanging open. And you will regret this loss of mental faculties forever.

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Get someone to act this out with you. You will be concentrating on one of the guys, and the distracter will be telling you to move along. You must practice ignoring him completely and keep your focus on the one that you have been waiting so long to see in person. Learn to totally tune out the distracter, and revel in the moment of contact with the one you love. The distracter will be adamant, but I have never seen anyone actually be physically pulled away. Don’t be intimidated by his gruff look and vocal threats. You have paid big bucks for this opportunity, and you deserve this special time.

The Meet and Greet is a strange phenomenon. It may be a wonderful experience, or it may be a major disappointment. You never know just how it will be handled. People have had very different experiences in different places. You should be prepared to do your best to get the most out of it. Bottom line: ANY Meet and Greet is better than NO Meet and Greet. Just being able to see them face to face and get a quick hug is worth the price. But if you do your training ahead of time, you MAY have the treat of a lifetime. I say MAY because, as many former Meet and Greet attendees have attested, all of your good intentions, all of your training time, all of your deepest desires, may just fall by the wayside when the time actually comes when you are standing there before the objects of your dreams, passions, and overwhelming adoration. But don’t let that possibility deter you from preparing yourself for this grand event. Better be ready. There might be a chance that you will maintain your dignity, not stutter and blubber, not be rushed on through wondering,”what happened? and is it all over?” So good luck and BE PREPARED.

Now I’ve got to get busy–only 3 1/2 months until Vegas!!


Remember Meet and Greet?

Jeannette -Greek Concert-June 7,2014

Prese and the Boys

Anne Quinto?
s - Anne Quinto 2


Annie Hatfield?
s - Annie Hatfield

This beautiful child is Mary’s Granddaughter, Annika.  She’s smiling because she knows that when she’s old enough for a Meet & Greet Il Volo will still be there. ~ Marie (I love being editor)

Annika 2.png