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Hi Everyone,

Another great concert last night at the Gibson Ampitheatre in Los Angeles. The audience especially loved the solos done by each of “The Boys” There was a standing ovation for each solo! There were more standing ovations and loud applause for the rest of the concert too!

1) To see photos and videos of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca during the concert see Team Il Volo and Mundial Facebook.

2) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night “Thanks Los Angeles, you were fabulous!! Great audience!! See you next time!!”
Piero tweeted last night;” #Los Angeles, you were wonderful tonight! “I’ll never forget this concert”!

Check the Keek on Mundial or Team Il Volo to get a look at Il Volo’s new tour bus! Very handsome!

3) “The Boys” finally have a night off, probably crashing in their Los Angeles pad. Relax guys, you deserve it.

4) Next Il Volo concert is Tomorrow at The Fresno Opera House at The William Saroyan Theatre. Beautiful venue! Check out it’s website.


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  1. Hi everyone! I found the Gianluca solo Night and Day! If you go to you tube and type in IL Volo Patricia Repetto, it’s the fourth one down. It is a video of several songs, and it is the second one on that video.

    1. I personally do not think Night and Day is a good match for Gianluca’s voice–or any of their voices for that matter. It does not have enough of a melodic line. GG’s voice is way better than Sinatra’s was, even when he was a young man. I know this was his choice to sing, because Sinatra is one of his idols. But frankly, it did not show off what he can do! Maria is a lot better! Piero’s solos were wonderful, and Nazio’s Caruso was amazing. I wish he didn;t sing Cats again–I would have preferred something new.

      1. Penina, I agree with you about Night and Day. There are so many other Sinatra songs. He’s always doing You Make Me Feel So Young. I was shocked that I was a little disappointed; I think it didn’t do him justice.

      2. Penina: I have just read your comment, after I had written mine below. I know what you mean about Night and Day…It doesn’t showcase Gian’s voice as well as some other selection, but I still love hearing him sing it! As you said, it was his choice to make, and I personally feel that we have to respect that. I’m a huge Cole Porter fan, so I know I’m prejudiced…I happen to love that song!!!
        Helen Bridgforth

      3. I also am a huge Cole Porter fan. NO ONE, but no one has ever written as clever lyrics as he did. His songs are witty and catchy and very sing-a-long with. It is just that song doesn’t have much of a melodic line. Gian sang it beautifully, he put his whole heart into it–that is not what I am complaining about. I just don’t think it showed off his voice.

  2. I just listened to Night and day once more. Talk about Sinatra and Crosby–please, that young man sings this song –at the age of 18–as beautifully as any of those gentlemen could. And the shots of his profile and his smile. Wow!! He will have girls chasing after him even more now.
    By the way, has anyone noticed just how gorgeous all three of our little ones have become?

    1. I agree, Sheridan, that Gianluca did a great job. I just think a different song would have showcased him & his voice more. I don’t think I could criticize anything they do because I think they are beyond perfection! 💞💜💛💙💞

      1. I just did a little research. Cole porter wrote the song for “Gay Divorcee” with Fred Astaire singing it. Well, Fred Astaire could barely sing, so that is maybe why the song doen’t showcase Gianluca’s talent. But Gianluca can “croon” wih the best of them!

  3. Night and Day was just gorgeous! I listened to it twice..Was wondering if he would do a slow or more upbeat version….I would have loved either one. This romantic version really got me! It’s hard to believe that an 18 yr. old can sing a ballad with such heartfelt passion.
    Where is his other solo? If anyone finds it, please post here!

    Just checked Gian’s Twitter, and guess what? He’s already been to get his hair cut and straightened. I knew he was just waiting to get to LA to get rid of the curls…sob… But from the picture it looks much better than I expected. He is movie-star handsome no matter what!!!

    Sheridan, you’re so right. I cannot BELIEVE how downright beautiful all three have become….From cute little boys to grown up sophisticated matinee idols…..It seems like it all happened overnight!
    Helen Bridgforth

    1. I agree with you Helen–it looks MUCH better than expected–at least they did away with that awful pompadour in front!

  4. I see you Loretta. Always lurking around trying to steal the tall one. I have my eye on you Canada!

    Penina, I have to agree with your review. All of it! Even the Cat’s part.

    Sheridan, all our babies have grown up exceedingly handsome!

  5. Hi Helen, I was typing when you came on. Darn! I was looking forward to those curls but, like you said, “Handsome no matter what”!

  6. They all looked gorgeous at the meet n greet and were so nice to everyone I wanted to kidnap them all! I listened to Night and Day really loud (poor neighbours) on good speakers and that rich baritone voice is just thrilling. I’ve downloaded that and the other solos to mey mp3 player so now Il Volo serenade while I run errands and mow the lawn. Talk about besotted…

    1. Yes Christine, well said. I would like to listen him sing My way (my favorite with Sinatra and Elvis), would be fantastic in his voice.

      1. I agree! That would be a great song for him–and he is always singing it, so he already knows it!

      2. Well Josie, maybe one day if we live long enough we can hear him do My Way. He is so young and the beginning lyrics are “I’ve lived a life that’s full….” not yet. He should be singing “the best is yet to come” which is a song Frank did and that in a nut shell is what will happen to IL VOLO, the best yet to come! Gotta love em!

  7. Please don’t everyone argue what color his eyes are. Hazel are brown which turn to green and in a lot of photos they are green. The outward appearance, beautiful eyes or no, doesn’t matter. His voice was a god given gift and then god threw in a few (more than a few) good looks too!

  8. Penina I agree with you about the Night & Day song was not for Gianluca & I didn’t want to be the first to say so I am glad it is out. In my opinion there are other songs way better for him & also I wish Ignazio had sung something else other than Memories. I was wondering why he sat down for the last few chords of the song because he did not end it the way he ended it when I first heard him sing it. .Mind you I will take anything they sing becasue I love them all

    1. That is how I feel Loretta–we’ll take anything they offer us! They are balm for the soul–and I think they may be the fountain of youth too!

  9. I have been sitting here spellbound listening to Piero and Ignazio’s solos. Perfection! I haven’t been able to find Gianluca’s Night and Day yet, but I know it will also blow me away! But I do miss Gianluca’s curls, tho. I agree, they have all become handsome young men.

  10. Allene, I have listened to them both so much that I could give stage direction with my eyes closed. Both of them take my breath away.

  11. I’m sorry Gianluca had his hair straightened, I loved those curls. They could sing the phone book and i’d love it.

    Loretta and Marie, gearing up for next week are we?

  12. I found the Los Angeles concert very interesting from several points. The boys have not anything from an actual opera before but now they did in the first half and they were superb. Another interesting point – intermission or not to intermission – they did 2 hours and 20 min. without break – incredible singing strength and stamina. This program was all powerhouse singing with little time in between most songs. It was a superb concert and the audience really ate it up ! I have the program order here for the curious but they have changed the order and some songs from earlier.
    Il Volo – Los Angeles concert at Gibson Theater – August 28, 2013 – 8:15pm

    8:15pm to 8:40pm – Nikki
    8:40 to 8:50 – re-set of stage – short break
    8:50pm to 11:10pm – Il Volo – non-stop (no breaks)

    Questo Amore
    Un Amore Cosi Grande
    Tous les Visages de l’Amour
    We are Love
    Piero – Opera aria from Puccini (title ? )
    Ignazio – Opera aria late Verdi ( Caruso )
    Luna Nascosta
    Ginaluca – opera aria from Puccini (violin duet)
    Beautiful Day
    El Triste
    special guest-actor Paul Sorvino – they do a slightly different version of O Sole Mio
    E Piu’ ti Penso
    Historia de un amor
    Gianluca – from Frank Sinatra – Cole Porter “ Night and Day”
    The Arms of an Angel (country)
    Il Canto
    Ignazio – Streisand’s version of “ Memories”
    Smile ( original Il Volo version )
    Piero – “Where do I begin” from Love Story
    Maria (West Side Story) for 3 and with girls from audience
    Surrender – Torna a Surriento – official end of show

    (1st set of encores)
    Il Mondo
    O Sole Mio with It’s now or Never – using audience

    2nd set encore
    A capella version of Smile (shorter) tear-filled stunner – no orch.

    1. Hi Myron, was the song Ignazio sang on the last tour “Tu che m’hai preso il Cuor” not from an operetta? I liked that one better than “Caruso”. I wish he would sing it again.

    2. Please excuse the list for lack of solo titles – in Gianluca’s case and Ignazio’s classical / opera songs they introduced the songs by saying a beautiful aria sung by Caruso (Enrico Caruso- famous tenor) but in both cases they did not give the title. I did recognize the songs but not enough to know the titles. I will research that today.

  13. forgot this: If I were to write a review I would say that the mic levels on the orchestra were a bit heavy and sometimes overpowered the boys whose mic levels were just fine. Also, the scene with the girls and sofas ,e tc. for Maria were a distraction from the beauty of that song. they sang it very well but the audience was distracted by the strange facial looks of one girl that Piero had. The two girls were fine. They could have used the girls for some other song. re: Night and Day – I loved that song – a good one for Ginaluca.

    1. Myron, We haven’t been able to find Gian Luca’s classical song, but we all thought Piero and Ignazio did an unbelievable job with theirs. i listened to them on u tube, and I was floored. Were they even more outstanding in pereson? Dis the audience love these songs?

      1. Yes, The audience – for all three boys on their classical songs – gave an instant standing ovation that lasted for a long time. I think that after all the stupid hoopla about opera earlier this year, these boys showed that they can exceed our expectations. As a voice teacher of some 35 years I found each solo incredible and each one was rather different from the other solos (yes, they were all classical and from opera or operetta but aside from that each WAS different. The audience loved it.

  14. Give GianLuca a little more time. He will be better than Sinatra and Crosby put together. His voice is magnificent.

  15. Hi Myron, thank you for the run down of the concert. Since I am one of the folks who is not able to attend the concert, following the commentaries and the videos almost makes me feel like I’m there.

    Loretta, you got me. I would most definitely love to jump on stage (from previous page). Walker or not, I think you would still bypass me, especially where Ignazio is concerned. Right?

    Just watched Gianluca’s version of Night and Day and I actually liked it. I agree that there are other Sinatra songs that may have been better, but I liked this one just the same. The voices of all three just enthrall me.

  16. Thank you, Myron Heaton for the listing of the program. I tried to list them after the fact – missed quite a few! I agree also that orchestra was too much at times. (Acapella at end was thrilling.

    1. Audrey, sorry to hear that you think the acoustic was too loud. It was just right for me though. I can hear our guys fabulous voice clearly. Maybe this has something to do with being at an outdoor venue. The sounds just travel away. I wish they would stay longer after the acapella and sing my favorite song – I Bring You to my Senses.

  17. Myron, I’m glad you enjoyed the show, you either took good notes or have a really good memory to tell us everything that went on. I’m so glad you liked Night and Day. The lyrics are beautiful. How about Gianluca, down the road, attempting “its a quarter to three, no one in the place except you and me, so set em up Joe, I’ve got a little story that I think you should know…..” I forget the official title but of course it’s one of Frank’s signature songs, maybe “wee small hours of the morning?” Tony Bennett does it with John Mayer on his 1st duets CD. I’ll have to look up that title. I’m sure Gianluca will attempt many other Sinatra songs. People are talking about Memories, but I haven’t heard it yet, but Caruso and No Psuede Ser were great.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. There are so many of those Cole Porter songs or George Gershwin songs that Sinatra or Bennett have done or do that would work for Gianluca. I tweeted him that he should wear his fedora hat when he does one of those songs and then sit on a stool over by the grand piano ( like Sinatra used to do sometimes when I saw him in concert). By the way, I always take notes at concerts like this because my memory is not that great. Even then on Wednesday I found myself so emotionally involved in some of that concert that I forgot to keep writing and goofed up the order in the last third.

      1. My two favorite Gershwin songs are They can’t Take that Away From Me and Someone to Watch Over Me. Gianluca would be wonderful singing either one of them!

  18. Tony Bennett’s duet with John Mayer is from Duets II and title is “One for My baby and one more for the road”…that is such a Sinatra classic, don’t know why I thought it was “In the wee small hours”. Tony Bennett and Gianluca are my favorite “crooners”! Gianluca now replaces Michael Buble, who has a great voice, but Gianluca’s voice is sooo smooth and he is (they are) so versatile to sing in so many languages.

    1. Allene, if you go to, type in the search Patricia Repetto Il Volo. It is a 12 minute video. The second song is Gianluca. I promise you’ll enjoy all 12 minutes.

    2. Allene……Read Penina’s comment at the very top of this page She tells you where to find it!
      Helen Bridgforth

  19. Hi, Myron,
    I’m also one who won’t get to see The Boys in concert, so I really appreciate the song list and comments.
    I’m so glad that you liked Night and Day! As I said above, it’s one of my all time favorites and Gian sang it superbly, I thought. (Truth be known, I love ANYTHING by Cole Porter.)
    I also noticed that Can You Feel the Love Tonight is not listed on the program. HOORAY!!! I feel vindicated!!That is the ONE song I realllllly don’t like! So good to see Il Mondo as an encore, and of course, O Sole Mio. More comments, please, Myron, when your time permits. THANK YOU!

    1. Well, between the Lion King song ( personal for me only – it is pretty but too long – cut a verse and it would be fine) and they also did not do the One Direction song – “little Things”. However, the time taken for the Paul Sorvino singing and the intros of Quincy Jones might have been used for those songs – I don’t know. Also, They have always changed the program order around in the past and I expect they are doing the same now. I will be able to compare when I see the show again in Phoenix.

  20. I’ve had the best time reading over all the comments on this page!! I love it that we all feel free to express our opinions and can agree to disagree so kindly and pleasantly!! And we always manage to end our comments on a positive note. We are a SUPER group of Il Volo fans, and it’s just a crying shame that each of Our Boys can’t get to know each one of us personally. If they could, believe me, they would be impressed!!!
    Helen Bridgforth

  21. My preference is that Gianluca stay with the pop/opera that they sing. In my opinion his voice is strong & powerful for those songs the boys started out singing. I wish he would stay away from Frank Sinatra melodies, that was alright for Frank but Gianluca has a different & better & stronger voice than Frank. English is fine but I love it when he sings in Italian or Spanish because it suits his voice better.
    And the Lion King song I hope they never sing it again also Ignazio singing Memories. I hope its the last time I hear it. His voice is better suited to the Italian & Spanish songs as well. I love each section of a song they do together & alone. And please more solos in Italian or Spanish.
    I also admire & am amazed at the length of time they can hold a note. Their breathing & lung power is outstanding. I don’t know how to talk professionally about the breathing or lung power I am just saying I listen to the length of time they hold a note at the end of a song & I am thrilled.

  22. Thank you, Patricia Repetto for posting Gianluca’s Night & Day. I just fell in love again! I actually taped half of this song at the night of the concert. But half way thru I was so captivated by Gianluca’s singing that I have to put down my phone and gave all my attention to him. This song is perfect for his deep, sexy, velvety voice. He was so romantic and he soars at the last part of the song. Oh, and yes, what a lovely smile! (I gave him a kiss on my ipad). I can’t wait to see his other solo.

  23. I decided to look in one more time before going to bed and I see Elaine Tse’s post above confessing that she gave Gianluca a kiss on her ipad….Awwww that is so sweet. May he be in your dreams tonight and return that kiss. Besame Mucho! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself Elaine. They bring these emotions out of us, all 3 of them.

    1. So true Christine, my emotions are all for him – oops, THEM. And thank you for your thought, I know he will be in my dreams!

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you LeeLee and Helen. I have been listening over and over to Gianluca’s Night and Day. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! He’s a new and better Frankie!

    1. Allene, you are most welcome. I knew you’d enjoy. I’m just going crazy with all these videos. I’m going from one to the other and the tour is just beginning. I know we are in store for so much more. Can’t wait!!!

  25. I have been checking out every video of the new tour on you tube that I can find. I found Gianluca’s other solo “En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor” ( I think that is the name of it, but I am not sure). The title of the video is Il VOLO Concord concert 8/27/13 . anand it was uploaded by olgademchik. The video is shot from far away, but you can hear him really well. Thanks to all of you for leading me to Patricia Repetto’s videos. Piero’s aria blew me away, and regular opera is not my preference. But his voice is so powerful, it’s amazing!
    Gianluca’s other solo gives him more of a chance to shine than “Night & Day” does, but he did well on it. I like Ignazio’s “Memory” & I think it is cute the way he finishes it now. Everybody is expecting the old ending & he surprises us. I do not care for the song “Caruso”, but his rendition seems more melodic & softer than the way I have heard others sing it.
    I agree with Linda. They could sing the phone book, & as long as it was in Italian, I’d love it.

    1. Hi – a comment on my list above – I put the name of Caruso (Enrico Caruso – famous tenor from the early 20th century) because I did not hear a title then it was announced. They just said: ” here is Ignazio singing a beautiful song made famous by Caruso” But no Title. I am sorry about that I will research that today if I have time.

  26. THANK YOU Lynn! And thank you Olga Demchuk! At last I can listen to Gianluca’s solo again. You are right, the sound is good.

  27. Tj, since you are still up, search for this one of EL TRISTE-IL VOLO / JOSÉ JOSÉ 28 DE AGOSTO 2013. It is filmed from far away, but the sound is really good. And they sing it more like they did at the Billboard Awards show, with the “OHHHH’s” in the middle. Very good.

  28. Helen, like you & LeeLee, I won’t be going to a concert this year. So I am soaking up all the reviews and videos like a thirsty sponge! Watching the videos on you tube just makes me more determined to see & hear our Guys in concert before I die, or I will surely DIE! Please Tony & Humberto, bring IL VOLO closer to the New Orleans area SOON!

    1. Hi Lynn – I can’t agree with you more. Reading the comments and watching the videos is making me so sad I’m not going. I came real close. A friend of mine said she would love to go as long as it wasn’t the weekend of the 21st. I laughed so hard. As you know, that’s the weekend for all the Florida concerts. How about you and Helen flying down (it’s really not that far)? There’s still some decent seats available at all three venues. I have plenty of room here!

  29. Lynn…. Amen!!! Surely next year they will come either to New Orleans, Dallas, or Houston. Fingers crossed!

  30. Thank you Lynn for the information on Gianluca’s “opera” solo. As I was watching it on my iPad, my husband happened to walk by my couch. He asked me something and I didn’t answer him. Instead I looked at him and kind of put up a sad face. I sighed and said I can’t believe this is from an 18 years old and I want to see the concert again. Guess what, he is taking me to Fresno!!! Weeee, I just bought two tickets and I will be on my way in about 12 hours. Oh, so so so so so excited. Thank you, my dear hubby, love you! Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, good nite and see you tomorrow.

    1. What lucky girl are you? I ´d like to have a husband like your. Enjoy them a little more.

  31. Good Morning everyone, Thank You Lynn for leading me to Gianluca’s other solo. Loved it a lot! In fact, more than Night and Day! I was not an opera lover. After hearing The Boys solo’s I am a convert! Just give me an Italian song, sung by these three Italians and I’ll be a happy fan forever!

    1. I see the contrast that I think is a real “hoot” – the Vancouver critic talks about opera and is mostly wrong BUT here , in L.A. even though they have never sang opera in any of the performances before this year, they serve up superb quality opera arias sung with great artistry and wonderful passion. It is like saying ” take that – HA ! ” I would say our boys showed them a thing or two.

  32. Thanks to you all for steering me to Gianluca’s other solo. I have listened to it twice, and I did find it much more suited to Gianlucas voice. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I LOVED Night and Day! Now, I am about to go back and listen to ALL the solos again!

  33. UPDATE: I am sorry that I did not have the correct info for the Opera solos that the boys sang in L.A. at the Gibson. I emailed Barbara Vitali and she got the info for me just now. Some of you were right.

    The first half of the concert:
    Piero – Song title: ” NO PUEDE SER ” from a zarzuela ( a Spanish short opera format usually in 3 mov.) called ” La Tabernera del Puerto ” by Pablo Sorozabel in 1936.

    Ignazio – song title: ” CARUSO ” a drama song by Italian composer, Lucio Dalla (in 1986) written about and dedicated to the great tenor of the early 20th century, Enrico Caruso.

    Gianluca – song title: ” EN ARANJUEZ CON TU AMOR ” – a painfully powerful drama song by Joaquin Rodgrigo for tenor/baritone and solo violin

    These boys ( go to start using “men” instead) did not choose easy material – this is very challenging and powerful music. What an exciting concept along with the more popular styled music of the rest of the show. Bravo ! to our guys.

      1. Piero’s second song ( in the pop half of the show) was “Where do I Begin” – the theme from “Love Story”

        Ignazio’ second song was ” Memories” from the musical “Cats” using the Barbara Streisand arrangement.

        Gianluca’s second solo – a Frank Sinatra song called ” NIGHT AND DAY” by the great Cole Porter.

      2. Thank you! I had not heard anyone discuss Piero’s second solo, and I am one of the ones unable to go to a concert this year. So I am lapping it all up vicariously!

    1. Every time I listen to these three pieces I have to remind myself that these are two 18 year olds and one 20 year old. The training that went into these perfect performances must have been excellent!

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