I’m Smiling Because… 9/28/2013

Ignazio+Boschetto+80th+Annual+Rockefeller+KNTSVJAhn4rl  It’s smiles all around for the guys after yesterday’s successful concert (if the Twitter feeds are at all accurate, that is a gross understatement) at Radio City Music Hall!   It was amazing seeing that dream come true for them, wasn’t it?

And yes, I know that picture is from last season, but it’s from New York, so I thought is was appropriate.  😉


So what made you smile this week?



I’m smiling because…



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    1. …and because I am so happy for the success of our guys! Even though I wasn’t there in person, it feels wonderful to watch a dream they specifically told their fans that they had come to fruition. 😀

  1. I’m smiling because the boys got their wish to sing at Radio City Music Hall & they were a total success. Don’t know if the roof raised at all but I’ll bet it loosened from the foundation a little bit. My heart is so full of pride for these guys as if they belonged to my family (in fact I wish they did) & they were all my grandsons. Ignazio you were so cute & loving towards that little girl when singing Maria to her & of course your sense of humour as always comes through which I love totally. Gianluca you were so cariing towards your cousin, you are always a gentleman and Piero last but not least your singing is so perfect & you also have a sense of humour & you singing to the rafters was out of sight.. God bless the three of you, HE was with you last night because I prayed & asked HIM to. You will never forget this night.
    Now on to Taj Mahal in Atlantic City & sing your hearts out & know the world loves you & ALL of us on the Flight Crew have you in our hearts constantly in whatever you do or say or however you are playing.

  2. I’m smiling, because my heart is so full of love for and pride in our darlings. What a show they put on–they just keep getting better and better. Their voices are magnificent, and the fact that they are such humble, caring young men make them so dear to their fans. Bravo to you Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio. Thanks for making our lives so much richer.

  3. I’m smiling because I just watched 3 videos on Mundial..What magnificence! The first one, Maria has the cutest little girl and shows how gentle Ignazio can be. Note also that he is sitting, bent in half, knees up, little girl clutched tightly to his chest and he hit that high note – no problem! What a singer! What a man!

    The second video, smile, we get to share in the obvious standing ovation. Cool!

    Third one, Piero speechless. OMG!

  4. I am smiling because I just watched the Smile video from last night and seeing those gorgeous smiles at the end of the song. I can feel their joy and happiness. Here comes my happy tears again. Love you guys!

  5. I’m smiling because they did it again and in such grandeur! The standing ovation and the cheers from the audience in the video of Il Mondo proved it. I’m so happy this dream came true for them. We all love you Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca!!!

  6. PLEASE EVERYONE don’t do anything else but listen to youtube Radio City the three solos of Piero’s Love Story, Gianluca Aranjuez & Ignazio’s Caruso You are all going to be blown away & no I didn’t see Gialuca crying during his solo or after it. There is going to be time when we will NOT be able to get tickets for their performances because we won’t be fast enough to get tickets.
    Yes Sheridan Piero was fantastic singing Love Story I have always loved that song & him singing it from the very beginning

  7. I just want to say AMEN to all that was said above. I love these young men as much as if they were my grandsons. Congratulations to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. You deserve every accolade you get and so much more! I am so proud of you!

  8. I’m smiling because of all of you on this site. You keep me informed about everything my beloved Il Volo is doing!

  9. “Nanktat” Il Volo Radio City Music u tube has videos of MANY of the songs from Radio City The guys did a great job. She seems to be adding them right now and they are good videos!

  10. I’m smiling because we can share with each other the love and pride we have for Il Volo. I know they will continue to amaze us with their glorious voices and their sweet personalities. Their fabulous careers are just beginning!! 🙂

  11. I’m smiling because these boys make my day everyday.I too am beyond proud of them.I positively adore them.

  12. I am also smiling because all of you, Flight Crew; Mary B, Kelly, LeeLee, Elaine, Loretta, Allene, Sheridan, Linda, Teresa and the rest of you are awesome! And I get to know you!

    1. You know we’ll be thinking of you tomorrow in Connecticut. Have a great time and report back!!

  13. Marti I hope you have a safe trip & a wonderful time at the concert which no doubt you will. If Ignazio walks down the aisle near stop him for a picture on your camera or are you going to a meet & greet then you could get a picture.

    Marie how about a poem in celebration of the boys winning, We haven’t heard any of your poems for a while so how abut starting again if you have time. You could even send a poem of celebration tothe guys through Barbara??? don’t know if that would work but you never know OR send part of it on each twitter,. If I have more to say on the twitter because it doesn’t hold much I keep re-entering twitter till I finish what I want to say that could work for a poem. Explain this is a poem

  14. I am smiling because after attending one concert and watching literally dozens of others I still can’t get enough. Isn’t it funny,even with the photos of the concert you know exactly what song they are singing without hearing it.

  15. I’m smiling even more now because:
    1. I watched each video from last night on You Tube and relived the concert all over again.
    2. The person (or persons) taking the videos did such a super job that I felt like I was there.
    3. and, most importantly, all of you here at Flight Crew.

  16. I’m smiling because Sheridan pointed out the way to getting our boys on YouTube from the concert last night. I have already watched it once and will no doubt watch them over and over. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca blew me away with their solos. It was the next best thing to being there.

    And Lijoy, I agree with you 100%.. We just can’t get enough of Il Volo!!

  17. I am smiling because smiling is contagious especially on this board because we all have one thing in common “Love for Il Volo”. Off to watch some YouTube videos so I can smile even more and probably
    cry too.

  18. Good afternoon all of you, I don’t know if you saw my post from yesterday, but my concentration is just fine today and directly glued to the computer screen. I have watched all the videos thru about six times now, and they are so wonderful! Of course, being there with them, and whitnessing the audiences reactions would have been awesome, but I have to say I would not have had the privilege of seeing those beautiful smiles, and interactions up close! Problem is, today I can’t stop the tears of joy and pride. Your right, they are like our own. They had a lot of family there and I can imagine emotions ran high. Can you blame them?
    Do you think there might be a DVD available, or even all the videos put together, so that we could purchase it; it was such a milestone in their career, that I would like to have it. Could someone inquire?
    I,also, am thankful for this site! It’s so nice to be able to “share our love” for the boys!

  19. I am worried that at some point it will be hard to get tickets for their performance. I think each year that goes by these boys will get more popular making it hard to get tickets unless you know how to get them quickly. I also worry about even the prices going up for the tickets. I guess I better start saving my pennies now.

    1. They were recording (Piero posted the Brabble of them taking a break, and Gianluca tweeted that they were recording the harmonies for that session), but they didn’t reveal what exactly the music was recording.
      Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they’ve mentioned being in the studio recording quite a bit this year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an album comes out later next year.

  20. Was anyone able to listen to Siriusxm program at 1.00 pm today for the interview with the Il Volo boys? The program is a satelilite that I had to buy & I don’t have a satellite radio & my internet provider wasn’t able to get it.
    Your right Michelecaruso tickets & their careers expanding is going to be tough to get tickets to a theatre but I guess we have to be vigilant & try & keep on top of when the tickets go on sale & TRY & be the first to call.

    1. As they say in French, Formidable!

      So hard to imagine how much their voices have refined and become even greater power houses with even greater breath control! How is that possible? And more to come? Amaaaaazing!!

      I’m smiling because I have more incredible videos to watch from Radio City Music Hall, and because, guys, you ARE “Our Boys”!

      I’m sending IL VOLO links to a wonderful young man whom I helped teach to read when he was 19 years old. (He had been “home schooled” and also was challenged by dyslexia.) He is a fantastic human being with a heart in the same ballpark as our boys and with creativity, dedication, and perseverance. I want him to have the fulfillment of another IL VOLO dream as a back-drop for his vision of how he, too, can uplift our planet and enjoy life sharing his gifts. This makes me smile!

      It sure is an IL VOLO style flying high weekend!! Kisses!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Is this OUR Loretta talking about sainthood and being serene? LOL – Sure, sure right now you are because they are winding down their American tour. But I have a feeling when the time comes for them to come back, it will start all over again. You’re right, Linda. Start saving the pennies, not for the concert, but for the bail money.

  21. Thank you Lijoy for “Tous Les visages de l’amour”. It was indeed breathtaking. Their voice are really maturing!

  22. Now I hate to leave this stimulating conversation but I feel ganged up on especially when neither one of you have seen my pure & serene face so now I am going to bed & cry myself to sleep from my bruised feelings. Hope you girls have a guilty conscience & can’t sleep from hurting poor little me. I’m short you both are probably taller than me, shame on you.
    Night all.

  23. A huge shout out for Sheridan, for alerting us to “Nanktat” and the many videos of the RCMH concert last night. I’ve just watched them all and feel like I’ve had a private concert! What more could I ask? Other than being there! Thanks again Sheridan!

  24. Why am I smiling? Yes I was at radio city to see IlVolo. FABULOUS!!!I still want to see more.Will never get tired of them. They made my daughter, granddaughter and me love them more! Now our experience before the concert………we decided to walk around radio city music hall. We saw equipment trucks there. We saw a couple there and I asked if they are here to see IlVolo too. As we are talking , we see 2 SUV’s pulling to curb and out comes Gionluca,then Piero and then Ignazio. We got hugs and kisses from all of them and got to talk to each of them. they were so gracious just like regular people you meet. Also saw Ignazio mother and father andGian’s father. It was like having a private M and G! I will try to post some pictures whenI get them

    1. Wow, Nana! How exciting for you. What luck! So glad you, your daughter, and granddaughter had a great time. They are so wonderful aren’t they? You’re right about never getting tired of them. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

    2. I’m crying now hearing how you were able to be with them. Tears of joy for you and tears of sadness for me. I didn’t get enough of them at the concert I went to. I want more. I’m going to go to U-Tube now. Maybe I’ll feel better after listening to the videos. Good nite all.

    3. Wow, Nana!! Fantastic news! How fun for you and everyone!

      As they used to say when I was a kid, “Someone up there likes you!”

      Can’t wait to see the pictures!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  25. I’m glad I’m not the only one whocrys when I watch and listen to them.how wonderful for you to get to see and hug them. How gracious. They are.I too just cannot get enough of them.its nice to be able to share all my thoughts with all of you delightful people

  26. Thank you so much, TJ, for posting this. I hadn’t seen it yet, until now. Yep – it has me crying! You can see the genuine affection between them. What a sweetheart for doing that, and what sweethearts they all are!

  27. Lol….I was watching that vidoe of Gianluca and did not realize till the end it was his cousin. Now it make sense since they were hugging
    so much. At first I was thinking no way.

  28. Yep, I ended up with a huge lump in my throat. These three young men have brought so much joy and delight in to my life. Thank you so much tj for posting it.

  29. I am smiling because of reading all of the above posts AND watching for the first time, Ignazio singing with Alanna!!! This is by far the best version yet of Maria on their tours. Absolutely precious!! Thank you for posting this!

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