Gianluca, “#puebla ! Que magnífico concierto! #thanks”

Il Volo Philadelphia September 12,  2013  By mfa
Il Volo Philadelphia September 12, 2013

Along with Gianluca and Piero’s tweets about their concert in Puebla, Valeria tweeted,  “Valeria ‏@_MeLlamoVale   @ilvolo @GianGinoble @piero_barone @IBoschetto AMAZING concert here in Puebla 🇮🇹❤️

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble
#puebla ! Que magnífico concierto! #thanks”

“Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone
Buonanotte #Puebla!!
#mexicoDF see You tomorrow…
#AuditorioNacional #ilvolo #MasQueAmorTour”

As Piero says,  “#mexicoDF see You tomorrow…”  and that is today!

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  1. No surprise. That they were fantastic in. Mexico too. They are pros pure class no matter where they perform and whatever they are doing.I am green with envy now because. Mexico has our dolls now.

  2. For sure we’re going through withdrawal! And it isn’t easy, either! Have any of you listened to the solos from the Puebla concert? They just keep on getting better and better! It is utterly amazing! Our Boys are the very best!! I hope they record those solos on the new album…

  3. I am concerned that these days where there is one concert after another with no breaks and change in altitude and climate can take a toll on the voice. They get a short break before Valencia which will help a bit. I just wish there was more space between each.

    1. To all: Have a beautiful sunday.
      Their manager should concern about this, and the fact that two of them are still teenager. For curiosity a saw the dates tour for the One Direction, only in Europe have dates for the next year, and at least 4 days between the concerts, and Europe, you now, the cities are pretty close to one another. I think we have to email/tweet to Michelle and Barbara for the next year they have a little more concern with the boys.

      1. I agree with Josie. Josh Groban (although he’s been at it a heck of a lot longer), tweeted today that touring is a grind. If they don’t like the constant traveling, maybe at next contract time, they will opt out or ask for new management! Who knows. I miss them. Not enough videos being posted of the concerts “over there” to suit me, and what is posted is a lot of cacaphony (spelling) I mean to say noisy screaming teens.

  4. Okay,I am going to try this again. I have tried to post a reply twice and all of a sudden, it disappears! Yes I am feeling sad and unsettled. I miss the boys. I like them with us. I know we must share them,but I worry they won’t come back. I know they really like S. America and because they are more fluent in the language it makes it easier. Plus the majority of the fans are teenagers and in the US, we are the old folks,but we love them just as much! I am so glad to have this site to be able to express feelings that I think are shared by most od us. I have tried posting photos from N.Y., but was having trouble. I will keep trying. Meanwhile I look at the photos and wish I could live it over again!

  5. My opinion: I don’t think anyone should be concerned. I would like to think that Michele, Barbara, and Il Volo themselves, have only their best interests and would know their limitations, if there are any. To me, they are only teenagers in number. Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca are far more mature and professional beyond their years.

    Don’t worry everyone, they will be fine. Think positive!!!!!

  6. As much as I’d like to think positive…okay the gold record was a big positive for the guys and the fact that they sold out a 10,000 person auditorium, also a big positive. But, I see from the videos uploaded from last night that they sang my favorite song Hasta Final and all the latin american sweethearts had a field day singing along. Did they sing it in the US, no! I know, sour grapes on my part! I’m getting disgusted and should probably refrain from watching the videos. The fans in the US (Miami, Chicago, especially) showed them just as much love, but they only did 1 concert in each of those cities, but are doing 5 in Brazil and/or Venizuela. It’s all about the money, honey. I love them but sad about their transformation from very unassuming guys (Ignazio said they were just 3 simple guys), yeah maybe this summer, before their transformation into Latin American rock stars, but not so simple now. I am under the weather and am sure this is why I am feeling this way, so forgive me, just venting and will try to lighten up!

    1. Christine, I think is wonderful they are so successful in North/South América. I wish they were in Europa too, especially in Italy. You say they did only 1 show in each American City, if I am not wrong they did almost 40 concerts in USA/Canada and in Brazil they will do only 5, is not so much. I am so happy they will bring to my country good music and show how to sing, because here in Brazil the most successful singers are disgusting, poor melodies & lyrics. They are far from be like a rock star, but I´d like they were more recognized, and sell millions of CD. They deserve this and much more.

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