Penina’s in Hot Soup

Hey Crew,  Penina came up with a fun game.  Let’s play!  ~Marie      abc

Hi Ladies (and Gent 🙂 )
Alphabet Soup
We have a game for you to help chase away the blahs until the boys come back.
We are calling it the “Adjective” Game. We all know our guys are delicious, delectable and delovely, among other things. The first person to respond to this game choses an adjective (or more than one) that starts with the letter “A” to describe the guys. Second one has to pick one or more that start with “B, “ and so on. When we get to Z we will have a cool list to describe Il Volo—maybe we can work it into a card and send it to them! So get our your dictionaries and join in the fun!
P.S. It does not matter if two words mean the same thing but start with a different letter—perfectly okay to use for example, amusing and funny.
I’m starting off with the obvious: “A” they’re ADORABLE, Amazing, Attractive, Approachable, Amusing, and Artistic!
B anyone?       ~Penina

96 thoughts on “Penina’s in Hot Soup”

  1. Alright, I’m stretching here…
    Xenocrates was a Greek philosopher, so I’ll say…
    Xenocratic! (; >)


    OK, you don’t have include those if you don’t want! (; >)

    All smiles… you’ll be done when I get home.
    ~ Jeanine D.

  2. You all will have finished when I wake up, so add some Y’s (one was already mentioned) and Z’s, and I’ll pitch in zzzzzzzzz’s now! : )

    zealous (about sharing their music!)

    Really fun, Penina. Thank you!!
    ~ Jeanine D.

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