26 thoughts on “We Are Love – Boston!”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos and wonderful video, mfa! I still love listening to U.S. concerts, where there isn’t frequent screaming.

    Really appreciated the lift today!
    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. You are all welcome!

      Myron – I looked for you in Boston, as I thought you said you would be there. The Boston concert was great! The guys were very energetic and enthusiastic!

  2. To all the beautiful Italian ladies & other ladies as well I am doing a recipe & would like to know the easiest way to stuff cannelloni, I am using a mixture of mashed potatoes & spinach. Is there an easy way to get the mashed potatoes into the small holes.

    1. I guess they are already made of dried pasta have u tried I guess with a small wet spoon ? Else you have the option of the in/famous sac-a-poche used in patisserie.
      If u want alternative recipe let me know as we do not fill them with mashed potatoes.

    2. I have used a baby spoon with a long handle. An old baby spoon! Namely not one of the plastic tipped ones they have today, but one I used for my kids that was all metal (and never hurt any of them!) Worked fine with a meat mixture.

      1. Hope it works Loretta! Mlla, they are just called pastry bags. Not very original!

  3. Loretta, Sac a poche is the french name for the cone bag you always see in the hands of bakers when making cakes,It so called in italian as well, it is used to stuff cream in cakes through a hole or to decorate the cakes ex. writing on them with chocolate. No idea of English name 🙁

  4. To Penina,
    Thanks a lot, sometimes answers are preceding my note on page order, must remember to scroll back not to miss to reply

    1. That happens a lot when we are not on the computer at the same time!
      I have new posts come to my inbox and that way I don’t miss any.

  5. Thank you Lijoy for the link for the how to instructions to put a zip lock bag together. I will go to Michael’s first chance I get which will probably be tomorrow I hope & get a cupler & the other parts to put together a piping bag. I’m going to keep that link so I can refer back to it often. You are a brainyack, you can find out so many things that are useful. I went on google to ask for help earlier but got nowhere. Thanks again

  6. All these talks about cannelloni makes me curious to found out more about the dish. My knowledge in Italian cuisine is limited to certain pasta dishes and pizza. So here is one description from the web: this is a very special old Italian dish that warms your stomach, as well as your heart. It is a labor of love, but worth every bite! Wow, from the sounds of it, I couldn’t help but wonder Loretta, are you making the dish for our guys? For Ignazio when he comes back to North America?

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