Donna May’s Letter

I received the letter below from Donna May. She asked some tough questions! Of course, I know all the answers (sure), but I thought I would give you all a chance! Donna has graciously agreed.


Donna May Jan 5 at 8:59 PM
marie crider

I’ve been out of touch lately and I need to know some basic things about Il Volo and hope you can help me out.

Does Gianluca play any musical instruments? Does he play any other sports besides soccer? Does he really like cats?
I am in process of creating a cross stitch piece to commemorate his up coming birthday and need any info you may have on him.

That's Ignazio hiding back there.
That’s Ignazio hiding back there.

G - B&W piano

p - guitar
Not too long ago Piero loaded some photos of cars (I know a great passion of his) – do you remember which he said was his favorite? I assume that the video he created where he played all the instruments covers the ones he plays? Anything else you might know to be a particular interest I haven’t asked. Will attempt to prepare something really special for his 21st birthday.

I - soccor

p - with car

With Ignazio I have some time with his birthday not until October, but the only things I know of him is that he likes to cook (Chicken Marsala for sure), loves airplanes, and plays soccer. Anything you can shed some light on?

Sorry to bother you, but the bio’s just don’t cover enough.

Donna 🙂


Bio’s don’t cover enough. We’re going to have to do something about that! Thanks Donna! Can’t wait to see the answers the Flight Crew have for you!

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  1. We got a tip!
    Mar ‏@marymareas @IlVoloFlightCrw Maybe @ilvolozulia – this club regularly runs a feature called Il Volo Dato – data about Il Volo – much info from parents.

  2. As far as I know, they all play the piano. Piero plays the guitar and drums, Ignazio also plays the drums. Ignazio also composes songs.
    It seems from all the pictures of Piero at the beach, that he likes the beach and swimming. Ignazio also swims–remember those funny keeks when they jumped into the pool?
    And they all love Italian food! And cars!

    1. And he loves those strange little beans–what do you call them–remember he was eating them and saying how much he likes them. I can’t remember what they are called.

    1. Yes, Ignazio puts everything on his head – remember all the pictures and video from Mexico – he put lots of fan gifts on his head that were not hats and a plate once – didn’t he?

  3. You might look and see what the symbols of their native areas are. By this I mean what is the symbol of Marsala, Naro or quite simply Sciliy itself. Italy is a country made up of “city-states” and while it is a united country today, the Italians are still very regional minded In America Italians even lived according to regions, there was the Scilian neighborhood or the area of the Florentines. Gianlucca comes from a small town but it is still part of a particular region. Just an idea, I tend to think symbolically when it comes to art.

    1. Excellent idea! I was very surprised that Piero and Nazio say they are from Italy when they are actually Sicillian. Guess times have changed. I am glad you think symbolically I do too, it makes you think of a different aspect versus words alone.

  4. Interview video’s on YouTube give lots of information. That’s where I started when I just had to know more about them.
    Donna, it seems I read/saw where Gianluca hopes to study more languages. He studied Greek and Latin in “High School”. Loves the sun and the beach in Abruzzo.
    Piero is very smart. Would like to be a formula one driver. In an early interview he wanted to teach music. Will he eventually sing opera?
    Ignazio wants to be a pilot. You don’t have to remember this because that won’t happen. I won’t allow it. Too dangerous. He’ll stick to cooking. Also, He has dimples.

    1. Marie, it seems to me that I heard Piero say in a recent interview–maybe one of the Italian ones–that he hopes to sing opera one day and that he is STUDYING to do it! That kind of surprised me–not that he wants to do it, but that he is actually studying to do so. When does he have the time??

  5. It’s simple – dimples affect the aerodynamics of the plane so that if the pilot has dimples he cannot control how the plane flies. He can still be a passenger, though, to fly to all our cities for concerts!! (I’m being silly, of course) 🙂

      1. Oh – ugly pilot earphones! I was thinking ugly blue earplugs he wears to sing – that would also keep him from piloting a plane – he simply can’t sing and fly at the same time – they both take too much focus to do properly.
        And we want him to keep singing.

  6. I have to join with Marie on this point about Ignazio and the impact of his dimples on the aerodynamics of flight! As for me, I have to remind everyone that Piero cannot take up being a formula one driver. It has been said that racecars are very dangerous for a career in music
    WHAT? You have never heard that?
    I’m positive I have heard that very thing said, and not too long ago either! In any case, Piero is a smart man, surely he will understand the wisdom behind this.
    Stick to your Mini Cooper my Sicilian Prince!

      1. Piratesorka says Piero wants to drive Formula 1 and to me, that equates to “flying” the car!

  7. Oh, nothing too dangerous for our “Boys”!! Eating, parties with friends, going to the beach and soccer should keep them busy and out of too much trouble, I hope!!

  8. I read somewhere once that Piero can speak six languages. Anybody know if that’s true? I know all three of them are fluent in English, Spanish, and, of course, Italian.

    1. Yes they sing in French, but I don’t know if they can speak it. That goes for German also–although I think they know more German than French. I don’t know why I have that impression. As far as I know they have only recorded one song in each of those languages.

  9. Haven’t heard Portuguese, Lijoy, But that’s OK studying languages sounds nice and safe. Flying anything is out Boys. Sorry.

    If They would only consult with us first, we could save Them a lot of time. What are They thinking? Oh well, They’re young we’ll just have to tell Them no a few times.

    1. I can say NO to becoming a pilot! Only with another qualified and highly skilled pilot aboard at all times.

  10. I don’t think any us could possibly tell them no to anything if they were standing right in front of us.

  11. Too funny! But some good “insider info.” I saw that tweet also, Michelle. I think I will be scrolling through their twitter feed soon…

  12. Ignazio knows angels exist, per his tweet.

    Gianluca is a philosopher in fact if not in name. Just look at his tweets!

    Piero is the on-point man. If ever they get off their plan for their concert or even for an interview, Piero brings them back.

    I think you’ll get a great feel for the boys also through Frances’ Luce Stellare blog, at

    Have fun, Donna May! Maybe you’ll send us a photo of what you create. That would be so fun!

    Thanks for all the fun sharing here!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Thank you all for your suggestions and facts. Jeanine, I read Luce Stellar’s blog on Gianluca. Phenomenal writer and such interesting comparisons to all aspects of life. If any of you have not read it, please do. There is also a similar piece on Piero where his animal life is a parrot. Of course I will post a picture of it…but after Gianluca’s birthday. He should be the first to see it!

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