Because of Them

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It’s a little colder here.
A little emptier.

Did winter come because they left?
Is it colder outside, or merely inside of me?

What will we do with all that time we spent following them,
State to State, Country to Country?

Did we become complacent with all the video’s?
Did we take for granted the many daily pictures?
I wish we had them now.

Our Baby will be 19 when we see him, in concert, again.
If we’re lucky.

Our Eldest will be turning 21.
Can we still call him Our “Boy”?

And Our Sweetly Dimpled middle-man?
Well, I’m sure he’ll stay the same,
Sweet and Dimpled.

They touch me in a heart I didn’t know I had.

I miss them.

But it’s OK.

I have met remarkable people here,
due entirely to Il Volo.

I know I’m smarter, happier, better.
Because They exist.
Because they sing.

Because their music reaches deep enough for us to find
the extraordinary in ourselves and each other.

It’s a little warmer now.


40 thoughts on “Because of Them”

  1. This truly says it all. They have certainly touched my heart. And yes, they will always be my “boys”. Thank you for sharing that…….:-)

  2. Oh gosh, Marie!!!!! That is SO how I’m feeling!!! Thanks for putting it into words so well !!!! You have such a gift for writing! We are all so much better for having these three special young men to follow and love! <3

  3. Fantastic! I so enjoy your poems that put my feelings into words. I agree as well that I have ‘met’ “remarkable people here due entirely to Il Volo.” The changes they have made to my heart and my understanding have come at a very trying time in my life and have helped me cope.

  4. That was simply awesome. Truer words were never spoken. I do miss them and so anxious to know what they do everyday .

  5. Thanks Marie, for putting my feelings into words. I miss seeing those 3 faces together. The thing is: We cope together and we talk with each other, who else would understand us?

  6. You’re absolutely right. Thinking of them makes all of us warmer I think. Also, it’s thanks to the three of Them that I ‘know’ all of you! Thank you Ms. Crider!

  7. Once again, Marie, you have found words to express how all of us feel inside. Thank you so very much (as someone we know likes to say)! And I, too, miss them so very much. All of you on this site make the ache in my heart easier to bear as we look forward to the day when we know they are coming back. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie!

  8. Oh, Marie, thank you for expressing how I feel. They have done so much for me the past two years coping with my life. They will always be My Boys!

  9. Thank you, Marie. I knew somebody was feeling the way I am! And the tears come again! Please keep on writing, and “boys”, please come back soon!

  10. Remarkable prose, Marie!! They do indeed “touch me, take me to that other place”. I too am grateful for the kindred hearts here who share the joy these young men bring. It’s as though we’re many hearts but one soul (same as they describe their relationship), joining with them. They are such an inspiration! Do you think they realize the power of their lives and music to us? Thanks so much Marie and others for the pictures and news of these marvelous men!!

  11. Ah ! Marie. What wonderful thoughts. How beautifully written. I do think that many people here in the USA have been affected by these guys down deep. I sure hope that they remain the same, unspoiled guys they have always been.
    What music, what heart and what soul. Great work Marie !

  12. I agree with all of the above. I haven’t been feeling well since I saw them in September in Detroitand ttheir DVD’s and video’s keep me going. Watch the video on Facebook from porta a porta. It’s great!

  13. Yes, we’re all going through Il Volo withdrawal, and it’s something only some of us understand. Our Guys have touched my heart and soul in a way that’s hard to describe except to all of my kindred Il Volovers here. Music speaks to that place within us that matters the most, and nobody understands that better than Il Volo. I miss them terribly, but I’m so grateful for the DVD’s, CDs, Facebook and You Tube : “When I need you I bring you to me”…..

  14. I am touched not only by our “boys” but also by your words, Marie. Thank you so much. Love you.

    1. That says it all thank you Maria for writing and sharing your poem ! I am glad I have all their cd and you tube to keep listening and watching them.

  15. Simply beautiful, Marie. You are so gifted with your words. It never ceases to amaze me when I come in here and read these words that describe EXACTLY how I feel…from a wonderful soul I have never even met in person. The boys say, “three voices, but one soul”…I think WE are MANY diverse voices here in this site, but one soul…as we ALL share this extraordinary love and joy of their music and being together in this site. I am a 60 yr old Grandma and have never experienced such love and joy from music and cyber friends that I feel so connected to through the beauty of music and 3 special young men! Thank you, Marie.. and all who come here for the love of music and friendship!

  16. Oh Marie, you say exactly how I feel. I wish I could express my feelings like you can . You have a wonderful way with words! Yes, I miss “our boys” terribly, especially you know who,but you know I do share. I wish I had someone close by that feels the way I do.

  17. Beautiful, Marie! I especially love your lines,
    “Because their music reaches deep enough for us to find
    the extraordinary in ourselves and each other.

    It’s a little warmer now.”

    CarolJB, I definitely feel the emphasis on, “It’s as though we’re many hearts but one soul (same as they describe their relationship), joining with them.”

    Since my party New Year’s Day, I don’t feel disconnected. I Love to dance, and dancing to their music… it’s my expression. It fills my heart, feels like dancing their love and joy out into the world. I’m planning another party for the welcoming of spring and my birthday. But I can’t wait that long! I want to dance to their music, with friends, every week! at least every month!

    Wherever you are, dance with me!

    Moved by your music, dear ones, celebrating glory together,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  18. It’s perfect, Marie. I do feel like there is an emptiness inside since they are gone, but being here with everyone helps. I know we say it all the time, but I never thought any of this was possible. And it is all because they sing. 🙂

  19. Oh, Marie…. The tears came with the first four lines….How beautifully you express what we all feel but can’t always put into words. Yes, I miss them so terribly, but yes… I have all of the wonderful people who inhabit this blog to keep me company until the cold goes away and the
    beautiful Spring of The Boys’ return comes. And yes… Just for the record, Il Volo , for me , will ALWAYS be “Our Boys” regardless of their age!

    Now… I’m going back and read your heart-wrenching poem again and have a good cry and a big smile, too! Thank you, THANK YOU!
    P. S. I just LOVE reading all of the lovely and expressive comments. You ladies are fantastic!

    1. Wonderful mlla! I love it (I am partial to haiku to start with!)
      Marie, you covered it all, except for the fact that life without our boys around is a lot duller, a lot less interesting. No new concert to watch every night (or day), no new interview or funny keek to watch.
      Sigh. I wish they would start their Asian tour soon–and I sure hope the fans post the concerts on youtube!

  20. What a touching compliment. Thank you mlla.

    I am so grateful, to all of you, for your thoughtful words. My heart is swelling almost as much as my head!

  21. Oh Marie—-You’re as funny as you’re heart is big.The poetry you write is incredible and never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
    You truly encompass our love and compassion for each other as well as our love for those three beautiful souls that embrace us and each other with their music and tenderness.
    I miss them too but you warmed up my heart today,which makes it a little easier, so Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You again.

    1. Marie, while I loved your poem, do you have to make us cry? Your line “our baby will be 19 and if we will see him again”, “the sweet dimpled one” and “the eldest, can he still be called a boy?” (no not at 21). Some people have yet to discover IL VOLO (pity them) and haven’t heard of them yet, but we fans know who Marie means by each description, “our baby”, “sweet dimpled one” and “our boy” makes me want to cry! I have NO clue why this band of 3 brothers has such an effect on all of us, but reading the lovely poem did take the chill off of winter for me. They are hinting lately that they are recording, so it will be a good year, we just have to wait a little while longer to hear their new music, we cannot wait but we know in advance it will be fantastic!

      1. Oh oh, Mary Ann, you should know better than to tread on such thin ice, telling MARIE that you are still holding Ignazio’s hand? She’ll saw it off (yours I mean)!!!

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