Relive The Excitement, Il Volo In Concert – We Are Love 2013

Just last month, on December 10, Ignazio tweeted, “Going back to italy..!!😊😊 i am gonna miss you USA, then later, “London..!! Boarding to Rome..!!!”  On December 11, Gianluca tweeted, “Ladies and gentleman. I’m in ITALY!!!!!!!!!! 😁🇮🇹  Piero simply tweeted “ITALYYYYYYYYYYYY” on December 11, 2013.  The guys have barely been gone one month, and we miss them, but isn’t it nice to know they miss their fans too?  It took Gianluca less than a day to tweet, “OMG can’t sleep I miss you so much 😔#ilvolovers #fansallovertheworld #nostalgia #missyou.”   Awh, Gian, you are so sweet!

Reading Marie’s “Because of Them” and your comments brought home how much we really do miss Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero and their music; it’s kind of quiet without them.  Thinking about what could be almost as good as Il Volo on tour, I came up with the second best thing to having them here: let’s relive the excitement and the memories of We Are Love 2013!  The Voices are flawless – the videographer, flawed, so just close your eyes and listen!

Questo Amore    Boston September 14

Intro to We Are Love “You speak Italian, He’s gonna speak English and I’m not gonna speak!”  Atlantic City September 28

We Are Love    Boston

Ignazio Caruso   Boston

Angel and Il Canto    Boston

Piero, “Do You want to see my pancia?”  Boston

Gianluca En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor  Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA (Philly) September 12

Splendida   Boston

Luna Noscosta    Boston

Gianluca Night and Day   Tower Theater

Granada   Boston

E Piu Ti Penso and Historia De Un Amor   Tower Theater

Un Amore Cosi Grande   Tower Theater

Tous Les Visages De L’Amour    Boston

Il Volo Blue Christmas  Buon Natale PBS Live from the Fillmore Credits: Detroit PBS and WETA Greater Washington, DC

17 thoughts on “Relive The Excitement, Il Volo In Concert – We Are Love 2013”

      1. Thank you Loretta.  I am so glad you are enjoying the videos. 

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  1. Well Michele, I watched Questo Amore then had to rush to Caruso (ahhhh!), with Angel and Il Canto close behind! Going back for more. Maybe even Caruso again first! Thanks Michele.

  2. I am so happy you all are enjoying the videos again. I am too – it did bring back the excitement of the concerts.

    Louise, You’re welcome – I translated your comment in Bing to mean, “Thank you very much for a nice start of the day with this music enjoyed and I hope to continue to do so for a long time GRACIAS.”

  3. This is the closest I’ve come so far to one of their concerts so thank you! I do have one question though. Didn’t Piero have at least one solo?

    1. Isabel, you can find tons of videos on youtube of Piero’s solos.
      Just type in Piero Barone No Puede Ser in the search box on top. I like the Radio City Music Hall one and the Westbury Connecticut one but there are more out there. Then there is the other one Love Story. You can even watch the versions from 2012 and 2013 and compare them. I do it all the time!
      Have fun! There are even whole concerts posted on you tube. And there is a playlist from the Radio City Music Hall (RCMH) posted also, and you can just click in the name of the song, and RCMH 2013 one at a time and you will get the whole concert. Including Ignazio’s tribute to the boys.

      1. I have already seen waaaaaaay more Il Volo videos on youtube than is good for me, and yet I still can’t decide which I like better. “No Puede Ser” or “Where Do I Begin”. 😀

        When I ordered Buon Natale, I ordered it from their website so I got a bonus CD with a solo from each of them. Gianluca’s “Maria”, Ignazio’s “Memory”, and Piero’s “Where Do I Begin”.

      2. Yes, I have that too–and I play the three solos on there over and over and over! I am in a choir and we started learning Memory until our leader decided it wasn’t for us. But I have the music and the words, and I like to sing along with Ignazio!

      3. Oh good so you have a Piero solo.  Do you have Il Volvo Takes Flight?  I like the solos in that concert, Piero’s is great. They all are! 

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      4. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of their PBS CD’s. “Non Ti Scordar Di Me” is one of my favorite songs EVER!!! 😀

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