The Italians Are Coming! The Italians Are Coming!

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Not since the British invasion (the army and The Beatles) has an event been more anticipated than the Il Volo Concert Schedule Announcement! Even though all dates and venues haven’t been made public, people (me) are trying to find tickets.

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I already know I will be at the Chicago (Elgin 6/20) and Detroit (Sterling Hts 6/19) concerts. I think a lot of us will be in Chicago. I can hardly believe I will have the chance to meet some of you who I have been in communication with for well over a year. Last year I was privileged to meet Loretta, Mary B. (and family), Christine, June and Lisa (Lijoy). Could I be so lucky to see them again and meet even more Crew this year? Just wait until you see the hug I have in store for Linda, Kelly, Elaine and Michele! It will always be odd to me how you can know someone and yet, never have laid eyes on them. I know I missed meeting some of you last year. This year I will make an avenue available for those of you, like me, who want to meet other Flight Crew Members at the concerts.

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Although I would like all 15 concerts close to me, I am already satisfied. My wish is for our other friends to have the opportunity to see and hear such special talent. That’s why I’m hoping for concerts scheduled in or near, at least, New Orleans, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Portland. I purposely did not write Minneapolis. No, not because I couldn’t spell it (I couldn’t), but because it’s too far for me to go and I’m hoping to force 3 lovely ladies to Chicago! You can pretty much count on California, New York and Florida to be Il Volo stops. Oh heck Boys! We need another month!

Mary B, Allene and Jane - You know the others
Mary B, Allene and Jane – You know the others

Be sure to watch our calendar. We’ll let you know as soon as other cities are announced.

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So, what are your thoughts this year? Here are some more of the things spinning around in my head:
– Will They be different (hope not)
Will They look more like grown men? (Oh No! I really want my curly haired babies back!)
– I hope we can take pictures!
– Wow! Performing with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra!
– Wish we had a clue to what They will be singing.
– I’ll get Meet & Greets so I can touch Them again!
– Will I embarrass myself by rushing the stage or attacking security personnel?
– Will we see Them in May on Family, The Talk, Tonight Show?
Will a new album come out first?
– Could there still be unlucky people who have not heard Il Volo?
– How did I get so lucky?
– Will They be more out of my reach, the more famous They get?
Will They finally sing songs They wrote?
– Will They be back in the Fall? Christmas?
– Will there be another PBS Special?
– When will They realize that no one loves Them more than I do and come over for dinner?
– Will They be clean shaven or sport those handsome beards (w/o dimple coverage, Please!)
– Will I still swoon when Gianluca smiles? When Piero pushes back his glasses? Because Ignazio exists?
– And the ever present – Can I lose 10 pounds before the concert?

Me and The Boys
Me and The Boys

What have I missed? What else is it that we positively, absolutely have to know? What thoughts do you have?

Well Boys, we have the welcome mat out, the light on and our credit cards in hand.
We’re ready for you. I just know, that by now, your souls are yearning to sing to us!


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  1. I am so excited! I hope to go to their Chicago Concert! I have never seen them in concert and it Has been a huge dream of mine ever since 2011!

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  2. This is another priceless one, Marie! It lifts the heart just to know they are coming back to us! The MN crew is not sure which concert we will attend, but we WILL be there!!! I am always in awe at how they change each time they go away for awhile…returning looking so utterly handsome and more mature@!!! Just when you think they could never possibly be cuter or more handsome…THEY ARE! Love, love, love those boys!!!

    1. Maryjane56,
      I met you when Il Volo performed at the Mall of America last Nov….and Ignazio hugged me!!!!
      That was really my Christmas treat!
      I love this website because there are others who love the ‘boys’…men as much as I do. I hope I can go to Chicago I’d love to see you all again. Maybe we Minnesotans can figure something out.

      1. Suzy, I have a question…..did you wash that shirt? I believe you said you never would. I think Minnesota will be well represented at whichever concert we decide on.

      2. HI SUZY!!! So glad to see you here. Of course I remember you. Did you wash that shirt yet?? 🙂

    2. Keep me posted as to what your plans are. Oh my, would I love to see them again!!! I’d certainly love to meet all of you wonderful ladies. What a slumber party that would be!!

      1. Hi Laura! I hope you are feeling better. Won’t it be fun if we can all go together? What an IL VOLO dream come true!! 🙂

  3. Wow, I thought I knew I was going to Detroit, but in order to meet the most Il Volovers I need to go to Chicago. Don’t know which one yet — depends on meet and greet availability for sure. But I will be at one or the other and looking forward to meeting all of you. Like you I can hardly wait!

  4. Hi Marie!! I’m counting on the Elgin concert and would just love to meet anyone from this site! I am new to the whole tickets, etc though, so hope l can snag one in time. Wouldn’t mind some pointers on this process! Can’t wait to see “them” for the first time!!!😃❤️😃

  5. I have my fingers crossed for Phoenix. My daughter surprised me with tickets last Sept to see them. 71 years young and my first concert…:-) If they come back I would like to do the meet and greet, but how does that work? Are the tickets separate from the show tickets? Any help is appreciated. Barbara in AZ

    1. Hey Barbara,
      Last year in Sept., my kids surprised me with a VIP tickets to the Concord, CA concert. The package consist of a seat in the first 10 rows. Mine and my sister was in the second row center. Also, a scarf with “IL VOLO IN CONCERT” written on it. A beautiful tote bag with ” IL VOLO WE ARE LOVE” written on it. A nice backstage access ticket with a picture of the boys and of course, THE MEET & GREET EVENT WHICH ALMOST STOPPED MY 68 YEAR OLD HEART. THE BOYS WERE SO HANDSOME CLOSE UP. GIANLUCA IS SO SHY. GREAT HUGGERS AND AS I SAID BEFORE, THE BEST SMELLING GUYS ON THE PLANET. WE WERE IN LINE FOR THE MEET/GREET AND MET A LADY WHO BROUGHT HER 84 yr old Mom who loves the boys and I said jokingly (NOT) that I would love to take GIANLUCA home. The older woman turned around and said “YOU CAN HAVE HIM AFTER I HAD MY WAY WITH HIM”. We laughed so hard and her daughter said how her Mom is obsessed she was with the boys. Hope you get to meet them. You will never forget that experience.

  6. It’s good to see everyone so excited again!! There is nothing can excite us more than to hear “The Italians are Coming” Come on back Guys, we can hardly wait to see you!!

    1. I hope you remember all those shots. You were sitting right beside me!

      The top one I didn’t take, I was just laying claim to the leg! Just kidding. I took the picture… And laid claim to the leg.

  7. Marie, I did not know you were going to Sterling. I had checked my mapquest and it said it was 6-1/2 hour drive to Elgin. I know I saw them twice last year, once at Barnes & Noble but you can never see our boys too many times! Maybe you can ride that fabulous il Volo bus back to Elgin with them. lol

  8. WOW MARIE !!! How do you ever get that head of yours to spin out all that you do ??? I think you have hit on every single question that might (and most likely wouldn’t) pop into my head !!. We are all so excited that they are returning to us. All I want to do is See them, Hear them, Meet them, Hug them and Tell them how much I Love them !!! I don’t think that’s asking for too much !!!!
    If we do meet in Chicago for the concert do you think it would be possible to arrange for all of us to stay in the same hotel and have a Flight Crew meet and Greet of our own ?? and also go to the concert together ( as I would be traveling to Chicago by myself and other people might be too ?? ) Just food for thought.

  9. You’re not asking too much!

    Flight Crew Meet & Greet! Has potential! Do you think there would be trouble if The Guys knew we were all coming together? Let me rephrase that. How much trouble would we cause The Guys if we all came together?

    1. I think they should give the Flight Crew a private Meet and Greet !! They would probably be traumatized unless we promised to act like the very quiet , well behaved ladies that we are and act our age——which when it comes to our gorgeous boys IS ???? You saw the Mas Que Amor DVD !!!!!! Are we so different ???

    2. Marie, I think we need to commission Mary B. to make every one coming to their concert (Flight Crew members) a wonderful badge like she made for us the day at MOA. They were so highly noticed and looked so important!!

    3. We all line up like civilized ladies & ask for a hug & kiss
      & leave crying & they will be well hugged & kissed for the night like they have never been hugged & kissed before. That is better than charging like a bunch banshees & them running out the door. The other way they will remember us as fine & beautiful ladies & just maybe they will read what we write about them on this blog
      That way Marie I will refrain from attacking your legs with my walker

  10. Marie, you had me at the “dimple” comment: we are on the same page! Your questions seem to have been psychically transmitted from my brain to yours! LOL hoping to fly to West Coast from Hawaii to see our Boys for the first time! So excited!

  11. Carol jB, go to “everything Il Volo”. Jo,has given a wonderful description/warning to all on her site about buying tickets. it will be good for you to read.
    Marie, once again you have outdone yourself with the heading to this article. you are like Il Volo, you keep getting better and better.

  12. Carol, sorry, its actually “all things Il Volo” (but everything il volo gets you there too) and Jo calls it a public service announcement. it is the first article

  13. Marie, you will be happy to know that I printed out the picture you posted of you and the boys, because I love it, all of those in the picture, but with one exception the one in the middle, I love more. I don’t mind sharing him with you this time because I have one of my own

  14. Oh I am sooo hoping for a Portland or Seattle concert. Portland would be bliss for me. I am also hoping that they will still be doing Meet and Greets even though I have not a single clue how to go about getting one. I am hoping this all happens either after I have had my knee replacement surgery or after I have sufficiently recovered. I am hoping they come out with the new super sekrit CD soon. Most of all I want to be in the same oxygen space as them and hopefully get Piero to smile for me
    I was so disappointed last year, I pray my desire comes true. I also pray that each of you get your most ardent IL VOLO wish fulfilled too. Marie, that means you have to let other ladies meet Ignazio too!

    1. Loretta, every day I read 20 Twitter accounts re Il Volo as well as this site and everything I can find on facebook & the internet and “everything il volo”. I have been searching tonite & I can’t find where I saw it. But I know it was Toronto on June 23 & NY/NJ June 25. I remember I wondered which one, New York or New Jersey? Anyway, I thought of you when I saw Toronto & thought “Loretta will be so happy”! I’m so sorry, but as long as it’s true, we’ll be seeing it posted everywhere pretty soon. I was looking up where Elgin,IL is and Freedom Hill and the drive times from Pittsburgh to Detroit, Chicago & New York. I’ve never been to a concert, but live vicariously through everything Il Volo from all their fans that post pictures & videos on the internet. I’m so sorry. Feeling really stupid!

      1. Stephanie you are definitely NOT stupid. Thanks for telling me & I will look in those places also.
        Elgn Illinois is below Chicago (I think I’m right) & the distance I looked up between Illinois & Sterling is about $500 miles. I looked that up a few days ago so I think my memory is right. Do you live near by any of those places because I would like to meet you somewhere.
        Then again I’m not too sure about Elgin, I was talking to someone at the Arcada Theatre & they rent a park for concerts & that is where the guys will be singing in the park. Considering the weather its iffy to my way of thinking but its my birthday that day so I wanted Ignazio to sing happy birthday to me & I can come away crying with pleasure.
        Keep in touch here Stephanie we miss you, you always are full of information. Thanks again I am praying so hard they will come to Toronto

  15. Jane, Mary B., it’s beginning to look like we’ll be going to Chicago to see Our Boys in concert. I wonder if it would be possible to get a whole block of tickets so that everyone on the Flight Crew could all sit together. And meet the Boys separately like we did at the MOA! Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    1. Dang, I wonder how much it costs to fly from Portland to Chicago? I wonder if I can afford to go in deeper debt. NooooYESSSSSSSSNOOOOOOYESSNOOOYESSSMAYYYYBE

  16. Connie if your getting tickets through the theatre some theatres don’t sell meet & greet NOW they may recommend you get your tickets & meet & greet at Ticketmaster BUT I have found some Ticketmasters for a particular theatre may not sell meet & greet with a ticket so you could only buy your seatiing ticket & then you could go to VIP Nation to get a meet & greet package not the seating because you would have seating tickets from ticketmaster OR IF YOU WANTED TO GO TO VIP Nation & get the whole package seating & meet & greet BUT sometimes Il Volo will not be having a meet & greet at a particular theatre so there will only be a seating ticket. CONFUSED YET don’t mean to but it gives you an idea what to ask for.
    I also heard last year that someone was changing thier seating ticket that was against the wall by calling ticketmaster & asking them to give them a better seating because some seats become available as time get closer to the concert so yiou will have to be johnny on the spot if you want a decent seat & meet & greet. Make a list of what you are going to do & call.
    Good luck with your operation.

    1. Wow, thanks Loretta, I am a tad confused but I know I just have to be persistent and know what questions to ask. At this point I would happily settle for the seat near the wall if there was nothing else to be had. I don’t want a repeat of last summer when Vancouver became impossible for me. *sigh* If that happens then I’ll probably need a straitjacket so I can quietly bang my head against the wall like a demented baboon on drugs.

    2. Thanks for the reply, Loretta. I live on Pittsburgh, don’t think I’ll be driving the 500 + miles this year. But I will be watching for all you lucky ones to post pics & videos. I rely on those every day. Keep watching the old ones over & over. I think I’ve seen all of the
      Latin American concerts. Thanks, God bless you & all lovers of our guys. And of course I pray constantly that they are always safe in their travels. 💞💜💞

  17. does anybody know what’s going on with Il Volo Mundial and all things il volo? there is no place to leave any comments, and I have only noticed this tonight, it was ok earlier today. does anybody know whats the problem? I guess the two sites are aware of it, I can’t think it is a problem with my computer because I have not seen any new comments come on

  18. Chicago would be a plan! I saw them in St Louis in 2012 but now that they have become better known they seem to be concentrating on bigger markets.

  19. I can’t wait to see the official schedule for Il Volo for this year so exciting. I just hope this year will be so wonderful for them. I just want to see them have all the success they deserve. I don’t think any group sings better then Il Volo and they are all becoming gorgeous young men.

  20. Hey, Marie, thanks for including PORTLAND! Connie and I are excited for the possibility. Hold the thought, Connie!

    Portland is due (they’ve visited Seattle, Vancouver BC, Concord, CA).

    Chicago doesn’t feel likely for me at this time. How about Portland, Oregon… too?! Beautiful in June! (Hey, and Ethan Bortnick’s Power of Music concert is playing at the Newmark Theatre in Portland on June 22nd. I’ve got tickets already!

    Any word on Las Vegas, Myron?

    I wonder which dreams will come true this year!

    Keep dreaming, friends!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  21. Absolutely love this article Ms. Crider!!! All the pictures are fantastic, especially the one at the bottom with you and The Boys! I love this outfit of Piero’s, it’s just so him. I have been asking myself the same questions as these, especially,”Will a new album come out first?” and “Could there still be unlucky people who have never heard of Il Volo?” If there are such people, I’m glad I’m not one of their number!

    Getting to a concert and being able to meet some of this wonderful Crew would be a dream come true for me!

    Pirate, I like both your names, and I hope you get well reeeeeeeeeeeeally soon after your surgery!

    Ciao! 😀

    1. Thanks Isabel, Yeah I love that black shirt on Piero too. Fits him like a sleek tight glove. Yowwwwwsa! What part of the country do you live in? I hope you can make it to a concert too.
      Connie the Pirate

      1. I’m up here in Ohio, freezing my behind off, and dreaming of red glasses and an angel voice.

      2. I’m here in Minnesota trying to keep warm, but Ignazio’s smile and those green outfits! To stay warn just look at Ignazio’s smile!

        Suzy   srust72715

      3. Frankly I had trouble getting past Ignazio’s smile. As always they were dressed and all looked so elegant, and then there’s Ignazio’s smile……I’m getting off track. They sing ling like young men now…..ohhhh how I love them, Ignazios’s smile. The announcer was too long winded! I want to make it to at least the Chicago show.   Ignazio’s smile….I need anothre cup of coffee to get myself back under control,


  22. Marie, I couldn’t help but notice that dreamy look on Ignazio’s face in the picture of you and the boys! I think it is because you have your arm around him!

  23. I just listened to the song Ignazio wrote and although I don’t understand the lyrics, which I imagine are beautiful, I got teary thinking about the God given talent behind it. Ignazio is truly amazing. I really hope it is on their new CD or they sing it in their concerts.

  24. Here’s another question in my mind: How will they answer the question “Are you in love/Do you have a girlfriend?” I hope it will be the same as last year’s answer, but we will just have to wait and see. I wish “Wait” wasn’t the answer to all my questions, but it is. 😩

  25. FROM RAI ITALIA Channel (ref- Programming Time Show E. Brignano with IL Volo participation as well as other artists)
    Il Meglio d’Italia”, il nuovo spettacolo di Enrico Brignano – Pagina ufficiale è in onda anche su Rai Italia!


    su Rai Italia 1 (Americhe)
    NEW YORK / TORONTO venerdì 28 febbraio ore 20.00
    BUENOS AIRES venerdì 28 febbraio ore 22.00

    su Rai Italia 2 (Australia – Asia)
    SYDNEY sabato 1 marzo ore 20.00
    PECHINO/PERTH sabato 1 marzo ore 17.00

  26. Hi ladies! Would LOVE to connect with all of you going to the Elgin concert, assuming I can navigate buying the tickets😃. Please count me in for a Flight Crew meeting there!! They’re so close…!!

  27. Oh, forgot! Will be coming from north of Chicago – live in Sheboygan, WI but we’re moving to Green Bay by then (I hope), so if anyone wants to carpool, etc., it would be fine! Just need the ticket!!😃😃 Am I too excited??!??!❤️

  28. Hey Carol, You can’t get too excited! I’m still giggling. We will all get together closer to concert time. How to purchase tickets (Concert and M&G) will become clearer then too.

    So cool everyone here is excited! I’m in such good company!!

  29. Oh, Marie! Ain’t it GRAND that THE ITALIANS ARE COMING!!! I’m really getting excited since I think I can make it to a concert! Chicago sounds like a great possibility, but I’m not ruling out California or Florida… Depends on where everyone (well, almost everyone) can gather!!! Please let me know what you think. You and Michele are my TRUSTED LEADERS!!!

  30. Is it ridiculous that I am already thinking about what I’m going to be doing in four months, but I don’t know what I want to do tomorrow (besides search youtube for the program The Guys were in earlier today)???????

  31. Did anyone notice what suits the boys were wearing. Gianluca & Piero looked great in the shamrock green suits & Ignazio always has his own style of clothes & he looked so handsome in that black it looked like a leather with a pattern on it. Oh he looked so handsome.I managed to get the last part of tneir first song & it seemed as if they were rushed through Surrender & then the rest was nonsense. I wished they could have sung again. That announcer has talked for a solid 2 hours, borinig.

    1. Loretta, Ignazio’s suit looked like a brocade in black & green. Oh heck, they’d look great in a tablecloth! Anyway, I sent a message via Word Press and Maria-Athena Angelopoulos answered back that she has also seen info on concerts in Toronto & NY/NJ in June, but nothing confirmed. Will keep looking. Have a good weekend. We are expecting a big storm tonite thru Monday with a lot of snow. i am so done with this winter weather!

      1. Stephanie did’nt he look so handsome & also the Shamrock green suits on the other guys.
        Thanks for the heads up about Toronto, I’ll keep my eyes peeled
        Are you going to be able to go to a concert near you?

  32. “That’s why I’m hoping for concerts scheduled in or near, at least, NEW ORLEANS, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Portland.”
    Oh, Marie, from your mouth (?keyboard?) to God’s ears- AND to IL VOLO’s tour managers’ brains. An IL VOLO concert in or near New Orleans is just what my soul needs these days. And it would help my Mom to heal as well. My Dad passed away last month (Mom & Dad had been married to each other for over 63 years). Even though we knew it was coming since he had been ill & in a nursing home for about 8 months, it was still very hard. Being able to see & hear our Italian “Boys” in person would be dreams come true.
    Mom’s the one who turned me on to Il Volo in 2011 after she saw them on “The Talk”, & we both fell in love with them. I would love to be able to take her to see them in concert. I wish we could come to Chicago & meet with all of you going there. But it would be too long a trip for Mom & I would hate to go without her. So I am praying for the guys to come very near us. The Saenger Theatre in New Orleans was recently renovated & it’s the perfect place for a concert. The Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts is also great. I think that is where Placido Domingo performed when he was here. Please, just come on down South, IL VOLO. We need you & love you here!

    1. Thanks for your beautiful sharing, Lynn. Blessings to you and your mom for a fantastic IL VOLO experience!

      Keep the thought coming, Christine… PORTLAND! (; >)
      Maybe Connie and I could meet Laura there if Portland it is. (Happy to honor Laura’s comfort and preferences.)

      I’m glad for your wonderful Chicago gathering, even as I would like one closer to home. I think we need a West Coast Flight Crew gathering. Yes?

      I really hope that the rest of the tour venues are indoors! I doubt acoustics can be as good outdoors as indoors, and being too cold or hot can affect the audience experience, as well as our magnificent IL VOLO.

      I’m curious, Myron, whether you have input on the indoor / outdoor venue question and if you have any thoughts on a West Coast connection (since you’re in Las Vegas.)

      Well, as much as I’ve been out of touch with the latest IL VOLO news and your posts, Our Boys have been singing to me day in and out, often in the wee hours of the morning, as I head into month 3 on my projects. (2/3 done!)

      As always, Marie, your sentiments ring true!
      I see touches of spring here! Hope you all can enjoy good weather soon.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  33. I am thinking that I hope IL VOLO appears in either Seattle or Portland so my dear friend Laura can get to a concert and of course I hope they come to the East Coast! I’m thinking that it has been like Chinese water torture waiting for these concert announcements drop by drop! I feel that since all (3) of the shows announced so far have been outdoor venues, they may all be and I just hope it doesn’t rain. I don’t want to show up at a meet and greet looking something the cat dragged in! I am thinking of what songs they will sing, will they bring out some old ones like “Painfully Beautiful” which they all 3 are! I am thinking if they sang Hasta Final, I would melt into a puddle weather it rained or not! I am already thinking about the solos they will do to blow us away. I am thinking how lucky we are to have IL VOLO visit us again “so soon”. I asked Gianluca in December when they would return and he told me his signature “soon!” Well it can never be soon enough. Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets and hopefully they will all be in the 1st row center!

  34. Our affiliates Team Il Volo posted another tour date in the SF Bay Area. It will be on June 5 at the Gallo Center in Modesto. I checked and it is an indoor venue with about 1250 seats. So looks like their management is trying to reach out to more demographic. Modesto is in the California Central Valley and is about 1 1/2 hours away from SF. Hmmm, should I go to Modesto or LA? I am looking forward to hear those songs that they skipped on the last tour such as Hasta El Final, El Reloj, This Time, Painfully Beautiful, and oh my favorite I Bring you to my Senses…OK I definitely need to go to both! I miss you Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio and glad I will see you soon. Are we there yet – June?

  35. I can’t believe it! Sterling Hts is just a few miles from me. Your post didn’t say Sterling Hts, MICHIGAN so I didn’t know where it was. I googled it, and my heart started pounding when I saw it was MI. HOW EXCITING……

    Freedom Hill is a great place for the boys. Not too big, nice area, outdoor arena.

  36. Elaine, that is wonderful that you can see them twice in California! If I could, I would go on tour with them too. Hope you will still come to Chicago – Elgin.

    1. Ann I’ll see you in Chicago! Normally I don’t welcome 6/20 that much every year for some obvious reasons, but not this year. I wish I can just fast forward to June!

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