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June 5th – Modesto, Ca

The downtown performing arts venue  announced a June 5 show by the operatic trio Il Volo. The performances add to a series of high-profile entertainers

Italian trio Il Volo’s oldest member is 20. The young men started the group as teenagers in 2009 and have rocketed to international fame. The trio has appeared on the HBO series “Entourage,” the hit singing competition “American Idol” and at high-profile venues.

Tickets for Il Volo go on sale to the public March 10 and will be $49 to $99.

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June 7th – Los Angeles

The three talented tenors of Il Volo are back on tour! Winning hearts across America ever since they entered the music scene, Piero Barone (21), Ignazio Boschetto (20) and Gianluca Ginoble (19) have gone well beyond the classic songs that gave Il Volo its solid foundation, and have now introduced fresh interpretations and contemporary sounds to their latest album “WE ARE LOVE.” Watch this operatic trio LIVE on June 7th at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles!

A pair of tickets (seating in section A and B) is available at the $250 donation level.

Our online donation forms are limited to one pair of tickets per submission. If you are interested in donating for a larger quantity of tickets (or prefer not to re-enter your information again), please call 1-800-278-5050 for assistance.
$250 – Pair of tickets

27 thoughts on “Here We Go!”

    1. /I purchased my tics thru my PBS members staff yesterday for the 6/7/14 concert Greek Theater. Of course I have Meet & Greet tics. Can’t wait to see them again. I can sleep well since I have the tics. Enjoyed the video even tho I only catch a word here & there. Do all their hosts sing?

    1. Oh yes!!! And how DOES anyone ever top their version of Old Mc Donald??? Priceless! Proves their talent knows no bounds! Can June be here already??

  1. Yes indeed !!! Here we go again !!! In a couple of days Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero will be back in our country breathing the same air we breath !!!! I am so-o-o-o excited that I can hardly breath myself !!!!
    They all look so handsome, rested and ready to go,go,go !!! And I know we are all ready to go-go-go too !!! The anticipation is killing me !!!! I will not relax until I have tickets ( hopefully in 1st few rows or better still on the stage with them !!)) and it is a done deal that I will be attending a concert. I have been lucky to be able to attend two concerts in Florida—Sept 2012 and Sept 2013. Both for my birthdays. Now I’m ready for 2014 !!

  2. I can tell when they’re breathing the same air!
    They look so handsome! (very large sigh here!)
    It’s wonderful to see them rested and ready for us!
    Old Mc Donald! Go figure! Awesome!
    I want to sing with them too! Everyone else gets to do it!
    No, I can’t sing either.

    1. Reminds me… Yes, we love their singing, even if they are singing the telephone book! (; >)

      The Boys look absolutely fabulous! … rested, probably the most handsome I’ve ever seen them (do I say that every time?), their smiles (wow! Ignazio!), Gianluca’s hand on their host’s shoulder (I love that a 19-year-old is reassuring an adult TV host!), their voices fresh and rested! Halleluia!

      So, for the PBS showing in L.A., am I right in guessing that the $250 donation level does NOT include M&G? How much more for Meet & Greet?

      I’m still holding out for Portland… ?!

      What an awesome treat to see that video. Thank you sooooo much to RAI and Marie!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Absolutely! Like even if I could sing, I’d be able to while standing beside them. Didn’t you see the goofy look on my face on that last post?

    1. I think even if you were feeling goofy inside your smile was beautiful just like your sense of humor which always makes my day. You want to see goofy–just wait until you see me when I ‘m face to face with them (especially Gianluca -Sigh )—and mark my words I will be this year somehow,somewhere !!!!

  4. I just had to watch them again. They were having so much fun, and looked so relaxed! I will never feel the same about “Old McDonald’s Farm”. And I love those green outfits – I hope they wear them on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh wait a minute. Maybe they don’t have St. Paddy’s Day in Italy.

  5. OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM?!?!?!?!?! I didn’t know what to do with myself while watching that!!!!!!!! I can never hear that song again the same way. That goes for everything they sing though, doesn’t it? 😀

    They all look good in green. Piero’s suit is especially good looking, but I don’t know if it’s the style or the occupant! 😉

    I hope they sing Maria again on this tour and bring girls up on stage (now why would I want that?). 😀

    Thanks so much Ms. Crider for all of the links and information!

  6. Wonderful, fun, happy comments about our boys. We are all anticipating just ‘where’ oh ‘where’ they will be performing. I was unable to attend last Sept. ’13Chicago Theater concert, but oh how I am hoping they will grace that stage in June sometime. I have been saving my $$ to be able to even attend the Meet & Greet. However, some people have said they were rushed through that part; that’s disappointing because we all pay
    x-tra for that special time. Maybe the mgrs. should consider that. Well, friends, good luck to all, may we all get our dreams to come true. Love hearing from everyone, be well and listen to Il Volo every day. P.S. Yes, Old McDonald was a real hoot….I laughed and re-watched a few times.

  7. Harriett, you will not be disappointed you saved for the M&G. Even IF you are rushed, you are still standing beside THEM, touching THEM. THEY are smiling at you and only you and then you get a picture. I think that’s worth it! Anything else..icing!

  8. Penina if you want just seating tickets or when your asking to buy the tickets ask for meet & greet & if the theatre doesn’t sell meet & greet they will tell you where to get them, You have the opportunity to get just seating tickets of meet & greet with the seating tickets. The theatre should also tell you if the guys are having a meet & greet at that theatre

    1. Marie said in her experience people who buy Meet & Greet tickets get the first 10 rows. I want to know if that means you have to buy the meet & greet first?

  9. Thanks for the update schedule. I plan to go to the Modesto Concert June 5. I’m getting excited already the tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet.

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