Guess Who

s - guess who 4

– They are barely old enough to drive, just out of high school and too young for opera, but their voices are unblemished, unsullied and ageless.

s - guess who 3

– Their English isn’t refined, but they speak to the heart and it understands.

s - guess who 2

– They can’t leap tall buildings, but they are super heroes of the soul.

Did you guess?

If you need another clue you have ventured onto the wrong website.
Please Go Away!





82 thoughts on “Guess Who”

    1. I don’t doubt it, Marie! Anything is possible with these three beautiful young men! I know they have the world flying high with them.

    2. Marie, I am awestruck!! How you come up with these creative blogs is beyond me!!! I especially like “super heroes of the soul” because that is an all encompassing expression of the power they have over all of us. They truly ARE our heroes in so many ways, mostly (for me) in their lovely manners, their sweet consideration for others, their love of family and friends, their sparkling intelligence and humor, their humble attitude, AND the consummate use of their God-given talents. These characteristics are food for my soul, and do so much to bring me happiness!

  1. I for as I am concerned they leap tall buildings ever day….their English is adorable….and They sing with voices of Angels. They are II Volo. They are love and I love them and cannot get enough of em! Love. Love. Love. You Guys!!! Keep it going!!!!!

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      1. Oh you know I’m kidding. I’m one of you – have to make sure I don’t over talk Il Volo, have a 6 CD player in my car (all 6 are Il Volo), I’ve never paid over$50 for a concert ticket now I’m buying tickets for $300 and airfare on top of that! Hook line & sinker, that’s me. 🙂

  2. Marie, you know they are perfect in every way!!! They can do anything. They do leap by going around the world spreading joy and love like no one else. Love, love, love them.

  3. Oh ladies, you are all wonderful with your kidding and love for our boys….the concerts are fast approaching, I am so excited. Thinking of finding a restaurant near Milwaukee Theater to have our dinner (June 21st) … don’t want to be ‘late’ for anything. ☺ Are many of you making similar plans? xxoo

    1. Hi Harriett, There will be 5 of us from MN as well as a few guests of some who will be in Milwaukee for the June 21st concert! We have not put together a formal dinner plan yet, but would love to connect with others before or after the concert!! We will surely be eating well enough in advance as to not be one second late for our special night! If you want to get my email address from Marie you can and we can try and connect.

  4. Marie, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!!! I love these guys and everything about them and will never tire of listening to them, watching them, reading about them, and talking about them!!! their last album was SO appropriately titled, because “THEY ARE LOVE!!!” <3

  5. I have friends who aren’t feeling well now that I would like to see for sure. otherwise, I would love to somehow meet everyone here who is going to the Milwaukee Concert. Before, during or after – at least long enough to say hi!

    1. Marie,

      I’ll see you at the M&G if not before, you’ll recognize me I’ll be the one with the HUGE smile on my face.
      Much love and prayers for your friends.


  6. I am guessing: Jimmy Fallon ? Tiger Woods ? Hmmm – I give up – Here I am on the number one Il Volo web site and I don’t have a clue ! I better read all that again.

    1. My poor beloved Piero, he is so much more than his red glasses. So in true pirate fashion I usually think of him as MY ThunderBaron. His voice just has so much power. I am sure he will squeeze in an opera someday between world tours with Dimples and Smooth.

      1. I love it, “ThunderBaron”, it is so true he has such a powerful voice and those high note…be still my heart


      2. He is indeed, so much more! I see true greatness in him, and red glasses won’t last forever!

      3. Actually, I’ll not be sad to see the glasses go away someday, the better to see those beautiful brown eyes!

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. These three are simply magic to me. Their voices, their charm, how unspoiled they seem to be with all the fame they have received. I love these three especially Piero. He is my angel .

    1. Am at my son’s in Scotts Valley for a few days visit. Baby shower on Sun for their oldest son & wife & my son’s birthday on Mon. They enjoy the guys too! Marie, they are so wonderful & you are too!! We Are Love❤️❤️ All of us!!

  8. picking up some interesting news on “Il Volo Mundial”. it says that after Verona, it’s to London to record an album in memory of Elvis Presley. very interesting. this should be good, I am looking forward to this one. new surprises every day. they are shooting stars. and remember they are also going to Latvia at end of July, and the new album to come out soon. I am permanently in excitement mode every time I open my computer.

    1. Wow! What a combination! Elvis was the only other performer who I admired to the point of being a fan! His voice was superb, and I can hardly wait for our guys to make his music their own! Wow!!

    2. Oh boy, oh boy! Elvis!! Every Elvis song that they have sung–or we have heard snippets of on short videos–has been superb! Can’t wait for this one, it will bring a lot more fans to Il Volo. wowowowowowow!

    3. Oh my goodness. I hope this is true. I would love to hear them sing all of the KING’S love songs. Gianluca would make the ladies swoon if he sings “I’LL REMEMBER YOU” a very sad love song written by a good friend of DON HO and died shortly thereafter. Elvis performed it beautifully. Also, “SHE WEARS MY RING” the melody is THE SWAN”. CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU WAS MY LATE HUSBAND’S SONG TO ME. FAME AND FORTUNE IS ANOTHER ONE OF MANY. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR NEW ALBUMS. ANYTHING THEY COME UP WITH WILL BE OUT OF THIS WORLD. HAVE FUN ALL OF YOU GOING TO THE CONCERTS. Take many Picts and share. Maybe next year, GOD willing, I will be able to see them and talk to them once more.

  9. Marie…counting the days to see our dear guys again AND YOU!! You are priceless!! 🙂

  10. Marie, I never did find the list for Elgin. Do you girls have any plans for dinner whatever? They will be having food booths there – will let you know when I get more info. Going to the casino next week to check it out. Went to see “Motown the musical” yesterday and a man at lunch told me the stage is next to the casino! For me, that means the facilities. Will let you know. Still having a problem on some of your messages – don’t get them all the time.

  11. Yes, I suppose our Piero will one day have to give up his red glasses. But not too soon, please. They are so him, right now. And, Jane, I think the count will be 29 days tomorrow! Come on June, hurry up and get here!!

  12. I’d love to be 20 but don’t you think Il Volo looks at us as loving Nonna types? Last year Piero stroked my cheek because I’m a sort of chubby cute little old lady.

    1. I would LOVE to have Piero stroke my cheek…I’m trying hard to resist making this a naughty comment! *whistles innocently*

  13. Super heroes of the soul… Wowwww!!! Marie, that’s Stunning!

    ThunderBaron… Yes, Connie ~ Perfect! And for those who mentioned it… why does Piero need to give up his red glasses? He likes red. He chooses glasses (now) that show his eyes. Flame on, Piero with all the red you want!

    Elvis Presley! Oh, wow! They will do an amazing job and probably create an Elvis revival! … except everyone will want to hear Elvis in the voices of Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero!
    Remember that teaser from Gianluca: “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”?! I’m getting my hopes up that it will be on the album! Loved when The Boys sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” to little Mia! And I listen to “Unchained Melody” over and over! The trick is to find songs that allow them to fully show their power as well as their harmony. Can’t wait!

    I feel like jumping like Gian did at the Latin Billboard Awards!

    😉 Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine: I didn’t mean to say Piero has to give up the glasses, rather I believe they are still growing, maturing, changing. Many things about them may change over time, including their appearance. We’ve already seen a lot of change from 2009! Remember the black leather jackets and white tennis shoes? No matter what they do to change their appearance or performance, we will continue to love them for who they are, their amazing talent and the joy they bring!

      1. Ahhh… understood and completely agreed!

        Beautifully expressed, Linda P! Thanks so much for your flowing with the amazing magnificence of our guys in all their forms!

        Can’t wait to see the latest expression of their maturing sweet selves!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. I LEAVE FOR ONE DAY AND SEE WHAT I MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ms. Crider, I absolutely love everything that you post, and this one is up there with my favorites! 😀 I love, love, love, love, LOVE this site and all of the Board and the Crew! 😀

    Pirate! I love the name ThunderBaron and I agree with you that it would be divine to have one’s cheek stroked by him! 😀 I would love to hear your naughty comments!

    1. ISABEL! Go to your room!

      Thanks for liking my posts. Now GO, Young Lady!

      Connie, you are banned from talking to our Isabel! You go to your room too…By yourself!

      1. You guys have me in stitches. You are hilarious. When I talk about Gianluca to my grand daughters, they say that Grandma’s boyfriend looks like their grandpa. They said I talk about II VOLO as though I am a teenager. They all (6) pitched in with their parents to buy my concert ticket and my Meet/Greet pass. They posted my surprise reaction upon getting my tickets on FACEBOOK. It was a note to remember for sure. Marie, thank you for all your hard work. Have been with my grand daughter who is expecting her second son in a few weeks. This us my second week here at their home in Fairfield, Calif. Caring for GERHARDT who is 15 months. Leaving for home tomorrow, then on to LAS VEGAS for four days with my two sisters and two others ladies. Staying at the Paris. Hope not too hot yet. Wish me luck. I won $1000 last week on a $5 bingo scratcher my son gave me for Mother’s day. Keep up the great banter ladies/gents. I’m loving it all.

      2. Marie, you should know better than to even THINK to order a pirate to her quarters. Why I should make you walk the plank! Just for you I’ll name that shark down in the water Mr.Dimples!
        As for our sweet cabin girl/bait, I think I’ll just have to whisper in her ear about Piero stroking another cheek I have! ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Yes, I am unrepentantly naughty!

  15. Oh how I love to read the comments on this site. Not only do they keep me up-to-date on the comings and goings of my beloved Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, but they always bring a ray of sunshine into my day! Can’t wait to meet those of you going to Milwaukee. June just can’t come soon enough for me.

  16. I LOVE YOU PIRATE!!!!!!!!!! I love you and all your little things, naughty comments included (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). 😉 I really, really, REALLY hope I’ll be able to meet you someday, hopefully at a concert!!!

    Ms. Crider, it’s WAY too late for me to run. I’ve got it and I’ve got it bad. In fact, I think all of us here have bad. If you’re a member of the Crew, there’s no going back. All of us here are too madly in love to even THINK of running!

    1. Oh Isabel, you have your own sweet talent for composition. And you’re always spot on. I so much enjoy reading everyone’s comments. Brings sunshine to every day for me. Everyone have a nice holiday weekend!

  17. Oh No! All is lost! Another win for you, you one-eyed, peg-legged, Parrot keeper!

    Actually…that’s good to hear Isabel. I’ve got an ear warmer on the back burner!

    1. You guys would be a great warmup act for the Il Volo concerts. You should take this show on the road! You’d have everyone in stitches and just think of all the great backstage shenanigans you could pull off with our guys, dimples, red glasses & all!

  18. the news just keeps getting better and better. they already have two concerts in Sicily. now I see that they are calling for a concert in Ignazio land, and I imagine after that they will be calling for one in Gianluca land. things are getting brighter for Italy. this is want they always wanted and this is what I want too. put your praying hands together again and pray that these dreams will come true. looks like italia is FINALLY waking up from their slumber

  19. Deanne – I may have missed it – is someone saying there will be an Il Volo concert in Marsala?

    Oh, by the way – has anyone received something black with “Il Volo” on it in the mail recently? I have! Just checking! Did I guess Marie?

  20. Yes, and could that black thing that says ‘I’ll Volo” on it be an article of clothing? That means concerts are soon! Yay!

    Hang in there Ignazio. You’ll be seeing me soon!

    1. Connie and I got our “black thing” that says “IL VOLO” in the mail, too!

      Pretty soon we’ll be getting our M&G email!

      I wish I had made note as I read them who is going to be in which seats in Saratoga. Anyone who wants to repeat the details to me at my
      Compassion’s Doorway contact page (click on my screen name and then Contact), feel free. (I just don’t have time to go back through the emails.)

      We look forward to seeing you at the concert!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Ignazio and my dimples. Marie and I – keep my laughing! Milwaukee on Saturday, June 21 – hurry!!

  21. Here’s the deal Laura Lee. You keep getting better and I’ll keep you laughing. Deal?
    See you on the 21st

  22. Marie, your Guess Who post was absolutely delightful. I printed it out before downloading the photos and then took it to my husband and brother. They don’t follow them like I do but even THEY knew who it was talking about. So, I guess they really do listen to all my rantings…

  23. I like the “Super Heroes” of the soul…because it’s true. They bring joy and light to so many and don’t have a clue to what extent.

    And yep…definitely too late for me to run! 🙂

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